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"Come on! Get moving or you'll miss the train!" Shot a woman, a pretty stunning one in fact, to her almost 16 years old son who was pushing a bit lazily his cart full of heavy-looking luggage. The young man had dark brown hair that were too long to his mother's tastes. He had light blue eyes, almost grey, but nothing short of the ordinary other than maybe being well above average in looks if he listened to gossips.

The matriarch that kept pushing her son forward had a slim body, was pretty tall with dark brown hair tied in a low pony-tail. She also wore small glasses with a black thick frame that gave her the look of a teacher... which she was. She was a muggle, married to a muggleborn. His father had told him they were childhood friends from the same neighborhood and she was one of the rare that knew he was a wizard.

"Mom, he still have a few minutes remaining to board and its a train station, not an airport, I seriously doubt its gonna be as long as Washington airport to check in." Answered a gorgeous tall blond girl in her late teen.

"I never took a train before, I hope there are comfy enough places to sleep... I feel a bit dizzy from the jet lag..."

"Well it doesn't matter. If you're sleepy, move faster so you can board earlier."

"As if you'd let me board before the last warning... Well here we are. Platform 9, and there is platform 10... Any of you was told where is the 9 ¾ one?"

"They said there was a magical barrier between..." Said the father of the small family who was pushing lightly on the brick columns, trying one before moving to an other.

"Maybe we should ask them, they have are clothed a bit strangely, they're probably wizards." Said the eldest of the two children, pointing to a small group of people coming their way, mostly red heads, dressed very badly. Not poorly, simply, it was obvious they had no sense of style.

It was his father who went to ask for help, going straight for the adult with a careful approach that confirmed him of the fact that they were wizards before asking the question. As for the new student, he went to see the children that were probably going to go at the same school than him.

"Hey! Sorry to disturb, we weren't told exactly how to get to the platform." He said while showing his ticket. The other two boys, twins, seemed a bit confused at first but shook his hand while making the introductions.

"Fred and George Weasley and this is Ginny Weasley. Before you ask, no, that "Georgeous" guy beside me is not related to me." Said one of the twin, probably Fred if he had to guess. In fact it didn't sound like sarcasm at all, but it had to be. He did see both of them give a longer look at his sister than necessary.

"I'm Jeffrey Jenkins, call me Jeff. And before you ask, yes, I am related to the Greek Goddes standing at my mother's side."

"Blimey!" Said Fred with false surprise.

"He read our minds!" Continued George, mimicking his double.

"Forget them..." Said the ginger headed sister. "I find it strange that you never took the train to the school..."

She was pretty, Jeff had to admit. He did have a thing for redheads but it wasn't the time to flirt with her twin brothers just beside her. So he simply smiled sweetly before answering.

"Well I'm in fact from America. We moved to England this summer so I'm going to Hogwarts for my fifth year and the rest. I heard it is a pretty big school."

Ginny or the twins hadn't time to comment before the other adults started urging them to get moving. With a shrug, Jeff followed the group until they passed the arch, finally getting in front of the red engine. The air stank a bit from the smoke of the train and the humidity, but it was bearable. Shoving his trunk inside one of the cart, he turned to his parents and sister. A quick hug later and a promise to write to them, a whistle blow had him board the train and rolling his trunk trying to find a cabin with enough place to sit, well more lie down and catch back a bit of sleep.

He pushed the trunk under the bench, putting the lighter and smaller one in the net over him, took out his want and cast a charm to stop the sound from reaching him, effectively allowing him to sleep. Fact is, he got off the plane only a day before and passed the following bunch of hours trying to find his way in London with his parents and sister, Diagon Alley is pretty well hidden.

Seeing a lot of people walking in the corridor, some even hexing one an other but not hearing a thing made the american smile.

"God I love being a wizard!" He said to himself before falling asleep.

"Well, this one is the only not full..." Harry told himself.

Opening the door, he was welcomed by a blond girl with a strange look reading a magazine that he didn't know the name or was able to see it from there, not that he cared. In front of her was a guy sleeping and effectively taking all the place on the bench.

"Er... Can I sit here?" He asked in a low tone.

The girl nodded and watched him shove his trunk under the bench before sitting.

"Hi. I'm..." Started the raven haired boy.

"Harry Potter. Everybody knows that." She cut him off.

"Ehm... Right... And you are?"

