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"Steely eyed missile man?? Let me guess… another old Earth Ref," Miguel shook his head.

                "You're 100 percent right… you get a cookie and a gold star," Annie replied.

                "What's the damage report?" Miguel sighed.

                "Well, I got good news and bad news," Annie replied, looking over the diagnostics the ship's computer was handing her.

                "Oh no," Miguel sighed.

                "The good news is that we took minor damage, the bad news is that what damage we did get, we too our main engines, thrusters and cloaking device. They're still functioning but not well," Annie said.

                "Sounds to me like they were trying to disable us," Said Miguel.

                "That's the interpretation I got, but they didn't make any attempt to go at our weapons. There's not a scratch on them," Annie replied.

                "So, the engines and thrusters are still working," Miguel asked.

                "Yeah, barely," replied Annie.

                "What would you suggest?"

                "Well, looking at these specs, I would say we should probably land on the base of the moon for repairs. I'm getting some reports in from the base, saying that they took some heavy damage. They didn't loose many ships; they lost mostly fighters. However, pretty much every ship that went out there was damaged the same way as we were. Thrusters, Engines, slip stream, those sorts of things were hit. No one lost any weapons systems," Annie replied.

                "This is odd…" Miguel said, rubbing his chin.

                "I know… There's something going down here, something about this whole thing we're missing. Call me paranoid, but I don't like it," Annie frowned at the reports.

                "For once, I've gotta agree with you in that area," Miguel said.  "Come on, let's go fill in Omar."

                Annie and Miguel had just finished briefing Omar, Korben and Leeloo on the situation in the ship's ready room.

                "So, they targeted Engines but not weapons?" Korben asked.

                "Yeah," Said Annie, "But they shot strategically, like they were trying to disable us, not destroy us. But usually, when you want to disable someone, you go for their weapons, too, because they can still fire on you. They also shot for our cloaking devise. It's all most like they're trying to stall us."

                "How bad is the damage?" Asked Omar

                "It was hit and disabled but if we get some of the geeks from a tech room to work on it, it should be fairly easy to repair. The damage wasn't extensive. It's the engines and thrusters that had the most extensive damage. Even our armor is in good shape," Annie answered.

                "How bad is the damage there?" Leeloo asked.

                "They're still functioning in the broadest sense of the term… they're not functioning WELL… not that they were before, mind you, but they've declined somewhat in performance. I suppose if I took a wrench to it I could try to get it working, I don't know how much better I can make things. This technology is more or less outta my league," Annie explained.

                "I thought you had some training in engineering," Miguel said.

                "I do," replied Annie, "But not on much of anything like this. I know the basics of the engine, so I could probably work a little, but I can't guarantee you a grade A performance. I would suggest taking it to the base on the moon for repairs. Let the tech boys work on it, they know more about it than I do."

                "I have to agree. We'll see if we can get another ship from there to get you to Salisbury. How do you feel on it?" Omar turned to ask Leeloo and Korben.

"Sounds fine to me," Korben shrugged.

"To me as well," Answered Leeloo.

"Welcome," Said Annie, "To the beach house on the moon."

"What?" Korben asked.

"Beach house on the moon?" Larrita looked at Annie Quizzically.

"Old Earth Ref," Replied Annie.

"Okay, who saw that coming? Raise your hand," Miguel sighed, raising his hand.

A young man approached the group. He was, quite frankly, one of the geekiest nerds Korben had ever seen. He had braces, a face like a pizza, squinty eyes, thick glasses, greasy, raggedy hair, a plaid shirt, a red and white polka dot tie, and striped pants with penny loafers. He sniffed a few times and wiped his nose of his sleeve.

"Ah, Marvin," Omar greeted him, "This is Korben Dallas, and his Wife, Leeloo Dallas, the Fifth Element."

"Uh… hi," Korben greeted as Marvin grinned and eagerly shook his hand and then turned to Leeloo and shook hers as well.

"Oh…! Wow, this is… this is just an honor! This is so fantastic! It's a pleasure to meet you. Wow! What an honor," He grinned. "So, this must be your family, huh? Wow. This is so… wow."

"Uh, yeah," Korben nodded.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dallas, this is Marvin Schmuckmacker," Omar said.

"…Schmuckmacker?" Larrita raised an eyebrow, desperately trying not to snicker.

"Yeah, but you can call me Marvin… or Marvey… Which ever you prefer," The geek grinned.

