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Oddly enough, I love it when Vegeta's a father figue to Gohan! Don't ask why I'm just weird like that!

So here's my attempt at a DBZ fic! Let me know how you like it please!

"I'm so sorry son. She's gone."

And just like that, she was. He didn't know how long he sat there staring at the wall. All he knew was that his mother was gone. The one person he thought would always be there for him had disappeared, just like that.

He looked at the bundle they had been placed in his arms. It was his mother's last gift to him.

"Say hello to your new baby brother." She had told him as she placed him in his arms. "His name is Goten."

"Goten." Gohan whispered as he looked at his little brother. In the most gentle way possible, Gohan brushed Goten's bangs out of his face.

"He's incredible." Gohan breathed.

Chi-Chi gave the briefest of smiles until her breath suddenly hitched and she began to convulse.

"Mom!" Gohan called in alarm. "Mom what's wrong!"

Chi-Chi couldn't answer she began to seizure and Gohan immediately called for the doctor.

"Help! Somebody help!" Gohan called desperately.

The doctors and nurses rushed in, desperately working and yelling at each other, trying to save her life. But it was all useless. She never opened her eyes again.

That was two hours ago, and Gohan was still rooted to the same spot, a loud boom broke him from his trance, and he looked outside and saw that a thunderstorm was happening. The weather was reflecting his exact feelings, the sky was pitch black while thunder and lightning were their only source of natural light, rain fell hard, like bullets, and the winds were merciless.

It was only until after he had observed the weather that Gohan noticed two official looking men speaking with a doctor. The same doctor that had treated his mother and was trying (and failing) to be discreet when he pointed to Gohan and Goten.

'No.' Gohan immediately thought. He knew who they were and what they came for, and Gohan couldn't allow that to happen. If it did...he would never see Goten again.

He did the only thing he could think of.

He ran.

Vegeta was training in his Gravity Room, the level set at 300x Earth's Gravity. He had the rare occasion of being home alone. Bulma and her parents had gone to a science symposium and had taken Trunks with them. Vegeta was all for it. He never had any time to himself, whenever he tried to train Bulma always found someway to interrupt them, or Trunks would throw a tantrum unless only Vegeta held him...or that annoying perky blonde woman would constantly offer him refreshments.

Well you get the point.

Needless to say, Vegeta was enjoying his time alone. So when he heard an incessant banging on his door, he was angered beyond belief.

'Damn my superior Saiyan hearing.' Vegeta growled inwardly as he stormed towards the doorway. 'Whoever it is better be prepared to face my wrath.'

He slammed the door open, expecting to find the woman and her irritating family cutting their trip short, or one of Kakarrot's bafoon friends trying to get him to become a part of their little friendship group. The last thing he expect was to find Gohan soaking wet with a bundle in his arms, looking more desperate and afraid than when he was fighting cellCell.

"I'm sorry." Gohan stammered not able to form a complete sentence, "It's just...she's gone...they were there...I didn't know where else...help me...please."

Vegeta did the only thing he could think of...he snapped.

"Brat, speak in complete sentences or I'll slam the door in your face!" he snarled harshly.

"My mom's dead." Gohan said, sounding every bit like the eleven-year old child he really was. "She died after she gave birth to Goten, these guys from social services came, they were going to take him away. I couldn't let that happen, I didn't know what else to do, so I came here."

He looked at Vegeta, his eyes and expression begging. Vegeta stared at Gohan for a brief second then moved to make room for Gohan.

"Well what are you waiting for." He snapped, "Get inside already, you're letting the heat out."

Gohan didn't need to be told twice, he immediatley walked into the warm house, Vegeta shut the door and calmly checked Gohan over.

Gohan was soaked to the bone, from head to toe he was completely drenched. Vegeta saw that Gohan had used his rain jacket to keep the baby from getting wet. Once the coat was removed, Vegeta could see a mop of black spiky hair, he could only assume that it was Kakarrot's second spawn, that Bulma and the harpy kept gushing about the past year.

Vegeta growled in irritation and pressed a hand to his head. He had no clue on how to deal with this type of situation. This was what he left the woman to do, she knew how to coddle children, she did it enought with his son.

