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Almost every one saw me as a foreigner even though I was born in japan. It's because I was send back to America a few months after I was born with my mother. So I looked forward to the day when I could returned to my true homeland. Because in America I was bullied all throughout school and I had enough of that, so I got into MMA. But besides that I'm 5.10ft, 16 years old, 165 pounds, black short hair, fit but not buff and my name is Chris Vianna. You can thank my dad for the western name. Before starting high school I requested to finish in Japan, there I might be someone. My mom liked the idea but it had to be ok with my dad who was stationed in japan. My dad was the one who got me in MMA and his one condition was that I continue training to be a fighter and I must do well in school. Of course the choice wasn't hard and I soon found myself on a plane to japan.

Chris was seen off by his dad at the train station "Just remember this isn't America. I'll pick you at that the gym. So have a good day and I'll see you later." His dad calls before driving off.

"Yeah…thanks like I didn't know that." Chris said under his breath. He walked up the stair and waited on a bench for the train to arrive. The place was dead silent with no one around. He was very early for the train, his dad said that it would be a good idea for him to meet people and hear the language. Plus his dad worked early so he either got a ride or walked. Being new and all he would of got lost. "Who's at the train station at freaking 5am!" he yelled. Just then a boy about his age came up the ramp looking a bit more tied then he did. He stood not too far from him; Chris decided he should try out his Japanese. "Hey what's up?" he said.

The boy jump awake "What…oh hello." The boy said back.

"My name is chris…I'm going to Sakakino Academy do you happened to go there?" Chris asked a little nervous because he wasn't sure if that came out right.

"Yeah, you're not from japan are you? Oh by the way my name is Makoto Ito." Makoto says shaking his hand.

"Well I was born in japan but was taken back to America with my mother. So I asked to finish high school in japan were I'm really from." Chris said.

Makoto kept looking at the ramp "You expecting someone?" Chris asked looking down the ramp as well.

"Uhhh no…"

Chris and makoto talked for a while getting to know each other, chris was glad that he was already making a friend. As the conversation got more relaxed chris took out his IPod and plugged in. "what kind of kind of music do you like?" makoto asked also taking out his IPod.

"Well…I into rock, medal, and…Vocaloid." Chris was a bit nervous about telling him about the last one, because back in America he got made fun of because they said vocaloid wasn't real music.

"You're into Hatsune Miku? I didn't think she was known that well in America." Makoto said a little surprise.

"Well I've only met one other person that liked her." Which was his mom but he didn't want to say that. "Do you like her?" chris asked.

"Only one or two songs, I wouldn't call me self a fan." Makoto said.

Just then a girl came up the ramp and chris was love stuck. She was about 5.5 or so, black long hair and dare I might say a big bust. But the thing that won his heart over was her beautiful face. By the look of her she seem to be a shy one, he had to talk to her…but then it hit him…he has a problem talking to girls. He looked at Makoto "Hey do you know that girl?" he asked.

"No…Not really." Makoto said turning red.

Chris couldn't go over to her by himself but with Makoto… "Come on lets meet this girl." Chris grabs makoto and drags him over there, by now the girl was reading a book. They got close enough Chris took a deep breath "Kon'nichiwa I'm chris and I'm new to japan just out of America, And here's my good friend makoto Ito." Chris barely made out right. Makoto gave a little wave and was also red; she looked at them a bit shocked at the sudden introduction of an American and someone that went to her school.

"uhhh…H-hallo…nice to meet both of you." She said also turning red.

"what your name?" chris asked.

She smiled a bit "Your Japanese is a little rough what did you say again?" she said.

Chris screams a little inside his head "Damn it! Damn it! How could screw up such a simple sentence!" Chris fell into despair. Makoto other hand knew what he said "He ask for you name." Makoto also wanted to know.

"oh…its Kotonoha Katsura." She said.

When Chris heard that he snapped out of it "Oh Katsura is it! I hope we all get to know each other very well." Chris said.

"What did he say again?" Katsura asked Makoto.

"Uhhh…I didn't catch that one…" Both Makoto and Katsura laugh.

By now the train had come and they all head for school. Chris felt a little daring and he sat next to Katsura. Makoto did the same and they all got to know each other better. Chris learned that she was a book reader and she was on the student council. She also liked doing well in school and to his delight they were in the same class. "To bad Makoto was in the same class, he seem like a kool guy" Chris thought but he was glad he would get to know katsura faster.

When he got to school the mood seem to change dramatically, 1: everyone seem to look the other way when he tried to talk to them. 2: Some people made fun of his accent but they didn't know he could understand every single word. 3: the last one was that killed him was they saw him as foreigner.

" Well its better then America haha." Chris laughed sitting back in his desk. He was also lucky enough to sit next to Katsura. She was writing away at something and he was a bit shocked at the pile of paper next to her. "uhh katsura do you need any help with that?" he asked.

Kutsura stopped and looked at him "uhhh yeah…but how's your writing?" she asked.

"Better than my speaking." He laughed, she smiled and hand him some of the pile. After telling him what to do he went to work, "so what are you doing for lunch Katsura?" Chris asked.

"Well I eat my lunch." She laughed a bit.

"Can we eat on the roof with matoko?" Chris asked.

Katsura thought about it for a moment "uhhh yeah we can do that."

Lunch came by and Chris rushed over to Makoto class and told him about it. Katsura and Chris were the first up on the roof "So katsura…do you have any more friends?" chris asked checking out the view.

"ummm, not really…I'm kind of a loner…" she said sitting at the bench.

"Would…you consider me a friend?" Chris asked blushing a bit.

"Only if you consider me a friend." She smiled.

He smiled and nodded, just then Makoto came up but not by himself. He was with another girl "Hi American…I'm Sekai Saionji." She said.


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