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The Fifth Element:

The Knot

Korben Dallas sighed. It had not been his day. It had just been all around nerve wracking and rough. He was happy to finally be home now, though. He was happy to be home to his lovely wife and beautiful newborn twin kids. His head only began to pound harder when he entered the room, to find his kids screaming and his wife at her wit's end. Considering that his wife was the 5th Element, the Supreme Being, the perfect creation, this worried Korben. The two eldest children were in the corner; a boy of five and a girl of seven looked up at their father's arrival. They'd stopped fighting and beamed.

"DADDY!" They excitedly squealed in perfect unison. Then they dropped the toy they were fighting over and ran towards their dad, eager to hug him. Korben smiled and scooped the two of them up.

"So, what'd you kids do today?" He asked.

"We made cookie dough maps in school today," Squealed the girl happily.

"You did?" Kobren replied.

"Yes! Mine's in the kitchen!" She beamed proudly. "And the teacher hung my drawing up on the black board!"

"Really, Amy?" Korben smiled, "That's my artist!"

"Daddy! Daddy!" Squealed the boy In Korben's other arm. "I helped the teacher bake cookies at day care!"

"Wow! You're getting to be quite the chef, aren't you, Robby?" Korben smiled down at his son.

"NO! STAY OUT OF THE CREAM!" Leeloo's frustrated shout came from the baby's nursery.

"Why don't we go help Mommy?" Korben Suggested. With that, he carried his two children in to the nursery, where Leeloo was trying to keep Angelo, the more active of the twins, out of the diaper cream while changing the other one's diaper.

"How can you two go to the bathroom at the exact same time?" She asked Angelo and his sister, Isis. She turned and Saw Korben standing in the door way with her son and daughter.

"Hi," he smiled.

"Oh, good," She said, "You're home. And you go the other two. Korben… can you help me here?"

"Oh, sure," Korben said, snapping too. The two children waited patiently for their parents to change the babies.

"Where's Larrita?" Korben asked.

"Out with some friends at the library. They have that test tomorrow," Leeloo informed him

"Oh, right," Korben said, picking up his baby daughter.

"Did Amy tell you about the cookie dough map?" Leeloo asked.

"Yes--" Korben started, but was cut off by his energetic daughter.

"It was the first thing I told him! And I told him about the picture and I told him about…" Amy went on as seven-year-olds usually do, following her parents into the living room. After Larrita, their first had been born they bought a much bigger apartment. Larrita was seventeen.

About an hour later, everything had settled down until, that its, Larrita came home.

It's been that Larrita was extremely loud or very boisterous, (except when she went on one of her tirades, that is). It was just that her siblings relished in torturing her. Even the newborn twins seemed to love it. As soon as she got home it was non-stop yelling and squealing. Or yelling, squealing and terrified screaming once Larrita got close to nabbing one of them or actually getting them.

"COME BACK HERE, CHILD THING FROM HELL!" The angry Larrita shouted. Robby ran laughing across the doorframe, wildly waving about her favorite organizer.

"Hmmmmm…. I see Robby's been getting braver," Korben observed while reading a newspaper. He and Leeloo were used to it by now.

"Yes," Replied Leeloo, in the opposite chair, reading a novel, "Amy seems to have left off for a while."

"She was really gutsy there for a while," Korben said, "Must be getting to that stage where she'd like to bond with her big sister… or she's planning something."

"AH HA!" Came Larrita's shouted. There was a thud as Larrita threw herself at Robby, who let out a terrified screech, dropped the organizer and ran like hell. Robby ran back in through the living room, into his room. Larrita came stalking in "LISTEN HERE, CURSED CREATURE! YOU EVER TOUCH MY ORGANIZER AGAIN, ANY OF THEM, AND I WILL RIP YOUR ARMS OFF AND BEAT YOU WITH THEM!!"

"Larrita," Leeloo sighed, "He's only five, you know."

