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Chapter 3: The Kids Arrive

Around the entire room all that could be seen were blank expressions coupled with confusion. "Saria?" The monotone voice asked. "Remind me to pummel your grandfather next I see him." Setsuna's stance could only be described as mild shock mixed with annoyance as her lips tightened into a thin line. It was as if something occurred only for her. "That reminds me, this is a paradox..." Setsuna began slowly, her nails clutching the inside of her palm. "How the hell did you get here in the first place? You should be at the palace keeping an eye on the kids, not gallivanting around down here in the past!"

Saria looked at her mother with quizzical expression. "I have no idea. You tell me. If Chibiusa can do it why can't I…and the rest of us for that matter?"

"Rest of you? Don't tell me you brought… oh no you don't!" Realization finally struck Setsuna, full force. "Go back to Crystal Tokyo where you belong, and don't listen to your grandfather. He's gone batty if he thinks Neo Queen Serenity will put up with the kids playing around in this area of time. It simply shouldn't occur. You must take leave, now, before the future as we know it shifts."

"Sorry mom I can't exactly take them back." Saria shrugged. "The situation isn't quite that easy." Her well manicured nails ran through her hair, as if she had been thoroughly satisfied with her actions. "I was ordered to bring them here. Don't like it? Take it up with the Queen." Saria spoke in her normal cocky voice used when she addressed her mother. "I don't have time for this."

"Don't have time?" Setsuna stood now, her fury at here daughter something unmatched. "You're a mage born with powers directed for governing both time and space. How could you possibly not have a few moments to spare? I should be given a proper explanation." Surely 'father' would have been more paramount since Setsuna played the paternal figure in Saria's life. Lines of gender roles meant very little to Setsuna having been alive for so very long. Mother, Father, anything was fine just as long as it wasn't anything doing with her age.

"Wait..." Haruka butted in. "Hold on a second, back up a bit. What is going on! Explain from the very start." The blond was the only one who dared spit questions in haste, forgetting just who she was addressing. "Setsuna, you have a kid, and you never said anything?" Haruka was seemingly very interested in the current event playing out, even if she was outwardly gruff. "What? Were you too senile to tell me you were a mother?" This was the game you see, built up over a long time. Setsuna would state something, Haruka acted like an ass, usually got beat up, and then after being beaten with a time staff, continue to egg on the eldest Senshi. This was the way of life, a way to have some friendly fun. Haruka found amusement in Setsuna's newly found emotion and this was one of the ways she liked to test it.

Now, however, was no the time for idiocy. "Never mind that." Setsuna told the blond, a stern air of authority something of second nature. "We have more pressing matters at hand, more so than I had first realized." After that, Setsuna stepped aside, regarding the childlike mage before her. "Go ahead Saria, you have the floor." Setsuna said with a wave of her hand as she huffed out in annoyance taking residence once again in her beloved arm chair. "This out to be good." She hissed under her breath before quieting her own warring emotions.

"Thank you, mother." Saria snipped slightly, it was quite clear, the girl hadn't cared. "Some time ago Mercury, was toying around with random Senshi cell structure in one of the many biology labs. She found out that under the right kinds of conditions one could manipulate different strands of DNA. She found it could work on an elemental level and counter balance any given adverse effect. This could have many possible outcomes however, and she came across one that changed a rather large part of a strand." Saria said as she pulled forth what looked to be a diagram from a space time pocket.

The diagram held a few different images. The DNA chains were shown in very careful detail, many colors, all of them pertaining to certain Senshi. It was obvious the color corresponded to each Senshi's aura. All were carefully mapped out in very neat script. It was no doubt that Ami had written it. "In a time far from now, Sailor Mercury planned these diagrams. however, her goals were far different then what actually happened." Saria was much like Setsuna, duty overcoming her own wishes. Clearly, the girl had other places she wished she could be, the past furthest from her mind.

"The original effect was meant to allow Senshi powers to become stronger, and also, it was meant to test ways of merging powers. For maximum efficiency on the front lines, we found that the testing took a high priority. It worked, Senshi became stronger. But for whatever reason they were unable to combine powers within each other. It was a totally botched attempt… or so we thought." Pacing around the room, Saria moved further away from the lit array she was projecting, so that she could better see the image. "It wasn't that easy."

