Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

"The flower that blooms in adversity"

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Summary: A Descender is born from The World Tree that will bring salvation to the world and defeat the Devourer. Only problem is, she was born without being able to speak, think, and act well. She's like an infant in a 17 yr. old body! OC inserts.

"The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all." By - (A/N: I don't think I need to explain this XP)

Chapter 4: Kitchen Craze

"Seraphima Nocturne." , said the bluenette to all of the occupants within the room. It was dead silent for at least three minutes, then they all looked at each other before returning to look at Seraphima. The girl only sat there and blinked, waiting for any response at all.

And as always, it was Zelos Wilder was always the one to break the silence. "Seraphima Nocturne! What a beautiful name! Radiant and elegant, just like this lovely lady in front of me!" stating in the most expressive and flamboyant way possible, Zelos moved to kiss the girls hand.

But was stopped by Genis, Lloyd, Luke, and Konnono. Who blocked his way. "What's with the barricade?", said Zelos as he scowled.

"Don't even start with your charms, Zelos.", said Luke with a sigh.

"You hav, like almost every girl eating at the palm of your hands where ever you go!", added Genis on stating his point. Giving the Tethe'alla chosen an accusing look.

"We don't want Sera-chan to be tainted by your, as you put it 'Zelos-ness' charms.", added Lloyd with a small amused smirk.

"I second what Lloyd said.", Konnono added in finality.

The adults, plus Asch, raised a brow at the scene. "Say what now?", Zelos gave an offended outburst on his part. "Tainted by my 'Zelos-ness'? And is that even a word?"

"We officially dubbed you with the said word every time some of us see you flirt with females.", laughed Luke as he still blocked Zelos an everyone's view of seraphim.

"'We'? Okay, who are the rest in cahoots with you agreeing to calling me that?" The continuative teasing went on, all without knowing that Seraphima was no longer in her seat.


Within the kitchen area, Seraphima went and looked around. In the middle of the room was a long rectangular kitchen table with five chairs. Across from where she stood was the pantry, the fridge, the plates and silverware. The bluenette was about to cross the room when a smell wafted it's way in her sense of smell. Turning around, Sera came face to face with the stove, where a medium sized pot that was in a low heat. Curious, she lifted the pots lid. Now. Any normal person would have their stomachs turned from the smells the contents of what the inside of the pot gave off. It smelled of rotten eggs, old stinky blue cheese with oyster sauce and things that will not be mentioned.

Peering inside, and being careful of the hot steam, there were the usual ingredients for curry. Diced potatoes, bell peppers, minced beef, leeks, and other normal things.

But this dish was far from normal.

Instead of the usual color of deep brown for a mild taste, or a red color for a more spicier taste, it was a deep brown with a hint of purple. The things that you can see afloat was that there was an actual fish bone there, chunks of a sliced pieces of rappig meat, and, was that an octopus tentacle moving? Anyone would actually be bothered by the sight and throw the remains on what they had previously eaten. But for Sera, it did not phase her in the least bit. Ah, the innocent ignorance. Because she did not know what it was, but food.

A ladle was next to the stove. Picking it up, Sera dunked it inside the pot then stirred it in a circular motion. Getting a small portion of the sauce inside the ladle, she then blew on it to cool it down. Then she took a sip. It didn't take long 'til her contorted in a bitter, disgusted expression and her tongue stuck out of reflex. Her face turned a very pale green color but surprisingly, did not throw-up.

From the corner of her eye, Sera then noticed the row of spice racks, but did not know that. Grabbing the spice rack and looking at the different types. Their colorful lids tops, that is. Picking up a random bottle with a rich green top that said 'Rosemary' in the label. Sera opened it and smelled it's contents. The smell was heavenly with an array of rich herb and a hint of curry and rose-not literally. Placing the small bottle down she picked six more in random from the rack. All verifying on different colored tops.

Light yellow-garlic powder, firer-y red-paprika, dry brown-bay leaf, white-sage, spring green-basil, and dry green-oregano. After that, she then started to pour half of the herbs in the pot, only leaving half empty bottles of the spices she choose. Stirring with a smile on her face Sera, again tasted the curry. A wider smile lit her features. As she left the stove she went to where plates are. Recognizing a small bowl that Genis used for serving her soup that morning after she ate her breakfast. Grabbing the bowl with a spoon that she also recognized, she walked back to the still boiling pot. Picking up the ladle again Sera scooped herself up a nice portion in her bowl. Ecstatic, Sera sat herself down in the polished wooden floor just in front of the stove, forgetting that there is a table and chairs in the kitchen. After having a few spoonful of bites she jumped when someone screamed in horror.

