There have been too many ideas in my head recently, and a lot of them dealt with Goku Son not being reborn as Naruto, but instead, going with the Kyuubi inside of him at birth. Goku, however, is not trapped in the seal, but instead, watches over it, and keeps the Kyuubi comfortable.

Now, here's the tricky part. What if Goku let him know what was going on before he joined the Academy?

You're about to find out my answer.

Disclaimer: I hate doing these things, so I'm counting this one for the entire story. I DON'T OWN A GOD DAMN FUCKING THING!

Chapter 1

Naruto was about ready to fall asleep. He was only 5 years old, and just managed to escape a few Chuunin after pulling a prank on a few restaurants that denied him service. Once he took care of everything, even set the traps, making sure it was safe, he crashed onto his bed, and fell asleep instantly.


Naruto opened his eyes and saw a medium-sized cabin, made out of wood and stone. It seemed to be on top of mountain.

"Where am I?" He wondered. He was cautious, since he didn't know the area. A man in an Orange Gi came out of the forest.

"Hey!" The voice sounded chipper and nice. Naruto, on the other hand, turned to him and looked a little scared. The man noticed this. "What's wrong?"

"W-who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Oh. You don't know me. No wonder your so scared." the man gave him a big grin. "Nothing to worry about, Naruto." Said blonde tensed as the name was said. "You don't trust very many people do you?"

Naruto shook his head. "I see. We'll have to work on that. Listen. There's a few things I think you'll need to know later on, and believe me when I say, you may or may not like it. Believe it or not, I've been with you your whole life. Someone else has as well, but he's not that friendly. Always trying to bust out of the one thing containing him." The man looked back to the forest. "That fox is going to get someone in trouble. By proxy, it would put you in trouble, since this is your mind."

Naruto just fell down on his butt. "What do you mean my mind?"

"I'm able to talk to you while you sleep, but this is the first time I could. You see, Naruto, you know that old man that comes in your house? That Hokage?"

Naruto nodded. "I know he means well, and he's a lot nicer than he lets on, but he seems to be hiding something from you. After a little research, I found out that your parents were dead."

"Why should I trust you?" Naruto asked, a bit accusatory.

"Did I tell you my name?" The man asked. Naruto shook his head. "Well that figures." He stated. "The name's Goku Son. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a Guardian Angel for you. There's not much about me that you need to know, except the fact that you and I are the same in personality. Thing is, there's one major difference between you and me."

Naruto tilted his head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"While I was never exposed to what you did this early in your life, I was alone. However, it was because my grandfather died. I never knew my father. Never got the chance to meet him. Not even after dying twice." Goku sighed. "However, you don't seem to give up. No matter the situation. That is where we are the same."

Naruto looked at him for a moment and nodded. "Listen Naruto. This is something no one else should know. They may know of the other one in here, but they don't know about me. There are a few things I'll be teaching you, and after a while, you will be taking my place in this world. I actually changed you into a bit of a Sayian like myself. The more you get beaten, the stronger you become. If you come to deaths door, but get pulled back, your strength will effectively double. This is just a few things you'll need to know about."

"What about the other things?"

"Not important just yet." Goku told him. "They don't really apply unless you reach a certain level. You've got a long way to go to reach that level."

"Why is that?"

"I wasn't able to reach that level until I was far beyond 30 years old. My first son reached it in his teens. My Second son reached it by the time he was 7. That doesn't matter much though. We'll cross the bridge when we get there." Goku's smile then turned into a serious face.

"Alright, here's something I think you should know, but it has nothing to do with you, or this village." Naruto looked at him. "I'm going to be raising you like I would a son, and as such, I believe you should get the mementos I had when I was a kid. The Power Pole is one. The other is the Four-Star Dragonball. The final piece, which I intend to give you, happens to be my Flying Nimbus."

"Flying Nimbus?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. The Flying Nimbus." Goku told him. "Unfortunately you can only ride it if you're pure of heart. That may be a problem." He paused. "I figure you should get to Kami's Lookout. The Power Pole is there, as I left it there when I went to you. Nimbus knows where it is. He can take you there. However, I'm not entirely sure where the Four-Star Ball is, so I can't really help you there. All traces of Capsule Corporation have been destroyed, as such anything remaining of the Dragon Radar wouldn't be around. Though if I could talk to you while you were awake I could give you some advice if you need it."

"Why me?" Naruto asked.

"Why?" Goku grabbed his chin. "I don't really know. I just sensed you'd have a tragic life ahead of you, something I figured I could help out with. Once I figured that out, I came, and I got placed here. Aside from that, I don't really know."

Naruto seemed to accept that answer. As he got up. "You said your Nimbus would help me get to this Kami's Lookout, but how do I find it?"

"Just call its name. It'll come." Goku replied. "I know it sounds crazy. Believe me, I thought it was, too. But it works. When you wake up, get to a place they won't know where you're at, and call it. If you see an Orange Cloud, then that's Nimbus. Try to get on it. If you can stay on it, tell him where to go, and he'll take you there. Kami's Lookout should be the first place for you to go."

