Chapter 4

A few days later Nathan walked in the front door to sound of a piano being played.

Shilo and Mag were seated at the old piano in the living room. Mag was showing her how to play a song, her fingers flying deftly over the keys despite the fact she couldn't see them.

She looked lovely in a dark red slip dress, her dark hair hanging in loose waves around her shoulders. The white cane he had gotten her was propped up against the side of the piano.

Mag turned toward the door as he stepped into the room, a smile spreading over her face. "Hello Nate" she said brightly.

Shilo looked around. "Hi Dad" she said cheerfully. "Mag has been teaching me to play the piano. She tried to teach me to sing but I'm not any good at it" she admitted wryly.

"You just need a bit more practice" Mag said. Shilo smiled. "Maybe... but I'll never be as good as you" she said. "No one can sing like Mag" Nathan said, making Mag flush slightly at the compliment.

Shilo grinned mischievously and went over to the radio. "Maybe she is on the radio right now..." she said, turning it on.

A new pop/rock song blasted from the sound system and Shilo started to sing along to it. She dragged Nathan to his feet and they started dancing to the song... both doing to outdo each other with goofy moves and laughing.

Mag smiled as she listened to them having fun. The song changed to an old song that was more pop than rock. Mag started tapping her foot in time to the music.

Nathan smiled. "Remember this one Mag?" he asked. She grinned. "Of course... we used to listen to it all the time!" she said.

He walked over to her. "May I have this dance?" he asked with a smile, putting his hand next to hers, palm up.

She nibbled her bottom lip. "You won't let me trip or bump into anything right?" she asked. "Of course not. I won't let go of you" he said warmly.

Mag smiled and took his hand. He pulled her to her feet and took her hands. She felt nineteen again as he danced her around the room, careful not to let her bump into anything.

He spun and twirled her around. "Nate... you're making... me... dizzy..." she said between bursts of laughter. When he stopped she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself. She felt like she was about to fall over but she couldn't remember the last time she had had so much fun.

Just then the music changed to a slow song. He moved a bit closer, putting one hand on her waist and taking her hand with the other.

She smiled as they slowly swayed to the gentle beat of the music.

Nathan couldn't help noticing how beautiful she was, even with the bandages. Why had he never noticed quite how lovely she was before? He could hardly take his eyes off her.

Mag couldn't believe how safe she felt in his arms. She knew he wouldn't let her fall. She didn't trust easily after all she had been though at GeneCo … but she trusted him. And she cared about him too. More than she would care to admit.

She couldn't help moving a bit closer to him and sliding her arms around his neck. His hands moved to rest on her waist.

Both of them were oblivious when the song changed to another slow song. Somehow she ended up with her head resting on his shoulder, his arms around her.

They both jumped slightly when Shilo loudly cleared her throat.

"Would you two like me to leave the room?" she said slyly, a grin on her face.

Mag let him go, cheeks ever so slightly pink. What was she doing? This was her late best friends husband…

"That's alright Shilo…" Nathan said quickly, glad Mag couldn't see the slightly sheepish look on his face.