Bolt – The Warrior's Soul – Book Four

The Midnight Saga

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Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you were willing to do anything to get it? That was how I felt about Mittens when someone tried to take her away from me. Thankfully I didn't have to do "Anything", but I do know someone who did do "anything", and what he wanted was power. He got it to, and he hurt lots of others with that power. Not everything we want is good, but when we want good things, good things come. My name is Bolt, I'm an American white shepherd who once received great power. It was taken from me when I traveled to a different world, and now it is being used to destroy it. My only chance is to go in and…

Chapter 1 – Plan

"Sypoon the entire Warrior's Soul out of Dragoon?" Mittens cried out, "No not a chance, you'd be dead before you set paw one on Neutros!" she shook her head in an attempt to emphasize her point. "I know that so we're going to get help!" Bolt told her. "Like who? Sassy and Shadows?" she cried out, when he smiled at her without speaking, she knew she had hit the nail on the head. "No, no! They'll never agree with this, you know that!" "I'll get them to…somehow!" Bolt said, even though he wasn't very positive about it. "I'm going with you, just in case they try something. My claws are still made of Diaqurotioux Crystal" she said not really giving him an option. "I wouldn't have it any other way." he said honestly.

"SHADOWS! SASSY!" they two of them shouted. The tip they had gotten led them here, to the back allies of New York. A city they had visited before, but only because it was being attacked by Dr. Catzer's Cat people experiments. Now they were searching for someone that probably couldn't hurt them. "Where could they be?" Bolt asked, "We've been searching for hours ever since Rhino upgraded his long-range TIP into the O-TIP!" "What the hell is an O-TIP?" they heard from behind them. The voice laughed as it spoke and they defiantly could recognize it, "Hello Shadows!" Bolt growled as he glanced towards the dark corners of the ally way. The large jet black cat melted out of the shadows that surrounded him, until he was completely visible to everyone. "Long time no see Bolt!" he said. "Not long enough!" was Bolt's response. Shadows smiled as if he knew something Bolt didn't, "You missed a lot you know," and he walked, circling the two animals, "Sassy's Birthday, my little Valentine's Day break down," then he turned to look Bolt in the eyes as he passed by, "the birth of our children." Bolt and Mittens both widened their eyes is shock, and turned to each other questioningly, as if asking whether they knew or not. Shadows relished in the looks on their faces, "Oh yah, me and Sassy are parents. No, we're not married like you two are, but we're happy. She's even over her Bolt obsession now." he nodded as he spoke, trying to let the information sink in. It worked for a while until, "DADDY!" a loud obnoxious girl voice called out. Shadows knew that the mood had been shattered and sighed, "What?" he called out. A pure white cat no older than Wolf walked out with an air of personal perfection, she even stopped at a puddle and looked at it before carefully walking around it. "Mir is trying to find a treasure. It's so absurd, ridiculous, just absolutely crazy…" she whined. "Do you even know what a treasure is, Anna?" Shadow asked. Anna, the pure white cat, lifted her eyes to the sky thinking, "Not really, what is a treasure Daddy?" she finally asked. Bolt and Mittens both felt like collapsing to the ground in shock, that had to be the most melodramatic scene they had ever seen. "It's a collection of valuables." he told her. Anna let her eyes open quickly in realization, "Oh!" she said and walked around the puddle again to go back into the seemingly abandoned building. "She's about the same age as our children." Mittens whispered into Bolt's ear. "Huh?" Shadows asked, she had forgotten that he was born with hyper sensitive hearing. "When did you and Sassy…?" Bolt asked. Shadows let his eyes quirk in a questioning look, "About five months after our little fight at the church." Bolt and Mittens both dropped their jaws, "We were only gone four months!" Bolt told him. "No, you were gone for almost two years!" Shadows said as if it had been the most obvious thing in the world. "Shadows what's going on out there?" Sassy called out from inside the building. When she came out, she had a small grey kitten next to her with a white stripe that started on his forehead and traveled down his back, and completely encased his tail. "What could be keeping…" then she saw her visitors, "Oh, you two!" "Uh…" was all Mittens could say as he continued to be flabbergasted at what she saw. "Mommy?" the little grey kitten asked in an almost whisper, "Who are they?" "That happens to be my Sister, Mittens and her husband Bolt." she told him. "They don't look scary." he said to his mother, "I never said they were Kevin." Sassy told him, then turned to the two animals out in the ally way, "You two coming in or not!"

The inside of the building was set up similar to an office, except everything was in shambles, cleaned up but still in rough shape. "You two are welcome to make yourselves comfortable," Sassy offered but under her breath she said, "providing you won't be staying long!" "Uh…Thanks?" Mittens asked as she again gazed at the three kittens, still unbelieving. "What?" Sassy asked. "Just trying to wrap my mind around it I guess." Mittens told her. Apart from the two she had already seen, there was a Kitten who looked very close to what Mike looked like, except the 'Chipmunk' Lines started at the corners of her eyes and angled themselves to move around her ears before stopping at her backside. That one she guessed was Mir. Sassy followed Mittens' gaze, and chuckled a little before allowing the pride of a mother fill her soul, "Oh yah, I almost forgot the introductions. Children, please come here." with that, all three of them made their way to sit by their mother, "This is Anna!" she said pointing her nose at the pure white kitten. "She's actually the oldest by about ten minutes." with that, Anna beamed widely, "She's also somewhat of a pre-Madonna!" Sassy followed up, and Anna produced a pout, obviously taking offense to that comment. Ignoring the look her dauter gave her, she turned to the kitten that reminded Mittens of Mike, "This is Mir, she's kind of like a dreamer, except she actually tries to play out her dreams." Mir simply smiled before spouting, "Are you my Aunt?" Mittens was slightly caught off guard, "Uh…Yes!" she answered honestly, "Do you have kids?" Mir asked. "Yes." Bolt said in her place. "Can I see them?" Mir asked and Sassy quickly interrupted, "OK that's enough of that! Trust me, if you let her she will ask questions non-stop!" Then pointed her nose at the little boy kitten, with his ears down, "And this shy little one is my son, Kevin." Kevin quickly looked to the ground and whispered, "Hi!" "He's a little shy because he was attacked when he was about a half month old." "By what?" Bolt asked. "A stupid Raccoon!" Shadows said, "And he learned a lesson he won't soon forget." Bolt almost felt pride, until he remembered who he was talking to. "We'd like to invite you…five to join us at Penny's house, the Kittens so they can meet their cousins and you two because we need your help!" Mittens quickly spouted off. Sassy and Shadows, gave them both an 'are you serious' look both lowering their eyelids to about half. "You came over here to recruit your rivals for a final battle to save two worlds?" Shadows asked. Bolt and Mittens were shocked, "How…?" Bolt asked. Shadows shook his head, "Not a chance Dog! You lost the Power Soul, to Dragoon and now he's probably going around destroying that planet you and your family went to save, sorry but as long as he doesn't come here, I'm not interested. I've got a family to protect and feed. In case you didn't know, it's not easy when you're out here on your own." Shadows said and got back up to walk to the entrance. "It hasn't been easy for use either, every time we turned around there was another, Neo-Neutrosian trying to kill us!" Mittens countered. Sassy didn't say a word, instead she closed her eyes in thought. "But Shadows…" Bolt tried to say, but Shadows had made up his mind, "Goodbye!" he said forcefully. Bolt, narrowed his eyes into an angry scowl, "Fine, but just to let you know, by the time you do decide to take action, it might just be too late to help with anything. Me, I'd rather see that my children have a world to grow up on." and with that, he and Mittens exited the building, to make their way home.

End –Chapter 1