Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

"The flower that blooms in adversity"

Summary: A Descender is born from The World Tree that will bring salvation to the world and defeat the Devourer. Only problem is, she as born without being able to speak, think, and act well. She's like a toddler in a 17 yr. old body! OC inserts.

"The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all." by-(A/N I think some of you who know where this came from ^^)

Chapter 1 : Descender: Seraphima Nocturne

" Oh, great tree that gives life to all.

We beseech you, give to us a savior.

Give birth the salvation of all worlds.

For you are the great mother of Mana.

Of life."


You are born, my child. which I gave life to thee.

But alas. I have not given you the ability to think, act, nor speak as well as others.

For my power is gradually failing.

I give birth to thee, for you will seek the Devourer and destroy the wicked that drains me and life from this world.

But worry not.

For you shall be with reliable and trustworthy comrades when you awaken.

They will aid you in your pursuit.

I have given you the abilities to fight, but you must develop them to become strong.

Now go and protect their wold, as well as yours. And mine.


"Gosh darn it! Doing these errands really stinks!", complained the pink haired girl.

"Don't be like that, Konnono. Now hurry up and let's get going. We don't want to get caught now, do we?", said the white flying feline that flew by her side.

"And plus, we don't want Kratos to scold you for not delivering those yams ion time."

Konnono sighed. She then looked down at the bundle of yams she gathered in her medium sized basket. "Yeah. Guess you're right, Mormo."

Both Mormo and Konnono took the path back to Ailily. Sneaking around so they don't get caught like the last time. Making sure that not a soul was to be seen, they quickened their pace. As though Konnono thought they were home free. She tripped. The yams she was carrying scattered on the ground.

"You okay, Konnono?", asked Mormo.

Konnono groaned, slowly pulling herself into a sitting position. "Yeah. That was embarrassing.

She said as Konnono tried to gather her bearings. I wonder what kind of root did I tripped on, she thought.

"Ah! Konnono! Look at this!", said Mormo from behind her. When she turned, she gasped.

There lying on the cobbled stoned, dirt patched ground was an unconscious girl. Konnono studied her ore intently to verify that she was a teen somewhat between fifteen to seventeen years old. Her clothes were strange to normal people, but to Konnono and Mormo can very well guess that she's a knight. Weather be a normal Knight or a Magic Knight, they didn't know. The sword she carries was just laying there innocently next to her. Her hair is in a strange style though. It was a bob style at the base but right by her neck was the rest of it. It was a thin part of her hair really, and it wasn't that thick either. It just reached by her waist from they observed. And it is of blue color.

"Do you think she's okay, Konnono?", said Mormo in worry as he previously tried to poke the unconscious girls arm.

"I'm not sure, Mormo. She's unconscious, yes, but I'm not perfectly sure.", said Konnono when she tried to set the bluenette upright.

"We're going to need some help. And I'm pretty sure Kratos is not going to like it.", sighed Konnono. "Mormo, head back to Ailily and go to Ad Libitum. And ask on anyone who's there to come here and help. And hurry. I don't think I can handle much of anything if there are any monsters will appear."

"You got it, Konnono!", Mormo said with a determined look and flew away back to Ailily as fast as his wings can carry him.

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