"He knows enough to leave my stuff the HELL alone, especially my organizers!" Larrita said, stalking back off. Her parents used to try to get her to stop swearing; they'd long since given up. There didn't seem to be much point in it anymore.

"AMY!" Larrita screamed, "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"

"Yup," said Korben, turning the page of his newspaper, "She was planning something."

In Larrita's room, Larrita had stalked up to Amy.

"Out, out, brief candle," She growled, pointing to the door.

"But…" replied Amy.

"But nothing, demon child!" Snapped Larrita, grabbing her by the back of her shirt collar, starting to drag her to the door.

"I only wanted to watch you put on make up for your date tonight!" Whined Amy desperately.

"For the love of…" Larrita Sighed. "It's not a date, Amy. I'm going with my best friends to see the newest Maverick Gibbons movie. I won't be putting on any more makeup than I already have on."

Larrita had on blue body glitter, gold eye shadow, faded red lipstick, gold facial make up with pink blush and she'd used eyeliner to make her eyes look Egyptian.

"Will you be changing clothes?" Amy asked

"No." Larrita replied

"Are you going to put on any more jewelry?" Amy asked, hopefully.

"N…" Larrita started but then thought and changed her mind, "Yes," she replied.

"Can I watch?" Amy inquired, hopefully.

"Sure," Replied Larrita. Amy watched as Larrita grabbed an Egyptian styled bracelet, an armlet, and necklace, and then grabbed some Celtic rings and necklaces and Grecian-Roman type earrings and put them on.

"You look pretty," Amy smiled.

"Thanks," said Larrita, doing her best to smile back.

"Do you have any homework?" Amy asked, with a hopeful tone.

"No, I did it all at the library today, before I came home."

"Any extra credit?"

"I have mostly mean teachers, who don't give extra credit."

"Oh, any books you have to read?"


"When does the movie start?"


"What time is it now?"

"6:00…" Larrita sighed.

"Who are you going with?"

"Some friends."

"Any boys?"

"Yeah, a couple."

"Any romantic interests?"

"Big words for such a little girl. I see we've been expanding our vocabulary."

"You're changing the subject."



"So what?"

"Any Boyfriends?"

"Do you know anyone who'd want to be my boyfriend?"

"Everyone I know is in first grade."

"Point taken."


"So WHAT?"

"Any Boyfriends??"

"You all ready asked that."

"You didn't answer."

"Yes, I did."

"You didn't answer it to the fullest satisfaction of my curiosity."

"My, my, we're throwing about the five dollar words, aren't we?"

"Just answer the question."

"I did."

"You didn't answer my inquiry to my fullest satisfaction. Answer it in more direct terms."

"What? Have you been reading the dictionary or something?"

"Any boyfriends?"

"Amy, I'm not exactly the nicest girl in school. I don't think you'll find a guy within the solar system who's suicidal enough to be my boyfriend."

"Any crushes?"


"Any crushes?"

"Why do you care?"

"I just do. So, do you have a crush on anyone."


"You sure?"


"Really sure?'


"Really, really, REALLY sure?"

"YES!" Larrita shouted. "I think I would know."

"Positive?" Asked Amy.

"YES!!!!!" Shouted Larrita even louder than before, "And even if I did, do you honestly think I would tell you?"

"Can I take that as a yes?"

Larrita sighed, and closed her eyes.

"Take what as a yes?" She asked.

"That you have a crush." Replied Amy.

"NO!!!!" Larrita shouted, refraining herself from making her little sister one with the outside wall.

"No what?" Asked Amy.


"How many friends?"


"The Movie's at 8:30?"


"What time is it now?"

Larrita sighed and looked at the clock. "6:15."

"What's it called?"

"Lethal War."

"Lethal War?"


"Aren't all wars lethal?"


"Then why'd they call it 'Lethal War'?"

"I haven't the foggiest."

"Can I go with you?"

