Chapter 1

Marah's true ideated relived

Dustin never thought that he would be a power ranger and saving the world from evil. Or one day he would give his bike to a random stranger or meeting Marah who he saved from almost being ran over by dirt bikes. And hearing that she got kicked out off her uncles ship because she wasn't bad enough, and wanted to help beat Beevil and being good. Of cause trusting her by powering this head piece that could destroy Beevil once and for all. Only to have Beevil power bust up even more and realize that trusting people are sometimes not a good thing to do.

"Thanks for the power bust girlfriend!" Beevil said with happiness because she and Marah were going to wipe the ranges the face of the earth forever. Marah on the other hand was hurt and sad, because she hurt the one gay she liked and maybe loved too. But she know that Cam her cousin would come though and she could go home. And explain everything to the power rangers, and Dustin too. "Yearh, no problem." Marah said with sadness in her voice. "No, problem!. You used me and after I trusted you." Dustin said with sadness, anger, and betrayal mixed to tighter. "Cam hurry, I don't think I can handle another of what they saying or seeing Dustin sad face." Mara thought to her cousin. "I know, just hold for few more minutes ok" Cam thought to Marah, feeling guilty and bad cause his friends are making her feel bad. "Dustin trusted you and you broke it." Tori said with a glare. Marah bit back a sob and heard what she wanted to hear for so long. "Marah I did it. Say goodbye to Beevill and welcome home." Cam said in his thoughts. Happiness was in his heart because Marah an other family number was coming home.

Marah turned her head away from the rangers, to look at Beevil. "Hey, Beevil how you feeling?" Mara asked out of the blue. " I feel fanatic!, like I …" Before Beevil could get out her sentence she felt sharp pain every where in her body. "what's worn Beevil. Not feeling so hot?" Marah said with smirk. The rangers was wounding what the heck was on. But little did they know that Beevil was loosing all her powers due to the head piece Marah put on her. "What's happening to me!" Beevil said with shock. "Oh, lets just say the head piece I powered you up with is now as we speck daring your powers." Marah said with a smile. " What! But, I thought you were on our side!" Beevil was in compete shock and anger. "well, I gets things changed. Haven't they." Mara said finally showing her true colors. " Oh! You. You . Red kelzaks get her!" All the kelzaks charged at Mara. Grabbing by her by the sides, arms and jumping on her. Marah keeled down and felt this burring heart race though her body, hearting up her body.

Suddenly a huge explodes echoed where Mara was keeling. Sending the red kelzaks everywhere and the rangers, Beevil had to cover they eyes. "MARAH!' Dustin yelled as soon the light disappear. But the rangers and Beevil had a huge supers when the smoke cleared. Mara got up with burred space ninja clothes, with her hair back to normal. Marah just smirked at Beevil's shocked face. Grabbing her red skirt, she tore it away. Reviling her in a very tiny orange dress that went almost to her thighs and showing her middle chest with yellow bandages that wrapped around her waist. , a black leather mini skirt, black, high hilled boots, gloves like the rangers uniforms, and a phoenix tattoo on her arm. "surprise" Mara said with a smirk.

End of Chapter one