"It never is..." Setsuna lamented cutting in.

Saria ignored her mother, continuing onward. "We were proven wrong a few months later, when one of the Senshi became pregnant. Now normally, this would not cause a large ruckus but there was one detail that left us all baffled. The Senshi that became pregnant was only having relations with a woman. That woman was a Senshi as well… You all with me so far, any questions?" Saria asked to make sure to not lose anyone's attention. It was a rather complex discussion for someone in this time.

"Yes, I have one." Ami by this time was playing around with her computer attempting to configure the notes into plausible data. "You say I was toying around with Senshi DNA. This would allow us to become stronger, and so we could merge our powers am I correct?"

"Yes that's about it. Why?" Saria asked slightly interested in how the far younger Senshi of Mercury would take this info.

"Well from what you say I toyed with one strand. I can understand that could cause adverse effects in each Senshi depending on circumstance. But that's not all is there? Was it predetermined who would have what strand changed within them?" Ami quizzed looking for some way to explain this simplistically.

"Why yes, in fact it was." Saria answered pleased. "Six of the Senshi were chosen for the experiment, and the teams were delegated based on opposing factions. If I remember correctly it was Jupiter and Mercury on team one, purely to test physical and mental side effects." Saria said as the data on the diagram changed and parts of Makoto's green DNA chain turned blue and parts of Ami's changed to green.

"Team two consisted of Venus and Mars to test ranged attack compatibility and compatibility with the innate skills you already possessed." This time parts of Rei's DNA chain turned orange, while Minako's turned a deep red.

"Team three was Uranus and Neptune to test ranged attacks coupled with up close speed and accuracy needed to land deadly blows quickly." Saria spoke again, and again DNA changed colors, In Haruka's chain a deep aquamarine color took residence while in Michiru's yellow invaded her chain.

"Even though particular attributes increased in each Senshi, they were all attributes that they were already gifted in. When this Senshi became pregnant, we learned that when certain DNA is altered, it changes the entire build up of body type." Saria showed this change by Speeding up the diagram. The colors of Haruka's and Michiru's respective chain seemed to merger in even more places, both seemingly becoming intertwined. Then the diagram stopped as both DNA chain became equal in both auras.

"So in theory, if you were to input the DNA you changed for the host body into the partner type, they fused and that's what caused the pregnancy. It turns out that before the conclusive data was finalized two of the other Senshi became pregnant as well." Saria said as she sped up the processes on the two other diagrams to show the same effect. "It effectively turned out that one Senshi from each team became pregnant, and carried full term. The resulting children carried attributes for both parties." Saria stopped again to ensure everyone was on track.

Ami now in deep thought over this rather odd development had more questions to bring to the table. "I don't mean to sound rude but what you are implying is that Makoto and myself, as well as Minako, and Rei are in a deeply sexual relationship. Now that in itself is fine, but how did the DNA strands cause the partners to become pregnant? We are all biologically female at this current time, does that somehow change during the experiment?"

Ami was certainly confused with this state of affairs to say the least. In truth they all were bar Setsuna who had been hitting herself with a mental stick ever since this conversation started since even she was unprepared for this to a degree.

"You are right to be confused but it's not that far fetched. Think of it…if the Starlight's can use their DNA and Star Power to change the top half of their bodies to appear male, why can't other Senshi also change certain parts of their anatomy? In answer to the question, you all stay female, but the DNA in each of you that was mixed with your partner Senshi somehow reacted when you were intimate. To this day, we aren't sure what the initial cause was, or why the DNA actually reacted in that way."

The DNA diagram then split into three more screens to show more strands. These ones were even more intertwined with the respective auras than before. Over all, it was almost like a vortex of color. A perfect merger of auras, it truly was an amazing diagram.

"This was the effect of the DNA stands and chains within each of the children born. Note the fact that over all, it was an ill planned. We do not know what powers they may hold now, or too what extent the powers they may hold in the future could increase. All we know is that they hold a possibility to have the merger of both powers that you, the parents, lacked." Saria finished her long explanation in hope to move on to the real reason she was here. Sure the children play a part in it, and were the key reason to have traveled here in the first place, but there was another motive behind just handing out information.

