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Chapter Two - Hormonal Fathers and the Horny Spouses

I slept most of the flight, between the stress of the day and the pressing growth of my pregnancy left me exhausted. When I woke, the plane was clear of all life excluding my smiling husband who was staring down on me with the expression of awe covering his face. Whether he had encountered some epiphany or simple had relaxed significantly over the long flight, Jasper seemed in an increasingly good mood as he languidly ran his warm fingertips over my cheekbones.

"You're in a good mood." I commented, stretching my stiff limbs as I sat up a little straighter in my chair.

"Yeah… I guess I am." He replied, lowering his head to kiss my lips. I groaned at the contact, his plump bottom lips setting my body ablaze as I took it between my teeth. A low growl slipping from his throat only spurred my adore as he pressed me further into my seat, his hands slipping from my face to grip at my shoulders.

Pulling away with a gasp, I loathed to tell him no, but we were technically still on an airplane as much as I would love to experience fucking him against the seat, I was pregnant and thought it to be a little distasteful.

"Baby, we gotta stop." I whispered, pushing against his shoulders.

"No." he whimpered. "I need you." Pushing back against my hands and blindsiding me with bruising kiss.

My head spun in want, my pregnancy hormones in full force, creating a desire for my husband that could not be outmatched. Gripping the collar of his shirt and with everything I had left of my sanity, I pushed him away again nipping at his lips a few times to soften the blow. It wasn't that I didn't want my husband, the wetness pooled between my legs were a true testament to that but this was not the way.

"And you'll have me…" I told him breathless, my hand traveling to the heat of his hardened groin and giving it a rough squeeze to prove my point. "But not here."

He pulled away nodding his head and running a hand over his face. "You right," he sighed, extended his hand to help me from the first class, yet uncomfortable seat. Pulling me against his body as one hand clasped my neck while the other slithered to my ass, squeezing firmly as he groaned in my ear. "But I will be fucking that beautiful pussy tonight."

I whimpered, finding it hard to remain upright when he was acting like this. Since my pregnancy if I wanted it a little rough I would have to resort to petty trick or practically beg and for him to be so dominating…

"Oh god…" I whimpered gripping at his shoulders to hold myself up, nodding my head in agreement.

The side of his face curved up into a smirk, the one that I had always loved, the one I positively knew when he was up-to something bad. "Come, Mrs. Whitlock, we have a new house to Christen."

Boy Howdy!

~ TPTF ~

The ride from the airport was extremely different from the one taking us from the Cullen mansion. Jasper was alive again it seemed, happily smiling as he continued to tease me mercilessly with his hands. Constantly they were splayed along my naked inner thigh, reaching to my panty-line only to stop and slid it back to my knee. The bastard knew what he was doing, and I had half a mind to deny his smoldering smirking ass… if only I didn't want him so much. I had even once thought of forcing him to the side of the road to fuck him or at the very least… return the favor of his infernal teasing but the stubborn woman in me refused thinking only of retribution at a later time. As it was, the father units would be secluded in two guest cabins behind our very own and we would have limitless amounts of time for me to exact my revenge. After all, pay-backs a bitch… and so am I.

I sat chewing on my lip as we entered the gated driveway to our Coeur d'Alene cabin and once again I am speechless by its beauty. Jasper had told me during the drive that he had purchased this house just after the wedding, as a gift of sorts to me and called it Chaetae Bella. Just from what I could see in the dimming evening sun, it was a five story wonderland of wood and stone, rising from the earth like a castle among the silvery blue waters of the lake. Two smaller two story cabins flanking it on either sides all with a perfect view of the Coeur d'Alene National forest. It embodied everything I loved, the romanticism of the high pitched rooftops in different styles of towers down the masculine rough cut logs and river bed stones that made up the structure. Jazz had obviously put a mountain of thought into this property and it showed in every detail cutout that lined the stoops.

"Jazz..," I gasped. "It's amazing."

He chuckled lightly and I couldn't help but notice the gleam in his eyes as he lowered his hand from the steering wheel to tug at the growing bulge in his slacks. "Just wait until you see the bedroom."

I let out a breath in a large whoosh as we pulled up in front of the main garage, tapping my feet impatiently as Bernie and Miggs happily whined from the back seat, more than ready to be done with all this riding. The poor babies had been stuck in plastic boxes for the flight and now with seeming little room to run in the back of the car, not that they were athletic dogs… actually I didn't feel overly bad for them if we had been home they would have taken their few short walks to relieve themselves then spent the rest of the day, chewing at the bottoms of Jazz's pants or huddled up under the covers of the bed, much to my husbands displeasure… on both counts.

I giggled a little, looking back at my two psycho pups… I had never known a man to get jealous over an animal before but Jazz has surly enlightened me in the past. He was bad enough with just Miggs but with Bernie added to the mix Jasper was worse than an older child when a new baby is born. I sure hope he isn't this way when our children are born, I mused to myself.

"And what, Mrs. Whitlock…" he drawled out running his hands over the nude flesh of my thighs and over my cloth covered center making me hiss out a yes as he continued to purr in my ear. "Do you find so amusing?"

Taking the lobe of my ear between his teeth he bit down, hard, sending a fresh wave of heat to the neither of my body as I shakily answered him. "N-nothing… you need to worry about."

Licking the shell of ear he scoffed. "Is that so, darlin?"

"You cheater." I told him breathlessly knowing he knew exactly how his accent affected my insides.

He pulled away suddenly leaving me to stew in my own juices as he his the internal trunk button and exited the car to grab our bags.

