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Hero Contradiction

Act Seven

Ugh, what time was it? Or better yet, what year was it? As the first two initial questions swarmed in her head, her eyes began to flutter. She could feel her eyebrows twitch and quiver as she fought passed the heaviness of her eyelids. Her left eye was first to crack open, revealing an unfamiliar blurry environment. Her right eye followed the moment she deemed the room she was in 'foreign'. As if on cue, her nose began to wiggle and take in the new room's scent. Wait, where was she?


Well, poo. So she had fainted in her arch nemesis' house? In front of two…wait, three little girls and an old fart? Wonderful. It wasn't enough that she was lying to the family she was working with, now she was going to work with him?! No way!


And then there was that. Since when had Gru, thee baddest villain of the last decade, settle down to have kids? The oldest girl, the brunette with the glasses, looked at least ten or eleven! That didn't leave the evil mastermind a lot of time to knock a girl up! Ugh.

How, in the history of the entire world, did the chances of this happening actually come true? This was karma for sure, she had to have done something to upset God, why else would he punish her like this?! She tried to be a good person, tried becoming a hero and defend the town/city against evil villains like Gru. Why did bad things have to happen to good people?

Heather felt her torso lift up from her laying position on the couch. Sitting up right, she then lifted her balled fists to her tired eyes. Taking a moment to rub her knuckles against her closed eyes, she released a grunt before pulling her hands away from her face. Ugh, with luck she would reopen her eyes and find herself back in her own living room.

No such luck.

The same strange living room she had fainted in appeared before her large brown eyes. The tacky paint job and expensive décor burned her eyes almost to the point of tears. And yet, everything was quiet. She arched her back and moved her field of vision toward the main hall and entrance. No one.

Hm, where was everyone? With luck, Gru hadn't strapped C4 to the entire place and was waiting outside with the fireworks. She wouldn't put it passed him, he was a villain and villains don't change. Ever.

"So you are awake?"

Her body froze, her blood running ice cold. It was as if every hair on her neck and arms stood up straight while her muscles turned to stone. With a single gulp, she swallowed the spit that had gathered in her mouth before allowing her head to sink between her shoulders. That voice, there was no mistaking that voice.

So they were in the same house together? At least that meant the house wasn't on the verge of exploding. So if he wasn't going to wage war against her, what was he going to do? Was he going to actually have a real one on one conversation with her? In what universe did a villain do something that civilized? Then again, if he was willing to sit down and talk like adults, the least she could do was humor him!

Then if he pulled any funny tricks, it would give her an excuse to kick his butt!

With a single turn, she glanced over her tense shoulder to see the criminal mastermind seated at the kitchen table. With a steaming cup of coffee at his side, he sat with his left elbow on the counter, his chin rested in his palm. His steel cold eyes watched her every movement and a single brow begged for further conversation.

"Are we going to talk?"

Eh, why not? She inhaled a silent breath through her nostrils before gathering what strength she had left and standing up from her spot on the couch. With her feet planted on the carpet, Heather moved her arms up and over her head. She proceeded to stretch, her muscles cracking and popping along the way. After having her fill of rejuvenation, she turned on her heel and made her way to the kitchen table. She made sure her eyes did not make contact with his as she approached all the while her nervous habit of biting her lip came to the surface.

She stepped into the dim light of the dining area in silence. Just because she was going to speak like civilized person to this guy didn't mean she had to talk much. She was going to keep this short and sweet, leaving and going home was her first priority. Exhaling the breath she had kept held in her lungs, she took a seat in the booth-like table across the table from Gru.

Her shoulders hit the back of the cushioned seat and still, she found herself silent. What was she supposed to say? What did arch nemeses say to one another once confronted in a non-fighting situation? She wasn't about to ask how the last ten years had been and what he'd be up to. After all, it was pretty clear what he'd been doing anyway. The pyramid and moon didn't disappear on their own!

If only she could meet the real hero who put the moon back in the sky. Now that was a person she to look up to! Ah, if she could have been there to save the world that day.

But then again, it had been such a long time since she last saw the great and mighty Gru. He didn't look much different, although he did seem a bit more tired and less eager than he had been a decade ago. Perhaps the girls were wearing on him? Psh, that had to be it, if she had three rats to care for she'd be worn out too!

The three girls…ah, it was just like when she, Rye and Ailea were kids. Three sisters ready to take on the world and indulge in the spoils they won over from anyone/anything. It didn't help matters that the oldest Gru daughter was the spitting image of Rye, only littler. Where did a guy like Gru get three beauties like that? Their mother(s) must have been rather good looking.

Thinking way too much.

