She lay on their bed, one arm outstretched while the other crossed over her stomach. Idly she ran her hand over silken white sheets, the material running smoothly underneath the pads of her fingers. A shaky sigh tumbled from her lips as her eyes fluttered shut, closing out the visible world. Everything was enveloped into darkness and she let her mind wander.

Her life wasn't anything to be proud of. It only consisted of lies upon lies.

Once upon a time she had been able to deal with that. Deal with how her husband never really loved her. Deal with being the fake woman everybody knew her to be. But lately she had grown tired and it was taking a great deal more effort to play into the social norms. If she strayed from the status quo people would begin to talk, and Hilly Holbrook did not like to be talked about. So, she played along, like usual. Attending all of Elizabeth's get togethers, gossiping with the women in the League. But everything in her life just seemed to drone on. The only bright spots were her two children. But William had taken Willy Junior and Heather out and she was left at home, alone.

Hilly knew that she should be getting dinner ready. Everything had to be prepared for when her family returned. But she was reluctant to do so and instead opted to lay motionless in the bed.

Skeeter. Her friend, well, she could hardly be called that now. But still, she was the only one who seemed to be free of this tedious life. Skeeter's whole world on the colorful side of the spectrum. It was enticing and enviable. Skeeter had no husband to tend to, no children to look after, no clique that thought she was somebody that she wasn't. Skeeter was bold and never took shit from anybody, including Hilly. She stood up for what she believed in. Hilly admitted, albeit in her head, that she wanted that life herself. She wanted to be something as limitless as a writer, an artist with words. She wanted to be able to live alone. She wanted to fall in love again.

Was it so wrong to want to run away and never look back? She would do anything to just be able to flee from Jackson and start a new life somewhere else (California?).But all of that was too far from reach, too far out of the range of possibility. But Skeeter, Skeeter had a book full of blank pages. Hilly's book was already written for her.

Reluctantly she sat up, letting her feet hang over the side of the mattress, toes brushing against the hardwood on her bedroom floor. She needed to get ready, needed to cook. William would be disappointed if she didn't have anything prepared for him. Standing up Hilly took a few strides to the bedroom door and pulled it open before disappearing into the hall.

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