"Aah! Sera-chan ate the curry!", Mormo screamed in pure horror as she floated near the kitchen door. And the scream did not go unnoticed. A stampede of footfalls were heard in the background, and poor Mormo was shoved, albeit, forcefully away. There, now standing by the door were the shock horror faces of Konnono, Luke, Lloyd, Genis and Zelos. Uneasy faces of Kratos and Asch, an awkward amused smile from Jade, and a happy smile from Reine.

As their faces were still pale the five teens crossed the kitchen and went next to the bluenette in just a few seconds.

"What the hell, Raine! Why did you left this curry in the stove without watching it! What if it burns and the guild will be burn down with it!" true enough of the half elf's statement was true, but the hidden meaning to that is that; "Why in the world is big sis' cooking out in the open?"

"Why are all the spices here half empty? Were they put in the mix, too?", asked Konnono as she looked at the 'curry'.

"Ah! Sera-chan! I don't think you should eat any more of that.", Zelos suggested as he slowly tried to grab the bowl from the bluenette's hands. But the female turned away, so that her bowl as out of reach from Zelos.

"He's right, Sera. I think that's enough of that. Can we have the bowl now, please?" Luke tried this time, but got the same results as Zelos. "Please, Sera-chan. You'll get sick if you eat any more~."

"And, what do you mean by that?", said Raine, offended by what the boy said. But totally ignored it.

"Sera-chan, if you give us the bowl, Genis will make something really, REALLY good." Lloyd gave the girl an assuring smile. Hoping that she'll fall for it. After a minute or two, Sera turned and looked over her shoulder. Seeing this glimmer of hope, Luke and Zelos nudged Lloyd to try again. "Yeah. Genis will make something REALLY special. Right Genis?" Lloyd gave his best friend the look. Which he caught and nodded.

"Yeah. I'll make a cake for you if you want Sera-chan.", said Genis.

"Tch. You people are just spoiling this girl.", murmured Asch but was hushed by Jade.

Releasing a breath that they didn't know that they held. The girl fully tuned around, bowl in hand. Lloyd held out his hands, waiting for her to give him the bowl. An awkward silence was then followed. Everyone in the kitchen were only standing or in the cases of Luke, Lloyd and Zelos, sitting, the air was a little tense. Waiting for Sera to move. But when a flash of movement made everyone jolt with surprise. When Sera moved, the next thing everyone knew, Lloyd was on the floor, chocking and hacking. The sudden realization made Luke and Zelos pale.

"Sera-chan…spoon-fed Lloyd…", said Zelos as he still watched Lloyd hacking. Getting the taste of the horrid curry out of his mouth. When he turned, he and Luke met the same fate as Lloyd. Both swallowing the curry. Both of the red heads scattered back screaming. But mostly Zelos.

"GAH! The horrible cooking! I'm going to die! I'll never see my darling hunnies again~!"

"Get a hold of yourself you idiot!" smacking Zelos in the head, Lloyd huffed and gave him an irritated look.

"Lloyd! You're alive!", grabbing the dual swordsman and giving him a noggie. "I thought you were dead there, buddy."

"He isn't, and I'm just as surprised as you guys.", said Genis with a relief sigh while Konnono nodded next to him.

"I agree to that." Said Luke, felling a bit winded when the spoon was shoved to his mouth.

"Luke~! You're not dead, right?", said Zelos, but he suddenly gasped. "Or…maybe I'm already dead! No~! My hunnies~!"

A sudden whack on his head made him finally shut up. Looking up with watered eyes, he saw Sera smiling in front of him. Everyone from the room laughed except Jade who only chuckled, and with also the exception of Asch and Kratos. With his pride wavering, Zelos feigned crying, adding crocodile tears in the mix.

"How could you, Sera-chan~! How could you hit me like that~?", crying like a child that someone confiscated his favorite toy, clung to the bluenette's waist, bawling waterfall's.

"Oi, oi, oi! No physical contact, Zelos! Let go!", said Lloyd in defense as he tried to pry the male out of the girls waist. But Sera was not phased at all, only blink at the situation.

"I don't wanna~!" Zelos kept weeping crocodile tears as he still clung on the girl. But inside, he's very happy to touch the new girl. 'Lucky~.'