"Luna Lovegood. I'm from Ravenclaw, in fourth year."

"Nice to meet you." He turned his gaze to the seeping boy, now whispering. "Do you know him?"

"No. He must be very tired because he didn't wake up even when I dropped this on the floor." Luna told him while getting out some sort of object composed of multiples bells and metallic objects that were already very noisy just by holding it. What it was and what use it had, Harry had no idea but he decided against asking, something told him he would end up even mode confused.

Ron and Hermione were making their round in the train to make sure everybody was behaving themselves, leaving Harry alone to be scanned by the the strange girl that was wearing butterbeer corks as a necklace. She kept looking at him in silence while Harry glanced a few times at her, not knowing if he should say something or not and still not sure if she was looking at him only because of the Prophet mentioning he was an attention craving liar. In the end, she was the one to say something after a few minutes of examination.

"You are not very talkative."

Harry was a bit taken by surprise at the blunt statement out of the blue and tried to look normal as he spoke. "Ehm... Yeah, not really recently..."

"Do you think I will say you're lying?"

"W-what?" Now Harry was really nervous. He had of course read all about the stupidity the ministry was saying on him but he didn't know how to take that statement.

"The Prophet say a lot of things, I thought you might think I wouldn't believe anything you say." She answered simply, as if it was polite conversation. "Well, just so you know, me and my father believe you."

"Oh. Er... Thanks." Harry was a bit taken aback but felt good nonetheless that he had supporters outside of his close friends and the Order.

The duo was interrupted any thought they might have had by the door sliding to reveal a chubby boy who was followed by a red headed girl. Nevile seemed a bit surprised by the sleeping boy in the cabin and the strange duo while Ginny seemed to brighten when she saw Luna.

"Hey! Can we join you?" Asked Nevile with a shy smile.

"Sure!... Well if there's enough room..." Harry answered while looking at the stranger taking all the place on one of the bench.

"Oh! I met him!" Said Ginny a bit loud while pointing to the sleeping brown haired boy. "He was at the station and didn't knew how to get too the platform. He's a transfer student from America... Ehm... Jeffrey I think. He seemed nice."

Everybody in the cabin looked at him sleeping peacefully before shrugging in concert.

"Well, I think I'll look a bit more, I don't feel like disturbing him and there's definitively not enough place on the bench for me plus all of you."

Before Harry or anyone could protest, the door opened again to a sight that Harry was very apprehensive to have. Draco and his goons were in the door, a mischievous smile on their face as they eyed the compartment. Harry noted he was wearing the small badge with the little "P" Hermione and Ron received. This information made Harry a bit nervous about the coming year if the ponce was to have more authority he already had.

"Hello, Potter... I tough I would advise you to be more prudent this year as I decided I would keep a closer eye on you and your little friends." The blonde boy was eying each of them one after the other while talking. "As you can see I... Hey who is that?"

Everybody knew he was talking about Jeffrey. Draco seemed to be fuming that somebody dared to sleep through his speech. Crabe seemed to find it disturbing too and threw a lollipop stick straight on the sleeper's head, which he seemed strangely surprised to be able to do, if not a little proud of his small, very small feat.

Slowly, people could see the boy rise up, grumbling about planes, jet lag and muffins. This gave Harry and the others time to have a look at him a bit more. If he did seem sleepy, it certainly didn't make him look bad. In fact, Harry could see Ginny blush a little already. Scrubbing his eyes, Jeff looked around and saw Malfoy talking to him, looking really pissed-off.

"How are you so idiot to ignore a superior when he talks? I'll have you know that to you should be begging to lick my shoes and demand for more. Don't forget I am now a Prefect and can have you punished in no time and any effort at all! Well? Say something!"

After Malfoy's tirade, Jeffrey looked pretty confused as if the other boy had spoken Chinese. After a few seconds, a light seemed to pop in his head and he looked as if he had a revelation. To the others, he kinda looked a bit like Crabe and Goyle when they finally understood a difficult word.

"Oh!" He shouted before taking out his wand and pointing it to his ear. A popping sound echoed through the cabin before he explained himself to Malfoy. "Sorry, I had a silence charm on me so I could sleep without disturbance... Seems I was wrong. So... What did you say? You looked pretty passionate wiggling that finger at me. You're in theater?"

