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The Room of Requirement was almost full when Harry arrived with Daphne. It seemed the DA was eagerly waiting for the next meeting and didn't waste a single second. Normally, one or two person maximum were there early, not the full group.

"Hey!" Shouted Susan when she saw him enter.

"Wow. You're all very early." Said Harry, a bit taken aback by the number of people waiting on him.

Susan shrugged. "Well, you did tell us we would be starting patronuses when we got back. I just can't wait to see what it'll be for me. I already started on them in fact, my aunt accepted to give me a few pointers during the holidays."

"Oh, I see... Well before that, I have some news to tell you." Harry told them, Daphne staying by his side.

"Oh Harry!" Cut a Hufflepuf. "As if we didn't SAW you and Daphne already..."

"Yeah, but no, that's not what I was going to tell you." Said Harry, rolling his eyes.

The Hufflepuf got slapped behind the head by his girlfriend, accompanied with a playful "idiot" from her.

"Starting now, we will have new teachers." While most looked mildly interested, a few of the persons present seemed more doubtful.

"You think we can get teachers to train us?" Asked a Ravenclaw.

"No, not teachers from school." corrected Harry. "We got four person that we'll get in the castle to teach us."

"How about you teaching us?" Asked Colin Creevey.

"The point of this group wasn't for me to teach you, one of the reason was simply to have a teacher over Umbridge so we could learn what is needed to pass our OWLs. Its main reason, or at least the main reason I accepted to start that group, was for us to learn to defend ourselves. I thought you all I could, the patronuses would have been the last thing I could have taught you. Those four new teachers will be able to teach things I couldn't, because lets face it... I'm still just a fifth year student." explained Harry.

"A fifth year student that taught us seventh year better than any teacher we had in here. I can finally send more than just a passable stunner. Don't downplay your role in here Harry." Said Angelina Johnson.

"Thanks, Angelina, but I meant that you're at the point where I can't teach you anymore." Continued Harry. "These teachers will be able to take on where I left."

"We already had a head start with them though so we'll help you at first to get you up to our level fast." Added Hermione.

"But who are the teachers?" Asked Susan, getting a nod from a lot of people, some of them looking around as if they would see four old warlocks with nameplates.

"Let us present ourselves miss." Said a brown haired man who entered by a portrait on the wall at the same time.

At that point, Harry and those aware of the truth, face palmed. It was, obviously, Sirius, but he chose to disguise in probably the best looking man he could find. In fact, it might have been a great idea as the girls were so entranced by the handsome guy and the guys were all jealous of the attention he was getting from the girls, that they probably didn't think it could be a glamour charm or polyjuice. Still, Harry wondered where he found such a person. Daphne on her side, did blush a bit, getting a raised eyebrow from Harry.

"What?" Said Daphne with a embarrassed smile.. "I'm still a girl. Don't think I don't see you ogling Tracey's chest sometimes."

"W-what do you mean?" Asked Harry, now on the defensive.

"Don't worry, I'm not mad at you about it." Said Daphne, playfully nudging him with her shoulder. "She does have a pair that catch the eye."

"Ehm... y-yeah, I guess." Said Harry, now horribly embarrassed.

Sirius, on his part, started to present himself ("My name is Ludovic White.") while the three others teachers entered through the portrait. Upon seeing two of them, the reaction from the students switched to joy at seeing Remus and to fear at seeing Moody. Tonks, not wanting to be outdone by Sirius had "improved" her figure quite a bit, chose a bright scarlet colour for her hairs and deep reddish-brown eyes that looked natural while still being mesmerizing. So while the girls were watching Sirius, Tonks got the attention of every boys in the room.

Harry made his way to Sirius while Tonks was presenting herself. Moony and Moody were already known as every one present had them as teacher, though Mad Eye never actually taught any of them, so they didn't bother.

"So... Where did you find that... ehm... disguise?" Asked Harry, Daphne still holding his hand.

"Ah! Well, I went to a modelling agency and met a very nice guy, some muggle underwear model, getting a haircut... from me. Got enough of hairs for a lifetime. I'm a bit disappointed, none of the models present looked as good as the original me..." Whispered Harry's godfather in both their ears, making them facepalm once more.