"Sorry kiddo, it's rated R for violence."

"Then how can you go?"

"Mom and Dad said I could, because I'm such a big fan of Maverick Gibbons. And besides, I'm 17, I make the cut off," Replied Larrita

"How old do you have to be to see a rated R movie?"

"With out an adult?"


"Seventeen or older."

"Oh. You sure I can't go?"

"Maybe if Mom and Dad say you can, you can come," Larrita said, hoping to get the cute little cling-on to leave her alone for a few seconds. Amy ran out to where her parents were still sitting in the living room. Larrita sighed and walked out after her, being sure to shut and lock her door to keep Robby out of it.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Cried Amy, running in.

"Larrita, what did you do?" Leeloo asked.

"She's only seven, take it easy on her," Korben looked at Larrita.

"Daddy! Can I go to see 'Lethal War' with Larrita and her friends?" Amy asked eagerly. Leeloo dropped her book and Korben looked like he was about to pass out. Larrita gave her dad a pathetic 'Pleeeaaaseee…. No….' look behind Amy's back.

"That's a really violent movie, Amy," Korben Started.

"It ain't called 'Lethal War' for nothing…" Added Larrita, as if it was going to help. "It's a Maverick Gibbon's movie, and his R rated ones usually have lots of fighting, big explosions, blood and guts."

"'Deadly Actions' didn't have too much blood and guts," Said Amy.

"How would you know?" Larrita raised an eyebrow. "You're only seven. You've never seen any of the 'Deadly Actions' movies."

"Remember, you were watching it on the TV when it was on," Amy said.

"That's on TV. That's the abridged version. They edited it for content," Larrita explained.

"Why?" Asked Amy.

"Because little Kids like you might be watching," Said Larrita. Leeloo and Korben were trying not to laugh. They were highly amused at watching their eldest daughter trying to worm her way out of taking her younger sister to the movies with her. As amusing as it was, Korben felt he had to intervene and rescue his poor daughter from the clutches of her little sister. Usually, it was the other way around. It was only fair that Korben showed them both the same courtesy.

"Sweetheart. That's a really adult movie. Maybe when you're older you can go," He said. He could see that Amy was disappointed. After a moment's thought he added, "But, I'll tell you what, I'll take you and your brother to see that cartoon thing you guys wanna see."

"Really?" The little girl grinned. "THANK YOU DADDY!" She ran as fast as her little seven-year-old legs would carry her to her dad and hugged him, while Larrita took the opportunity to get the hell out while the getting was good.

Around 6:30, Larrita's best friend Bergita came over. Unfortunately, Amy got to the door before Larrita.

"Hello," Amy said.

"Hi. I'm here meet Larrita," Bergita leaned over and smiled.

"For the movie? It's only 6:30 and the Movie doesn't start until 8:30. Is there something the matter with your watch?" Amy asked pleasantly.

"No, I'm here so that we can chat before we go to the movies," Bergita explained.

"Why? Why not wait until you go to the movies?" Amy asked.

"Because we want to talk before we go to the movies."

"Oh, girl talk?" Amy smiled.

"Yes," Bergita smiled back.

Bergita was saved from further Question and Answer when Larrita roughly pulled Amy by the scruff of the neck away from the door.

"Beat it, brat!" She shouted loudly, right into Amy's ear. Amy sure didn't need to be told twice. As soon as Larrita let go of the collar, Amy was gone like a shot.

"Sorry about the barrage of questions from the lower life form," Larrita said.

"It's all right," Bergita said. "Come on, let's go into your room! I have soooo much to tell you."

The two girls entered Larrita's room to find Amy waiting nervously there.

"Get out, child of Satan!" Screeched Larrita. When Amy didn't obey, Larrita began to stalk up to her. "Out, damn spot!" She shouted.


"No," Said Larrita firmly.

"I wanna talk with you," Whined Amy.

"Get out," Responded Larrita, pointing at the door.

