The Sailor Kids: Remake

By: Knoto

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Additional Notes: Chapter One has been drastically changed.
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Chapter 1: Random Musings of the Fiery Soul

It was your average day after school at the Hikawa Shrine. Rei, who was used to the routine by now glanced around her bedroom. Everything was as it should be, it had been about a year since the Starlight's had left to go back home and nothing at all seemed to be amiss. The calm was welcomed by everyone, as life found normalcy again…well as normal as it could be. Looking back, they had all gone through some tough times. One could only hazard a guess at what life would be like if they weren't Sailor Senshi.

They were teens at best, and at worst they were warriors. Responsibility was important, but all of them agreed that it added a level of unexplained stress. No one else who could possibly understand it. At least, not fully. It was because of this, that many times the girls questioned themselves. Through trial and error, normally the job got done. Both their age, and lifestyle were added factors of uncertainty. Being a teen alone wasn't without normal drama, never mind adding their personal complexities into it. As the Sailor Senshi, they were both loved and hated by the press. However, as civilian girls, they at least attempted to live normally. There were five girls that made up the Inner Senshi. All of them were different, and yet, during drastic times, they stood together, bound by duty. Rei thought about that carefully, each one of them coming from a different walk of life.

"Mizuno Ami, she's a good place to start as any." Rei reflected while shaking her head."One could call her a book worm of sorts. As Sailor Mercury her elemental strength, water, is a force best suited towards diversionary tactics. She can control it well when it comes to manipulation, freezing things if necessary. Ami, though friendly enough, allows her shy attitude to overtake her more often than not. Along with her Senshi powers, it comes as no surprise that she excels in medical knowledge. She's strong, agile, and can hold her own in a fight, but...only if she's forced into doing it. Fighting, well, it's just not her forte. She has other joys, and those are good enough for her."

"Then it was me." Rei sighed, as if the weight of the world fell upon her entire being. "I'm Sailor Mars, the fire Senshi." She wondered for a moment. How would she describe herself? How had she changed? "I can fight well, long ranged attacks being something of a preference. That's not really what I would call my specialty though. I'm able to read fires. I can do that better than most people. It allows me sight into things that have not yet happened. It tells of fortunes, both good and bad. I guess you could say I'm the holy warrior. The one who fights not only for my princess, I fight because of my morals, and my emotions. Fire, it's unlike any other force. It struggles, strengthens and wanes purely by the breath of air it seeks. For me, I'm much the same, I guess. Usagi, she's my breath of air, freeing me from the suffocating binds of my life."

Next to Ami was Kino Makoto the electric powerhouse of the team. "The third recruit. Sailor Jupiter. I could say a lot about her. Quick to anger, and not easy to calm either...and she likes to cook. She's fierce in combat, be it from a lighting attack or in the form of martial arts, if you get hit, you'll be hurt. She may not be as academically inclined as Ami, but she's had to live alone her entire life, has the street smarts to prove it too. We are the closest thing to family she has. I think her reason for being, and her role as a Senshi is pretty simple. She has no family, nothing more she could possibly lose. She fights purely so that she has something, some form of light her soul can cling onto. For someone like her, Usagi, or any of the Senshi, would be a gift of the gods. Makoto would never lose it, not without dying first."

"Oh my god!" Screeched Minako as she ogled a page from Rei's latest manga. It was perhaps the childish behavior that helped them cope. The acceptance of an imperfect grade, the enjoyment taken from the arcade, these were simple pleasures. Some tended to dip from the fountain of youth just a bit too much, both the blonds, Minako and Usagi, found deep pride in doing so. Poor grades, groundings, and rules be damned, they had a life, and they intended to live it. Then again, none of the girls were innocent, each having also accepted that life, no matter how promising it would be, could also flicker out within an instant. "Usagi, did you read that?"

"Ow, my ears..." Rei whispered towards the other girls at the table. "Can't they tone it down just a little? It's a Manga for gods sake. It's not like it's anything extremely important." She eyed her book with worry, having not had the chance to peek at the contents, the fear of a smudge came unabashed. Rei sighed, thinking about the next in line. Of the twin blonds, Rei singled out one before the other. "Then you have Aino Minako, the self proclaimed goddess of love. She's certainly attractive enough that's for sure. She's our leader in combat, which seems odd, since on many occasions she can be a total ditz. Even if her ability to lead is questionable at times, she always comes through when you need her most."