This seemed to make Malfoy even more furious as he started to shake uncontrollably.

"I said watch out, or I'll have you in detention even before the opening feast" Malfoy practically screamed, pointing to his badge.

Jeff tilted his head on the side, looking at the silver piece of metal.

"What is the "P" for? Prat or Pathetic? Because right now, you look both."

The cabin erupted in laughter and even outside also as two more person joined the big group, the blonde idiot leaving in a storm with his gorillas in tow. The two newcomers got in the doorway but didn't enter as the cabin was already becoming pretty full. Jeff immediately made the link between the red head and the other he met at the station. The girl with bushy hair had an air to herself that screamed "book-worm" but she wasn't ugly in any way.

"Normally I'd be furious about that comment as I am also a Prefect but anybody that make Malfoy speechless get my respect." Said Ron sniffing from the good laugh.

"Oh of course! It means Prefect!... What is a Prefect?" Said Jeff as if it was very obvious before looking stupid again. This had everyone laughing again before Ginny came to his help.

"Guys, this is Jeffrey... ehm, Jenkins was it?" After a nod from the concerned, the youngest Weasley continued. "I met him in the station after you arrived with mom. He's a transfer student from America, that's why he's clueless right now."

Hermione seemed to brighten at that information and Jeff unconsciously leaned back a little to flee from the "I-wana-learn-things" look she gave him.

"Oh! I didn't know there was a school in America... Well I had my doubts as its on the other side of the ocean and there's too many people there to not have wizards too but I wasn't sure! Is the school big? Do you learn the same thing than us? Is there a Ministry of Magic like here? Is..."

Ron put his hand on the girl's mouth who was still asking questions in a low muffle as if not interrupted at all. "Ok Hermione we understand! He's new and interesting and all, but you're frightening the poor bloke."

As if to confirm his words, Jeff was currently hiding behind Nevile asking him to be his shield. Hermione did looked a bit ashamed, her cheeks reddening but she didn't add anything after that.

Straightening up from behind his hiding spot, the American began to laugh nervously but still decided to go with the flow.

"Well yes, there is a wizard school in America. Two in fact. Mine was on one of the island closer to mainland over Canada. Yes, freezing, but its warmer near the school, the heat is kept there by magic and all that stuff. The other one I don't know where it is but theories say its somewhere in the Caraïbans... lucky bastards..."

Now the whole compartment was listening calmly, everyone finding a way to squeeze themselves on the two bench. The conversation after that was light, mainly Ron almost fainting to the fact that there was no Quidditch in his school, Hermione explaining how Hogwarts worked, helped by the others and informing him a bit of the country's situation. Jeff knew that there was a war before with a Dark Lord and all the stuff coming with it, but the fact they were telling him he was back but that the Ministry wouldn't believe it shocked him a bit.

He started to talk about a war in America that about just ended a month ago or so but before he could elaborate, Hogsmeade was in sight and they changed in their robes, taking turns as there wasn't a lot of place to change. Harry though it was strange to see a student his age with no house colors and began to wonder how he would be sorted. He was fun and the raven haired boy hoped he would be sent to Gryffindor, he'd like a new friend that seemed to believe him.

"Wow, its original to have Thestrals pulling carts. I guess the only thing you see are carts pulling themselves, but it must add to the "Magical Charm" as my sis would say."

Jeff pointed to the front of the carriages while speaking. Most of the rest of the group looked at him strangely. Luna didn't seemed deranged by it at all while Harry was looking in awe at the skeletal black winged horses with a sort of revulsion and attraction at the same time. Nevile was avoiding looking at them at all. Jeff saw it and was a bit saddened to know what it meant.

"I see them too." Said Luna once she was seated. "I was seeing them since my first day."

This saddened Jeff even more, but he didn't say anything. Nevile and Ginny joined them but Harry, Hermione and Ron decided they'll take an other one as this one was becoming full. A small ride latter and they were reunited once more to enter the castle. The new student was indeed impressed by the size of the school and became giddy like one of the first year. Ginny said he should have taken the scenic route in the boats but Jeff only shrugged at the fact. He didn't get very far anyway because he was requested to follow a relieved looking McGonagall. Apparently he WAS supposed to take the boats and she was searching for him since the train arrived.

Luna went to her table while the rest sat at the Gryffindor one, speculating as for where Jeff would end up, but every one hoped he was made Gryffindor and dreaded for him to go in Slytherin.