"Oh please?" Implored Amy. "I wanna talk girl talk, too!"

"No, Amy," Larrita said. She grabbed Amy's arm and began to drag her out.

"Please, Laurie? Please?" Amy began to sniffle. Larrita sighed.

"Amy," She said, "Why don't you go talk girl talk with Mommy?"

"No one talks girl talk with their mom," responded Amy.

"You'd be surprised," Larrita muttered. Ever the peacemaker, Bergita stepped in.

"How about this. We have a while until the movie. You can stay with us for the first…"

"Twenty Minutes," Said Larrita, cutting of Bergita before she promised Amy something horrible like an hour and a half.

"Really?" Amy's face brightened.

"Yes," Said Larrita. Amy squealed with glee and jumped on the bed.

"ACK! OFF, OFF, OFF DEMON THING FROM HELL!" Larrita shouted. Amy jumped off in a New York minute and sat Indian Style on the floor. Larrita's desk and bed were complete off limit zones. Larrita sighed and grabbed her timer, setting it for 20 minutes.

Amy thoroughly enjoyed the next 20 minutes she spent with her big sister and her sister's best friend. It was mainly Amy and Bergita talking. Larrita was too busy being in pain to take much part in the conversation.

"So Bobby said…" Bergita was telling a complete enthralled Amy when the Timer went off.

"Okay, Aims…. Time's up," Larrita said, happy to be able to kick Amy out of her room now.

"But…" Amy started.

"But nothing Kid," Larrita cut her off.

"I wanna hear what Bobby said!" wined Amy.

"All right, then you have to get out. Bergita, what did Bobby say?" Larrita sighed.

"Bobby said that he knew the game that Libby was playing and that he wouldn't date a snobby b… WITCH like Libby in a thousand years. Even if she were the last female of any species in the universe," Bergita. Amy squealed with glee, and even Larrita seemed happy that her arch nemesis had been torn to shreds.

"Good for him!" Amy smiled.

"You can say that again, kiddo. I'm glad someone told Libby off, finally. Besides me, I mean. Anyway, your time has run out, Amy," Larrita said.

"Okay! Thanks!" Amy grinned, leaving the room.

"Thank God THAT'S over, " sighed Larrita, glad to be rid of her little imp sister.

"Don't sweat it, Larrita. She's just in that 'sister love' stage right now, I went through it, and all of my younger sisters are going through it," Bergita said. Bergita came from a HUGE family. There were only five Kids in Larrita's family. There were nine in Bergita's.

"I feel a great swell of pity for you," Larrita said.

"You still have another one to deal with," Bergita observed.

"I'll be in college by that time. I'll have escaped Isis," Larrita told her.

"Isis? That's a strange name…" Bergita said.

"It's ancient Egyptian," Said Larrita, "Isis was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology. She was married to Osiris, the first Pharaoh god of Egypt. Isis was his sister. Their son was Horace, the falcon headed god, and the first Pharaoh," Larrita explained.

"Thank you, Ms. Know-It-All," Bergita said sarcastically. "What's the other one's name?"

"Angelo," Said Larrita, "It's an Italian name."

"Larrita, Isis, Angelo. You people have such weird names. Leeloo, Korben… Well Korben's not such a weird name but… Why is it only Amy and Robby have normal names?"

"Actually, only Robby has a completely normal name," Larrita explained.

"Amy's pretty normal," Replied Bergita.

"Her full name is Amethyst. It's Mom's favorite stone and her birth stone," Said Larrita.

"And Robby?"

"Robert," Larrita stated.

"Why does he have just a normal name?" Asked Bergita.

"He's named for Grandma," Answered Larrita.

"You're Grandmother's name is Robert?!" Bergita gasped.

"Roberta," Larrita informed her.

"Oh… I'd ask why a boy is named after her, but I'm too afraid of what you'd say. What about your name?" Bergita asked.