"Marvin is one of our foremost engineers and tech boys," Omar explained.

"So, what can I do for you?" Marvin asked.

"Well, the Dallases are going to need quarters until we can get them to Salisbury, we need a ship and the current ship needs to be repaired," Omar answered.

"I heard about the ship. I knew she'd need repairs soon with MacMorrigaul here at her helm," Marvin replied, shooting Annie a searing glare.

"Hey, it's minor damage and it's not my fault that the damn thing's a hunk of junk," Annie snapped, returning his glare with an icy glare of her own.

"If you had any skill in piloting whatsoever," Marvin started but was cut of by Omar.

"Marvin, do you have quarters for our guests?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Yup, we got them ready as soon as we heard that you'd have to put to dock," Marvin replied, cheerfully, pleased with his own efficiency.

"Why don't you escort our guests to their quarters?" Omar asked.

"I'd be honored," Marvin said again grinning his geeky grin.

"Here are the reports and specs for the ship," Annie said dryly, handing him some flexies with the information on them.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'll get Dobson on it," Marvin said. "Dobson, take care of this, would you?"

Marvin turned and handed the specs to a Chinese looking scientist.

"But I'm scientific and genetics… get an engineer or mechanic on it, or you can do the novel thing… you can do it yourself. It's your job after all," He responded, shoving them back to Marvin

"I'm going to escort the Dallases to their quarters," Marvin snootily replied. "MacMorrigaul, you have training in engineering and mechanics, can you take it until I get down there?"

"You're kidding, right?" Annie raised an eyebrow, "First of all, knowing you, you'd stick it to me and take hours to get down there; second of all, I have mechanical training on simple engines. I can repair cars and low class ships. I don't have training in this kind of machine; it's your job, get a certified engineer."

"I should have known I couldn't count on you for help," Marvin scowled and replied.

"What? So I could take your belittlement? Look, Marvin, it's not my area. If this were a car, I'd do it. Besides, you have some nerve talking down to me and treating me like a lesser being then coming to be for help, and even more of a nerve to be self righteous when I tell you to take a hike," Annie replied coolly.

"The specs can wait," Marvin said.

"Wait? We need that ship up and running as soon as possible," Said Miguel, "That attack force did a number on our fleet. We need the engines fixed for all damaged ships, including this one. Why aren't you down doing repairs on the damaged ships?"

"I was told we were expecting guests, and I thought the Dallases would like someone intelligent to talk to," Marvin replied.

"Then why would they want to talk to you?" Asked Annie.

"What about you, Miguel?" Marvin said, ignoring her completely, "Can you take care of it until I get down there?"

"Last time I took care of something for you until you got 'down there', I was there for four hours besides… I don't know a car engine from a ship engine. It's your job Marvin, you do it," Miguel replied.

"I've been given the assignment of escorting our guests safely to their quarters. MacMorrigaul, just drop it off by engineering for me," Marvin sighed, trying to shove the flexi towards her.

"Drop dead," Annie said, making no effort to accept flexible schematics page. Before Marvin could reply, Annie turned to Omar, "If I maybe excused, Sir. I'd like to check on Scrapper and see how she's doing."

"Of course, Annie," Omar said, "Give her and the others my best, and say hello to Alem. Tell him I myself will be coming by later."

"Will do," Annie nodded, tipped her hat to Korben and Leeloo and turned to leave.

"What about one of the Cards? Can they take it?" Marvin asked, waving about the Flexi, slightly.

"Marvin, I'm NOT going to push your job on one of the Cards," Annie said as she left.

"Cards?" Korben asked.

"Ah, one of the roguish groups of the Elemental Protect Knot. It's a group of several people. Annie's one of them, as is my brother, Alem. They're called the Cards, or the Wildcards," Omar explained.

"Why is that?" Leeloo asked.

"Because they're all a bunch of wildcards," Answered Miguel. "We have a lot of wildcards in the Elemental protect knot. The Cards are the premiere group. You look up 'wildcard' in the dictionary, and they're names are listed as definitions. Annie and her sister, Scrapper, are members."

"She has a sister?" Larrita asked.

"Yeah…Alana MacMorrigaul, or Scrapper as she's called," Said Marvin with obvious disdain.

"You don't get a long well with either of them, do you?" Leeloo asked.

"How'd she get the name Scrapper?" Amy asked.

