A clamor from the far end of the house awoke her from a deep sleep. Instinctively she reaches for the gun under her pillow and slowly eases out of bed careful not to disturb her husband. As usual he doesn't even notice when she leaves the bed.

"Ugh Flynn seriously you could sleep through a tornado in the same room with you," Sharon playfully shoves her sleeping husband only to be met by even louder snoring. Slipping on a robe and slippers she makes her way out the room and down the adjacent hallway. Her heart sinks when she realizes the noise came from the direction of her youngest child's room! As quietly as possible she opens the door to find her little girl peacefully asleep and not a thing out of place. She walks toward the bed removes a stray hair from the girls forehead and readjusts the little girls blanket to cover her shoulders.

"Great Sharon now you are hearing things! Ugh getting old is a bitch! she audibly scolds herself causing her daughter to turn over. She kisses the girl on the cheek and leaves the room. Now wide awake she decides to have a glass of hot tea to hopefully soothe the nasty feel creeping through her belly.

The tea unfortunately does nothing to calm her nerves or to soothe the creepy feeling now pulsing through her body. Grabbing her steamy hot cup she makes her way to the living room and plops down on the couch. She reaches to turn on the television and is startled when a gloved hand grabs her wrist shoving her off the couch onto the floor!

"Now Sharon did you think that you could hide from me forever?" the masked man questions. Before she can even broach an answer the man kicks her in the face knocking her unconscious.

"Sharon, I told you I would be back! You will always belong to me!

Major Crimes

Andy Flynn was not known for his punctuality but being 3 hours late is unlike him. Chief Johnson was beside herself with worry. She had called his cell phone twice with no answer and got the same result from the landline. She has always been close to her team but always leery to give them their space.

"Lieutenant Provenza have you heard from Flynn today?" Chief Johnson taps on his desk effectively gaining his full attention.

"No the last time I spoke to him was last night. He said he was gonna go home and have some quality time with his kids. Why?" Provenza spat the answer between bites of the potato chip he was eating.

"Nothing critical he just has not shown up yet and I cant reach him on his cell." Chief Johnson answered slightly agitated.

"Eeeh give him a few he's prolly nursing a hangover or something," Provenza laughs spitting little bits of chips as he does. Before the chief can warrant a response Will Pope barges in.

"Have any of you all seen Captain Raydor? She scheduled a meeting this morning and never showed up." His question was met with an abundance of shrugs and no real response. This didn't bode well with Pope.

"Guys seriously I know she's not the most well liked person but its not like her to be late to anything. I have already tried her cell and home but got no response. I have a really bad feeling about this." Pope confesses with suspicion growing inside him.

"Chief Pope Andy Flynn is also missing in action, he has yet to show up and also not answering my calls," Chief Johnson restates.

"Well maybe we should all go check their house and see if either of them are there. I know the address so lets head over there and check." Out of habit everyone mutters a less than enthused "Yes Chief " and began to gather up their things. Chief Johnson was the first to actually realize what Pope has just said.

"Wait a minute!" Everyone stops, turns and eyeballs her with confusion evident on their faces.

"Did you say "THEIR" house? As in they live together in the same house?" Chief Johnson shrieks in Popes general direction. All eyes now turn to him mixed with confusion and utter shock.

Pope lets out a sigh and contemplates how to answer without getting himself in even more of a dilemma. Raydor was going to kill him for letting her secret slip but it might be necessary in case they are really in trouble. Oh well I have already said it so might as well keep going Pope mentally argues with himself.

"Yes you all heard me correctly, I said "Their" house. Lieutenant Flynn and Captain Raydor are married so its logical that they live together! Ok so come on lets go find out where they are!" Pope orders then makes his way toward to elevator. Before he completely turns away he gets a glimpse of the looks on the other face and cant help but to chuckle. Oooh this is gonna be a long day!