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"Okay, so, show me how to do that again."

Fionna giggled as she looked at her male counterpart. He had a look of intense concentration on his face as Fionna swiftly did a backbend and kicked her legs over, landing softly on her feet.

"Ooookaaaay... Now do it again. Maybe a bit slower?"

Fionna smiled at the blonde boy in front of her. The two were about the same height, and they looked so similar, one could mistake them for twins. But, as they quickly learned, they were pretty much the same person. They had lived in two different dimensions, the Land of Ooo and the Land of Aaa, but they collided and everyone learned that they had genderbent versions of themselves. It was pretty crazy.

"It's not that hard, Finn," she slowly did it again so the teen could get every aspect of it. The girl then put her hands on her hips and smiled brightly. "See?"

"Okay, yeah, I got it," Finn the tried it, but got stuck in a backbend. "Aack! Help!"

The female human giggled as she helped Finn out of it by picking up his feet and throwing them over. Finn landed on his stomach with a grunt and looked up at her. "Geez, that hurt. And the backbend blowed."

"Hey, it's okay, man," Fio helped up her counterpart. "It takes arm strength, flexibility and most of all, practice."

"Glob," Finn tugged at his white bear hat. "Hey, how do you even do this in a skirt. Can't everyone see your.. ya know, junk or whatever ladies call it?"

The blonde girl waved her arm dismissively. "Please. I know there are pervs out there. I'm not that stupid." The girl then lifted up the fold of her skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing a skirt, but a skort.

"Ohhh," the blonde boy laughed. "Radical!"

"Okay," Fionna smiled. "Let's try that backbend again."

From afar, a blue figure lurked on the side, watching the two. He was in plain sight, yes, but he didn't care. He was too busy watching the two humans interact.

He watched as Finn tried to go back again, but failed, causing him to fall down and Fio to laugh. The figure could see the boy blush from all the way across the room.

"Creeping on younger teens again, Marshall?"

Red colored orbs flickered over to the side to reveal a man dressed completely in pink. Even his skin and hair was pink.

Marshall rolled his eyes at the candy prince. "What I'm not allowed to look?"

Prince Gumball stood next to the vampire, hands held behind his back. He looked at the immortal. "You seem to have taken quite the liking to Finn."

The blue vampire smirked. "Yeah, he's pretty fun to mess with, if ya know what I mean.

The candy prince rolled his blue eyes. "You're sick. Finn isn't a piece of meat. He's a human."

"Yeah, I know that!" Marshall snapped. "What's it to you anyway?"

The prince shrugged. "No need to get testy. I'm just fond of him now, that's all."

The vampire narrowed his eyes. "How fond?"

Gumball glared back, "Pretty fond."

Marshall turned back to the humans. He blew a piece of hair out of his face. "Well, you can't have him."

"What, is he your property now?"


"You're ridiculous. At least I'd have the decency to wait until he's of the proper age."

"I never said I was a decent person," Marshall looked at Finn. Fionna was now showing him how to do a back handspring, which the vampire thought was dumb, considering the boy couldn't even do a backband, but Finn being himself, took a shot at it and fell. He let out a cry as he landed on his wrist wrong.

Marshall zoomed over to the injured boy. "Wow, Finn, take it easy."

Prince Gumball briskly walked over and knelt next to the human boy, lightly taking his wrist.

"Oh my glob, is he okay?" Fionna looked at her counter-part, worry clear on her face.

Finn grimaced as Gumball lightly moved his wrist around. "Ow, man, don't do that." He quickly pulled his arm away.

Fionna tugged on her bunny ears, guilt taking over her features. "Oh my glob, oh my glob this is all my fault!"

"Don't beat yourself up over it," Finn tried for a smile, but it faded away as he winced again.

"It's probably broken," the Gumball decided. The candy prince lightly took Finn's uninjured hand and helped him stand. "I'll take you to Doctor Prince."

Marshall was about to agrue, but the human boy slowly nodded. "Let's go, it really hurts, dude."

Prince Gumball lightly took Finn's arm and began to lead the way out, smirking at Marshall. The vampire gaped as the two walked out in a hurry.

"What... what the hell?" Marshall hissed.

"Whoa, what is going on between them," Fionna stared at the doorway the boys had rushed out of.

"I think... it's time to show Gummybutt who's got better game. Well, game on."

Fionna stared at Marshall. "What?"


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