It took a bit of time to have people leave the four newcomers alone, especially getting three Hufflepufs from sixth and seventh year off Tonks who's eyes had a maniac sort of gleam while watching the guys. They seemed almost in love with her right now, but they would probably hate her after five minutes under her velvet covered iron fist.

"So! Those four are our new teachers. I'll let them explain what their speciality is." Almost shouted Harry to get the attention of everyone who were chattering one to the other.

Sirius was of course the one to start. "On my part, we'll leave the magical defence and get more physical. Hand to hand combat, fencing, martial arts and general unarmed self defence for when your wand is unavailable. I'll welcome of course anyone to follow my classes."

Most of the students seemed interested. Harry could see Jeff having a wicked smile, while a few girls he never though would have an interest in using their fist in a fight looked very excited. Lupin was the next and made it a bit more simple.

"I'll teach you more advance defence and offensive spells, everybody welcome." The werewolf said.

"As for me!" Told Tonks. "I'm gonna put those things of yours you call muscles into something you can finally talk about without shame. Everyone can follow my classes, but beware, I'm not gonna go easy on you and no, I don't care about blood status so I hope you don't plan to use that as leverage on me."

Some guys puffed their chest, seemingly thinking they could impress her, but most people actually gulped. Moody didn't help the matter.

"Now, most people THINK they know me, but remember it was an imposter last year, and he was like a kitty-cat compared to me. I will teach you how to fight with magic, and I mean really fight. I'll only take serious people though, you're more inclined to hurt yourself and others if you're not."

That had the effect of a cold shower on everyone present and Harry already knew that very few of them would consider taking Alastor's classes. Letting everyone make their mind a bit, Harry went to a blackboard that appeared from thin air.

"With as much people as we have, we won't be able to have a really fix time line for everyone." Harry said as he started to use his wand to write the names of the teachers on the board, including himself as he promised to teach the patronus spell. "So first, we need to know who wants to get in which class and we'll see what we can do but the teachers will certainly rotate over the week. Example, Tonks teaching Monday afternoon on week, White the next, Moody after then Lupin, then me. The week after that the order will rotate. Which mean if you have a lot of free time, you can go to more than one class every week. Also, our teachers do have other things to do so they might sometimes not be able to come every scheduled times. So I want you to come and write you name under the classes you want to take. You can drop them or pick them later, but if you take them later you will have a lot to catch up."

For the next ten minutes, people wrote their names under the classes they wanted to take. Some took more time to think but every single person took Harry's and Lupin's classes. Sirius had most student too while Tonks had almost all the boys but only a few girls. Moody had only a little more than twenty students which included every ones of Harry's friends and Gryffindor's Quidditch team plus a few more.

They had time to start a bit on the patronuses, teaching the basic with Lupin's help mostly. Nobody was able to do much in the end other than Daphne and Hermione. Susan was more advanced too as she had a head start with her aunt, so she helped Harry instead.

They left later than usual, as everyone seemed so motivated that they didn't want to stop. Still, they were just in time before the curfew. On the way Harry saw the twins try to convince Hermione of something.

"Please! Can you teach us the Fidelius charm? We learned all the theory from the book in the Room of Requirement, we know the wand movements by heart, the conditions also, everything! But we still can't do it! Please teach us what we do wrong!" Begged Fred... or George.

"Oh and why would you need to know that charm?" Asked Hermione with evident scepticism.

"The good we can make with it would be... immense!" Said one of the twin... lets say its Fred.

"Yes! We need it for the well being of Hogwarts..." Continued George.

"...of the country!..." Added Fred.

"...of the world!..." Escalated George.

"You're not convincing me with that..." Said Hermione with a raised eyebrow before going in the girls dormitory, effectively ending the argument.

The twins suddenly turned toward Harry. "Please! Convince Daphne to teach us! We'll do anything!"

Harry laughed at the Weasley's antics, guessing Daphne already refused to teach them. "You can convince her yourself, I doubt she would change her mind just because I ask her."

The twins abandoned at that, their shoulder dropping while they turned and went to their dormitories. ("You think she'll accept if...") Harry just chuckled on his way, trying himself to think what they would probably do with it.