"All right! I'm with the birds!" Almost shouted Jeffrey. He dropped the sorting hat on the chair and went to sit on the long table, right next to Luna. All the Ravenclaw students where roaring with cheers and applause, welcoming the transfer student to their house.

After a few more first year and a few, very few words from Dumbledore, the feast started and with it, loads of questions for the newcomer.

"So how is it in America?" Asked Li Su, an asian girl in the same year.

"Ehm... Nice? Gotta be more precise, there's a lot of stuff to say." Said Jeff with a small smile. He shrugged when he saw nobody really had specific questions and continued. "Well, the school I went is situated in one of the closest island over Canada. Family got specific point near their houses to regroup and use a portkey to the port. After that its a few hours sail away."

"That's pretty high up in the north, must be freezing." Commented Michel Corner.

"A lot yeah, but Magic Wards keep the surrounding of the school a bit warmer." Seeing people eying him but not asking question, Jeff continued. "Well, for the difference from here, we don't have houses and the school looks a lot like a muggle school in fact. We wear muggle clothes too. A big difference from what I heard about Wizard here, we are much closer to the muggle people in america and a lot of wizard decide to live as muggle and use magic to help their daily life. We don't have a ministry of magic like here, just a Magic Regulation Department in the muggle government. Secret of course, only a few people in the government know of it."

"You live like muggles?" Asked a surprised Terry Boot, his expression copy paste of every other around the table except Luna.

"Yeah, why not? We find it better to just blend with them, I don't understand why you separate yourself as much as that." Answered truthfully the American.

"We're too different. I can't imagine living without magic or without using it." Said Roger Davis from 7th year.

"Not that much, anyway not in America. We just have some abilities they don't. I guess its a life you get used to have over generations." Jeff shrugged before taking time to finally eat a bit. This action seemed to stop the questions a bit as most people around the table just realized they didn't eat much either. Some continued the conversation, debating on the muggles and their life-style. Some muggleborn were saying how much muggle technology was really useful and fun.

"Hey Jeff. If you're so close to muggles in America, I guess there must be much less Pure Blood." Asked Li Su after most people stopped eating and started chatting again. " I myself am half-blood, my father's a muggle engineer."

"No, Pure Blood families are very rare in America. In the end, real Pure Blood families are looked down by the rest of the wizards, mostly because the very old families that keep their blood status need to go more and more into inbreeding for it." Answered Jeff, his eyes becoming a little darker.

"Ew... Well here its the contrary. Pure Blood rule most of the ministry, the oldest houses being the strongest politically while mudbloo... I mean muggleborns are looked down." Morag McDougal received a lot of glares from people around when she almost said the wrong word, but Jeff was able to guess what was the missing letter to it anyway.

"Mudblood? Oh I love that! Brilliant! Sound like were tainted or something." Laughed Jeffrey, getting even more glares and stunned expression.

"I-its the worst word possible to talk about muggleborns!" Spit Kevin Entwhistle, looking very angry. "I'm muggleborn and I don't find it "brilliant""

"Well I'm much closer to a muggle too in fact. My father is a muggleborn and my mother is a muggle. My sis is muggle too, or we could say squib also..." Said matter-of-factually Jeff, pointing his fork with a bit of sausage on it toward Kevin. "Sorry if I seemed rude, but if you become insulted by a mere word, you're helping them. For my part, I find it funny because we have in fact only muggle blood and muggles aren't said to be tainted, so the taint to our blood would be the magic then, no offense to the pure blood and half blood. Not that I think like that, but Pure-Bloods and Half-Bloods saying muggleborn are Mudblood means they insult themselves as they have even more magic blood."

"That...Makes sense... I think..." Said Morag, a bit taken aback.

"I still don't like it." Added Kevin.

"You don't have to. They can say what they want, I'm proud to be a Mudblood!" Concluded Jeff.

Conversation continued a bit more lightly and drifted from subject to subject. Some time they went back to Jeff and what this or that was in America. They were all surprised to know that Thestrals were very common in America's forest and they were even more surprised to know that the carriages were in fact pulled by something. Luna stayed quiet for most of the feast, only talking when the subject interested her and asking Jeff if they had Crumple-Horned Snorkack in America, which made him laugh a lot. After a bit, Dumbledore stood up again and began his welcome speech. For the most part, it was regular rubbish that was also written in the schools brochures in America. "Don't do this, don't do that, result are this, consequences are that..." In the end, people rarely cared.