"Alright then." Naruto replied. "I'll go see it." He paused. "How do I get out of here?"

"You've still got some time before you've got to wake up, so I figure that I should teach you one thing that will be highly useful. Meditation. It will help you relax, for one. Another is to keep your emotions in check, and improve your focusing abilities. When it comes to Ki, and Chakra, focus is key."

Naruto nodded. "How do I start it?"

Goku sat down, cross-legged. "Calm your entire body. Slow your breathing. Clear you mind of all thoughts. Let nothing distract you, but keep yourself aware of everything. I'll show you." he started to meditate. Naruto noticed what he was doing, and did the same.

They were like that for hours. Goku opened his eyes first, Naruto following suit. "Now that you've meditated for a bit, you've actually gotten the equivalent of maybe twice the rest you would in a bed. You should wake up should. Remember, make sure you're alone before calling Nimbus."

Naruto nodded. He stood up and walked over to Goku. He hugged him. "Okay, what did I do?"

"You've been there all the time." Naruto replied. "I'm glad to know I wasn't really alone like I thought I was."

"Alright then. Get ready for your day. You'll be leaving the village for a while, but don't let anyone know. I've written up a note, and took the liberty of placing it on your nightstand. Unlike the other one in here, I can leave if needed. That's why I made the note. The only one that would be able to get in here is the Hokage, so he's the only one that could read it. Get going. We've got a lot to cover."

Naruto nodded, as he glowed and left.


Naruto woke up, and found himself in his bed. He quickly got ready and left the house after checking for the note. It was there, as Goku said it was. 'I guess he was telling the truth.'

"Did you expect anything different?"

The voice in his head shocked him a bit. 'Goku?'

"The one and only!"

'I thought you could only talk to me while I'm asleep.'

"I thought so too. Apparently, since I've talked to you already, I can hear your thoughts, and you can talk to me like that. Didn't think that would happen, though."

Naruto was silent. 'Okay, I've got the perfect place for this.' He left his apartment and left for behind the Hokage Monument.

It took him 10 minutes to get there, since no one was up at that hour. It was only 6:30 AM. When he got there he looked to the sky. "Flying Nimbus!"

It took a few seconds, but an Orange Cloud came directly in front of him. "So you're the Flying Nimbus Goku told me about?"

The Cloud seemed to turn to him. "You think I could ride you? You see he got stuck in my head, somehow, and said that it would be a good idea for you to take me to this Kami's Lookout. He said you'd know where it is."

Naruto looked at it, as if it were telling him to get on. "You mean it? I can ride you?" After a bit. "Oh. So I have to prove myself, first." He jumped on top of the cloud, and surprisingly, he didn't fall through. "Wow this is so cool."

After relishing in the moment, he looked ahead. "To Kami's Lookout then."

The cloud took off into the sky.

-1 hour later-

The cloud started approaching what seemed to be a floating palace. Before this, Goku and Naruto talked a bit, and he found out a lot about Goku. 'Is that it?'

"That it is. I didn't think it would be in this state, though."

'It has been a while, though right?'

"Yeah, so it should be somewhat expected." Goku told him. The Cloud then stopped right in front of the biggest building. "Thanks!" Naruto said as he jumped off happily.

"Alright, just follow my directions, and you should find the Power Pole. You may find a few other things, as well."

'Alright then.' Naruto walked around and listened to Goku's directions before he found himself in front of a cabinet, which he opened. He saw a few things in there. One was an orange Bo staff in a casing that seemed made for it. Another was a Glowing orange ball, with Red stars on it. It had 4 stars on it. There were Blue Wristbands, and boots. Both of which Goku recognized.

"Wow, they even had my old Gi in here. What are the odds?"


"It's a fighting uniform of sorts. I'm not going to make you wear it, but out of this, the Wristbands, the Pole, and the ball. Those are things you're going to need, aside from the ball, which is the Four-Star Dragonball. I didn't think they'd find it before placing it in here should I return."

Naruto put on the Wristbands, and hung the pole over his right shoulder, basically mimicking Goku without knowing it. The Dragonball went into his pocket.

'Alright, now what?'

"Now, I'll train you. You'll need to learn to protect yourself, and this is something I figure you could use. I'll be teaching you the Kame Sennin way. The same way I was taught initially. Thing is, you'll continue to grow the longer you train this way, regardless of what it seems like. If you're like me enough, you'd learn by doing, so I'm not going to waste my time with an explanation that you probably wouldn't understand. Also, I'll be teaching you more in your mind as well. A good fighter knows how to use his head in a fight. If you don't, you're nothing more than a Brainless Brute, and that's never good. Those end up being the first to go down."

Naruto nodded, and went back outside. Goku managed to appear outside of his body as an apparition. "You're out here?"