With her eyes glued to the table below her, Heather continued to breathe through her nose. There was little doubt that the older villain had put the three girls away for safe keeping while they spoke in private. The looks on their faces was proof they had no idea who she was. Hell, did they even know their father was once the world's leading villain? Nah, they couldn't. Then again, maybe their mother informed them when they were small, or worst case scenario, she was a villainess herself. Did villain families run like mob families? Was there some kind of law that the three girls were villains-in-training? And could there be some kind of school for villains-in-training?!

Okay, you've officially thought too much about this, Hea. Thank you overactive imagination!

Ah well, if they weren't enemies maybe she'd actually ask Gru these kinds of things. Did he have hero questions for her? She could always ask to the best of her ability, it wasn't like she had a whole lot of exper-

"You were a terrible super hero."

The blood in her veins froze. What the heck? Without having any time to realize it, her head jerked upward and her eyes locked on to his. He sat in the same position with the same mild look on his face, was he serious? Was that an insult or constructive criticism? And what made him believe he had the right to speak to her that way! He was a lowlife villain; he was not one to talk!

Heather sat up straight and lifted her right hand into the air. With her index finger pointed upward, her jaw dropped and lips parted as if she were to give him a smart reply but no words formed on her tongue. A moment of silence passed and still her mind drew a complete blank. What the heck was she supposed to say after a simple comment like that?

Oh how she would die to have her sister's sarcasm right about now.

But how could she argue with the truth? She was a lame super hero. Gah, she didn't even qualify for the 'super' part but she couldn't become an everyday hero. It wasn't like the fire station was up and willing to take a fourteen year old on the force. The most she'd ever done was save a few cats from trees. Oh and of course doing the daily errand for her grandma…like cleaning out the gutters.

Her arm dropped for the air and she clenched her jaw shut. Her lips came together in a frown before she dipped her head down. Heather released a rather loud sigh as she crossed her arms on the table and placed her chin down on her forearms. Bent over in shame, her cocoa-colored eyes darted back up to see the villain with the same expression as before.

Where was the laugh of triumph? Wasn't he proud he had stumped her mid-sentence? Instead of laughing or even smirking, Gru turned his attention to the warm cup of Joe at his side. Only drawing his eyes away from her for a moment, he reached to the dish and brought it to his lips. A small sip later, he placed the mug back down on the table and once again turned his cold stare toward her.

"I know," She managed to say in a small voice, pride cracking all the way.

"So this is what you have been up to in the past ten years." He spoke in a firm tone. "You became a teacher?"

The words 'yard duty' almost rolled off her tongue. "Y-yeah."

"You must have graduated school early to get into teaching." His baby-blue darted to another end of the room for a moment.

Shoot, she'd never thought of that. God, what else hadn't she thought through before doing this kind of crazy stunt! "Sure," Heather felt her eyes look at every object in the room besides Gru.

"I never thought you would be a good student." A second criticism passed his lips without hesitation.

At that, she lifted her chin a few inches and replaced her sight on him. "What? Why would you just assume that?"

He took a moment before replying, first shutting his eyes and straightening out his back. "All of your estimates were off," He explained a moment later. "Out of all the heroes I've ever faced, you were the only one who didn't calculate the length of reach for the freeze ray."

She was quick to narrow her eyes at the older male. "I tried a few times. I suck at math."


The yard duty's bottom lip poked out while her brows furrowed at the top of her head. What the hell? Since when was he so…smart? He actually knew how much trouble she had as a villain? Either it was very obvious that she was out of her league of he really did live up to the name of 'the world's greatest villain'.

Ugh, did it even matter anymore? It was time for a subject change, anyway. "So your girls," She allowed her features to relax once again before continuing, "They're cute."

"Hm." His eyes again moved away from her.

"I wouldn't have thought you would ever marry." She moved her chin up from her arms and allowed her back to once again hit the back of the booth. "Who's the lucky lady?"

He paused for a moment as he moved both of his elbows to the table. The villain cupped his right hand over his left and leaned forward until his bottom lip hit his hands. "I'm not married."

Not married? Her right brow arched in question. Was it any of her business anyway? Oh but how could she suppress the woman inside who wanted to know the juicy bits of his life? It would be a source of gossip for her and her sisters anyway, something they'd all laugh about once she got home…

Wait a minute.

…that would be if she were able to tell them. This meeting would be a secret between villain and hero. After all, she wasn't Rye Matthews; she was regular, boring Heather. Wonderful! There was another bit she hadn't thought of, Rye and Ailea would never know about this crazy parent/teacher session.

"Ah," The younger woman flushed the negative thoughts out of her mind long enough to return to the task at hand. "So, where is their mother?"

His steel-cold eyes remained stuck to an object on the left side of the room before he replied, "Absent."