Glancing around the she was met with a plethora of different reactions. Rei and Makoto paced around the room full of thoughts that nether knew how quite to word. Minako was lost deeply in worries about Rei and what their child looked like, a silly but content smile spread across her face. Then there was Ami, who under normal circumstances would have been the voice of reason. Not in this case however, the usually intellectual Ami sat dumbfounded not sure what question to ask next, or even how to ask it. Senshi dealt with things most would call crazy quite a lot, but this new accusation left even her for a loop. Haruka and Michiru had reserved smiles on their faces. A sign that at least they were at peace with this.

Usagi looked at her friends not sure what to say, so did the only smart thing she knew to do. Not say a word.

"Now the reason I happen to be here with these children is because all of them have aged 10 years since their birth, and they need to be cared for. As it stands right at this moment, we are in the middle of negotiations with people outside our solar system. While the Senshi are away, these children have no parents. Also, the ones who have stayed behind are over time on patrol, because of this, you the Senshi of this time, have been asked to watch over your respective children. Chibiusa has also decided to tag along for the time being, and since she know her way around I saw little need to corral her into the kitchen with the others. She's currently around someplace, playing no doubt." The young time mage stretched as she relaxed into a more thoughtful position.

After the rather lengthy explanation was over, no one knew what to say, or even better, how to say it. Makoto was the first to speak "You gotta be shitting me. This is so unreal even for Senshi… What the hell kinda blueprint did Mercury use? A Starlight… What the fuck was she even thinking? Wait…know what…. don't answer that question. I truly don't even want to know…" Sighed Makoto as she leaned back on the wall, very deep in thought.

Ami was next to find her voice "Me a parent in day and age? Please tell me this is only temporary. I'm not well enough equipped to care for a child." The bluenette sat as a tomato faced red as possible as she thought of the implications behind this matter. What would her mother think about this one? "None of us are for that matter."

Rei about combusted into a fit of nervous energy. "Please say you just made all that up! That I'm dreaming.. Something! Do NOT say this is real. It can't be. My grandpa will kill me, and Minako, a mother…that can't be good."

"Hey what's that's supposed to mean?" Retorted the blond.

"Nothing Minako… nothing at all." Rei said with her palm in her face attempting to calm herself down.

It seemed the only people who weren't upset by the news were Haruka and Michiru who had content smiles on their faces followed by a rarely hyperactive Hotaru. The fact that Chibiusa came to visit only added to the joy of the moment for her.

"Well I guess it's time to introduce them… I will pull each pair of parents aside separately so that we don't add confusion. Uranus and Neptune, please lets go into the kitchen." As they followed the Setsuna look-alike into the kitchen a very cute if not interesting sight caught their eye. Standing off to the side in a corner sat three children. Saria instructed not to get too close to the other two as she addressed the first child.

There stood a child in baggy blue jeans and what looked to be a little boys tank top with a jeans vest on top. The child's hair was aquamarine like Michiru's but cut short like Haruka's. Even if you could tell the child under all of that was a little girl it was blatantly obvious that she took more of Haruka's personality, at least as far as clothing styles went. She looked strong for her age, and the dirt stains on her shoes showed that she was the type of rough and tumble child, instead of a calm, relaxed one like Hotaru.

"This is Mari she's a little aggressive around people she doesn't know, but she adapts quickly if given the chance. Watch her closely, she tends to spark quite a lot of fights with boys, she doesn't like them one bit. She's been taking piano lessons with the Crystal Era Uranus and it was requested that the tutoring continue here. That's about all I can tell you, you'll have to get a feel for her temperament on your own. Ok Mari go into the other room with these two, and remember they are the same people only younger. They are still your parents so treat them as such. Understand?"

A silent nod was the only response from the child as she walked out to the living area. "Hey Ruka, remind you of anyone much?" Michiru giggled as she followed their daughter into the living room with Haruka tailing behind She was still confused but happy.