"Yes, Naruto. For the time being anyway." Goku told him. "I'm going to teach you all I can. Remember one thing: When it comes to the Kame Sennin Training, it's not just a training routine. It's a way of life."

"Right." Naruto nodded. "What's first?"

"Work on meditation for now. We'll be up here for a few days, while you work on focusing. Remember, you have to find your center before you can do anything. We'll also work on your physical endurance when you're not meditating."

Naruto sat down, and started to meditate.

-5 days later-

Naruto got up from his meditation. 'Alright, what are we going to do today?'

Goku appeared in front of him. "You've been focusing on meditation for the last 5 days, and now you've got a good idea of what's inside, your reserves, and the like. Now it's time to learn to draw it out."

"Alright." Naruto replied. "What do I do?"

"You found both your Ki and Chakra, did you not?" Naruto nodded. "The stronger one is likely to be your Ki."

"I see. Thing is, I found 3 of them, not 2."

"Describe them."

"Well, If I had to put it in colors, one is Blue, One is Red, the last is yellow."

"Okay, focus of the Blue one for now. Yellow is your Ki. The Red, you should stay away from for the time being. Blue is your Chakra. I've already told you about the Fox, and the Red Energy is his Chakra. Focus on your own Chakra for now." Naruto nodded. "for now, focus on bringing it up, and pulling it down, in short, simple bursts. Keep it around one specific level."

Naruto nodded, as he did just that. He managed to keep it steady for a total of 10 minutes. It surrounded him at the same level the entire time. It was quite low, but considering the reserves he had, it was extremely low. He could do so easily.

After 10 minutes were up, Goku spoke again. Alright, now we're going to try something. I took the liberty of asking the fox about Chakra Control Exercises, and he said that walking up a wall would help. No using your hands, though. Basically, send your chakra to your feet, and stick to the wall. Try for a running start first." Naruto nodded. "If you fall, try to land on your feet."

Naruto charged the wall, and managed to get up about 8 feet before falling off. He managed to flip and land on his feet. 'That was pretty high for a first shot. I guess meditation really helps.'

"Nice try, Naruto. Now, go higher."

Naruto nodded, and tried again, and got just one step further before falling off. "The way the fox and I see it, the point you'll master this is when you can stay on it for an hour. Then I'll get you started on the stances you'll need for the Kame fighting style. You'll be learning other things while you sleep, now."

"Right." Naruto replied. He went back up the wall several more times, before he started breathing heavily. He decided to rest up. "Hey Goku-sensei, how do you think I'm doing?"

"Pretty good, I guess. I'm not all that familiar with Chakra, but I know that Ki can be used in a similar way. Rest up, and start meditating again. Tomorrow we head back to the Village. Can't worry the old man too long, can we?"

Naruto chuckled. "I suppose not." They both nodded, and they both began meditation. "I figure we should fix the place up before we leave, though. I really think it could use it."

"Yeah, you're right." Goku replied. "We'll wait until tomorrow and then leave afterwards. After you get enough stamina and strength, you and I will be going into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The one door you saw and I said not to enter. If you're not careful in there, you could very well die."

"Alright then." he meditated for about 5 hours before opening his eyes. He got up and went about fixing a few things. He found an old tool set a few days back, and started working on one of the buildings. Goku appeared, and started helping in the same area he was. "I may only be an apparition, but here I can actually touch things, apparently."

Naruto didn't reply, and kept working. After working for about 7 hours, Naruto and Goku decided to take a break. Fixing things up didn't really make for good training to most. However, at that altitude it's killer on the body, due to a lack of oxygen. "Nimbus!" Naruto managed to call out after he caught his breath. He jumped on it. "Let's go back to Konoha!" Naruto said, and Nimbus flew off. Naruto couldn't help but feel happy. It took another hour before he reached the village. "Thanks for the ride Nimbus." There was a squeak of approval. "I'll call you if I need to go somewhere. Go on out and explore."

The cloud squeaked and left. Naruto grinned. He sat there meditating for 5 minutes before he opened his eyes due to 3 ANBU appearing in the area. It didn't take them long before they appeared in front of him. "I take it Jiji wants to see me about my little disappearance act?"

One of the ANBU, wearing a cat mask with purple hair, nodded. "Alright. Let's go." She put a hand on his shoulder, and he felt her chakra enter his system. They left in a Shunshin.

-Hokage's Office-

Sarutobi was silently cursing out the paperwork when ANBU showed up, Naruto being with them. "Naruto?"

"The one and only, Jiji." Naruto stated. "I've learned a lot while I was out. A lot more than you'd think I should. I still have my own mind, if that's what you're wondering."

"You were never this calm." Sarutobi stated. "Why are you now?"

"Personally, I blame meditation." Naruto shrugged.

"You've learned about Meditation?" Naruto nodded. "From who?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Naruto replied. "On second thought, you might, but you'd think it could be dangerous."

