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"Surely, I'll have a family just like mama's and I'll say, 'I'm happy!'"- Maji Desu Ka Ska! (translated)- Morning Musume.

Hero Contradiction

Act One

He was never good at these types of things. Filling out paper work, giving out personal information, it just wasn't in his DNA. His evil DNA, that is. He was evil, there was no doubt about that, he had been evil since he was a child. Plots and plans to destroy or steal something had always been in his memory, ever since his mother trashed the idea of being an astronaut of course.

How many times had he won the Villain of the Year award? How many award certificates laced his room walls? Enough to serve any villain a lifetime. He had stolen, a 'minion estimate', million dollars' worth of Vegas merchandise. He was a villain and he hadn't needed to remind himself.

But what was with the sudden need to fill out school registration papers? Since when was he worried about making sure three young girls had all the vaccinations they needed to get into the public school system?

Why did he need to remind himself he was a villain?

He shouldn't have to.

Villains didn't make breakfast every morning. Villains didn't read bedtime stories and villains defiantly didn't give good night kisses. So when did all this begin to happen? When had he become so soft? And the most important question of all had to be, why was he enjoying it all?

Even if he was having a midlife crisis, even if he was enjoying it, there was no getting around this simple task. School registration forms. Agh, it was enough to make him slam his palm against his forehead. Since when did the public school district have to know where he and his girls live? He could understand a phone number but his actual address? That was a crime waiting to happen, and he should know, he was a villain after all.

This wasn't to mention the horrors of public schools. Ugh, he could remember the terrible memories of school as if they were yesterday. The name calling, the bullying, it was all too fresh for him. If it wasn't hearing insults from his mother at home, he could always rely on the boys at school to tease him. Did he really want to put his three girls through something like that?

Did he have a choice?

His girls wanted to be in public school. After all the home schooling they had to endure at the orphanage, it was a subject they weren't willing to discuss. Unless there was a good reason to keep them out of school, then why force them to continue with their home studies?

After all, it was extremely hard to say no to a face like Agnes. Her huge brown eyes, dilated to the fullest and her small round, red nose, it was just too much to say no. Not to mention he would never hear the end of it from either of her older sisters, Margo or Edith.

He could give it a shot.

The smell of coffee stuck to the walls of his kitchen and caused his stomach to grumble and twitch. Ah, what he wouldn't do for a fresh cup of coffee from the local Starbucks but having three new mouths to feed, a four-dollar cup of coffee was only a luxury. A cup of Folgers would have to do, for the time being.

He sat at the kitchen table, the night becoming morning. How many hours had he been at this? It was confusing, but not in the way it should be. He wasn't fighting how or what to write down, he was fighting with himself. Should he do this? Was this the right thing to do with the girls?

Was he being over protective?

When the girls came into his care it was mid-summer, now it was September and the school year was only days from beginning. He had to admit to himself, this decision was far harder than he had thought it would be. Letting his girls enter the public school district felt like he was luring them into traitorous territory. He couldn't let the bullying that happened in his childhood happen to them.

His pale blue eyes stared down at the yellow and pink forms. His eyes scanned over the papers more times than he could count and yet, nothing had been filled. What was it about this school that made his heart beat faster? Ugh, this was all just too confusing. He needed a second opinion; he needed someone's, anyone's input or feedback on the matter.

He tore his eyes away from the mass of papers on his table and turned his nose toward the kitchen clock. It was well past three in the morning. He should have been in bed hours ago that was for sure. In any event, he wasn't going to make a major decision this early in the morning. His bed was calling and it was hard not to respond to its sweet taunt.

It was time to hit the hay. The papers weren't going anywhere anytime soon.


Why did the sun feel better now that she actually had a family? The days now seemed shorter and lighter than they had three months ago. Food even tasted better when her dad made it. Maybe all the things she had read in books were true, when meals were made with love, they had to taste better and this was verification. Even trips to the park were better now that he was around.

Even if she refused to call him 'dad' at first and it took sometime before she could adapt, she had to admit he was the only man she could call dad. It went further than just being a 'father' or a provider; he was much more than that. He was someone she could rely on and that was the only thing she ever wanted.

