I'll be your Sakura Tree part 2


After Yuta is looking for Nanami in all School Places, he remember the Students said that Nanami are in Library right now, now Yuta are in Library, he find just Nanami are in the Library.

" What are u doing Masachika?. Yuta asked. Ahhhh Tamamori-san, I just return back a Fiction Novel to Library and read some Books here. Nanami answered with a bit afraid. Yuta see her Girl Face with a bit afraid. So he

asked her. What's wrong with your face Nanachan?.Yuta asked. Ehhh?. Why do you know my Nick name Tamamori-san?. Nanami asked with a astonished face. Because you are my Love. Yuta answered. Ehh? Are u like me Tamamori-san?. Nanami asked again. Ha`i. Yuta answered. Please do not call me Tamamori-san forever, just call me Yuta or Tamachan. It's more better than Tamamori-san. Yuta answered again. Ehhh why the Situation like this?. Nanami asked herself. She is very Confused right now. So, do you accept me as your Boyfriend?.Yuta asked again. Ahhh Tamachan, Nanami start call him Tamachan. I don't know, just give me a few Time Tamachan. Nanami answered. Ok, I understand your feel. You are in DILEMMA right now, I understand it. Yuta answered with faint face. But before I leave this Library, let me Kiss you for the first time. Yuta said. Ahh Tamachan… Nanami said. "

Author P.O.V

Chuuu~~ Yuta drag Nanami face to his Lips, after the Kiss is over, Yuta release Nanami face and touch it for a few second.

"Aishiteru yo~~ Nanami. Yuta said. Aishiteru yo~~ Tamachan. Nanami said. "

Author P.O.V

And Nanami hugged Yuta for the first time. And this is her first time to Loved and Being Loved.

Part 3 coming soon~