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Sousuke and Amalthea stared at the cute hatchlings in front of them that were staring back with huge cute eyes, Amalthea then reached out to her hatchling who nuzzled her hand and chirped a word that both humans could understand "Mommy!"

Amalthea smiled at that and scooped the baby dragon into her arms causing the hatchling to coo and chirp happily at being in her "mother's" arms, Amalthea looked at her new "daughter" then at Sousuke who had picked his hatchling up. Sousuke chuckled as his male baby dragon squirmed under his fingers that were tickling its tummy and Amalthea then noticed something unusual about their new pets, "Sousuke, is it just me or are these little ones changing colors?"

He looked at his dragon and realized it was changing its color to an inky black and Amalthea's dragon was turning an icy blue and white, he blinked in amusement as he scratched behind his hatchling's horns and wondered out loud "I wonder why they changed colors?"

Amalthea shrugged and then they heard a knock on the door, Sousuke answered it to find Kenpachi, Grimmjow and Yachiru standing outside with gifts as they had been called to Soul Society to talk about Grimmjow. Amalthea squealed happily at seeing her uncles and ran over for hugs, Kenpachi and Grimmjow laughed as Sousuke quickly got the presents from them just as Amalthea ploughed into them. Her dragon hatchling chirped on the bed in amusement as Kenpachi and Grimmjow were actually knocked down from the force of her hug, Sousuke then noticed some of the names on the gifts and smiled at seeing one from Momo. Grimmjow noticed what his niece was wearing and grinned as he said "Now that is a beautiful outfit, Kitten."

"Sousuke got it for me, Uncle Evans!"

Grimmjow laughed and got up off the ground as Kenpachi chuckled and Yachiru tackled Amalthea happily as she chirped "Even Unohana Taichou sent you a gift with the ones that were sent to Gin-san and Aizen-san."

Amalthea looked surprised and asked "But I don't even know her so why did she send me a present?"

Sousuke smiled and said "Does she need a reason to send you anything, love?"

Amalthea smiled at his logic and shook her head no as she accepted the package then walked over to the bed where Haku and her new dragon Hatchling curled up beside her. She opened her gift from the Head captain and gasped at the book she had been given, Sousuke quickly looked at the book over her shoulder and laughed as he said "I don't know if I should be scared or amused by the book..."

Grimmjow looked confused as did Kenpachi until she held the book up to show them the title which said "Boyfriend Training for Dummies"

Needless to say that made Kenpachi and Grimmjow crack up pretty hard at the title when Amalthea noticed another book underneath the first one and picked it up with a happy squeal, Sousuke smiled as he saw it was a book on healing Kidou which she had wanted to learn...

Two weeks later...

Amalthea giggled as she used a simple Healing Kidou on her lover's nose as Gin apologized for getting carried away in their sparring match, Aizen just winced as his nose began to heal while Amalthea kissed his cheek to distract him from the pain. She finished healing his nose and gave her boyfriend another kiss that he gladly returned, Amalthea then giggled as Aizen stood up and lunged at Gin who yelped and ran for it.

Amalthea watched as Gin was chased around the room with a smile and then called out to the two males as she noticed it was lunch time "OI! Do you two want to eat or not?"

Both boys stopped running around the room at the mention of food as Hermione rolled her eyes and said from where she was curled up with a book, "Typical boys to drop everything for food..."

Amalthea cracked up laughing as Aizen and Gin looked at each other then looked at Hermione and said "We are not typical boys!"

"Could have fooled me..."

They all looked at each other then started laughing as they headed out of the room to get lunch, they walked into the great hall and sat at their respective tables as they quickly ate something light yet filling. Amalthea then asked something that had everyone looking at them in surprise, "Sousuke...Are we going to do the usual for Valentine's Day?

Aizen paused as he thought about that then nodded as he said "Well we did manage to get it I think that would work."

A perfect then asked "What are you guys talking about?"

Amalthea grinned and said "It's a secret!"

Aizen chuckled at her comment and kissed her cheek as he whispered that they had to check on their hatchlings before class, she nodded as they stood with the excuse of grabbing their text books from the common room and hurried from the great hall...

Amalthea giggled as Yami and Storm tackled them as they came into the room along with Kanna and Haku, Aizen was knocked to the floor by the enthusiastic greeting causing Amalthea to giggle even harder. Aizen just laughed as he asked their familiars to get off so he could stand up, they all piled off their "Daddy" and sat in a row with big puppy dog eyes as Yami chirped "Daddy, can we PLEASE come with you? It's boring here in the dorm room..."

Amalthea and Aizen looked at each other and sighed as Amalthea said "Just for today..."

The baby familiars cheered and quickly climbed into their owners' bags to get comfy and they looked up at their "Parents" as they turned and headed out the door to class. Amalthea warned the familiars that they had to stay quiet and behave or else they wouldn't be able to bring them to Class again, they nodded and curled up as the two humans entered the DADA classroom, Aizen and Amalthea took their usual seats near the back when the teacher came in.