"Where's your Grandpa?" Makoto's question, a welcomed distraction, found purchase for other thoughts. Those were less savory drew images in Rei's mind. The girl with raven tresses took several seconds to cringe before making a response. Try though she might, she couldn't accept that her grandfather had a few personality flaws that drove her crazy.

"Probably taking a nap." She replied with an air of disbelief. "Either that, or he's trying to fondle the next young thing that comes through here." Although the tone was dry, a smile danced on her lips, her fondness for the elderly man something she wasn't easily admitting. "Last thing I need though, is him walking in on this." Rei took a deep breath looking on at the two blonds. It was times like this, that the only easy way to tell them apart, was the contrasting hair styles.

This brought her to think about their princess, Usagi Tuskino. "She was quite the crybaby when we first met." Memories that should be framed in Rei's mind brought forth a melancholic look from the depth of her eyes. She hadn't been perfect back then either. Rei's temper was still heated back then, and she had no excuse for her actions. "Yet, over time all of the Senshi grew to love her. Fate has set for her a path to marry Mamoru. She will also give birth to her daughter, Chibiusa. What a fine day that will be, if only she applied herself more." Rei thought before the high pitched conversation got to be too much for her eardrums.

"Aw, how cute! The blond gushed with marked enthusiasm. "Here, look at this..." Whatever chapter they were on, it must have been filled with mindless dribble. Secretly, Rei wished she could partake. It was her Manga, after all.

"Usagi, don't encourage the behavior." Ami spoke quietly from behind her current book. Many thick tomes sat around her, nearly dwarfing the girl as she hunched over one of the many worksheets that had to be finished. "You really must finish that math before you get another detention." Her comment went ignored, as Ami knew it would be. Another fit of giggles bubbled out of the blond again instead, causing the three at the table dismay unmatched. "Could you two please tone it down, some of us are still trying to study." Ami piped up, getting annoyed with the screeching by this point. "I can't be slacking off anymore than I already have. Your grades are even worse, I've no idea how you can put your work off like that. If another enemy comes along, you can't simply tell our teacher that it ate your work."

"Why not?" Rei grumbled. "Wouldn't be the first time it's happened. I can't tell you how many assignments of mine get turned in late, or even went missing completely." Deciding to forgo any more learning, Rei pushed her backpack under her bed, most of her work completed anyway. "Only have that stupid project for science left, and I've still got a week to do it. I'm done for now. Besides, those two clowns need a babysitter."

"Rei, I could help you if you needed. Remember, we're here as a group to help each other. That's what friends do." Ami, while being supportive, never let her eyes leave her notes. "I doubt they need looking after. This is a shrine, not the mall." Her words, although seemingly meant for scolding, didn't hold such a tone. "Right Makoto?"

"Actually, I find this amusing. We aren't getting much done anyway." Makoto added into the conversation, no doubt to cause some friendly trouble. "So, what's that you're reading?" The need for a break was tempting, and the strongest of the Senshi gave in willingly, knowing that it would be hard for her to concentrate. She brought out a bag of hand made sweets from her backpack as if it was a treasured prize. "Anything I should follow up on?"

For some, it could be considered such, but not before such a romantic comic. "Oh, nothing important. This Yuri manga was a good one, and it made me think is all." Minako said while twirling her fingers in her hair. "This latest volume hasn't really gotten rave reviews, but I think that's because there's no fighting. It's all romance for now. The fact it's girl on girl has some fan boys going off at the school though. Not that it matters much." Minako said that so nonchalantly, that even Ami pulled her eyes from her work.

"Have you ever dated another female before?" Usagi asked with a peaking interest. The new topic of conversation was a novelty at best.

"No, not really, I have thought a lot about it though. Honestly, there is someone I may have in mind, however I don't necessarily know if she's interested." Minako spoke as she looked towards Rei, quite bluntly hinting her attraction. "Not that I don't have plenty of time to find out, mind you." Reaching for the plate Makoto had placed on the table, she popped a cookie into her mouth, savoring the taste. "I enjoy a good game of cat and mouse, you know."