The next pair to walk through the door was Rei and Minako. "I'd like you to meet your child, Yumi come here please." A child stepped forth with long golden hair, her violet eyes looking to the floor. She seemed fearful as she stopped her approach next to Saria, hiding behind her. In size she was the smallest of the three. Her attire mirrored Rei's tastes more than anything, If her miko garb was anything to go by. Meek and mild seemed to be her over all attitude. When Minako got close to the child in bewilderment she flinched and hid further behind the mage she knew so well.

Stroking the child's hair in comfort, Saria explained the situation. "Yumi is a quiet child. She takes part of most duties that come from tending fire shrines on Mars. She's very well disciplined in that regard, but it also leaves her little time to play as a normal child. She follows Chibiusa around quite a lot and usually that's the only time she will truly get into trouble. Really, as far as friends go she's pretty much a loner. She does deal with the other children however, she would much rather cling to the adults or myself. One thing that is a goal for her to learn here is that while responsibility is fine to keep grasp of, you don't need to be so serous."

Yumi gave a polite bow. "So you are my mothers from this time?" Came the very quiet voice. Curiosity, a trait most likely passed on from Minako, finally got better of the ten-year-old and she came out of hiding.

"I guess we are." Minako said a friendly smile on her face, however when she bent down to greet the little girl on a more even level, she hid again. The little girl wasn't so much scared of Minako as much as being in a new place. Rei could fully understand that feeling. If Yumi lived any type of structured life on Mars that neared that of the life Rei had as a child on earth, it would be clear that Yumi wouldn't like to be in new and strange places.

Rei was still in shock about this whole idea but smiled politely as so not to frighten her more. The common ground of shrine life made it more simple for the child to warm up to her. "You'll like it here if you are used to the life of a shrine maiden. I live in a shrine." Rei said as she knelt down, allowing her daughter to make the first move. This was far better received as Yumi noted some familiarity, proceeding closer to Rei.

Saria was pleased with the exchange and decided there was little more she could do, so she passed the torch, or in this case the child off. "Please go to the living room and send Jupiter and Mercury in if you would please." Doing as was asked of them Ami and Makoto walked into the kitchen.

"You are the last to meet your child. Good luck with her she's a handful. Yasu come here please…and stop what ever it is you were doing over there." Saria commented as the small upstart drew closer.

"I was looking at some weird plant if you must know, Can't I do anything without getting the third degree?" Retorted the child annoyed. It was true they knew little about earth in this day and age, of course it would be different.

Ami and Makoto took one look at this child and there was no denying that she was theirs. She was the tallest of the children but with her long blue hair and blue eyes she most resembled Ami in facial features. Her attitude, on the other hand, was Makoto all the way. She held a deep distrust in her eyes and uncertainty was evident in the way she stood keeping her fists clenched almost as if looking for a fight. Yep, that look was very much one that Ami saw each time they faced a new enemy. Ready for combat, fight or flight responses active and ready. The child was even dressed for hand to hand combat.

"Yasu is a slight trouble maker but it's usually only when people egg her on. Most times she's on her own, she prefers it that way. She has a love for mathematics however put her in front of a science book of any type and she gets easily frustrated, she can also be quite the self critic. If she is around anyone, it's usually Mari, but that can be a bad thing without supervision. They tend to like to get into sparing matches but don't know when to quit." Saria explained as the eldest bluenette started to laugh.

"Where have I heard that before." Ami teased with a raised eyebrow looking towards Makoto.

"What? We only totaled a few areas of the park this month. We were being good!" The brunette exclaimed in defense in reference to this months sparing practices with Haruka.

"Yes, were being the key word. You were being good…until you decide for reasons still unknown, that it would be fun to see who could tear the park apart first. Really Makoto, do you two need to spar so violently? When it takes a Senshi more than three days to recover from an injury you know you've gone too far." Ami shot back with her medical reasoning and slight cockiness she used only with Makoto or her mother on rare occasions.

"Yeah, well at least we had fun, and we had you and Michiru to nurse us back to health." Makoto grinned smugly.

Ami grew a very deep blush in memory of the events that surrounded that entire escaped. She decide to ignore Makoto's slight perversion for the moment as she greeted the child that stood before them "Hello Yasu." She said in her usually timid voice letting her worry get the better of her.