After class, Aizen noticed Amalthea holding her head and asked softly "Another headache?"

She nodded as she had tears in her eyes and whispered "This one is worse than the others though..."

Aizen looked worried and suggested going to the hospital wing for a headache potion, she nodded and asked him to tell Professor Snape where she was and that she would be in class as soon as possible. Aizen gave her a gentle kiss and then hurried off to Potions as she headed for the Hospital wing, she was nearly there when a Stunner came out of nowhere and hit her causing her to fall down the last two steps. Quirrell then stepped out from behind the suit of Armor and smirked as he headed the steps to the young girl, he was about to grab her when he was tackled by Something HUGE and his wand knocked out of his hand.

Haku stood over top his "Mother" protectively while Storm pinned the DADA teacher down while growling; The Ice dragon was now the size of a large Draft horse and was furious that her "mother" had been hurt by someone who was supposed to protect children from harm. The dragon then roared in pain as a mysterious force assaulted her mind causing her to back up to her mother just as Snape came to see what was taking Amalthea so long to get to class. Snape yelped at the dragon as Quirrell made his escape before Snape could see him, Snape stood still as the dragon looked at him and then came over to sniff him.

Storm sniffed the new teacher that had showed up and wagged her tail at his scent as she returned to Hatchling form. She then took his robes in her mouth and tugged him over to her "mother", Snape then knelt and looked at Amalthea as he recognized the spell she had been hit with and she had a nice little goose egg on her temple from where she hit it. He gently lifted Amalthea into his arms and carried her to the Hospital wing with her Familiars curled up on her stomach.

He entered the hospital wing as he called for Madam Pomfrey, she came running and saw Amalthea in his arms. She paled and asked what happened and Severus told her what happened when he walked onto the scene and that the culprit had escaped before he could identify them. She quickly got him to lay her down on one of the beds then began looking Amalthea over for any other injuries, Madam Pomfrey sighed in relief at finding nothing else wrong and quickly cast the spell to wake Amalthea up. She moaned as she sat up and asked "Who or what hit me?"

Snape told her that she had been hit by a stunner and he arrived to see her dragon backing away but her size at the time blocked the culprit from being seen. Amalthea paled at that as Storm chirped beside her, she scooped up her hatchling and softly asked "Are you going to take Storm away? She just hatched two weeks ago and thinks of me as her mother..."

Madam Pomfrey's eyes went wide as she asked "Miss Potter, are you telling us you can understand your Dragon?"

Amalthea nodded and told the two teachers about the eggs her and Sousuke had been raising and what happened when they hatched. Amalthea then said "The owner of the store did mention that he thought they were phoenix eggs though."

Snape chuckled as he told her no one could take the dragons if they tried as they were bonded to Sousuke and her as true Familiars and the Ministry could do nothing about it, Amalthea smiled at Snape when Sousuke came in with a worried look and asked what happened. Snape looked surprised as he asked what Sousuke was doing there and how he knew something was wrong, Sousuke then pointed to the Snow Leopard cub at his side as it dashed away from him and jumped into Amalthea's arms with a cry "Momma!"

Sousuke was then taken outside by Snape as Amalthea calmed her cub down, Snape explained what happened when he had arrived on the scene and Sousuke swore as he softly said "I shouldn't have left her she was attacked because of that."

"Sousuke...don't blame yourself for this, you didn't know that she was being targeted but now that you do know..."

"...I can protect her better."

Amalthea then stepped outside with her Familiars in her bag and Snape dismissed them to their last class of the day with the warning for Amalthea to be careful when she was alone.

Valentine's Day...

Sousuke was laughing at the blush on Gin's cheeks as he gave Hermione her Valentine's day gift that he had handmade for her which was a strawberry blonde Kitsune stuffie kissing a Sliver Kitsune stuffie through the use of magnets in the muzzle area. The result was a dazed Gin from all the kisses Hermione heaped on him while she hugged the plushie to her chest. Sousuke then slipped out of the room with his gift for Amalthea who was napping in their shared room, he slipped into the room and found the TV had been set up with the DVD player that Kisuke had gotten them to work for them. He smiled and then made his way to the bed where he found Amalthea hugging his pillow to her chest; he gently shook her shoulder and kissed her cheek as he said "Are you ready for our Studio Ghibli Film marathon, my Little Star?"

Amalthea yawned as she sat up and nodded sleepily while Sousuke pressed his gift into her hand causing her to look down, She squealed happily when she saw the gift was a set of Circus du Soliel tickets for that Easter break in London. She beamed at her boyfriend and hugged him tight as she whispered thank you to him, Sousuke smiled and told her she was very welcomed as he picked her up and carried her to the small love seat in the room. He then slipped in the first movie and they curled up with each other as their Familiars joined them by sitting in their laps...