"Do you know who it is?" Sarutobi asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

"If you're talking about a guy in an Orange Gi that told me where to find his old Bo Staff, then yeah. He did mention some kind of fox every now and then. Says the thing is more troublesome than it's worth." Naruto shrugged. "yeah, I know that guy. Just not much about the fox he mentions."

'Something else got sealed in him at the time? Why wasn't I informed of this?' Sarutobi thought. "Do you have some kind of name for this man?"

"He said it's better if I don't say. I gave him my word, and I'm not going back on my word." Naruto stated. "When I told him that, he said it was noble, I think. I didn't pay much attention elsewhere. He was teaching me a few things, and helped me out with meditation."

"Has he shown you this fox he speaks of?"

Naruto shook his head. "Why?"

"I would not trust him until you see them side by side." Sarutobi told him. By the way, where was that Bo Staff?"

"The place he told me about. I don't know how to use it just yet, but he said it would help out after a while." Naruto replied. "He calls it the Power Pole. Not sure why."

Sarutobi paled. "Did you just say... Power Pole?"

"That's right. Why?"

'Could it be? Could HE be training him? It seems like a longshot but...' "Naruto, are you familiar with a man by the name of Goku Son?"

Naruto tensed. He did not expect to figure it out so quickly. Goku appeared in front of him. "Go ahead and tell him, Naruto. He's trustworthy. And tell him that I'm also training you."

Naruto sighed. "You did say not to tell anyone about you, and I did give you my word."

"He has already figured it out. There's little point in hiding it from him. So, for him, I'll allow an exception."

Sarutobi looked at Naruto, as did the ANBU. They were thinking he was a little crazy, before he sighed again. "That's exactly who it is, Jiji."

"When did he come to you?"

"The night before I left. He said he'd train me for a while, and even gave me a few things. These wristbands, and the Power Pole. They were both his. I also have his family's Heirloom, but that's not something I intend to show off, or bring into the village. They'd think I stole it from someone." Naruto explained.

"He gave you his family's Heirloom?" Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Are you familiar with the Dragonballs?"

"Yes, and I know the Four-Star Ball is the item you're talking about."

"You were right. He did figure it all out." Naruto looked over his shoulder.

"Told you." Goku replied.

"You said he came to you. Does this mean his in your head, or follows you around?" Sarutobi asked.

"A little of both, I guess." Naruto shrugged. "He started off in my mind, but since he was never truly sealed, he can leave the body and give me some advice. Or I can ask questions by thinking them, and if he's in the head, he can answer. Either way, he's been helping me so far. Come to think of it, why do you keep mentioning a fox?"

"I doubt he wants you to know about that yet."

"You aren't really old enough to learn of this. Should you become a Genin, he'll be able to tell you then. If he can hear me, then he is not to let you know until you become a Genin. However, I'd have to give you a few scrolls for the 3 Academy Jutsu, as you'll need them."

"Just tell him I can hear him. I doubt you'd be able to perform low level techniques, so that's one of the reasons I'm training you to control your Chakra."

"He says he can hear you, no surprise being as he's outside of the body right now, but he thinks I'd be better off with a few high level substitutes due to my high levels of Chakra."

"Well then, Goku, if you're familiar with any Cloning techniques, then feel free to teach him one of those. There's the Kawarimi. And finally, Transformation."

"I've already got Transformation down. Remember the one thing I used to beat you once?" Naruto smirked, and Sarutobi paled. "I think I should rename it, though."

"Hey, use it to transform into me. Let's see how good you can get it."

Naruto looked at him and nodded. "Transform!" He turned into a perfect replica of Goku in his Orange Gi.

"Nice. Perfect shape, size, muscles... wow, this is good."

"Go on, check it." Naruto stated, in a perfect imitation of Goku's voice.

"You even got my voice right." Goku beamed at him.

One of the ANBU was staring at it. "This isn't the Transformation Jutsu."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, after turning back to himself.

"You didn't put yourself in the illusion. You actually become the person. That's what sets them apart. A True Transformation Jutsu. Not seen before, but it is good."

Sarutobi looked at the ANBU. "What would you say is the difference?"

"It's like the difference between a Clone and a Shadow Clone. That's basically it. This is a real version of the Transformation Jutsu."

"True Transformation Jutsu... Nice." Naruto nodded.

"I do know a way to multiply yourself, but it doesn't use Chakra. Multi-form Technique. Picked it up from an old friend of mine."

"And Kawarimi?"

"Afterimage works as well, but it's a good idea you learn the one they want."

"We'll need the Kawarimi. Maybe that Shadow Clone that he mentioned could help."

"True. If you can't perform a normal Transformation, but can do a True Transformation, then maybe you'd do better if the clone were real, and not just an illusion."

"Yeah, a real Clone would probably be better for me than a mere illusion." Naruto added.

"Oh yeah. There's something I'd like to ask him."

"I see." Sarutobi stated. "he's got a question, doesn't he?" Naruto nodded.