Cursing as I leashed up my boys a thought came to me. So, he wants to play, does he? Well I was nothing if not up for a challenge and I was wearing just the right outfit for the job. A guard noticing me still in the passenger seat, opened my door and I put my plan into action… I just hoped Jazz wouldn't kill the poor boy who already seemed speechless in my presence. I couldn't see Jazz as I rose from my seat but I could still faintly hear his muttered curses as he fumbled with the luggage in the trunk.

I smirked to myself as I handed my personal pawn the leashes of my over hyper pups and whined loudly. "Shoot," I said in a sweet voice and turned my back to the man still awaiting orders from Jasper. "I think I snapped a garter strap."

I heard Jasper head hit the roof of the trunk just as I pulled my skirt high enough to pretend to be checking my non-existent garters and enough to flash him a small shot of my already bare and ready kitty clad only in the sheer scrap of lace I had chosen this morning.

I heard him growl, dismissing the guard harshly and looked up just in time to see him staring at me with wide eyes. "Oops," I told him giggling. "I forgot, I'm not wearing any."

I hardly had time to think of my next phase before I pushed against the passenger door, my legs already wrapped around his waist as his tongue was forced through my un-parted lips. His hips bucked widely against mine, his thick, long erection straining against the expensive material of his Armani dress pants.

His mouth tore from mine in an angry hiss, "That wasn't very nice, Blackbird." He told me grounding his engorged cock against me for good measure.

"Who ever said I was nice?" I asked him in a breathless whisper.

"No one."

A clearing of two throats had my eyes flying open as I struggled to get down and cover myself, burrowing into my husbands chest as my cheeks flamed bright, knowing exactly who it was at Jasper back.

"Sorry to interrupt, bombino." Aro's voice called in amusement and I was most thankful I couldn't see his face. "But we thought we'd check on you… to you know, see how things were going."

I could feel the vibrations in Jasper's chest, knowing he found this fucking hilarious as fathers, both paternal and actual stood on practically watching us fuck against Jasper Mercedes. I couldn't figure out whether I wanted to scream or cry at this point but I was an adult now, a wife and soon to be a mother. Thinking that, I stood proud as I could and stepped out from behind Jasper to face the two other important men in my life.

As I suspected, Aro stood there hands folded at rest with a large smile beaming with happiness while Alistair gaped at me with wide eyes and open mouth.

Aro must have felt the tension in the air as he greeted us while my father stood silent. He cleared his throat. "Any news from Carlisle's front?" He asked, his voice almost shaking with suppressed laughter.

"No," Jazz replied, his voice tight from the surprise visit which if either of us had been thinking with anything but our hormones wouldn't have been much of a surprise at all. "I haven't spoken to anyone since we departed."

"Well then, I am glad you arrived safely and it was nice to see you again, Isabella."

"Like wise." I replied, still more than embarrassed at the circumstances of which we met once again.

"Alistair," Jasper called, worried as I was about my still frozen father standing in my driveway.

"Oh, aye." he finally replied, taking two steps forward and embracing him and then me as he scratched nervously at the back of his neck. "Why don' ye get me lass t' bed, she looks fevered." He told him almost choking on the words.

"Right away, sir." Jasper replied, taking my arm and almost dragging me up the front steps to the wrap around porch at the entry level which in this case was actually the third floor.

I didn't see much after that, just darkened hallways and a set of stairs that Jasper personally carried me up and then the soft, plush mattress that hit my back.

"God," he groaned as he tore at my close, not able to get them off fast enough for the both of us. In the end I was left with my loose skirt thrown over my hips and my bra lying in shreds at my sides as my husbands head buried itself in between my thighs and his tongue plundered my dripping sex.

"Fuck," I groaned, tangling my finger in his messy windblown locks as he lapped at my slick folds, paying close attention to my aching pearl as I shuttered beneath him.

"No!" I told him forcefully, pulling myself away as he followed, his naked chest glisten with my juices as he slid up my body purposefully to encourage me. "No," I told him again. "I want you."

"What do you want, Blackbird?" He asked as his thumb and forefinger circled my nipples forcing me to arch my back for the delicious friction I so desired.

"Come on, baby. Tell me what you want."

"Oh, god." I cried as he aligned himself at my entrance, his tip throbbing, teasing me with what I only had to ask for.

"Fuck me!" I wailed. "I want you to fuck me."

"Ja…zz.." I cried out as he hissed and filled me in one forceful thrust only to pull out again and repeat the action. "That's it baby, cry out for me… tell me that you're mine." He begged, grunting out his own approval as his cock filled me again, his hands sliding up my thighs to my ass to take control of pace.

"Yes… Jasper, please, I need to…" I begged. Encouraging him to move faster to deliver that frantic touch to my clit that would send me over the edge. He complied readily his hips rolling in time with mine as I continued to cry out a menagerie of explicit details on how I wanted him, how I loved his cock and how I loved him.

I could feel the familiar coil in the pits of my stomach, tightening until I was ready to burst, Jasper could feel it two as he slowed his thundering thrusts to roll his body against mine in that secret combination he only seemed to know.

"That's it, my blackbird. Sing for me…"

"Yes!" I screamed as he slammed home a final time, my hands clinging to his back with the force of my orgasm my nails dragging down to his ass as he pumped a few more times before falling over the crest of his own orgasm with the screaming of my name.

I smiled up at him as my eyes met with his baby blues, lightened considerably with his bliss. "I love you, Jazz." I told him, bringing his beautiful face to mine.

"I will always love you, Bella. Welcome home."


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