"Because the only thing redder than her temper is her hair," Answered Miguel. "That girl has an even worse temper than Annie… she couldn't stay out of a fight if her life depended on it. I'm surprised she's managed to bite her tongue for authority."

"A worse temper than Annie? Is that possible?" Larrita asked.

"Oh, yes… it is…." Miguel said, his eyes widening.

"Jeeze…" Marvin said, "I've been scarred for life b that temper."

"I thought I was a hot head…" Larrita said.

"So, does Annie have any other family here?" Leeloo asked.

"Well, Annie doesn't know where the rest of her family is, if they're a live or dead," Miguel answered.

"What?" Korben asked.

"Unbeknownst to most, the dark forces have long begun their attack. The dark force, the Black Space as they apparently call themselves, has attacked an isolated, outer lying colony. The colony was the site of the post, which is presumably why it was attacked, but we don't know why. It was a small, out in the backwaters; more or less isolated… it didn't make sense. We don't know much about their family, Annie doesn't like to talk about it," Omar explained.

"Why not just ask Scrapper?" Leeloo asked.

"Scrapper flies off the handle really easily, so no one wants to risk it," Marvin answered.

"Well, we do know Annie's family was obviously on the colony. We know she had of two older brothers, her younger sister Scrapper and her baby brother and newborn sister, father and mother. Her brothers were in the military there. Her oldest brother was on guard duty and the younger one was in the armory. Her father worked in a local plant, which was the chief source of work and goods in the colony. Her mother was home with her two youngest siblings. Annie and Scrapper were playing at a local playground. In the panic after the attacks, a lot of people got separated. The military base and the factory were bombed and there was a lot of debris and after math, so there was heavy civilian casualties, and Annie and Scrapper never did find their families again. There were survivors on all fronts, not many from the base and plant, but there's still a possibility. Annie is hopeful, but this is the extent of what we know," Omar said. "That and that she and Scrapper were very close to their family. Annie and Scrapper are virtually inseparable when they're together on the base, and Annie is very over protective."

"Over protective… sounds like you, Larrita," Leeloo smirked.

"What?" Larrita raised an eyebrow. "I'm not over protective."

"Yes, you are," Korben smiled. "Remember when that girl was bullying Amy and you went after school, tracked her down in detention and threatened her within an inch of her life if she didn't lay off, or the time you slammed that kid against a wall for threatening Robby or…"

"All right! All right! So I'm a little… defensive…" Larrita said.

"Let's get you to your quarters," Marvin smirked, "If you'll follow me."

Annie turned the corner and knocked on the steel door that greeted her as she came to the only room in the hallway.

"What's the password?" A playful teen's voice called from the to her side.

"Oh wait… I know this… Oh yeah, it's 'Diver let me in or I'll shoot down the door and kick your scrawny ass all the way to frickin' Beta Colony and back'," Annie said.

"Okay, that's good enough," The door opened and a boy, about age seventeen, opened the door, "Annie!" He exclaimed. He had shoulder length, unruly blonde hair, worse a white vest, dirty high top sneakers, grey pants, and a teal short sleeve shirt.

"Yo?" Annie replied.

"You're back!" Diver grinned.

"Thank you, O Stator of the Obvious. Are you just gonna move outta the way and stop blocking the door, or do I have knock you outta the way to get in?" Annie remarked. Diver laughed and stepped aside, making a gallant hand motion for Annie to enter.

"Yo, guys! Look who's back!" Diver announced as Annie walked into the room.

"Hi guys," she said.

A redhead drenched in camouflage looked up with a bright grin.

"Annie!" The redhead shouted, and then ran full force at Annie, effectively knocking her over and back into the hallway. She had clear green eyes, fiery red hair and was dressed Head to toe in Camouflage with dirty, scuffed black combat boots. Her skin was more or less pale, and she had two ring bands on the index finger of her left hand, and one bracelet on each, as well as a necklace with a thin chain and knot design charm. She was dressed head to toe in Camouflage. Her pants were beat up and worn, and were a green camouflage with pockets at the hips, back and cargo pockets that expanded lower down on the leg. She wore a green camouflage cut up BDU jacket as a vest. Her shirt was, surprise, surprise, a green camouflage short sleeve shirt and was seventeen.

"Ohf!… Hi, Scrapper," Annie said.

"How was the Mission?" Scrapper said, getting up and helping up her sister. "Aside from getting shot at, I mean."