The rest of the month passed quite fast. Between classes and the new DA regimen, time seemed to vanish as if they were using a time turner in reverse regularly. At least, they didn't have much trouble with organizing the DA meetings. The other members quickly learned how it worked and were doing their best to be there on every one of their classes, though some, mainly the Quidditch players, missed a few. Hufflepuf had soon a match against Ravenclaw and both houses were taunting the other a lot recently, while the players were much more often absent from the meetings. As the meetings were organized every week for the next one, they could take in account everyone's schedules... Well Hermione and Daphne took care of that, Harry had a headache every time he tried.

On his part, Harry had never missed a single class yet, neither had Daphne, Tracey, Hermione, Jeff and the twins. It helped that they didn't have any clubs or that Harry wasn't in the Quidditch team anymore. The couple still found time to be together and to make their homework. They were most of the time in the Room of Requirement for their homework, easier to get any books when you just had to wish it. This particularity of the room also made it so that it was almost never empty. Sometime they would go to it and it would be already in use and sealed. They tried no to think too much about what the people inside were actually doing.

They would sometime see house-elves coming in, wish a certain object, then leave as if there was nobody around them at the time, except Dobby who couldn't stop himself from greeting everyone and asking if there was anything he could do for them, but people generally had all they wanted when they were in the Room of Requirement, as its name implied, so they always refused.

Still, there was some sort of unspoken agreement that Harry had a sort of priority on it as he was the secret keeper. He was also the one that experimented the most with it and knew perfectly well its limits, even more than Hermione and Jeff who where the experts at first. He had to be very careful when using the room to move around the castle, because if he just appeared from a portrait, people wouldn't be stopped by the fidelius charm to learn about the room, Harry being the secret keeper.

"Coast is clear Harry, you can come out." Said Ron who was checking the portrait just out of transfiguration corridor. "The only person in sight is Susan and Hannah."

Getting out, they quickly closed the portrait of a horse eating some grass, looking at them with the least of interest. They entered the classroom well in advance to find Jeff also in advance. Taking their seats, they talked a bit about the DA meetings since the new teachers.

"...I so love Moody's training! I've always been an action type guy so yeah, so I don't care being beaten up to learn and god I learn fun things!" Said Jeff.

"I thought your favourite class would have been the martial art one with Ludovic." Asked Hermione with a wide smile.

She was soon joined by the other in smiling widely, remembering the first martial art class where Sirius's ego was highly deflated.

"Sooooo!" Shouted Sirius in a muggle traditional Karate suit. "Today, we will start by me showing you a bit of what you will learn. I need a volunteer."

All the class seemed to suddenly take a giant step back... or Jeff actually took a very giant step forward. Harry remembered him being highly interested in martial art class so he wasn't surprised to see him so eager to start.

"Good good... So don't worry, I won't hurt you much. I want you to take these pads and I will strike them to show a few moves." Said Sirius with a very toothy smile. Harry had suddenly a horrible sens of déjà-vu, as did every one that didn't have Lockheart in their heart in second year.

For a few minutes, they looked at Sirius hitting the pads, explaining the mechanics in the movements and how it was important to learn to do them seamlessly so that even with a reflex they would be using the good technique, which meant repeat, repeat, repeat until you can't anymore, then repeat again.

"He's much more... theatrical than this winter." Said Daphne with a light chuckle.

"Yeah, very much." Approved Harry.

"Now... Jeff was it?" Sirius said, taking a step back. When Jeff nodded, he continued. "I'll have you attack me, and I will defend. Start with just a straight punch."

Jeff threw a punch at Sirius who blocked it without too much trouble and showed some ways to block incoming attacks, having Jeff try different sorts until...

"Now, lets see what you got. Give me all you have and I will apply those techniques to block you." Said the teacher.

At that moment, Harry had a weird feeling while Jeff started to grow a smile so wicked that probably got Fred and George jealous. He frowned while he suddenly remembered him telling Harry, on the first morning, that he had to keep himself in shape as he stopped doing martial arts since he left America. That explained why he was so enthusiastic about that class. That meant he had some experience in hand to hand combat...

Thirty seconds later, Harry reconsidered... He had a LOT of experience in martial art. As it turned out, Jeff had been doing various type of martial arts since he was four, having a black belt in more than one of those. Sirius, who was pretty muscular in that form, was panting on the floor, bruised everywhere, while Jeff stood over him, perfectly unharmed and not having dropped a single sweat. His smile hadn't faltered during the whole fight and while everyone stood flabbergasted – except Luna – Harry got the most uncontrollable fit of laughter, soon followed by Ron, the twins, then the rest of those who knew who Ludovic Whithe really was.