The new teacher speech was a bit more interesting. He didn't pay attention a lot but he did hear her horribly ugly girly laugh... or was she coughing? Doesn't really matter in the end, he hated it already. Murmurs around the tables were revealing enough, people were wondering what it would mean to have the ministry of magic take a more active role in their school... that or they were wondering how someone as "Pink" as her would be a good Defense teacher.

In the end, they were dismissed and as they were lead to the Ravenclaw tower, Jeff learned that his lack of sens of orientation would be very bad for him this year.

"... so that's how it should be this year. Everytime you bring me something to rub in Potter and company's face, I'll reward you."

Malfoy was just ending his regular annual speech, this year bribing the house to bring him dirt on the Boy-Who-Lived. Daphne Greengrass wasn't really listening anyway, but she had to bring her attention to the blonde boy when he decided to sit in front of her with a knowing smile on his face.

"Hello Greengrass. You had a nice summer?" He asked with a bit too much sugar in his voice to Daphne's taste.

"Pretty good yes, when you weren't there." Asnwered the Ice Queen of Hogwarts, barely lifting her eyes from her book to send a cold glare toward the ponce.

"As cold as always... I know you like being warm, I saw you on that beach in July." Added Malfoy leaning a bit closer.

"Don't think because our fathers are in negotiation for a partnership that it gives you a right to talk to me. I saw you also on that beach and I would suggest you eat more, your ribs are pretty repulsive. Much like you face in fact." Daphne simply turned a page in the book they had to buy for their DADA class. It was rubbish and very unsettling to know they would have to try and learn something from it this year, but it was more interesting than the conversation she was having with the Slytherin prince.

"You hurt me Daphne. Don't you think you should be more friendly with you new Ally?" Said Malfoy with a sickly grin and lustful eyes scanning her very well rounded features that were hinted even with the school robe.

"Ally? Our Father's are becoming allies, I don't tip in my father's business. Now please get off, you're wasting my time." Spat Daphne to the blonde, watching him comply with a false honorable bow. He was rapidly replaced by two more friendly faces.

"What did he want this time?" Asked Tracey Davis, her blonde best friend, sitting on her side.

"He want me to be more friendly now that our fathers are negotiating an alliance between our families..." She answered with dread in her eyes, slipping a bit out of her Ice Queen mask.

"I don't understand dad... He's different since... you know..." Started Astoria Greengrass, brown haired third year and sister of Daphne.

"Since the Dark Lord is back, yes." Completed the eldest of the two Greengrass. She eyed her sister who was looking more and more like their mother, dark brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes with a figure to kill, while she was becoming more and more like a female version of her father with waist long, slightly wavy black hair, brown eyes but very feminine body with generous curves at the good places. "I know he was a follower in the previous war but he stopped all dark activities when we were born... He says he's afraid the Dark Lord will come after us if he ignore his return and is now making an alliance with the Malfoy to "protect us". Bullshit, he wants the money and is willing to throw us at the Dark Lord's service for that. Mom would be ashamed if she was still alive..."

"What will we do?" Whispered Astoria who's eyes were watering and her voice started shaking. "I don't want to be in his..."

"We won't." Dryly cut Daphne, looking around to make sure nobody was eavesdropping. "No we won't. If he try to bind us to anything, we'll flee."

"You can come at my house!" Said Tracey, a bit too much cheerful about it. "I talked to my parents about you and my father is an Auror, he'll be able to help hiding you. He married a muggle and was a Gryffindor when at school, he doesn't have any specs of darkness in him... other than "That part" mom say she discovered on their wedding night."

"We don't want to hear about it..." Said Daphne, closing her eyes as a futile attempt to block mental images.

"What? I don't understand..." Asked Astoria. "Well I do understand that there must be something sexual to it but I don't see what you mean."

Daphne's eye bulged when she saw the smirk appear on her friend face. Her sister was only 13, this wasn't as subject she wanted to speak about with her but Tracey had a dirty mind and liked to dirty others mind. The more innocent, the more fun she had doing it. She had to stop her before she said too much. "Don't say it!"