"I haven't the foggiest," Said Larrita, "It's something to do with the divine language. My Full name, First, middle and last is about 20 letters long," Larrita said.

"And I thought Bergita was a weird name…" Sighed Bergita.

"It's actually an old German name," Larrita informed her.

"What time is it?" Bergita asked.

"It's almost seven," Larrita answered.

"Good," Bergita answered, "Because I have SOOOO much to tell you. Including the part of the on going saga between our friend Bobby and the Snob that is Libby that was too inappropriate for young Amethyst's ears."

"Ohhh, delicious," Larrita leaned in, "Do tell."

"Well," Bergita said, "It seems that Libby isn't the sweet, innocent thing that she pretends to be."

"Old news," Said Larrita.

"Wait till I finish," Said Bergita, "Unbeknownst to most, she's one of the biggest sluts in school."

"WHAT?" Larrita practically fell out of her chair, "How come no guys have been talking about it?"

"Because she bribes them. Bobby found this out," Bergita said.

"How did Bobby find out? He hates her almost as much as I do," Larrita said.

"He walked in the on the exchange, and over heard a lot of it before either noticed he was behind the locker."

"The locker?" Larrita asked. "Where was this?"

"The boys Locker room, after school."

"How much was she paying him to keep his mouth shut?" Larrita questions.

"The payment wasn't entirely in cash…"

That time Larrita actually DID fall out of her chair.

"Bobby forgot his sneakers in the locker room during Gym. He had to go back and get them. He walked in on it and it was a while before anyone noticed he was hiding behind the locker. He was hoping to get out without either noticing. When Libby found out, she figured she could bribe him as well. He told her to get stuffed, that he didn't care," Bergita said.

"Oh Christ," Sighed Larrita, "This is almost more than I really wanna know."

"So she's been dogging him to go out with her so she can see if she can…"

"I can guess," Said Larrita, disgusted even more with her nemesis. "Good for Bobby, though."

"Supposedly, there's more to this story," Said Bergita, "But I don't know what it is."

"There's gossip that YOU don't know about… I'm worried…" Larrita Quipped.

"Bobby can tell us himself after the movie," Bergita said, casually.

"Excuse me?" Said Larrita.

"I invited him," Bergita grinned wickedly.

"You WHAT?"

"He said since we hate Libby as much as he does, he'll tell us after we see the movie. I figured since we were going out for coffee anyway… He's also a Maverick Gibbons Fan," Bergita said. "Anyway, on to other matters…" Said Bergita, as Larrita leaned in to hear.

At 8 O' Clock, the doorbell rang. Once again, Amy got to the door before Larrita and Bergita.

"Hi," Amy said cheerily, "You must be Larrita's friends."

"Yes, Can you get her for us, sweety?" Said Sierra, a pretty black girl with dark eyes and short, purple hair.

"It's only 8 O' Clock. Aren't you a little early?" Asked Amy.

"We came early, so we could be early for the movie," Said a boy.

"What's your name?" Amy asked.

"Bobby…" He said. Amy almost fell over. Around that time, Larrita came running out, flanked by Bergita.

"AMY!" She screeched. "You little pain in my ass! Get the hell away from the door and stop bothering my friends or I'll skin you alive!" She grabbed Amy by the collar and tugged back. "Mom, Dad, my friends are here. We're going to the movie."

"Bye, Larrita, have a good time!" Said Leeloo.

"Don't maim anyone," Said Korben. Larrita and Bergita grabbed their jackets and headed out the door with the group. The group consisted of Larrita, Bergita themselves, and Bobby, Sierra, Eric, Celeste, and Estralita. Estralita was a petite Spanish girl with rich skin, dark brown eyes and silky Jet black hair. Celeste was a lovely French girl. She had thick blonde hair, which was tired into an exquisite and artistic hairstyle, and she had soft Green eyes. She wore a light dusting of classic make up and long a long flowing dress of rich color and fabric. Sierra was a lovely black girl. She had short purple hair that used to be a rich dark brown. Bobby was the son of two first generation Irish immigrants. He had red hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Eric Was an Egyptian looking boy. Bergita had dark hair, eyes and pale skin. Larrita's hair was a mixture of her mother's odd red hair and her father's blonde hair. She had his eyes and her skin.