"Same old, Same old. We still gotta take the Dallases to the HQ, in Salisbury. We're leaving as soon as we get a ship, so I can't stay long," Annie explained, walking cautiously back into the room. The room was large and spacious, with several couches, doorways to other rooms, TV's, computers and Tables. The Wildcards had stumbled onto the room when they first got together and adopted it as their own.  There were also a few doors to bathrooms, and all quarter rooms had their own bathrooms. The carpet in the main room was a dark brown, chosen because of the dirt that the group was sure to track in. The walls had originally been a sickly shade of sea green and lavender, but the Wildcards made sure to paint it over. Deciding to stand out, the painted the walls different shades. One of the walls was painted with a space theme, one was plain white, one was forest green and the other was a deep burgundy red. Each of the bunkrooms had been fixed up to suit the tastes of the person, or persons, taking residence in them.

"Oh," Said Scrapper trying to hide her disappointment, but her sister knew her better than that.

"Don't worry, Scraps, I'll be back soon enough, then you won't be able to wait to ditch me again," Annie joked. It earned her a chuckled from her sister.

"You know that's not true… even though you do drive me insane some times," Scrapper replied.

"I'm your sister, that's my job. That and to look out for you," Annie smiled.

"You do a good job on both fronts," Scrapper nodded as she sat down on the couch.

"Where is everyone?" Annie asked looking around the room, Aside from herself, Scrapper and Diver there few other people there. In the corner was a Japanese girl with long black hair a white tank top and sweat pants. She was deep in meditation.  Omar's brother, Alem was sitting across the table from a girl with short auburn hair. Both were reading books. Alem was reading a book by a Russian author, while the girl was reading Nietchze. The girl's hair was part up, part down. She was dressed in a purple sleeveless shirt with a teal green design around the mid-section. Her pants were stretch and also a matching purple with a black belt that held what looked to be tools. She wore black boots that had been scuffed and dirtied.  Alem had on a black jacket with a grayish lavender shirt and dark brown pants with a thick black belt. He was tall and muscular, a striking figure with a large build with long black hair. The girl looked up and smirked at Annie's arrival.

"Oh, good your back. Now Diver has more people to pull pranks on, and Scrapper will have someone else to fight with. On the down side, I have to deal with Diver, Scrapper, Drake AND you," She said.

"Spaz off, Lasca," Annie replied.

"Techie's down in Engineering, Trahern is working out with Trahern, Nolan is showing the new guy the ropes of the base," Lasca began rattling the people off.

"New guy? What new guy?" Annie asked.

"While you were out we got a new member to our little group," Explained Lasca, "Some kid named Xavier, Xavier Fernandez. He's a new recruit. Nolan took him in right off the bat."

"Speaking of which," Alem spoke up, "Is my brother with you?"

"No, he had some things to take care of, but he said to tell you he'd be down here a bit later," Annie replied.

"Anyway, Brooklyn and Dodger are hanging out in the mess, Rock and Crash are torturing the new pilots, Bridger is at the Command center assessing Damage and Bluestone is checking security. Claw is beating the hell out some punching bag somewhere, and Rogue is being… Rogue… So who knows where the hell she is, and I have no idea where anyone else is," Lasca finished.

"Wildcard will be here in a moment to play poker with me and Yorker. We need another person, wanna play, Annie?" Drake spoke up from where he was flipping through a magazine on the couch. Drake had brown graying hair with a premature streak of white, off the bat he looked to be in his late 20's or Early 30's. He could have easily been the oldest member of the group, and he was as tall as Alem. He wore black gloves, and had a cybernetic eye patch over one eye. He had a New York accent and wore a plumb and black body suit with a retractable sword at his side and a gun in the holster at his hip.

"Sure," Annie replied.

"Hey, what about me!?" Scrapper snapped.

"I guess the poker'll have to wait, actually," Annie laughed.

"Oh and Fish and Tara are also on mission," Drake said. "Say hi to Lira and Dollar when you get to Salisbury."

"Okay," Annie replied.

"Come on, Techie!" They Heard Marvin's voice calling.

"No," Replied a boy with blonde hair, and pasty skin as he walked in. He was wearing loose fitting black pants, with a matching shirt and vest.  "I've got an experiment to run, you do it. It's your job… Oh, Hi Annie, you're back!"

"Yo, Tech-Tech!" Annie replied. "What's the good word?"

"Marvin here's trying to weasel me into doing his job," Techie said, with obvious disdain.

