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Summary/history of what's happening: Aizen and the other two captains escaped the soul reapers and headed to Heuco Mendo. The 13 squads were trying to lick their wounds. After the squads and Ichigo friends made their way to squad four to be healed. It was impressive that Ichigo and his friends were able to put more than half of the soul reapers' force in the hospital. When they arrived at squad four they were told that there was no room for them. Bakuaya Kuckici offered his mansion for a temporary medical center. The numbered of injured filled the Kuckici manor right away. Ichigo and his friends had nowhere to go so squad ten allowed them to stay at their barracks.

"Ichigo!" Yoruichi called as she ran up to him, "Sorry but you can't stay at squad ten."
"What? Why not!" the orange haired teen said.
"Unohara wants you close to her so she can monitor your recovery. She said that your injures are life threatening." the cat answered.
"Damn! Fine. So where am I staying then!"
"Soi Fon offered a place in the stealth forces castle."
" Why the castle?"
"Squad two is just above squad four so it will make it easier for Unohara."
"Ok fine let's go." Ichigo said as he reluctantly waved good bye to his friends and head for the creepy castle with the queen bee as it's ruler.

"What's wrong Ichigo?" Yoruichi asked when she saw Ichigo with a sunken face.
"Nothing why." he glared at her. She smiled back then jumped into his arms.
"What the HELL!"
"Come on Ichigo." she purred, "Carry me to my former palace."
"Forget that!" he let go of her but she held on by wrapping her arms around his neck.
Yoruichi teasingly pouted, "If you don't carry me I'll tell Soi Fong that you're being mean to me."
Ichigo went white as snow. The dark skinned goddess smiled as she realized what was wrong with him. He didn't reply to her with words. He gently picked her up and carried her in a princess-like fashion. Being a predator Yoruichi decided to play with her prey.
"Ichigo," she started," did I ever tell you the time when I had a suitor?"
"You had a suitor?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow. She playfully smacked his chest but was just hard enough to hurt a little. "Yes I had a suitor! I have learned that I am desirable by men."
"Yeah, I know." he said without thinking. He cursed himself for saying that out loud. Yoruichi's playfulness vanished for second. She looked up at him. He was staring straight ahead and didn't look at her. His strong arms cherished and protected her. She snuggled more into him and kissed him on the cheek. He stared at her dumbfounded, his cheeks started to go red and his head snapped back up. He tried to hide his blush from her but failed miserably. "Thank you Ichigo. I'm glad that men still find me attractive." He glanced at her quickly to see if it was a trap but she smiled and looked happy. Then on a turn of a coin she start to play again.
"So this guy-"
"What no name?" Ichigo interrupted.
"Well it was the first time and last time I ever saw him so I don't remember his name."
"Ok." Ichigo said with uncertainty.
"Anyways, he came to marry me but I shot him down right away."
"Shut up Ichigo. But he didn't listen to me when I said no and continued to court me. He was very annoying. Tried everything and kept asking over and over. Every time I said no. Then finally he gets mad and grabs me."
"So you kicked his ass." Ichigo guessed.
"Nope. Soi Fon through him half way across the soul society and continued to beat on him after that. So needless to say I never had that much suitors afterwards." she smiled at him but he didn't return it. He was white with fear.
'A guy "touched" Yoruichi and Soi Fon beat the living hell out of him. So what is going to happen to me!' Ichigo thought. He was carrying her in his arms. So would Soi Fon kill him.

They were about halfway to the punishment force and squad two's base. They had past a lot of soul reapers. Most of which were running around, fixing things or delivering supplies. The few that walked by and the ones taking a break all looked at them. All the men envied Ichigo as the goddess of flash-step was clinging to him. The women were wishing that they were the ones in Ichigo's arms. The turning heads and intense stares didn't go unnoticed by the two. Ichigo smiled at the thought he was holding Yoruichi and she was smiling that she was in his arms. The castle (or fort or palace whatever it is) was close. Giant red doors blocked the path up to it. Two guards stood watch and waved them in as soon as they were close. Many soul reapers bowed to Yoruichi as they walked through the grounds and up the path. They walked into the main hall and saw Soi Fon seated on a pillow.

"Welcome Lady Yoruichi." Soi Fon said and bowed.
"Thanks Soi Fon."
"Lady Yoruichi are you hurt?" asked Soi Fon as she noticed Ichigo holding her.
"Then why is the human carrying you?" she asked as she reached for her sword.
"I asked him to." answered Yoruichi like it was obvious.
"Well may I show you to your room?"
"Yes please I'm tired."
"Follow me."
"Let's go Ichigo." Still holding her Ichigo followed the captain up the stairs.