Makoto on the other hand took a more outgoing approach she had noticed that Yasu was in a green training Gi with an icy blue border. "Hey Yasu, do you like martial arts as well?" She asked as she attempted to hold a conversation.

"You could say that. Actually this is what we are trained to fight in during early years of life. Where we come from each planet raises kids in a different way. The people from Jupiter are trained to fight with basic combat skills starting by the age of five." Yasu finished quietly. For as much brawn as she looked to, have she seemed to inherit Ami's slightly dainty voice. Dainty was one thing this child was not, that could be seen all to clearly as she walked through to the living room ending the conversation. Quickly followed by the other three.

With the last child handed of to the respectful parents Saria stood back in the living room. "As I'm sure you know mother, I need to go back. I trust you'll see things here go as smoothly as possible?" Setsuna nodded in agreement and just like that, her daughter was back through the time gate she had once came through, leaving the kids with the parents.

It had been decided after much deliberation that Setsuna would rig the memories just enough to make it possible that Yumi could stay with Rei and not worry about answering too many questions. With a little help from Setsuna, Mrs. Aino was under the impression that Minako would be staying with Rei for the time being. The guise was simple, it was so that she could learn about being a shrine maiden first hand. After arrangements were made the Senshi and their children spent the first night together.

-The outer household first night-

Hotaru was in her bedroom with Chibiusa and Setsuna playing cards all the while listening to a shouting match take place between Haruka and Mari over bed time. "I said get over here and get into this bed right now!" Haruka was at the end of her rope with being nice to this little human tornado.

"Papa doesn't sound happy." Hotaru sighed looking at her hand. "Got any five's?"

"Haruka will be alright." Setsuna replied easily enough. "And go fish." Hotaru drew a card, but it wasn't the one she needed. "Any Three's?" She asked Hotaru purposely, knowing it was Chibiusa who had them. When Hotaru answered the negative, Setsuna drew a card. All the while, the parent and child war zone continued. The game of chase commenced with no true victor in site. Potted plants were tipped and rugs become overturned as two very fast people raced through the house. The child ran into the living room and up the highest surface she could get on before continuing to antagonize her paternal figure.

"Michiru I need help in here!" Shouted Haruka out of desperation. Her daughter was too much like her. "She's not listening to a word that's said to her!"

The Senshi of the ocean walked in on a site that if she were not a parent of the child, would have found far too amusing for her own good. "What's going on in here?" She asked while hiding a smirk behind her elegant hand. Amidst of carpeted platforms, and woven toys that were occasionally used, Michiru found that Mari had found a better use for it the than simply housing a feline. Easily, she was out of Haruka's reach. "Well, that's a good hiding place, really." Michiru shrugged before giving Haruka a pointed stare.

"Mari won't go to bed!" the blond growled low and primal out of shear aggravation. Hotaru had been such a well behaved child that Mari acted like a hellion in comparison.

"Alright Haruka." Michiru answered simply before addressing the child. "Mari why are you up Luna's cat tree instead of the bed you belong in…it's twelve at night aren't you sleepy?" She questioned in a soothing voice, attempting to gain the child's trust, and the same time calm Haruka down before all havoc broke lose.

"I'm not coming down you can just forget that grand master plan." Mari huffed in annoyance then went back to looking out the window.

"Why don't you want to come down?" Michiru tried again. "Is there something up there of particular interest to you?"

"It's none of your business. Leave me alone." The child's voice was shaky as she backed further away from grasp.

Haruka's brow furrowed at the cat tree, her face in a scowl until she felt Michiru's hand on her shoulder. "Ruka look…" Michiru's voice was just above a whisper snapping Haruka out of her enraged state of mind. It was a complete change of heart for the child, of that, the tall blond knew.

When Haruka looked up, she saw the same thing Michiru saw, the little girl huddled to the corner looking up at the stars. A single tear rolling down her cheek gave little comfort, but a world of guilt. "Mari, it's alright." Michiru sighed. "We aren't going to hurt you. We may be a lot younger than you remember, but we are the same people." It was of no use. That kid wasn't going to budge.