Ami, at that exact moment, had her face plastered back into her studies with a blush like none other. Her mutterings went unheard, even if it seemed as if she was trying to block out the entire conversation. Makoto, who had noticed the extreme discomfort had started asking questions about her lab workbook attempting to calm the distraught genius. Minako said nothing, but the devilish grin on her face made it apparent she had this planned for a little while. The pressure was rising in the room, and some just couldn't take it anymore. "Enough for now." Rei growled, forcing Minako to keep quiet. While she didn't mind gossiping, some things went too far, this being one of them. She had to find some way to get out of this situation for now. Sadly, she came up shorthanded. "Just go back to reading..." She huffed in failure.

"Oh come on Rei, lighten up we're just having a little fun." Minako said as she dodged an almost pounce from Usagi.
"Minako, turn the page." The girl had been waiting for several minuets, and now, she was beginning to get antsy.
"Fun is fine, but do you need to tease her with my belongings?" Rei wondered that, and promptly squashed any further thoughts.
"Why not?" Minako shrugged. "It's your house, and we only read this kind of stuff here."

"That's because Grandpa doesn't care what I read." Rei explained. "I can buy whatever book I want, as long as there isn't anything really graphic. My dad's the warden, not grandpa." Rei explained, snatching the manga from Minako's hand, placing it back on her bookshelf where Usagi eyed it immediately. "Besides, it's not like I flaunt it around for everyone. I read what I want, when I want, in the privacy of my own room. No one would know if you two snoops would keep out of it. Sometimes, people don't want to hear about what others do in their free time. Look, see that?" Rei pointed at Ami. "You've got her all embarrassed."

Ami was still highly uncomfortable with the conversation of lesbianism. It was true Ami was very easily intimidated in any type of uncouth talk, and talk of sexuality was one of the things she believed should stay behind closed doors. It had been suspected by Minako, that Ami was still hidden in the closet, and had been for years. The blonds had tried many times to figure out the real truth behind her sexuality. Every time Ami had been able to dodge the questions. Today, however they would try again, and that certain gleam told Rei this would end badly.

"No, I guess your right…we can tease Ami instead." Doing just that, the blonds smirked and walked behind Ami in an attempt to surprise her. That idea failed miserably, Usagi tripped, causing a notebook to fall off the table. It wasn't as if it was laying open for all to see, however, inquiring minds thought alike, and Makoto was also one who enjoyed a good joke now and again. Still, her interest in teasing wasn't out of malice, averting homework, or even snooping around. No, for her, it was as simple as cleaning up a mess.

And, that was exactly what she had done, gathering the fallen papers and scattered notes with the others. Five girls with five different sets of classes, that meant fives sets of mess that needed sorting. It was only by chance that Makoto stumbled upon what she had. "Hey Ami, is this for the creative writing class? What did you do yours about?" Three sets of eyes scanned the paper, and only Rei saw Ami flee from the room in silent haste.

"Not good." Ami thought with worry as she rushed through the halls and out the door. She didn't stop until she reached the steps, she couldn't run down those, she could fall, and likely hurt herself. "What will Makoto think?" Ami paced back and forth for a moment, her mind as scattered as the papers abandoned upon Rei's floor. 'I know she would never try to hurt me, and I don't think she'll be mad. She would even be alright with my preferences towards women, but what about when she finds out my current interest is her? Then what will she do?" Ami sat on the steps, her head in her hands, willing away tears that were beginning to form "And what about the others? It won't ever be the same..." Rei came out of the shrine to sit next to her, neither said anything as they took in the scenery.

The shrine truly was a peaceful place. The crows were perched atop the trees as a gentle breeze rustled the branches. The sun was shining in such a way, that it sent the sky into a calming burst of colors. Pinks and oranges filled the sky and aside from the crows, there was very little to disturb the relative quite that had fallen around them. Ami glanced over at Rei, then at her feet, then back at Rei again. The raven haired girl seemed to be pondering something and Ami knew exactly what that something was, but she dared not say anything, choosing instead to remain silent.

After what seemed like forever, Rei finally spoke. "You know, it was only a matter of time until they finally put two and two together." Ami only nodded in response. It was hard on her, not knowing what best to say at a time like this. Rei looked up at the sky as she continued. Over head, on a nearby branch sat Rei's companions, Phobos and Deimos. Rei gained strength and wisdom in her words as if she were an older sister. Both the scenery, and her pets giving her the reasons she needed. "I know you're usually quiet, but never this quiet. I can't help but feel as if the others and myself are the cause of it. You didn't even say one word. Instead you panicked, and then you ran away. It was like we were going to get pissed off or something. That notebook was not homework. Am I correct?"