"Larrita," Bergita started, "this is…"

"Bobby, yeah, yeah," She said, "I know him from Third period Trig."


"So, was that your little sister?" Bobby asked.

"No… it was the ghost of my great, great grandmother," Larrita answered, sarcastically.

"She's cute," Said Bobby.

"Noooo… she isn't. She's the heiress of Satan," Larrita informed him.

"Larrita and her siblings do not get a long well," Bergita said.

"Why am I not surprised?" Replied Bobby and they got into a taxicab.

"Hey! The little imps torture me!" Larrita defended herself. "To the movies on the corner of 5th and 9th," She told the cab driver.

"Don't worry, Larrita, You'll be out of there in less than a year," Said Sierra. Sierra had a thick Jamaican accent.

"Oui," said Celeste, "A couple of months at the most. The year is almost over. Soon you will be in college."

"A couple of months can't come fast enough," Larrita said.

"So, anyone read a review on the movie?" Asked Bobby.

"No," Said Larrita, "I find that reviews are pointless. The critics very rarely know good movies when they seem them. They have bad taste."

"Isn't it the truth?" Said Estralita.

"Yes," Replied Eric.

"I happen to read them," Said Sierra.

"You also read fashion and teen magazines," Larrita pointed out.

"There is nothing wrong with teen and fashion magazines. You may want to read one, retro-ancient Rambo Goth girl," Said Sierra, gesturing to Larrita's dark cloths, camouflage shirt and her strange make up and Jewelry.

"I'm cut, really…" Said Larrita, dryly. "Oh, and I'm not Goth."

"I also read teen and fashion magazines," Said Bergita.

"And the National inquirer," Remarked Larrita.

"I read Teen magazine," Said Estralita

"So do I," Celeste chimed in.

"Can we NOT talk about this?" Eric asked. Just then, Larrita happened to look out the window of the cab. One look at the sky line and she knew they were no where near the theater.

"Hey," Said Larrita, "We're no where near 9th and 5th!"

"A minor detour," Said the driver in the front seat. He had a strange accent that Larrita could only guess was Hungarian. "A thousand apologies."

"What detour?" Larrita demanded. Just then, the cab driver made a sharp turn that sent the passengers lurching to the side.

"What are you doing?" Bergita snapped, "Trying to kill us?"

"No tip for you!" Hissed Eric.

"Why are you driving us even further away from the movies?!" Larrita demanded.

"It is only a minor detour. We will be there shortly," The driver assured her.

"Shortly?! We're several blocks away!" Said Estralita, who recognized her favorite clothing store out side the cab window.

"Pleas be patient. Traffic and the road is not on our side today," The driver said.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Larrita whispered to her friends.

"I don't think he's taking us to the movies," Replied Bobby. Estralita looked out the window. The Mall. It gave her an idea.

"Sir," She said politely. "We'll be getting out here, at the mall if you'd be so kind."

"But I thought you said you were going to the movies," Said the driver.

"We changed out mind," Larrita coldly replied.

"If you would wait.." The driver started, but Celeste cut him off.

"There is a movie in the mall. We will simply go there," She said.

"Are you sure?" The driver asked.

"Oh yes," Said Eric, "Quite sure."

"Very well," Said the driver stopping and pulling over to the parking lot of the mall. "That will be $2.50."

"Larrita hurriedly pushed a twenty dollar bill into his hand through the window.

"Keep the change," She said as they hurried into the mall. As they headed to the movies, the driver outside cursed his luck and cursed what he'd have to deal with when he returned with out the girl.