"Yeah..." Said Ron with a smile. "That was priceless. I like Si... I meant Ludovic, he's fun and don't mind making a fool of himself, but damn that expression on his face was epic."

"I couldn't help myself... I had decided at first I would lay low a bit in that class, just enjoy doing martial art again but... Sorry, I've always been a bit show off... Ok a lot." Conceded the American. "Also, he underestimated me at that time that's why it was so easy, I had him on the ground before he could get back from the shock, the other sparring matches we much more close."

"You still won every one of those..." Said Hermione.

Jeff just shrugged at that. "If you think I'm good, never, ever, fight my sister..."

Ron's mouth hanged open for a few seconds before commenting. "You mean that blond hot chick my brothers keep daydreaming about since they saw her on the train station?"

"Yeah, that one. When she's serious, the fight is always over in around fifteen seconds with me in the same way Ludovic was after our first fight... minus the stunned expression, switch that to a painful one." Explained Jeff with a grimmace.

"Duly noted." Said the trio at the same time.

"Think she could come and teach us?" Asked Harry. "I'm sure they could get her here for it. You and Ludovic are good teacher but she seem on an other level."

Jeff eyes almost popped out of his sockets. "No! Nononoo... nononononononono... no... never..." Seeing the others puzzled expression, he elaborated. "She's a very bad teacher. She's the kind that thinks experience is all is needed. So she beat you up until you learn. I just can't imagine the horror of her meeting Tonks in a training environment."

The trio slowly nodded with a look that told Jeff they were experimenting very painful mental images right now.

The rest of the class went smoothly and they took their way to the Great Hall to have lunch. As they entered, Harry saw Daphne with Tracey and Astoria at the Gryffindor table, her face in her hands while the other two Slytherins were shooting angry glance at their house table. It wasn't new and Harry was always on the verge of fuming every time he witnessed her that way.

"What did they do this time?" Asked Harry while sitting beside his girlfriend. He knew she was strong and all, because she managed to never cry, but he knew that it still affected her.

"Malfoy got Pansy and Millicent to go through her things... again... Daphne came up to find her things everywhere, torn up and all, even her bed sheets this time. Its the third time this week only." Explained Tracey. "She's wearing my stuff again while we try and repair everything but even the reparo spell don't do much if we don't have all the pieces.

As Tracey said, that wasn't the first time. She received a few minor hexes, some a bit more dangerous and one even sent a spell that might have wounded her permanently if she didn't have all those reflexes from Moody's and Tonk's classes, yet Nott was still here Snape even gave him twenty points for his well made curse. They would have though that as she was one the best student in Slytherin in potions that the overgrown bat would have been more keen to help her, but no, he had the same reaction as the rest of the house about being in couple with Harry. Her wardrobe also kept being torn so that she always had to wear Tracey stuff. She always kept the mirror and her valuable objects with her, she even gave some to Harry so he could hide them in the Gryffindor's room.

Harry's fist shook on the table before getting up. "That's enough."

"No Harry! You will just get yourself in trouble!" Said Daphne, looking up from her hands with slightly red eyes.

"I don't care!" Shouted the Boy-Who-Lived. "You know I don't care!" He looked at the Slytherin table and saw Malfoy with an evil smile looking at him.

"He's provoking you and you're reacting! That is what he want!" Said Hermione, putting a hand on his shoulder which he roughly put away.

"I-Don't-Fucking-Care!" Screamed Harry once more, not seeing that the hall had became after his first outburst. "They keep attacking her and even when they are caught, they get nothing in retaliation because they're all in the fucking inquisitorial squad so only Umbitch got the power to do anything!"

A good thing that she wasn't there to hear him, because that would have been bad for him. Still, even in that situation, he was certain to get the attention of McGonagall as she entered the Great Hall.

"Potter! Come with me!" Said McGonagall.

The Slytherins sniggered while he was almost dragged by the strict teacher. Harry was too angry to even think about anything. The only thing he saw while leaving the Hall were Malfoy sending him a rude finger gesture while Daphne's face went back to her hands.

At that moment, Harry was also very angry toward himself for agreeing to seeing each others in public.