What was that supposed to mean? Absent, like as in dead or something? Her lips parted and before any words could leave her lips, the villain glanced back at her. He pulled his face away from his hands and allowed his arms to drop to the table.

"That is all you need to know." He cleared his throat. "Now, let's talk about what we are doing with the girls."


"Are you going to stay as Edith's teacher?" He asked in a blunt tone. "If not, let's end our relationship now. I do not have time to waste arguing about the past."

Wow, in the last few minutes she had been awake, she hadn't thought about whether or not she was going to stick to the job she was given. Her eyes bounced from the full grown male and landed on her own lap. Heather then pulled in her bottom lip and began to suck on it. He wanted her to make such a radical decision in a matter of seconds? She had to have time to think about this! After all, it was Rye's good name she was riding on.

Then again, he was right. He didn't have time to argue about anything. The school year had already started. She couldn't just leave this guy high and dry when he needed someone to teach his daughter. Not only did it go against her own hero morals, if she were in his shoes, she'd hate to have to be abandoned by a tutor when she had a kid in need.

Ugh, what would you do, Rye?

If there was one person she could always count on, it would be Rye. It was only natural for her to ask Rye mentally! It wasn't like she'd get an actual answer from her older sister, but Heather knew the woman well enough to assume what answer she'd give. And Rye would never give up on someone who needed her.

This wasn't about some feud she and Gru had ten years ago, this was about Edith. She had nothing to do with heroes or villains, she was just a kid. How much more innocent can you get? The small blonde had every right to an education, even if her dad was a big jerk.

Rye Matthews wouldn't give up on Edith and for the time being, neither would she.

Heather looked up from her lap to see the father of three taking a drink from his coffee cup. "I'll stay." She answered while he was in mid-sip.

As her words entered the air, it became obvious that he was not expecting her answer. As if the coffee in his mouth soured, his eyes snapped open and he yanked the mug away from his lips. After slamming his dish to the table's surface, Gru's hand shot up to his mouth as a round of heavy coughs erupted from his mouth. His right hand stayed over his chin while he proceeded to pound on his chest with his left fist.

"Are you okay?" Heather backed away from the hacking male, lip curled in a combination of worry and disgust.

Was her answer really that unexpected?

"Fine! I am fine!" He managed to speak between coughs.

"I'm a teacher; it's my job to teach." She was lying through her teeth but she had to make herself sound convincing somehow. "I'll stay for as long as I can."

"Then our meeting is over for tonight." Strained from his fit, his voice cracked in pitch. "I will walk you to your car." Gru said as he removed himself from the booth and stood up straight.

Oh man! How could she have forgotten about the bus schedule? Heather jerked her chin upward and she forced her eyes to scan the kitchen for a clock of any kind. A black, round object hanging in the far corner of the room caught her eye within seconds of looking and read: nine thirty-six. Great, the buses weren't running anymore! Ugh, how could Gru let her stay in a state of unconsciousness for that long?!

No wonder I'm starving…

"I don't have a car," Heather confessed.

"Oh," Gru turned his back to the female. "Then I will be walking you to the door."

What a prince. With a quick roll of her eyes, she removed herself from the tight space in the booth. Once out of the table's grasp, she stood up straight and sighed. This was going to be one long walk home. Whatever, she'd been through worse.

"Just let me grab my stuff." The 'teacher' grunted as she walked past the older man, making her way toward the strange gator-couch.

She picked her bag up from the 'sofa' and hoisted it up over her left shoulder. She better not be missing anything, after all her wallet was in her favorite Hello Kitty purse. Sure, she had left her real ID at home so there wasn't any real threat, but still it was common courtesy leave her things alone!

Then again, it was also common courtesy to drive your guest home if they don't have their own ride. Being polite always fell to the wayside when it came to someone evil like Gru.

After adjusting bag to her liking, the campus supervisor turned to the man of the house. He stood to her left with his arms tucked behind his back, his face as still as ever. After making eye contact, he broke away from the woman and trailed the way to the front door. Without a word or even a sigh, she followed after him.

He stopped right in front of the door and with a simple twist of the wrist, he popped it open. An eerie creaking echoed through the hall, sending chills up Heather's spine. Why did his house having to be the creepy one? Then again, he was creepy so it was pretty fitting.

"I assume you are to be coming back the same time next week?" He asked as the door swung open and he stepped aside.

"Yep." She huffed and stepped through the front entrance without so much as a look back. "I'll be here."


The squeaking of the front door coming to a close alerted her and caused her to turn back around. Through the small space left between the door and its frame, she saw the only emotion, other than shock, from the villain the entire night. A small smirk spread over his features while his brows dipped low over his eyes.

"Have a nice walk."

The door closed then locked.

"Gee, thanks."

Act End.