"I am not," Marvin defended himself. "Annie help me out here!"

"Spaz off, Schmuckmacker," Annie hissed, "I'm not going to betray any fellow Wildcards to you. Look, I assume you've escorted the Dallases to their quarters, Stop looking for breaks to schmooze."

"Yeah, get out of the Wildcard Rec. room," Growled a voice behind him. Marvin turned to see two looming figures greet him. Seeing the two men looming at him, Marvin beat a hasty retreat.

"Well look who joined the part," Annie smiled, "Hello, Cap, Trahern."

"Annie, when'd you pull back?" Asked Cap.

"Just got here a few minutes ago," Annie replied. 

"Well, welcome back, Anne," Said Trahern.

"I'm not back for long, just until I get another ship. The Mission's still on," Annie said. Trahern and Cap put their duffel bags down near the couch.  Trahern hugged Annie warmly and Cap gave her a hearty slap on the back, nearly knocking her over. Both men were blonde, but where Cap was dirty blonde, Trahern was a platinum blonde. Cap was tanned and Trahern was paler and had a smaller build. Cap was also considerably taller as well as more muscular. Trahern had blue eyes and Cap had bark brown, all most black eyes. The two were best friends.

"So, Big Bro, how was the weight lifting?" Diver asked Trahern.

"Cap kicked my tail… again…" Trahern said, Dejectedly.

"You'll catch up to me, eventually," Cap replied, putting a hand on Trahern's shoulder.

"Well, well, well," A guy from the door way with a thick Brooklyn accent said. "Look who's back."

"Hi Brooklyn, Hi Dodger," Annie greeted the two rough young men. Both were wearing dirty jeans, black muscle shirts and combat boots.

"Hi Annie," Brooklyn said.

"So Scrapper's big sister is finally here to reign her in," Dodger smiled.

"Thank god," Said a third guy from behind them, "So, Drake, you got the cards ready?"

"Yup, Wildcard we're just waiting for Yorker," Drake answered, producing the cards from a pouch next to his gun holster.

"Good," Said Wildcard. Wild card had Black hair and deeply tanned skin. He wore a dirty white shirt, a black, sleeveless vest and pants with black leather boots and he gun holster at his side.

"An' I'm right here," Said a man with a New York accent. He had blue jeans, sneakers, a white shirt and a denim jacket on; his brown hair was in a crew cut.

"Then let's play," Said Drake as he, Wildcard and Yorker made their way to a table.

"Seems people are starting to show up," Annie remarked. "I'm starved, Scrapper, wanna come to the Mess with me?"
                "Sure," Replied Scrapper.

"By guys," Annie waved, "See you later."

A chorus of 'bye's 'see yuh's and other farewells saw them off as they headed down.

Scrapper and Annie walked down the maze of corridors to the Mess hall. Annie turned acutely at the sound of running footsteps behind her.

"Annie!" Miguel shouted as he caught up to her, out of breath.

"Yo?" Annie replied.

"We need you for a translation," Miguel said.

"Can't you get someone else to do it? Scrapper and I were just about to go to the mess hall," Annie asked.

"It's an obscure language. It's a distress call in… Christ, what the name… Mainpackonen or something?"

"Meenpaken," Annie corrected with a sigh, "All right, all right, I'll be right there."

Scrapper looked down cast. Miguel sighed, "Look, I'm really sorry… Hey, it shouldn't take long, why don't you bring Scrapper with you?"
"Okay, wanna come, Scraps?" Annie asked her sister, whose face brightened considerably.

"Yeah!" She grinned.

Annie squinted at the text of the transition.

"You DO speak Meenpack… Mainpeck…" Marvin said, trying to spit out the name.

"Meenpaken," Annie informed him, "And yes, I do dabble in it."

"Dabble in it? DABBLE in it!? You're a translator! You're not FLUENT in it!?" Marvin shouted.

"Hey," Snapped Scrapper, "Just cause she's a translator doesn't mean she's supposed to speak every language that's ever existed in the universe."

"I mean, if you could do better, Marvin, by all means," Annie said.

"No, no," Marvin, "That's okay."

"There," Annie said, as she finished transcribing the translation, "Unknown enemy attacking… please help, we are out gunned in fire power and haven't adequate defenses, please help. It doesn't identify anything else. It seems to have been cut off."

"The signal seems to come from a small working colony here," Omar explained, pointing to a small planet on a map.