"Is there a Hand to hand specialist in the village? Maybe an exercise nut?" Naruto repeated the question.

"There is, but he's a little... eccentric."

"He can't be that bad."

One of the ANBU tensed, knowing who he was talking about. This one had silver gravity defying hair. "I beg to differ, Naruto. The guy is crazy about the power of youth."

"I've heard worse."

"He's heard worse, apparently. How much worse?"

"I'd have to see him first, to find out the level of his obsession, but when you've gone up against people that has always tried to beat me and always lost, even his children lost to my children, you kind of get used to crazy and insane people. You don't really lose it yourself, but you learn to ignore it after a while."

"I get it. Not revenge obsessed, but obsessed with regaining pride of some sort?"


"Got it." Naruto nodded. "Anyway, if I go missing, it's because I'm going under his training. I won't be able to do the majority of it in the village anyway. I'd still like to go for the Ninja Academy, if I'm up to his standards by then."

Sarutobi nodded, as did Goku. "And if you're not?"

"Then I wait another year to go in. Only do that once, though. I've got 2 years to do this. I should be just fine."

Goku nodded at that. "A year and 6 months at the most to get up there. It shouldn't take that long. I'll still be training you in your studies, however, if you finish my training before that time, I'll be taking you to one of my former teachers. He'll help you out."

Naruto nodded.

"If you are to leave the village, then I believe you can go right now." Sarutobi stated, confusing the others. "The villagers are too ignorant of the truth. It would be best if you leave, however, I believe I could send one ANBU that I know will help you, and not hinder you. Bear!"


"You'll be leaving with Naruto on this particular trip. As much as I don't doubt the ability of his teacher, he will need to learn a lot more than anyone else." Sarutobi stated.

"He won't be able to get where I was at for the last 5 days. There are only two ways, one of which is now gone due to one piece being destroyed. The other, he's not capable of. It's far too high for any ninja to jump, and he can't fly."

"You can't get up there either, then." Sarutobi stated.

"Actually, I do have one method of flight." This sent the others into shock. "The only problem is, I can ride it, and I'm not sure if he can."

Goku looked over his shoulder. "Hey, Naruto. That damn fox seems to be calling me. Might want to see what it wants, and cool it down."

Naruto just sighed at that. "Alright Jiji. I'll go, but if he can't ride the Nimbus Cloud, he won't be able to come. I've still got a few things to fix up there."

Sarutobi shook his head. "You shouldn't be without protection."

"If you don't call being so high in the air, with no way down but a drop that would make a Ninja splatter on impact with water, a protected place, then I don't know where else to go. It's far above the clouds. Seriously, I'm so close to outer space I can almost touch it." Naruto explained.

"That high, huh?" Naruto grinned at that. "There's also one place in there that we think I could use, but I'm not going to just yet. My body wouldn't be able to handle it. At least that's what he said."

Sarutobi just nodded. "Might I ask that you do the training around the Elemental Nations, minus Earth Country, with an ANBU and then go for the rest of it there?"

"I don't see why not. Thing is, I still need to get better control. Even 5 days of Meditation, and lessons I didn't gain much control. I have better control over Ki than Chakra, but I don't know why."

"It's probably the reserves."

"It's not the reserves, Naruto. You have more Ki than Chakra. Reserves aren't the reason. You're learning to access your Ki, and your control over it raises your control over Chakra, being as Ki is a part of Chakra. That is why meditation works for this."

'What did that fox want?'

"I'll tell you when you get in here. For now, stay out there, and make sure you're okay on that end. Bear is a lot more kind hearted than most here. He should be alright with Nimbus. If not, the one with a Cat mask is. She's kinder than him, apparently."

'Alright. We'll try.' "Jiji, Bear and Cat seem most likely to be able to get on the ride, but Cat has a better chance the Bear. His opinion, not mine."

"I'll be staying in the village for a bit, before we go. Goku did say there's a reason for everything, even if it's not visible at first." He finished. "That's all I've got."

Sarutobi nodded. "Dog, get Gai in here. I think we have someone his training will benefit before he goes."

"Yes sir." the ANBU in the dog mask left.

"Naruto, I truly hope Goku hasn't met someone like Gai, but if he has, I can honestly say, he's better suited than anyone else. Only he can teach you to use the Power Pole, as not even I know how to use it. And to think I know everything Bojutsu. I know little about its abilities, as it's been a closely guarded secret for millenia."

Dog and Gai got in the room at that point. "You wanted to see me, Lord Hokage?"

"Yes. I believe there is someone here that will benefit from your intense Training." Sarutobi stated. Goku came out at that point.

"The fox is acting like Chichi. That's not a good thing for me. So, that's Gai, huh?"

'Seems like it.' Naruto thought.

"Got it."

"So? Who is it?" Gai seemed excited.