Sixty floors later. They arrived at the master chambers. "Lady Yoruichi your room is down the hall and on the left. Ichigo Kurosaki your room is opposite of Lady Yoruichi's. My room is at the other end of the hall so if you need anything at all Lady Yoruichi, I will be waiting."
"Thanks Soi Fon but Ichigo has got me covered." Yoruichi stated. Ichigo gave Soi Fon a nervous smile which she returned with a death glare.

Ichigo placed Yoruichi gently down on the bed. She kissed him on the cheek again. He blushed and hurried out the room as he heard footsteps outside and feared that it was Soi Fon. He entered his own room. It wasn't as big as Yoruichi's but it was nice. A big soft bed on the right wall. A balcony with a view of the whole soul society. He was impressed. After a few minutes of looking at the view he jumped onto his bed. So soft. So nice. The first bed he'd slept in a week. His eyes closed immediately and sleep surrounded him.

He woke up an hour later feeling very refreshed until he felt something beside him. Something soft and warm and big. He turned his head to examine what it was and almost had a heart attack. Yoruichi was laying against him. He froze in a silent scream. He was in shock. She snuggled up to him more, Ichigo was surprised that she moved closer to him. He went on impulse and wrapped his arms around her. The goddess smiled at him as he held her and she wiggled closer to his chest. They fell asleep enjoying one another's embrace.

The next day Ichigo was in the squad four barracks most of the day. He was bored and pissed off by the stupid and pointless tests that they were doing. Most of the squad members would look at his charts and mutter among themselves and Ichigo only picked up a few parts of the conversation, like: "...impossible no one has that type of spiritual pressure...", "... His recovery rate is amazing.", "He should be dead!". The last one made his stomach turn. It was about 5 when he finally got out and he physically bumped into Yoruichi outside the gate.
"Sorry, Yoruichi."
"No problem Ichigo."
"Umm why are you here?"
"Well I think it's obvious that I was waiting for you?" he blushed thinking that a woman as beautiful as her would wait for him.
"W-well I-I... Umm. Anyway have you been waiting long?"
"Nope." she answered quickly and shook her head. Ichigo thought he saw her blush a bit but pushed the thought out of his mind. 'Why would she blush?' he thought to himself. What he didn't know was that she had waited all day for him.
"Well what do you want then?" Ichigo asked.
"Oh well captain Hitsugaya was having a BBQ/ party thing to help lighten the mood."
"The White haired kid? Is having a party?"
"Well his lieutenant, Rangiku is actually the one who is throwing it." Yoruichi answered.
"That makes sense." Ichigo said as an image of the big chested strawberry blonde woman popped into his head, " Well I don't do parties so I'll see you back at squad two."
Yoruichi grabbed his hand before he could walk off. "Oh come on Ichigo. You need to have some fun!" she tugged on his arm.
"No thanks Yoruichi." he tried to pull away.
"Stop acting like a child and let's go!"she pulled him as she started to walk down the path then his spiritual pressure spiked for a moment.
"I said NO!" Ichigo yelled in a voice not his own and he yanked his arm from her grasp. She looked at him in surprise. His left hand was rubbing his face for a second searching for the mask then he looked at her. Yoruichi's eyes showed that she was hurt and her body slacked. "Yoruichi I'm sor-"
"Forget it! I'll go by myself! Just go away!" she yelled at him then flash stepped away. As she turned to flash step, Ichigo thought he saw some tears in her eyes.
"Ahhh! I'm an idiot! Damn it to hell!" he swore at himself, "What the fuck have I done! I made her cry I'm the best fucking guy in the world. All I do is yell at her when she waited all day for me. I'm a jerk. Ahh!"

Soi Fon looked down at the orange hair soul reaper as he yelled and cursed himself. 'What a pitiful man. I should strike him down where he stands but Lady Yoruichi will hate me for killing him.' she thought to herself, 'Be careful Ichigo Kurosaki for if you make Lady Yoruichi cry one more time you will meet my Bankai.'
Ichigo continued to yell at himself for a while then when he finally calmed down he looked up at the sky. The sun was going down. "Damn I don't even know where squad ten is." he thought out loud. "I do." came a voice. He turned to see Soi Fon staring at him.
"Hello captain Soi Fon. Would you please tell me then."
She told him then he flash stepped away thanking her. "You better fix this Ichigo." she muttered under her breath.

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