But even if Mr. Gru was now their dad, it didn't mean that Margo could watch Agnes and Edith any less. It was a job she was never going to let go of, something that had been engraved into her mind from the day she met them. Even if she didn't need to 'provide' for them anymore, it was still her mission to make sure they stayed safe.

Especially if they were on a trip to the park.

The sun was still warm, summer hadn't yet begun to give way to the soon to be season, fall. Although the leaves on the trees had begun to look dry and the cool wind did require a windbreaker at least. No matter the weather, it was still a stunning day all in all.

Margo moved out with her two younger siblings, entering the playground with each small step. Her dad, seeming more tired than usual, had taken a seat on the small bench at the edge of the park. With a freshly printed newspaper in his hand, he shielded himself from the strong wind and read without a word.

The four-eyed female watched as both Edith and Agnes skipped in front of her, ready for a game of tag. Margo's dark brown eyes moved over to the smallest female's right hand. Agnes had clung to the makeshift unicorn toy a minion three months ago had thrown together for her. Even if it was a pitiful attempt at toy making, she had insisted on bringing it instead of her large white unicorn.

The last thing Agnes wanted was to get her prized unicorn muddy.

Edith on the other hand had come without any toys but Margo was sure that the small blonde female was going to bring home a mudpie souvenir for everyone. As if the back and front yard needed anymore of her mud decorations. Eh, it wasn't like they could do anything to make the yard look any worse, it was pretty shaggy, even before they started living there.

But much to Margo's surprise, she watched as Edith made a beeline for the sandbox. Hm, that was a bit out of the ordinary, then again the promise of cat turds in the sandbox could entice the middle-aged child to tease her younger, baby sister.

Agnes followed behind, giggling with each step. In her right hand she held her toilet brush unicorn, its googlely eyes bobbing up, down, left and right all the way. Mimicking Edith's actions, Agnes hopped over the ledge of the sandbox and landed in the sand below.

Afterward, she whirled her chin over her left shoulder and shouted. "Come on, Margo!"

How could she resist? Margo felt a small smile tugging at the edges of her lips. She wasn't going to fight it and she allowed the smirk to claim her cheeks. The idea of playing in sand that could have been used by any outside animal didn't exactly excite the eldest sister, but what the heck? Why not?

She stepped closer to the sandbox, her eyes glued to her sisters all the way. For a brief moment, Margo allowed her eyes to bounce from Edith and Agnes over to the right. Approaching the sandbox at a fast rate was a boy. This boy had to be her age at least, much older than Agnes and only a few years above Edith.

He moved one of his legs over the ledge of the sandbox, allowing his foot to hit the dirty sand below. He then pushed up, moving his remaining foot into the box. He wasted no time in approaching her sisters. He wore a smirk on his lips that caused Margo to flinch. What was he doing? Was he going to pick a fight?

Wait a minute. Why was she being so over protective? They had a dad now, right? Didn't that mean their dad would take care of them from now on? So what was with the hostility? She didn't need to be so protective anymore, did she?

The red haired boy passed by Edith without so much as a glance. His eyes were set on Agnes and with each step the smile on his freckled cheeks grew. He was within reaching distance faster than Margo had predicted and with one stretch of the arm, he ripped Agnes' toilet brush unicorn out of her tiny hands.

Agnes let out a small yip as her toy was yanked out of her fingers. Her arms shot outward and a strong pout came over her features. The ginger boy pulled the unicorn doll toward his chest and studied it with careful eyes. After a moment of scanning the toy, his blue eyes moved from the brush down to Agnes.

"What is this supposed to be?"

"That's my unicorn!" Agnes waved her arms out toward the boy in an attempt to grab at her toy. "Give it back!"

"This is supposed to be a unicorn?" One of the boy's red brows arched in confusion, "It looks like a piece of crap to me."

Margo felt a spark of anger flicker within her chest. No way, there was no way she was going to let some playground bully tease Agnes! If there was one thing she couldn't stand more than anything it was a bully. She wasted no time in rushing toward the sandbox, ready to receive her youngest sister's toy.

Before she could move her right leg over the ledge of the sandbox, Edith popped out what seemed to be nowhere. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Give that back!"

The eldest female stopped mid step, watching as the middle child reached both arms into the air and grabbed at the unicorn brush. The redheaded boy released a few snorting giggles before jerking his arms up above his head, taking the toy along with him.