Soon it became too much for the both of them. Mari wouldn't leave the safety of the tree. Haruka finally got a kitchen chair to stand on and lifted the child into her arms. As much as the Mari tried to fight to hold tears back, the familiar sent of motor oil pulled them lose. That, along with Haruka's protective embrace calmed Mari enough that she cried herself to sleep. Michiru fell asleep leaning into Haruka's shoulder. Everything seemed so surreal, but in the end they would make her realize that everything would be alright. All it would do is take time.

The Hikawa Shrine's first night-

"Wow, she's already asleep. That saves tonight for us. Good." Thought Minako as she went back outside to join Rei. The stars were out and it truly was beautiful. "Yumi's asleep already. She's a pretty well behaved child. I mean, if you think about it, she hasn't put up a fight about anything." The blond said quietly as she sat beside Rei looking into her eyes. "If I were her, I would have fought tooth and nail to stay home. It must be hard for her, being torn away from everything she's ever known."

"Probably, I wouldn't doubt it." Rei agreed. "But, our lives are different in the future. Things aren't going to be carefree. The look in her eyes, they're a lot like mine. If she's anything like me, she isn't going to be a social butterfly. Taking orders from parents, or even grandparents, come as a second nature. She could be the same way." Even though Rei wanted to pretend this wasn't happening, she knew it was. Minako was searching for something. A cue, an advancement. Minako wanted something, and inquiring minds thought alike. "Hey, do you think we will make good parents? I mean I didn't even think people like you and I end up together, but apparently we do… it's kind of odd don't you think?" Rei asked as she took in the sight of Minako in her pajamas. The blond looked so innocent when she wasn't preparing for a Senshi battle, or a hot date.

"Odd how Rei?" That's the question Minako wanted answered. "Odd because I'm a girl, or, odd because we raise a child together? That question could go either way, and I can't give you an answer if I don't know what you're talking about." It was a half truth. The answers were right there, in front of both of them. It didn't need a handout, or an open invitation. The air screamed intimacy. It was deeper than Rei ever felt in her years of life, even if dating wasn't one of her strong suits. She could read a heated gaze when she saw one.

The raven haired girl rolled her eyes, trying as hard as she could to lighten the mood. She needed to clear the air, and cool her warring mind. "No…not like that..." Rei began softly, it was as if she was disappointed in something. Even if she was though, Rei herself couldn't possibly express it. "If you can't tell I'm gay by now, then I don't know what to think." Her question was more than that. It went far beyond a simple relationship. It was the future, of fate, a soul mate. It was all about destiny, or the lack of it. "I meant odd because it seems like every Senshi pairs off with another. It's kinda like it was predetermined from the start just like with Usagi and Mamoru. I think we all just kind of fit together somehow..."

"You could be right." Minako looked at the ground, the grasses growing in between the stones, they were weeds just waiting to be plucked, then thrown away. They were nothing in this world, and Minako sometimes agreed with the sentiment. She felt as if she was only a pawn for useless games, nothing more. Fate had it all lined up, the future was going to place her where it wanted, her happiness be damned… and then, as if to prove her wrong, before her eyes came Yumi. It was as if for the first time, Minako saw a glimpse of her own future. It wasn't made for everyone, just her. Her... and Rei. "Have you ever had thoughts about you and I?" The Senshi of Venus spoke with a slight twinkle in her eyes.

Rei nodded. "A few times in the past…" The admittance came with a heavy heart, and then, a quickened explanation "I beat the idea out of my head though. It would be so wrong to do that, at least that's what I thought." Minako seemed crestfallen by Rei's words, and the girl of fire hadn't thought of how she could fix things. The truth came easily, but not without a stabbing guilt. "Ami and Makoto are going to attempt something. I don't need to worry about ruffling feathers, Right?" It seemed a cop-out. Rei, for all of her normal bluster, couldn't muster the courage to live life on a different level. "What about you?" She asked weakly, as if hoping Minako would perk up.

The shrine was so calming at night and being the miko she was Rei took this time to lay back on the wood flooring her view of the sky partly hidden by the roof. Minako smiled a little before doing the same, looking to the sky for answers that weren't really there. "I'm not offended by it. I'm the goddess of love after all, and love comes in many forms. We fight for it, we defend it, so why on earth would I judge it? Besides Rei, love and passion go hand in hand like this, see?" Minako said as she interlaced their fingers while staring into the eyes of the miko. Lavender orbs followed suit, gazing deeply into the baby blue eyes.