Ami nodded in conformation while continuing to stare at her feet. She knew she had to say something for an explanation. "I didn't mean for them to find it, but now that they have seen it, they'll know. I just hope they act normal next time they see me. I didn't expect Makoto to find out that way, well find out at all really." She paused then, the ground wasn't going to swallow her up, even though she dearly wished it would. "I just don't know what I should do."

Rei smirked at the image she was getting. She wondered what the blonds were doing in the bedroom to poor Makoto. They were no doubt planning something in their little heads. "Don't worry about them. What you need to figure out, is how to handle your feelings. You're still staying over at Makoto's apartment for the next month while your mother is away, right? That's going to complicate matters, at least I think it would. You should have come here."

"It's not like I wanted to stay there. I did at first, and I like spending time with her, really, I do."Ami sighed, sniffling a bit. " It's just hard being so close, and yet, so far away. How could she not see it, how can she not know after all of this time?" Shaking her head, Ami refused to let herself cry, even though that's what she wanted most of all. "I told you, Makoto wouldn't allow me to decline the offer. I'm used to staying on my own though, so after today, I may just go home. She may not want me around after this."

"I highly doubt that." Rei snipped quietly, trying not to sound annoyed. "In any case, you'd better think of something. In fact why don't you leave now, get a head start. That way, you'll have time to think about how to handle this. I'll take care of the gossip goddess and prying princess and keep them off of your tail. I can't promise it'll do much good as far as teasing goes, but they won't judge you. They never have, and they never will. Makoto won't either, you'll just have to ask how she feels."

Ami rolled her eyes at Rei but smiled anyway. "Thanks, Rei. You always keep a bright side of things." Ami wished she could do the same. "I just hope Makoto will take this in as much stride as possible." Somberly, she started walking down the steps of the shrine, mentally preparing herself for whatever may happen. "I'll think of something."

"Good luck Ami, you deserve to be happy." Rei whispered quietly, hoping Ami's early retreat was for the best.

-Meanwhile in Rei's bedroom-

The pandemonium died down as the three girls saw Rei speed out of the room in a frenzy. Once the severity of the situation hit, Makoto placed the notebook on the desk and looked it over. There was a poem, or what looked like it, perhaps it was more of a creative piece of work than anything else. Looking it over, the three girls got perhaps a little more insight than needed.

Icy Shock-

So long have I awaited a simple romance.
One of ageless time.
Simple in it's complexity.
Of I do's or I love you.

What is a ring on a finger?
What is the importance of law?
When can things become simple?
When all that matters is love?

I need the strength of a pillar.
One not made of stone.
Fire will one day melt the heart,
Of a girl who governs love.

Time will become ageless.
As a mortal heart grows week.
Will she attain solace again.
Within the love she seeks?

Children of the future laugh and play.
If given some dear sweet time.
Sugar will taste bitter.
As deaths love entwine.

Air and sea already merged.
Play a simple song.
One beautiful melody.
As life moves along.

A man and wife destined to meet.
Have already set forth a journey.
One that will bring a bright future.
To all that crosses their path.

Now I ask the deities.
Who will stand by me?
Will I be forced to stand alone.
Will I find the pillar I seek?

So long we have awaited.
A love that never comes.
May we seek solace,
Within each others arms?

Can you grant ice this wish,
Shock two dying hearts?
To break away the years of ice
For both of our lonely hearts.

"I… never knew...she felt-" Makoto was at a complete utter loss as to what to say. Never in a million years did she think she would have gained Ami's love. It was all too clear the poem was meant to say some truth on the matter of how Ami felt. The growing need to voice her views became very bluntly obvious. However, what was most interesting was how the bluenette seemed to have called out everyone else and placed them into a type of relationship.

As the three girls sat in silence taking in the depth of what they had just read, they heard Rei enter the room. The heartbeats of an uneasy topic settled as a weight between them all and it became clear that Rei was less than pleased of how this spilled out. There was going to be a talk here and now. Only the great fire could feel the true depth of Rei's concern. Now, it was the time for all to hear what the miko truly thought of this entire escapade.

To be continued...

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