"Raise your hand, Naruto. He's a great Martial Artist. Of that, I can guarantee. The majority of the best warriors that have ever lived have had some kind of quirk. The majority of them something as silly as Gambling, or Perverted Tendencies."

'Hence the reason I came up with the Sexy Jutsu. Too many Perverts around.' Naruto raised his hand. "It's me. And Jiji, I already got the go for it. He's good for what I need to get there."

Sarutobi nodded. "Then Gai, I believe you should drop the Power of Youth speech. I'm not sure if he can handle that kind of torture."

"I'm not going to go for the Green bodysuit, though. I think I should have gone for the Gi I found."

"Leaving it behind seemed like a good idea at the time. Especially seeing as the majority of this village looks like they hate you."

"Jiji, is there anyone I should be careful of when going through this?"

"If you come across ANBU with a strange symbol on their masks, don't get too close, and don't listen to a word they say." Sarutobi replied. "Other than that, nothing else comes to mind." Naruto nodded. "Then get going. Gai, I'm tasking you to get his strength and stamina up to the extreme levels."

Gai nodded. "Yes, Lord Hokage."

"Naruto, how about you and I go for some ramen. I'm sure you'd be hungry by now."

Naruto shrugged. "Actually, I'm good for a few days. Goku and I found some Senzu Beans, and I ate one. I still feel like I'm full." Sarutobi's eyes widened. Naruto never turned down Ramen. "If not for that, I would be happy to."

Sarutobi just sighed at that. "Alright. You should stay for a week. No talking about Goku, and nothing about the fox, or your parents, if the fox knows, until you are a Genin." Naruto just nodded.

"I think it's a good idea for me to get his old Gi, before we start. I already know where it is."

"There will be no need for that. I will help you with that." Gai stated. "Young Naruto, I believe you will need some weights quickly."

"Got that covered if I can get it. I have someone else to increase it when needed to. They're like Chakra Weights." Naruto replied. Gai nodded. "Get them, and come back here. I'll be waking you up 0500 tomorrow. That's 5:00 AM."

Naruto shrugged. "No worries. I've been waking up earlier than that the last few days. I'll be good."

Naruto climbed out the window. "Nimbus!" The cloud came by. "There's something I need at the lookout. Think you could get me there?" A squeak. "Thanks." He jumped on. "Let's go!" The cloud sped off.

Sarutobi and the ANBU watched the cloud leave. "Did I just see what I think I did?" Gai asked.

"I'm not sure, as I think I'm imagining things." Sarutobi admitted.

"Okay, if you saw him jump on an orange cloud and ride off, then yes, you saw it, and no it wasn't a Genjutsu. That thing was real." Dog replied. "I don't know how, either."

-3 hours later-

Naruto came back and landed at his apartment. It was supposedly still locked. "Thanks!" Nimbus flew off. Naruto found his door was unlocked. He went inside, on guard, but dropped it when he saw Sarutobi in there. "Ah, welcome home, Naruto." Sarutobi stated. "I take it that's the Gi you mentioned?"

Naruto nodded. "This was his when he was a kid. Besides, it's orange. I always liked Orange."

Sarutobi nodded. It was true. He would prefer orange over any other color. This was known to be a fact. "At least it's better than the Green Spandex."

"We got 3 in agreement on that subject."


Naruto closed his eyes for a second, sensing only 2 ANBU, both of which were in the office last time he was there. When he opened them, he sighed. "The Fox talked to me on the way there. Goku did at the same time, and said they have a mutual agreement. I'm not really going into the details, because they didn't explain it, saying it won't matter until I was older."

"The two managed to make a deal?" Sarutobi asked.

"That's all I was told. I don't know what the deal was, nor do I know how it pertains to me." Naruto told him.

Sarutobi studied his face, and found no trace of a lie. "Alright, but be careful of that fox. You weren't supposed to know of him unless you were a Chuunin at least. As such it is an S-class secret of the village. Only you and I can make exceptions."

Naruto nodded. "I really need to get some rest, Jiji. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to lay down, after resetting the traps." Sarutobi nodded, and left him to his devices.

It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, being as he had been active a lot during the day.

-the next morning-

It was 4:30 AM, and Naruto was getting up. After getting ready, he left his house, locked it, and sat on the roof to meditate. Gai showed up in front of him on 5:00 on the dot, and Naruto opened his eyes. "Good, you're already up and ready to go. For now, we will do 100 laps around the village. Then we will do 500 push-ups, followed by 300 squats."

"Gai-sensei, that would be a bit much for the time being. Remember I'm only 5 years old, and I may have a lot of stamina, but not that much. The way I am now, I'd have already passed out before I reach 250 Push-ups, if we went in that order. My body will not be able to handle it. So basically, I'd train until I drop."

Gai looked at him, and noticed that he was right. "You already know of your limits. Then we shall see if you're right! Come!" Gai and Naruto jogged the streets of the village, Goku watching from inside Naruto's mind. The Fox wasn't up yet, so he wanted to see how the training turned out.