"Just try and get it, squirt."

Edith dropped her arms and grunted. Her upper lip began to quiver in a way that Margo had only seen on special occasions. She could see the anger written all over the blonde's soft features, this wasn't going to end well.

"Give it back!" Edith snapped once again. "Or else!"

Another set or obnoxious giggles left his lips. "Or else what?"

She couldn't stand to watch any longer. She had to do something! She wasn't going to let Edith get hurt! Margo jerked back into motion and sprinted toward the box. One leg flew over the ledge, then another until she was standing inside the small red sandbox. She inhaled a deep breath through her nostrils and prepared herself for battle.

"Knock it off!" Margo barked, her eyebrows darkening her brown eyes. "Just give it back."

"Stay out of this," The redhead shot a nasty glare toward her. "This is between me and these babies."

"I'm not a baby!" Edith balled up both of her tiny fists.

"Oh you aren't?" The boy turned his attention back to Edith and Agnes. "Then let's see if you'll cry if I pull off mister unicorn's eyes."

He moved his left hand over his right and with both arms still over his head; he ripped off the unicorn's left eye. The small plastic eye came off with little resistance and fell from his hand like a leaf floating to the ground.

"My unicorn!" Agnes squealed in agony.

"You broke it!" Edith snipped in both shock and anger.

The older boy clenched his fist once again, ready to rip the second eye of the toilet brush. He moved his hand out toward the right googlely eye in silence. But enough was enough and Margo wasn't going to watch this bully pull apart Agnes' toy.

With all her force, Margo forced her arms outward until her hands landed on the boy's right shoulder. She gripped on to his polo shirt, her nails digging deep into the fabric. The pinch to his skin caused the redhead to jerk in her direction. Their eyes met for a brief second. His arms left the sides of his head and his elbow moved outward.

Before she knew it, a sharp elbow to the chest caused her to lose her footing. It was as if all the air in her lungs had been knocked out of her. The weight of her body shifted from her toes to the back of her heels. She could feel that she no longer had any control of her limbs and her weight moved to her back. Her eyes shut as she fell through the air.

A hard thud to her backside caused her eyes to snap open. An 'oomph' had left her lips as her bum hit the hot, dirty sand in the box. The sand formed around her bottom and legs and dug deep into her socks and tennis shoes. Her sweaty hands had been coated in sand after the fall as well as the back of her calves.


She could hear Agnes' sweet voice calling out to her. She allowed her eyes to move over toward her younger sister to see a look of horror on her face. Her jaw had dropped open in shock with her eyebrows nearly touched the top of her forehead.

"I'm okay Agnes." She was quick to reassure the youngest female.

The sound of a second backside hitting the sand caused Margo to jerk her focus away from Agnes. She looked forward to see the redhead boy on the floor. His butt had hit the sand first, giving way to let his back to soon follow. He had dropped the unicorn brush and moved his two hands to his face. He was squealing in pain as he rolled inches to the right then back to the left.

Margo felt her body spring to her feet; she rushed to her two sisters. "What happened?"

She looked to see Edith with her head tipped downward, the shadow of her knit hat casting shadows over her face. Her right arm was extended outward, leaving a fist at the end of her forearm. Her knuckles were red and scuffed.

Did she just hit that redhead kid?

"What the heck is going on?"

Margo flinched to the sound of her father's voice. She felt her head sink down between her shoulders in shame. Oh boy, this was going to be hard to explain to her dad. Ugh, this was not the right way to start off the day.

"He stole my unicorn!" Agnes with her pink bottom lip poked out, scurried toward Gru.

"He what?" He repeated as his voice cracked with confusion.

Just then the sound of Edith's feet moving in the sand caused the four-eyed female to turn back her way. She watched as the feisty blonde female approached the fallen boy. She bent down momentarily to pick up the unicorn and its pieces. She then continued her steps toward the boy until she came at his feet. His feet were spread open as he curled about on the floor in pain.

Edith lifted her leg into the air as if she were about to take another step when her foot stopped midair. Her knee bent backward and within seconds she flung her foot forward, plunging her toe into the boy's groin. He redhead child released a scream that was loud enough to make Margo cringe.

"Oh wonderful," Gru said with a groan. "How am I going to explain this to his mother?"

Act End.