It was uncertain who advanced first but when their lips touched ever so slightly for the first time it was peaceful, slow, and full tenderness. It didn't last long, and as they pulled away from the they continued to watch the stars. Rei sat behind Minako and pulled her into an embrace. As she closed her eyes she could remember the arrival at the shrine earlier that day. It was her first day as a parent, or at least, a good first mockery as one.

"This is where I live Yumi, and it is your home now for the time being. You are free to do what you'd like." Rei welcomed the girl easily, and showed her around the grounds. She introduced the girl to many strangers as a new apprentice. Rei suffered her grandfather's questioning gaze, and his constant bantering. She'd lost count at how many times she had lied through her teeth, a skill she was quite good at, but also detested greatly. The only thing worse than lying, was doing it over and over again, while forcing Yumi too keep up the ruse.

When it was time for dinner, Rei cooked the meal. Yumi helped, and also aided the cleaning that took place after. Her words were soft, and constantly obedient. She never strayed very far, never asked for anything more than she was offered. "Yes, thank you for watching over me." Rei recalled hearing that line time and time again. The elderly man was Yumi's great grandfather, and the poor old man would probably never know it. Yumi treated him just like Rei, an old man, full of love and kindness. His wisdom was to be cherished, and his silliness gawked at. In her younger years, Rei giggled too, thinking it was funny. The girl was skittish and had gone off into hiding sometime after their meal.

A few hours later, Rei was performing her usual duties when Minako pulled her to the door of the fire room. The door was cracked open and on the other side Rei could see the little girl do her best attempt at what looked like a fire reading. At the angle she was sitting, one could see the tears stream down her cheeks. After a moment the little girl fell asleep near the warmth of the flame. It was then when Rei picked the child up and place her into bed. Before Rei could walk out she heard her whisper sleepily... "mother…" It was filled with a sadness Rei herself couldn't exactly comprehend.

"I don't know what we can do for them." Rei's voice carried the pain Yumi's had that evening. "This can't possibly be good, forcing them away from their families like this. We aren't family, we're strangers. At least right now we are. How could you begin to fix that? How do we even repair the damage?"

"You don't. One day, They'll go home. Until then, there really isn't anything we can do." That's the only sleepy whisper Rei heard. Nothing more was said that night, but then again, nothing else needed to be.

-Makoto's apartment first night-

Ami was reading her book on the sofa while Makoto was in the kitchen preparing some coffee. It was going to be a long night. When they had arrived home Yasu went off to a corner of the tiny apartment. The bookshelf was modest at best, but That's where Yasu found her hiding place, burying her nose and ignoring those around her. Cooking books lined the top shelf, then next contained an assortment of romance, mystery, action, and adventure novels. The last two shelves were dedicated to Ami's collection of educational material. Ami noticed Yasu looking over a book with confused interest. It was as if the little girl was lost in it, with no way out.

"Is there something you'd like me explain?" No reply came however, as the child continued to muse over something. Her expressions changed drastically from moment to moment. At first, it was a simple frown, then a scowl, then, as if an accomplishment had been made, she smiled. The event seemingly happened over and over, as if each new problem gave the girl a welcomed struggle she simply had to face down. An opponent, the equation a rival she had to defeat. "Yasu?" Ami wondered if the little girl could hear them at all.

"You know, she really is our kid after all." Joked Makoto when she took in the sight for herself. "It's like she's on a warpath or something." Makoto whispered, having seen Ami get that same look many times when frustrated on any academic level. It was rare, but it did happen. Ami just giggled quietly as she slowly stepped over to see just what was so fascinating in the book.

"Mhm just as I thought." Ami said as she picked up her Advanced Trigonometry booklet. "That's called a double half angle formula. Did you know trigonometric functions alone are important but pale in comparison with the formulas, properties, and identities which can be used to perform complex calculations with trig functions?" Yasu nodded her head agreeing silently. "And you did this?" again, Yasu nodded.

