There. He had said it. Lestrade was now staring fearfully at Mycroft, waiting for the other man's reaction. Mycroft did not move, did not speak, did not even look like he had heard him. But he had, Lestrade knew that for a fact.

Mycroft peered down at the floor and sighed softly to himself. A few seconds passed before Mycroft hesitantly stared back up at the DI.

"I see I must've kept you waiting far too long. I'm sorry. But must we resort to such drastic measures so soon?"

Oh God, Lestrade thought. Mycroft was doing that annoying thing again! That let's-be-reasonable-and-understanding annoying thing!

"It's not that, Mycroft. It's just that I think this is for the best."

"And why is that?" Mycroft arched an eyebrow.

Lestrade gulped. Now he had to explain why. And it was so hard to think of a clear, solid, and in-depth answer that would satisfy the man. This was why he hated getting into logical discussions.


"...Because...why?" Mycroft pressed.

"Because," Lestrade began again, "Because...I think that we would be...happier...with other...people, is all that I'm saying."

"And this decision of yours has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have been gone for two months?"

The air was tense after that. Lestrade could practically feel it electrifying in the atmosphere around them. He could tell, after knowing the man for some time, that beneath Mycroft's calm exterior was something far more alert and calculating. Lestrade could see those soft eyes becoming hard, like an avocado.

No wait a minute. That's the other way around, isn't it? Or...wait...he was having a brain fart here...Did avocados start out soft and become hard over time? Or did they start out hard and become soft? Which was it?

Mycroft suddenly chuckled, causing Lestrade to snap out of his thoughts.

"Come now, Gregory. I know what this is really about. You're upset with me for not getting into contact with you. Why don't I make it up to you? We can watch that movie and just spend some time together. Then, I can imagine you changing your mind."

And here Mycroft gave Lestrade his award-winning smile. The smile that would always make Lestrade melt and his knees weak. Maybe he was being a bit too rash. Maybe this whole breaking-up idea was absurd. He really did want to just kiss those smiling lips senseless. Spend some time with Mycroft, after two long, lonely, quiet, heartbreaking months...

Oh! Mycroft almost had him there. Lestrade felt his earlier resolve coming back to life. Mycroft's smile slowly faded as he saw how Lestrade's demeanor told him that his words had no effect.

"I'm sorry Mycroft but we have to split up," his words choked out of his throat. Were his eyes warming up and getting moister in them? "I'm sorry but we can't go on like this. You don't need me. And I'm not going to let you waste anymore of your time and money on me."

Lestrade was not expecting the glare that came from Mycroft. In all the months he had dated the man he had never once seen him angry. The closest thing was mildly agitated. And that was extremely mild. More mild than Lestrade's grandmother's salsa that had almost no flavor.

"So this is what this is about. You don't really want to break up. If you did then I may have respected your wish for us to split up. But now let me say this, Gregory. I'm giving you a chance to end this foolish idea now, kiss me on the lips and then let me take you out to eat with me," his voice was hard

Avocado? Should he use that same simile twice? Dang it! Did an avocado become hard or soft overtime? This question was going to keep him up all night long until he found an answer.

"And if I say no?" Lestrade just had to ask.

Mycroft smiled again but it wasn't the award-winning, knee weakening smile that Lestrade had seen only seconds ago. It was a dangerous smile. And it was oddly sexy.

Focus Greg. Focus!

"If you say no Gregory, then I will be forced to end this ridiculous idea myself."

"What's so ridiculous about it?" Now Lestrade was real confused.

Mycroft swung his favorite umbrella over his shoulder with his chin held high.

"It's silly of you to think that you can break up with me if I don't allow it. In fact, it's impossible to do so. So I must insist you make this easy on yourself. A movie, brunch and drink sound far more appealing than me having to put some sense in you, don't you agree?"

Oh no he didn't! Mycroft did not just imply that breaking up was not an option. Lestrade did too have options! And not even a rich git like Mycroft Holmes could tell him otherwise.

"Get out of my house."

There was a gleam in Mycroft's eye after Lestrade had said that.

"Very well. I can see you've made up your mind. I just ask that you won't be too upset over my...methods of persuasion. I'd like us to kiss and make up sooner rather than later. Goodbye for now, my silly, sweet Gregory."

Lestrade watched the other man leave his home. Even after Mycroft was gone, Lestrade still stood at the exact same spot for several minutes. He was struck dumb by Mycroft's words. What did the man have in store for him?

He shook it off. No. No matter what Mycroft did, it wouldn't matter. Lestrade wouldn't give in. He was determined.

Why did he have a very bad feeling about this? Should he even leave his house today?