As Naruto said, he passed out after jogging 100 laps around the village, and reaching 247 Push-ups. "3 off of his estimate... He really is aware of his limits." Gai mused, as he checked his pulse. He was unconscious. "Well then, I shall see how fast he can recover."

It didn't even go past 4 hours before he woke up. Naruto saw Gai sitting there next to him. "4 hours, and you wake up. You ready to continue?"

Naruto shook his head. "Give me a few minutes for meditation. I'll need that more." Naruto replied, earning a nod, and starting to meditate.


Naruto found himself in front Goku.

"So, what's the damage with what he did?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing more than physical exhaustion." Goku replied. "You still have plenty of energy left. Still, his training so far is dwarfed by the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It only proves my point saying you aren't ready for it. Thanks to the fox, you heal pretty fast. If not for me turning you into a Sayian, you wouldn't have been able to handle that much, especially not with your weights."


"Yeah, I activated the Wristbands and boots. They're all at 50 lbs each. I did this right when you started. You could've gone longer if I didn't, but that's the reason you couldn't go on." Goku explained.

"Wait. So I did all that with 200 pounds weighing me down?" Naruto asked. Goku nodded. "Okay. What's up with that deal you said you made with the fox?"

"I already said it doesn't affect you yet. For now, it only affects me and him... or her. I don't know much about foxes." Goku replied. "Anyway, I'll be working on a few things in here, watching your progress every now and then, and making judgments on which style you should really learn."

"Why not teach a little of each? Sticking with one style would make it a little predictable, wouldn't it?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but that would normally defeat the purpose of a style." Goku paused. "The fox did say that Unpredictability is key for a Ninja, which you do wish to become. How would you be using all 3?"

Naruto thought about it. "I've got it. Combine them, and make a new one." Goku looked at him and smiled at the simplicity.

"How do you plan to do that?"

"I don't know. If I train to switch from style to style without warning, that would make it at least somewhat easy. I'd need to learn all of them, up to the middle ranks, I think. Then, I look towards combining them. I don't think it would be a good idea to truly master any of them, and stop just short of mastering them."

"Then you wouldn't be focusing on any one of them..." Goku continued.

"And I'd be able to switch it up when needed!" Naruto shouted.

"Genius!" They gave each other a high five.

"Alright, when we get there, we'll work on it. Might even add the fox's style into the mix. Make it even better." Goku stated.

"Sweet." Naruto replied. "Alright, I think I should head out there and get back to Gai."

"I'll see you next time, then." Goku sent him off with his usual smile. Naruto smiled back, and faded out. Goku looked towards the forest and started running through it. "I gotta let him know this."


Naruto opened his eyes and found Gai looking at the sky. "Looks like you're ready to go."

"Yeah, I'll be okay. I already know that I've got Taijutsu covered. I don't really need to train Taijutsu under you, but when it's finished, I figure you'd want to test it out." Naruto replied. "Let's continue."

Gai nodded. "You should eat first, though."

"I had a Senzu Bean. I'll be fine for a few more days. They keep you full for about 10 days. I had one the first day I was gone, and I was gone for 5 days. I came back, and met you in one day. I'll be good for 3 or 4 days."

"Alright then. Less talk, more exercise." Gai said, prompting Naruto to do some more push-ups. "250 push-ups, and 100 Sit-ups."

Naruto nodded and went to do them. He finished them in a little less than 2 hours. He was breathing a little heavily. "What's next?"

"You still want to go at it?" Gai asked, thoroughly surprised. "Sorry, but for now that's all. You won't be able to handle the full weight of the training, and you'll need to rest."

"He's right, Naruto." Goku told him. "Rest up. Maybe tomorrow, you could show me one of your pranks. After you made the fox laugh at one of them, I gotta see one for myself."

'I'm guessing that's when I got the Uchiha Clan?'

"That's the one."

'Then let it know the next one I go for is the Hyuuga Clan.'

"You're going after the Hyuuga Clan? With their Byakugan?"

'I take it you're the fox he keeps mentioning?'

"That I am, and how do you propose to pull that off? Those eyes of theirs are said to be all-seeing."

'That's the beauty of this one. If I pull it off without being caught, think of how good I am when it comes to pranking.'

They all thought about it for a few seconds, and then, and Naruto could imagine it, the Fox and Goku had grins on their faces.

'What's going on in your heads?'

"The looks on the old man's face when realizes a kid got past the All-seeing eyes of the Hyuuga."

"Really? I've got the same thing in my head."

'And I've got two people in mine, thinking about the same thing... how does that work?'

That question caught all three by surprise. After about a minute, Goku answered. "I have no idea."

"Beats me. And I've been sealed 3 times already. I still don't get that particular fact."

'Damn... Hey, since you're talking to me, could you tell me about that deal you made with Goku?'