"Just what on earth is it you two are bantering about?" Makoto asked as she looked at the math problem on the current page with her head spinning. "Uh, never mind." Quickly she backed away, going back into the kitchen to retrieve the cake she had baked earlier. "I want not a single part in that discussion." She mumbled as if the cake could hear her.

csc A = 1 / sin Asec A = 1 / cos Acot A = 1 / tan A sin A = 1 / csc Acos A = 1 / sec Atan A = 1 / cot A

Ami was more than amused at the righting on the paper. "Yasu, do you really understand Reciprocal Relationships in trig?" Yasu nodded and so began the mathematics debate. It was engaging to say the least. Ami was thoroughly enjoying herself having finally found someone who could at the very least keep pace with what came out of her mouth.

Makoto, found herself plastered on the sofa, watching as the event took place. Yasu really seemed to be opening up, although her words were soft, and hardly there at all. Either way, it proved amusing at first. After an hour of mathematics galore Makoto finally had enough. "You know what? I get enough of this at school. It's eleven at night and I say there is far too much studying going on. We have school in the morning, and I want to kill off a few brain cells doing something mindless."

"Well you're right. We are talking about Math, but it's a debate, not rigorous study. There's a difference." Commented the child. "If we were studying, the entire room would be filled with books, we'd be in the main library, or on mercury! Besides, I don't study enough at home, I really should be doing more, or mom's going to get mad. I haven't studied since she... well, never mind, it's not important."

"Far be it from me to tell you two not to study, debate, and whatever, but please do it in the kitchen. I want to be mindless and I can't do that when the two of you keep shouting stupidly long numbers back and forth." Makoto further empathized her point by pointing at the pile of books, calculators, rulers, and various types of papers littering the coffee table. "there is such a thing as frying your brain with a book."

"You made your point." Yasu shrugged it off, picking up the books. "You two really are like mom and maka."

This earned a confused look from both Ami and Makoto look as they said in unison "Maka?" The little girl just laughed as she remembered the story.

"Yea, Maka was what I called Jupiter-mama when I was little. It just kinda stuck, even now that's what I call her when we aren't at a formal event. Mercury-Mama, well I just called her mom, since she's the one who gave birth to me. It's been that way since I can remember. That is until outer galaxy's wanted to form a truce…now they and the rest of the Senshi are off to see to it that things go as smoothly as possible. Chibiusa wanted to come back for a visit anyway so our moms told her to bring us as well. That's why Saria brought us here, she can't baby-sit us and protect the queen. If something goes wrong, she's the only one out of all of us who can fight." Yasu frowned slightly as she finished talking, and it didn't go unnoticed.

"You do know we are the same people right? You can call us what you want. It won't hurt anything." Makoto said attempting to give some form of comfort.

"That's right." Ami agreed wholeheartedly.

Yasu shook her head. "It's not that we all don't know you're the same people. We are all very well aware of it." She paused, looking at Makoto was hard. This person, it was both a mirror, and a total change. Yasu didn't know what to say, or how to say it. When she looked at Ami, she felt the same way. Her mind completely indifferent for the feelings of the people in front of her. "It's just that the parents we know, they're different. You're all still in schooling and it's just a little unnerving for us. Chibiusa told us that you all would act slightly different, and it's true."

"It must be hard." Makoto could see the toll without being told. The price was deep, likely more so than anyone really knew. "We are here though. I know we aren't your parents, at least not yet...but, we are here if you need us. We will do our best to help you guys through anything. Even Chibiusa had it hard at first, but it got easier for her, and she really does like it here. I think you will too."

Yasu nodded, but it seemed like she hadn't accepted that for an answer. "In this time you all seem more equivalent to an older sister than our parents. That's to be expected I guess, but it still doesn't change the fact that we all don't know when we are going home. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that we wouldn't be sent here just for a visit. Not unless there was cause for it. This place is very different than the moon we were growing up on. It doesn't matter, I think I'll go to bed now… I'll see you in the morning." She sighed "Goodnight." The little girl walked off leaving her mothers to think about what had just been said in great detail.

Tomorrow another meeting was going to be in order. It was the only thing they could think of to do.

To be continued...

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