But it was too late. Tracy opened her mouth to say it. "Mom say my dad's a beast in bed and likes it rough!"

Daphne's head hit the table in the middle in despair. The fact that it was a low table gave a strange look to the situation but nobody said anything.

"Doesn't it hurt your mother?" Asked Astoria, not at all phased by the subject.

Tracy could only smile as she looked at her "pupil". "No, she said she found out the same night that she loves it. Must be a bit masochist but meh, who am I to judge my mother's penchant, as long as she's happy. Lets change subject before your sister strangle me for tainting your mind."

The three friends talked a bit more before going to bed. Daphne watched her sister with a bit of jealousy. If boys were looking more at her than almost anybody else in the school, Daphne always thought it was her sister that was the luckiest. When she looked at her sister, she was seeing her mother, loving and gentle, beautiful and cheerful. But when she looked at herself in the mirror, she was seeing her father. Tall, selfish and cold. She wasn't really selfish herself, but she wasn't able to miss the resemblance between her father and the Ice Queen persona she built for herself.

Getting in her bed, she saw that Pansy and Millicent weren't in their beds. Probably in the boy's room playing "good girl" with Malfoy for Pansy and Crabe, Goyle, or both for Millicent. She found it utterly disgusting to think about but it cleared the room so she and Tracey could talk without risking anything. Sometime Astoria would join them with a friend from her year. Looking toward Tracey's bed, she saw her friend reading a smutty romance novel dressed in a very bold silk nightwear. She had a bust that was very prominent and was the envy of a lot of guys, and some girls in fact. Her well tanned skin was almost completely visible with no such mark as a tan line.

"Talk about daring. I wouldn't wear that kind of thing even with only girls around... certainly not with Millicent, I think she goes both ways..." Said Daphne, startling her friend a bit as she was well deep in fantasy.

"Well, it is comfortable and anyway, the gorilla found two of her own specie to shag in turn, I heard her saying she wouldn't come here to sleep anymore." Informed the blonde girl.

"I heard it too, but its still her room and she need to make it look like she sleep here so our head of house don't suspect anything." Countered the raven haired girl.

"Well I don't mind. She can lust over me for all I care, she's never going to touch me." She suddenly slapped her book closed and went to her friend bed, sitting on it at her side. "Speaking of lusting. What do you think of the new guy?"

"What about him? I don't know anything about him. Good looking and seem a bit too much energetic for me." Answered Daphne, still blushing a bit, knowing where the subject would go.

"Hehe. I find him yummy! Would have been good to have an other friend in Slytherin. But I know you had your eyes somewhere else. Since the Triwizard Tournement, since the first challenge in fact, your eyes became a "Potter-radar". I know you watched his arse when he entered the Great Hall and all the way toward his seat."

"That... That is not true..." Daphne's ears were now beat red from embarrassment. She wasn't fooling anyone with her denial, not even herself. Though, its wasn't true that it started after the Dragon. She was already fancying him a bit since third year when she was near him in herbology class.

She never spoke to him other than asking for the time once, but she listened to him and his friends talking and learned a lot about him that year. At first it was mild interest on the Boy-Who-Lived, but while the year continued on and on, it became more and more of a real interest on the boy himself, not the legend, and she started to hope she could talk to him, but the last time she tried the Weasley boy's glare when she approached changed her mind and she ended up only asking for the time. Of course, why would he accept to speak to a Slytherin?

At first she was good at hiding that interest, Tracey never doubted it. But while he was fighting that dragon, she became worried and lost her Ice Queen mask for a bit, allowing Tracey to find out that she liked the Golden-Boy. Since then, she was never left alone about it and of course, her sister learned everything when Tracey tried to push her to go and ask him out for the Yule ball.

"Well, maybe this year you'll have more chance. I'm sure we'll be mixed with them in potion this year again, Snape seem to like taunting Gryffindors in front of his House, especially him. I'm sure we can arrange it so we get a table near him." Tracey began poking her friend on her behind to get a reaction now that she rolled in her bed opposite of her, blushing madly and trying to ignore her friend's embarrassing but tempting words.

After a few taunts, she finally got back to her own bed and wished a good nights filled with spiky dark haired boys. In Daphne's mind, she wished herself the same thing even if she would never admit it. "Maybe Tracey's idea wasn't a bad one." She thought while slowly drifting into sleep.