Meeting the Others

(for the sake of the story, I will be altering the ages, I will demonstrate how and to what extent later)

(somewhere not far from the Stone Village)

Han and Roshi walked down the trail. It was a clear day, and things seemed promising. Han lifted his kasa up to see the sky.

"Nice day," he noted in a monotonous voice, as he folded his arms.

"Indeed it is," Roshi agreed with a nod.

"Any suggestions as to where we can go?" Han asked.

"I say that our first option should be try and find some of the others," Roshi answered.

"The other what?"

Roshi looked his comrade in the eye.

"The other Jinchuriki," he answered. Han was silent for a moment, as he stared at Roshi.

"Are you serious?" he eventually asked.

"As serious as one can possibly be," Roshi answered," The world will never accept us for who we are. We have to stick together, look out for one and another."

"That might be a good idea," Han said," But there is one problem. How are we supposed to find the others?"

"I guess we will have to search," Roshi asked. With that, the two rogues of the Stone Village continued on their journey.

(somewhere not far from the Cloud Village)

Yugito curled into a ball, as she tried to stay warm under the tree roots she was taking shelter in from the rain.

"Why won't it stop raining?" she whimpered.

Within her, she could still feel the menacing aura of the beast that dwelled within her. The feeling continued to make tears flow down her cheeks, as she clenched his legs to her chest tighter.

The sound of footsteps broke her from her trance, and she looked up. She saw a tall, muscular man, with sunglasses, and a Cloud headband with a slash through it looking down on her. Yugito just stared at the sight of the big guy.

"What's a little kid like you doing out here in the rain?" the man asked.

"Nobody wants me," Yugito answered," I decided the place I am best suited is out of the world."

"What's your name kid?" the man asked.

"Yugito Nii," Yugito answered. The man smiled, as he offered a hand.

"My name is B," he said. Yugito recoiled at the hand being offered.

"You don't need be afraid," B said.


"Because I'm just like you," B answered," I have been driven my village for what I am. I also have a beast within me." Yugito gasped.

"You mean there are others?" she asked.

"There are a total of nine of us, see," B answered," I am searching for the other eight and others to be. Looks like I found one right now. Come with me, to a place where you will be accepted, with Killer B."

Yugito giggled slightly at B's lame attempts at rapping, and then slowly took B's hand.

(somewhere not far from the Mist Village)

Utakata walked through the mist, heading out with no true destination in mind. All he had in his mind, was getting as far away from the village as possible. He idly blew a couple bubbles into the air from his bubble blower.

He heard a light splash in the water, as he pulled out a dagger, and turned towards the source. From the mist, a shape began to take form. It looked small. Utakata got ready to fight, but what what looked like a young boy came out of the mist.

"Who are you?" Utakata demanded, not trusting this kid in the least. The kid just cocked his head, and looked at Utakata curiously.

"Answer me!"

"My name is Yagura," the kid introduced," Who are you?" Utakata blinked.

"My name is Utakata," he answered. Yagura walked forward slowly.

"You're…. like me," he said slowly. Utakata took a step back.

"What do you mean?"

"You have a Tailed Beast inside of you as well," Yagura answered. Utakata gasped.

"You mean you're a Jinchuriki as well?" he asked. Yagura nodded.

"I don't have a home," he said," Because everyone calls me a monster."

That clicked in Utakata's mind. This kid seemed to have the same kind of story as him.

"Well, where are you going?" he asked.

"Nowhere," Yagura answered with a shrug. Utakata sighed, as he rubbed the back of his head. He had a feeling he would regret this.

"Want to… come with me?" he asked. Yagura blinked.

"We are both Jinchuriki, I figure its worth that we travel together for a little while, maybe we'll find the others," Utakata explained.

Yagura then walked forward, till he was right in front of Utakata.

"Yes, I suppose we would both of things to gain from that," he said.

(some distance between the Leaf Village and the Sand Village)(a few days later)

Naruto didn't know what he could possibly do. He had no place to go, since the village wouldn't accept him, and there was no way he could survive in the woods on his own. All he could do was basically wander, until he found someplace to stay.