"Asch, can you help me, please? Scratch that. Jade! A little help, please?" Luke requested as he kept on pulling Zelos by his feet and get him off the female. "This guy sure has a vice grip!"

"Dad, c'mon, a little help would be nice!", said Lloyd as he helped Luke on the stubborn former chosen.

"I'll help Lloyd!" Genis made his way to his best friend to help.

Raine sighed, decided to help, herself. "Hold on, I'm helping as well. Prepare to have a punishment later, Zelos."

"Ready?", signaled Lloyd. "1,2,3, pull!"

"Oi, what the hell!", said Zelos when he noticed that the added power of force that was pulling him away from the blunette. "You're gonna pull my legs out!" screaming in protest, the others behind him kept on pulling until his grip on the female was no more. Stumbling back in a small pile, they groaned.

"You boys are really heavy…", groaned Raine, who was unfortunate to be at the bottom. (Me: That sounded wrong. XD)

Don't label me with them, you know…!", said Genis, trying to squeeze free from the heavier boys on him.

"Hey, get your foot off my wonderful face!", said Zelos in anger. "No one. I repeat, no one messes with my face and lives, got it?"

"Says you! Get your butt off MY face, Zelos!", screamed Luke in disgust. (Me: LOL! That sounds even more wrong. XD Oh, the imaaages~!)

"Would someone get off me?", screamed the muffled voice of Lloyd. "Are you guys trying to turn me into pancake?"

"You're ruining my face!"

"I can't breathe, damn it!"

"At least you're not holding yours!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Ow! Zelos, my hand! You're stepping on it!"

"Will you three shut up?"

The squabbling continued for a while with Jade, Sera, Konnono, Kratos, Asch, and Mormo watching in the sidelines. Thinking that this went on for a while too much, Jade was happy (more likely annoyed) enough to stop the whole thing. "Alright now, I do believe that is enough. Shall we move on?"

"I agree with Jade on this.", said Kratos. "We still have things to do. It's best to prepare lunch now, Genis. Konnono and Mormo will accompany Sera for the mean time."

"Ugh…sure thing, Kratos. I'll get started on lunch. Konnono, can you help me?", said Genis as he finally got out of the pile.

Konnono nodded. "Sure thing, Genis."

"I should probably get back to work then.", said Raine as she dusted herself. "I still have some paper work to do. Call when it's done, okay Genis?"

"Sure thing sis."

"Hmph. I should be goings as well. I have somewhere to go before we leave this afternoon.", Asch already made his way to the door when his replica called.

"Wait up, Asch! I have to meet up with Tear in town!"

"Do what you want, just don't bother me.", warned the original as the two left the guild.

"Well." The Colonel smiled as he made his way to the two male teens left. Jade then reached for Zelos' ear and yanked it.

"Yeow! What do you think you're doing old man? That hurts!"

"Don't worry. A more fitting punishment will come soon enough. You need to be reminded of your manner, young man." At this, jade continued to pull on the former chosen's ear until they were out of the kitchen, and out of the guild. Zelos' protest still continued until it disappeared out of earshot.

"Okay…I guess I don't want to know what's gonna happen." Genis said while dicing some onions and moving on to the celery.

Konnono nodded as she peeled some carrots. "You know Jade. One won't know what's the real motive behind that smile of his sometimes." Sighing, Konnono continued 'til she remembered something. "Oh yeah. Maybe Sera-chan would like to…Aww~."

"What is it, Konnono?" asked Genis.

Pointing on the direction with her index finger, Genis followed it. The half elf snickered goodheartedly at the scene. There on one of the occupied chairs by the table, the newest member of their guild, was sound asleep. "That is just too cute."

"Yeah. But she just can't sleep there.", pointed Genis when he rubbed the back of his nape. "Maybe we should take her to her room for a while."

"Allow me.", said the sudden voice by the door. Both teens jumped at that. Turning to the source, it was Kratos by the door.

"Sheesh, Kratos. I thought you already left.", Genis said, attempting to calm his beating hearts pulse. "But, by all means, could you take her to her room?"

Kratos only nodded, his face emotionless as ever. Crossing the room with only three steps, he cradled the female in his arms. When he knew that she wouldn't fall, he bided the two with a nod, he left with the still sleeping girl. The kitchen was then quiet for a while until the two said nothing more and continued to do their chores for the day.

"Oh yeah. Don't forget about the cake, Genis."

"Roger that."

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"The flower that blooms in adversity"

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