"Sorry kit. Not right now. I'm not sure if he told you, he probably did, but it doesn't really concern you. Not for a while. He did tell me of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The moment you enter there, that's the moment it will apply to you. Don't worry yourself over it until you go in there, as it is best that way. Just put it out of your mind. By the way, you two, I'm female."

There was a stunned silence. Naruto spoke up first. 'That was unexpected.'


'If you're the same fox I think you are, I could've sworn you would be male.'

"I am the same one. Do you really think a male is the only one able to cause that much destruction? Nibi and Nanabi are both female as well, after all."

'Uh... Okay, point taken.'

Naruto made a face, and since Gai was there, he saw it. "What's with the face, Naruto?"

"Mental conversation just got a little creepy." Naruto replied, but Gai just nodded. "You're not surprised about that?"

"I am completely informed about Goku already. What did he bring up?"

Naruto blushed about it. "Nothing I should know about."

"Hey, I never said anything like that!"

'True, but do you really think I should tell him that I'm talking to the Kyuubi as well? That wouldn't sit well with him, and Jiji would think that's a bad thing.'

"He's got a point, Goku. He shouldn't talk about me, but you're safe. Being as old as you are, it would be a good idea to do something like that, until the secret about me gets out."

"Point taken."

"Is it something about... sex?" Gai asked.

"Just say yes, and he did it as a prank."


Naruto's blush worsened. "Oh he did?"

'Yeah, 3 days ago. That's why the blush came about.'

"Hey kid, I think I can help with that."

'What are you... Wait, what's this?'

"You want your mind in the gutter, I can help."

Naruto paled, and passed out with a nosebleed after watching it for 3 seconds.

"Did not think Goku was a pervert." Gai stated, as he Shunshin'ed off.


Naruto found himself in front of a cage. Goku and the Fox were there, and were arguing.

"Why the hell did you have to show him that?"

"Hey, it was funny."

"He's too young to see stuff like that!"

"Yet you already taught him about it."

"Telling him and showing him are two completely different things!" Goku yelled, as his hair started flailing around in the air.

"How so? The kid has an active imagination to have thought up something before I did that."

Goku's hair turned blonde, surprising Naruto. "Do you think that matters? The only reason he actually saw something is because YOU showed it to him!"

"Oh? And what abo...mmph." That was the point something caused the fox behind the cage and Goku to be completely silent, with something covering their mouths.

"For the record, I blame all 3 of us." Naruto said, causing them to look at him. "Goku, because you taught me about it, Kyuubi, because you put the image there, and myself for thinking about it in the first place. Now calm down, and remember this is my mind."

Goku and Kyuubi looked at each other, and then back at Naruto. They both nodded. The restraints disappeared. "Now anyone care to tell me why you two were arguing like a married couple."

"She's just like Chichi, only fiercer."

"He's an idiot."

"I prefer the term, intellectually challenged." Goku replied. "The cause of that was being raised on a mountain since I landed on Earth who knows how long ago." His hair was now black again.

"I saw your hair turn into another color, Goku. What does that mean?"

Goku looked at him. "Damn. I lost control of it." Naruto cocked his head. "That, Naruto, was the Super Sayian form. That's the first time you saw it, and that was due to an accident on my part. I was not keeping my temper reeled in."

"You made me a Sayian right?" Goku nodded. "Does that mean I can do that someday as well?"

"Yes, I did. However, sooner or later, you'll be growing a tail. When you do, the best way to hide it is as a belt. Trust me when I say it's better that way."

Naruto nodded. "Oh, and don't look at the full moon when it does. Especially not in the village. In a hostile territory, I don't think it would matter much, as long as there are no friends or allies around. I'm familiar with war. Not a pretty sight, and when a Sayian looks at the full moon with their tail still attached, they tend to turn into a 10 or 20 story tall ape. About the same size as the Fox here in her true form."

"That would be about my size. I'm a little over 17 stories tall in that form."

Goku nodded. "Once you get the tail, you'll also have to work on getting it to no longer be a weak point for you. I did the same, and I had some actual monkeys help out with that." Naruto nodded. "Alright then. Since you've found out about the Bijuu inside of you, head back to my place in here, and get some rest inside. It's modeled the same way as my home way back when."

Naruto nodded as he left in a light. "As for you. Don't do that again. I may have to punish you."

"Go ahead and try." Kyuubi's voice was somewhat seductive, but Goku caught it and smirk.

"You forget. When Naruto's not controlling the area, I can." Goku snapped his fingers and a lot of machines appeared inside of the cage, doing things to the Kyuubi that should never be done. "Have fun without a certain O-mouth."

Goku left in the same light that Naruto did, and headed to him.

"Naruto, what ever you do, make sure you block out the fox. You don't want to know how she's being punished, and I don't think you need to hear it."

Naruto gave him the benefit of a doubt, and nodded, before meditating.

Goku got right next to him and did the same.


Chapter 1 complete.

New story, but only because I had a shit load of ideas swimming around my head with it. No other reason that comes to mind.