"That's not near anything important, the Meenpaken aren't a very big species and that colony isn't exactly crucial to anything… this doesn't make…" Annie trailed off.

"What is it?" Scrapper asked.

"There's a pattern," Annie said. "Look, it's in the same general area as…"

"Matra," Scrapper whispered.

"Matra… isn't that the colony you guys lived on?" Marvin asked.

"You win a gold star," Annie said bitterly.

"What IS it about that area?" Miguel asked.

"I don't know," Annie replied.

"Thank you Annie, you and Scrapper can go to the mess hall, We'll let you know when we're ready to head out," Said Omar, quietly excusing the sisters, who solemnly headed out.

"Maybe I shouldn't have suggested Annie bring Scrapper… I didn't mean to ruin their day like that," Miguel said.

"Scrapper would have had to learn about it some time. It isn't your fault, Miguel," Said Omar.

"I'll work on getting your ship ready," Marvin said, leaving quickly.

"Hey, Annie," Scrapper murmured as they walked down the hall.

"Yeah?" Annie said.

"I'm not so hungry," Scrapper said quietly. "I think I'll go back to the room."

"Me neither, I'll head back too," Annie replied. Scrapper swallowed and nodded. Annie looked at her sister, feeling the ache in her heart. She gently laid a hand on Scrapper's shoulder. Scrapper turned and looked Annie in the eyes. Annie sighed, knowing how she felt, and not knowing what to say, did they only thing she knew to try and ease her little sister's pain. She wrapped her arms around Scrapper, pulling her into a big bear hug and holding her tightly.

"That was quick, how was the mess hall?" Lasca asked when Scrapper and Annie returned. Sachi was still meditating, Alem was talking with Omar, who had entered a few minutes before Annie and Scrapper had gotten down to the hall and Lasca had been reading her book. Trahern and Cap were playing chess, and Will was winning by a landslide. Dodger and Brooklyn were ogling a girly magazine; Techie was typing on a computer like there was no tomorrow and going over data. Over in another corner, Drake was winning his card game with Yorker and Wildcard. Diver was playing a video game. 

"We didn't go," Annie said quietly.

"Foods not that bad; get into a fight?" Lasca raised her eyebrows.

"No!" Scrapper snapped, "We didn't get into a fight!"

"Jeeze," Lasca said, a look of annoyance on her face, "What's YOUR problem?"

"None of you business," Scrapper growled.

"Hey, you don't need to get snappy," Lasca frowned.

"Take your own advice," Scrapper replied icily.

"Jeeze, who ruffled YOUR feathers?" Diver asked over his shoulder.

"You can spaz off right along with Lasca," Scrapper spat.

"We got report of an attack," Annie cut in.

"So, we're always getting reports of an attack. What's so different about this one?" Asked Brooklyn. Omar grimaced, and Scrapper let out a breath. Annie sucked in a deep breath and hesitated.

"The attack was near Metra," Annie finally answered. The room was hushed. Even Sachi was shaken out of her meditation.

"Oh… I'm sorry," Lasca said quietly.

Later that day, Annie, Miguel and Omar had headed down to the docking bay with Korben. Marvin, Rock and Burn had been waiting for them. Rock and Burn were cousins. Rock had black hair, and a tall, beefy build. He wore sneakers, burgundy sweat pants and a white wife beater shirt. Burn had flaming red hair, and used contacts to make his eyes red. He wore a red jump suit and was much smaller. His fiery red hair was pulled backing a ponytail

"Marvin, can't you get us a ship? Even a shuttle?" Miguel shouted.

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" Marvin replied. "I can't get anything."

"We've been working on it, too, Man," Burn said. "We just can't pull it."

"Yeah," Said Rock in his deep voice, "Everything's booked or damaged. We're seein' what we got. I think we can scrounge a few fighters, but you're gonna need more than fighters to get the Dallas family to England. You're gonna need a shuttle or a ship. Most of those are booked for missions or the Aid to the recently attacked colony."

"So," Said Korben, "You can't get us anything?"

"Nothing. A lot of the ships are still in repair and a lot of them are going to the survivors of that alien colony that was attacked. Everything else is away or taken," Marvin said.

"Then we're grounded," Korben sighed.

"Yup," Replied Marvin. An alarm sounded, and red lights flashed about the docking port.

"Battle stations! Battle stations!" the voice of a gruff man shouted over the intercom.

"Oh great!" Shouted Annie, "We're grounded, and under attack!"

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