Still...he took in Gohan's disheveled appearance, his clothes, completely drenched from the rain clung to his body, his normally gravity-defying hair was matted down his head, and he could see a slight shiver in Gohan's stance.

Vegeta let out a breath of frustration, and held out his hands. "Give the brat to me, go take a shower. I don't need you to be creating puddles on the floor."

Gohan unconciously clutched Goten closer to his chest, "No! You can't take him!"

"Idiot boy! I'm not trying to take him!" Vegeta snarled causing Gohan to flinch, which in turn caused Goten to cry.

Vegeta shut his eyes and clenched his teeth while Gohan was trying to soothe Goten, 'This is exactly why I don't handle children. Nothing but a nuisance.'

"Boy if you don't stop this foolishness at once, I'm going to throw you back out in the rain!"

It seemed Vegeta's screaming had done the trick, because as soon as he screamed Goten stopped crying.

"Follow me." Vegeta growled walking up the steps. Gohan reluctantly followed, and soon found himself walking into Trunks's nursery, Vegeta was leaning against the wall will his arms crossed in his standard pose.

"Put him in here." Vegeta ordered motioning to the crib. "I'll watch him while you take a shower."

Gohan still looked unsure, "I don't know...

"I'm not going to do anything to him brat!" Vegeta snapped. "Now go take a shower before you get sick! Otherwise the woman will have my head!"

Gohan reluctantly placed a now peacefully sleeping Goten into the crib, then finally did as Vegeta had suggested.

Once Gohan was out of sight, Vegeta walked over to the phone that was in the nursery. For once, Vegeta was glad that Bulma had installed the contraption in every room of the house.

After a couple of rings Bulma answered the phone.

"Vegeta, if this is about you breaking the Gravity Room again, then I'm hanging up on you." Bulma snapped.

"Gohan's here." Vegeta said in an uncharacteristically soft voice.

This had Bulma bewildered; for one thing Vegeta had actually called Gohan by his name (he always referred to Gohan as Brat or Spawn of Kakarrot), and two he never spoke in a soft tone. So it must've been serious. "Why would Gohan be there?"

"His mother is dead." Vegeta said bluntly, "She died giving birth to the second child."

For a long moment Bulma didn't speak, then she finally found her voice, albeit shaky. "A-Are you sure about this?"

"Woman tell me why I would make up such a thing!" Vegeta snapped, "You think I have nothing better to do!"

"Alright, you're right. I'm sorry." Bulma said sniffling, "It's just...I can't believe it. Chi-Chi's dead...I don't..."

She then cleared her throat pulling herself together, "Alright, I'm coming home, I'll be there in the morning. Dad and Mom can keep Trunks for the symposium. I'm going to need a clear head to deal with everything."

"Fine." Vegeta said and he was just about to hang up.

"Vegeta wait."

"What is it now woman?" Vegeta snapped.

"Take care of Gohan." she said, "I'm not saying get all touchy-feely with him, but... just try to be civil at least."

"Fine, Fine. Good-bye." Vegeta hung up and blew out a breath.

While Vegeta wasn't known for his friendliness, even he wasn't completely heartless. Now Gohan and Goten were completely alone in the world, it was no wonder that Gohan was so protective of Goten. He looked to the left when he heard the door open. Gohan stepped in all dried up wearing an old outfit of Mirai Trunks. It was a little big on him, but it would do for now.

"Bulma's coming back." Vegeta said, not knowing what else to do. "She'll be here tomorrow."

"Ok." Gohan said in a small voice, he walked over and sat in the rocking chair next to the crib. "If it's alright, I'll just stay here with Goten tonight."

"Do what you will." Vegeta said turning his head away. "I'm going back to my training, and don't even think about interuppting me."


Vegeta stopped in his tracks and it took every ounce of his willpower not to snap at Gohan. "What."

"Thanks for everything." Gohan said, "I really appreciate it."

Vegeta said nothing. He merely turned away and continued walking out of the room, leaving Gohan and his brother in peace.

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