For the past few days, Naruto had been stealing whatever food or resource he could find, be it from the garbage, or a campsite. But he knew that it wouldn't be able to last him forever.

Naruto heard rustling, and when he turned, he saw a red headed boy about his age stumble out of the bushes. This kid looked like he was crying as well. He had dusty clothes, and dark circles around his eyes. Naruto could feel a certain, almost familiar aura behind him. It was as though, under that boy's skin was a monster, aching to be freed. It was the same kind of feeling Naruto would often get within him.

"Hello," Naruto said softly, as he approached the boy. The boy recoiled in fear, as he fell down, and began to scoot away.

"Hey, don't worry!" Naruto said quickly," I won't hurt you."

"W-who are you?" the boy weakly asked.

"My name is Naruto," Naruto introduced," What's your's?"

"G-gaara," the kid said after a brief pause.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know," Gaara answered," I don't have a home, not anymore." Naruto gasped, this boy sounded like him.

"Did people drive you out of your home too?" he asked. Gaara nodded slowly.

Naruto slowly approached him, and offered a hand.

"The same thing happened to me," he said," Come on, we can travel together."

Gaara just looked at the hand with hesitation, before taking it, and letting Naruto help him up.

"Come on!" Naruto said with a grin," Let's go find some food." He then began to run away. Gaara watched. Naruto turned, with a confused look.

"Aren't you coming?" he asked. Gaara then gasped, shocked at the prospect of someone wanting to be with him. He then slowly smiled, before running after Naruto.

(a few days later)

Gaara and Naruto had managed to steal a substantial amount of food, enough to sustain themselves for a while.

"Man, I'm stuffed!" Naruto said, kicking back on his rock, patting his full stomach.

"It is good to have eaten," Gaara said softly.

"No kidding," Naruto agreed with a smile.

Suddenly, the heard some rustling. Both boys were immediately on the alert, though, more accurately, Gaara was frozen in fear, while Naruto was alert.

"Whose there!" he yelled.

Out of the bushes, came a girl, about their age, with mint-colored hair, and orange eyes. She looked at the ground. Naruto and Gaara both gasped at the sight of her. They could feel something resonating from her, a very familiar feeling.

"Who… who are you?" Gaara weakly asked.

The girl was silent, looking scared, and just concentrating on the ground. Her stomach then audibly growled. This awoke something in Naruto.

"Do you want some food?" he offered, holding out a piece of bread. The girl looked up, rather surprised.

"Go ahead," Naruto urged. The girl then snatched the bread, and quickly gobbled it up. Naruto smiled.

"I'm Naruto! And this is Gaara!" he said. Gaara slowly, and nervously waved.

The girl looked up gently.

"What's your name?" Naruto asked, with his typical big grin. The girl remained silent for a while. It was not until Naruto was about to ask again, that she finally spoke.

"Fu," she said softly," My name is Fu."

"Where do you live Fu?" Naruto asked.

"I used to live in the Waterfall Village," Fu answered," But people kicked me out."

Gaara and Naruto exchanged a quick glance with each other. This girl sounded just like them.

"The same thing happened to us," Naruto said, pointing at himself, and Gaara.

Fu looked up, somewhat surprised.

Naruto then got an idea.

"How about you come with us?" he offered. Both Gaara and Fu abruptly set their eyes on Naruto.

"But… but Naruto…," Gaara said softly.

"Don't worry Gaara," Naruto said," A girl in our group will make people more sympathetic to us. Fu just needs to work on the innocent little girl look." Naruto grinned at Fu as he said.

Fu, after a little while, then slowly grinned back.

Note: Okay, here are the ages in my head.

Gaara: 8

Yugito: 8

Yagura: 12 (I know he is probably older than that in cannon)

Roshi: 27

Han: 17

Utakata: 15

Fu: 8

B: 16 (again, he is probably older in cannon, but let's work with it)

Naruto: 8

Still taking story ideas, like how all of them can meet up together.