The moment Lestrade opened his eyes he shot out of bed and rushed towards the computer. Surely Mycroft must have said something by now. Lestrade just hoped he wasn't going to read anything hinting there were hard feelings from the other man. Standing over his computer, he logged on.

No messages. Not even the occasional ad for weight control pills that for some reason does not make it directly into his spam folder. Lestrade didn't know what to feel right now. Relief that he didn't have to read an angry e-mail just yet? Anger that Mycroft still wasn't getting in touch with him? Or sadness?

He voted for the last one. He was so sad he was hearing things. He could hear 'I Will Survive' sung by Gloria Gaynor. Then he realized that that was his ringtone on his cell. His head turned to the phone on the table right by his computer and he nearly fell back in his...stance...

"Mycroft?" he answered .5 seconds after he realized who was calling.

"Ah! Hello Gregory. I didn't wake you, did I? I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, I want to make it up to you. I see you're free today. Would you like to meet at my place and we can watch that movie you've been wanting to see? We can watch it while we have ourselves a bite to eat. What do you say?"

Lestrade blinked once. What did he say to that? He was struck speechless and for a few long seconds he did nothing but stand in silence with his mouth hanging open.

Maybe he could ask Mycroft if he read his e-mail? And if not, then he would have to break up with him over the phone. That sounded like a good plan. Right then, now to say something before Mycroft assumed he had fallen dead on the floor.

"Um...what movie are you talking about?"

That was what came out of his mouth for reasons beyond Lestrade. He had the whole 'break up' speech preparing in his head yet he asked about the movie. Why did he...?

God, it was so good to hear Mycroft's voice again!

"Well, that movie about the hat who falls in love with the shoe, of course. You always did have the most...fascinating tastes in cinema, Gregory."

"Wait. Are you talking about the movie that isn't even out in theaters yet?"

"That's correct. What time do you want to be picked up? There should be scotch in the car but please don't drink too much before getting here. You know you get silly and affectionate when you're drunk and I want to wait until later to cuddle."

Mycroft? And food? And scotch? And movies? And cuddling? And Mycroft saying the word cuddle? Was this a beautiful dream? Lestrade's heart swelled up with hope. However the hope paused before it got too high, then dropped. No, it couldn't be like this. He made up his mind last night.

"Mycroft, listen. I sent you an e-mail yesterday..." he trailed off.

A curious 'oh?' came from the other line. Lestrade was about to will himself to go on but then Mycroft spoke up.

"I'm sorry, Gregory. I haven't had time to look at it. But I'll read it tonight," he said it like a promise, "For now I just want to spend some time with you. The car should be there in half an hour. I can't wait to catch up with you. You have no idea how much I've missed you."

Click. Just like that Mycroft had hung up without giving Lestrade another chance to speak. The DI was stunned by the turn of events. Why had he agreed to spend time with Mycroft after he convinced himself that breaking up was for the best? Granted, he didn't really agree directly...

Wait a minute! He didn't agree indirectly either! Mycroft made the decision for him! Dammit, he hated it when the man did that!

His finger aimed at the redial button before a thought stopped him. He had wanted to break up in person and now Mycroft has given him the perfect opportunity. It was just what they both needed. Lestrade can spend one last, final, sweet, heartbreaking moment with his lover before goodbye. His heart throbbed in pain. Goodbye. What was good about it? More like badbye.

Badbye. That's a new word! He was so claiming that as his own. Let it be known from this day forward that badbye was invented and copyrighted by Greg Lestrade!

Er-hem...moving along...

Half an hour later, Lestrade was dressed and polished for the day. Hair combed? Check. Teeth brushed? Check. Clothes he had not worn the day before (Mycroft always hated that). Check.

While Lestrade was still going through his mental checklist the expected knock tapped on his door. He made sure he had his good luck paperclip in his pocket before opening the door. He had expected to see one of Mycroft's drivers to come and make sure he didn't lose his way to getting to the car. Imagine his surprise when he saw someone else...


The well kept man with his umbrella smiled in greeting. Lestrade could not believe his eyes. Mycroft hardly ever changed his own plans without reason. And he had never been inside Lestrade's house...

Shoot! Lestrade didn't clean the place up! Dammit, Mycroft was going to chew him out for living like a pig-

His thoughts were cut off by warm lips on his mouth and a gentle hand on the back of his head. Lestrade instinctively melted into the kiss as Mycroft pushed him inside. Mycroft withdrew to shut the door behind him, then he turned to look at Lestrade with inviting eyes.

"Gregory. I cannot tell you how good it is to see you after all this time."

Focus. Lestrade had to stay focus.

"Mycroft I-"

"You look quite handsome in that shirt. But might I say you'd probably look better with it off."

Woah! Someone was getting feisty a little early in the game, Lestrade thought.

No. There couldn't be a game. There couldn't be anything else between them. He had to stay focus or else-


"Would you like to have brunch? Afterward we can watch that movie and then go bathe in my private hot springs-"

"Mycroft! It's over! We're breaking up!"