"In." Said McGonagall with her most angry voice, her lips completely white.

Harry entered the office and sat heavily on the chair in front of the desk. Where his Head of House sat herself, putting her face in her hands.

"I hate to do this... Harry." She said. The fact she used his first name took a bit of Harry's anger to turn it into surprise. "I perfectly understand you right now."

"No you don't." Said Harry in a hard tone, surprising McGonagall. His momentary surprise was gone as fast as it came when McGonagall claimed to understand him. "Daphne asked to stop hiding and I accepted. It was stupid of me when I knew that it would be hard for her, but I never expected it to be that much!"

"You knew there would be talking behind your back..." Started McGonagall.

"Yes I knew!" Yelled Harry. "But that's not what is happening right now. She have to keep wearing Tracey's clothes because her's are always torn every time she get back to her dormitory! She got hexes thrown at her so often she more paranoiac that Mad-Eye and she would be leaving the school in a corpse bag if she wasn't as good as she is for duelling when Nott actually sent a severing charm powerful enough to decapitate her that she managed to avoid. Snape didn't help, he gave Nott twenty points for a wonderful spell while he told Daphne to wipe the blood on the floor that kept dropping from her fresh wound at her shoulder!"

McGonagall was too stunned by Harry's outburst to say anything. She would have normally stopped him long before if she wasn't learning things that made her tremble with anger herself.

"No you don't understand where I am at right now. So I'll tell you, I don't care a bit about being expelled right now if it allow me to put Malfoy and his little gang in the hospital wing. So you better have a god damn good solution to all of this before I start to reply in force." Finished Harry.

"Sit down... Harry." Said McGonagall in a smooth voice that took Harry off balance. He didn't even know he had stood up and was pacing in the office. "You know like me, that I have no more power than you over these actions. But yes, I understand you right now. I didn't know about half of what you just told me and I currently think just like you. I wouldn't care if I was sacked right now just to put that Umbridge woman to her place and to teach Snape a lesson or two."

Harry's eye bulged at that statement. He had never heard McGonagall talk that way, but she wasn't finished.

"I would, if I was sure it would actually help. But I won't because it would maybe make me feel better for a small amount of time, but I wouldn't be there to help the students anymore. Do you think Daphne would be in a better position if you weren't there anymore to keep an eye on her?" Asked the Scottish woman.

"No..." Said Harry, calming a good amount. He had protected Daphne from a few spells already. People didn't attack him because they knew that to hurt him the most, it was best to hurt what he cared about the most.

"Good. Now Potter, as for a solution, I will speak to Dumbledor about all this and I'm sure he will do something about it when he learn its much worse than we thought. For her things, I would suggest that you speak to Flitwick about warding. Daphne is studying Ancient runes and Arythmancy, so she have the basic to learn how to do some powerful warding, and there is no rules against warding as long as it doesn't do lasting damages."

Harry smiled at the idea. They hadn't thought about warding but now that he thought about it, its was so obvious. "Thanks about that, we will look into it."

Harry got up, preparing himself to leave but he was stopped by McGonagall. "One moment. Even if I do understand your outburst, I still need to punish you. Now I would take off points but... how much do we have right now?"

"-278, professor. Hufflepuf got -46, Rabenclaw 2 and Slytherin's hourglass has been overflowing since they reached 1300 a week ago." Said Harry with a bit of desperation in his voice.

"Yes... well, taking off point won't do much, so you will be serving detentions with me for a week." told McGonagall.

Harry nodded in a resigned way before making it to the door with McGonagall just behind him. Once outside, they were met with the two least wanted persons currently.

"Now, I heard you used a very foul name for me?" Said Umbridge, her face the same pick as her cardigan, Malfoy a few feet behind, smirking. "I think you deserve a detention with me."

"I already gave Harry a week detention with me, Dolores. You don't need to give him any." Said McGonagall.

"Not anymore. He will spend them with me. For three weeks. Starting tonight. Have a nice day." Umbridge said before turning and walking away. She didn't even told him an hour, but he knew she would be telling him he was late even if he ran from his class to her office. Malfoy followed her away while McGonagall looked at him with her sorry eyes. Harry almost didn't care. McGonagall or Umbridge, in the end he was just angry that he would miss a lot of DA classes.