Walking out of the office, Kerry was glad the day was over, at least Michael was stable, thank goodness as it seemed touch and go for a while there and with no help, how would she explain that to the them, especially after the incident a while ago f the shooting. James was back at rehab, hopefully safe, but testifying against them would be dangerous.

Hearing a noise in the locker/change room she goes to see who is still there, thinking she was the last one there.

IN the locker room, Stella had said goodbye, off to the hospital to see Michael, leaving Shannon and Lawson. Lawson walks up to Shannon wrapping his arms around her. Hearing the door open he pulls away from her, just in time to see Kerry walk in. Putting her head around the door "See you guys later." Lawson nods "off to the hospital" "Yeah, see you tomorrow?"

Walking out, she wonders if something is going on between them, hoping not, since Lawson knows the rules. After the day they had, she will give him the benefit of the doubt, for the time being

Walking into Michael's room, Stella goes over and sits on the bed, hitting Michael lightly on the arm "don't you scare me like that ever again"

Trying to sit up in bed, Michael moves over, to make room for Stella. Sitting on the bed, she leans into him. "Hey Stel, do you know anything about Shannon and Lawson?" "What do you mean?" Stella replies

"Do you think they are together? Michael asks, trying to figure a way to bring up what he knows. Shaking her head she doesn't want to talk about it, moving closer to him, she leans over and kisses him.

Walking down the hospital corridor, Kerry walks towards Michael's room, walking into the room she sees Stella moving quickly away from him she can guess what they were doing, thought Audrey was going out with Michael.

"See you are recovering well Michael. Just dropped in to see how you were doing. See you have Stella to keep you company so will see you later. Bye Stel" before walking out.

Walking down the corridor, she bumps into Audrey "off to see Michael also Audrey". Calling out to her "Audrey, Stella is in there with Michal too." Walking down the corridor she wonders about what she saw and also heard before entering.

Hopping in the car, Kerry drives home to the empty house. Driving along she has time to think, wondering if what she heard before she walked in was true about Shannon and Lawson, she will probably have to speak to him, she doesn't want to lose him from TR, he is a huge part of TR. What is it about the water at the base, maybe she should drink it more, Michael and Stella or is it Audrey, Leon and his infatuation with Audrey, Josh and Tash, and hopefully not Lawson and Shannon. Now that James has gone, there is a void in her life, if she didn't have TR, well she isn't going to lose that and sure isn't going to let Lawson ruin it either. At least she has been given another chance with James, even I will admit she was a crap mother, but now she has a chance to make it up and things weren't going too badly. Even with James coming home and now in rehab, there is still is a void in her life, she is driving home to an empty place and will spend the night by herself, maybe that is why I keep on drinking, that and the guilt I still feel. But going home alone is still better than being with Boyd and living in the past and apologising all the time.

Nearing her place she is brought out her deep thinking by her phone ringing "Inspector Kerry Vincent?'

"Hi Kerry its Detective Chris finch' Gripping the wheel tightly and bought back to the present "Hi Chris, is this about James?"

Not answering her question 'Are you at the base, or home?" Her heart beating faster "im nearly home, what is this about Chris?"

"I'll meet you at your place shortly?" Chris replies not giving much away before hanging up.

Putting her foot down she speeds back to her place. Driving as quickly back to her place, all thoughts go through her mind, this has to be about James, what has he done now, has he gone some where again, he should be in rehab, she is paying for him to be in rehab again.

Reaching her house, she walks up to the door, as she goes to open it, Chris walks up. Turning around "What is this about Chris, what has James done? Is he alright?"

Holding Kerry back "let my men go in first." Looking at Chris worried now she demands "Chris what is going on."

After they come out, Chris quickly speaks to them, before going inside with Kerry "There was an attempt on James life at rehab, the room he was in, someone was killed last night. James had changed rooms with this guy." Seeing the shock on Kerry's face then her anger "You were meant to look after him, I put James in your care"

"James is safe Kerry, we are taking him to a safe house but we can not get him there to morning. We think he will be safe here for the night, we will have plain clothes around all night, and if you can get some of your team here too, plain clothes."

Getting out her phone, she wonders who she should call Josh or Lawson. Dialling Lawson's number, she wonders in the back of her shocked brain if he will bring Shannon. Turning to Chris she needs to know "Where is James now, he is safe at the moment".

Chris looks at Kerry, wondering how she keeps being so strong "Yes he is, can you get some of your team here" Nodding, she dials Lawson's number and waits for him to answer.

Lying on the lounge, trying to watch a DVD with Shannon next to him, Lawson isn't taking much of the DVD in though, with Shannon lying in his arms. Hoping for the DVD to end soon, he hears his phone ring, picking it up he sees it is Kerry. Turning the volume of the TV down, Shannon looks at him partly annoyed as she was enjoying the movie "Its Kerry?" Moving out of his arms, he gets up, walking out of the room "Whats up Kerry?"

"I need you to get over to my place as quick as you can, no uniform or police cars, and park a few houses away. How quickly can you get here?" Glancing in at Shannon, he replies "10 or 15 minutes, do you want me to get anyone else to come?" "Im going to call Josh now also" before hanging up.

Walking back into his place he pauses the DVD "I have to go to Kerry's, you can stay or come?" Looking at Lawson "come with you to Kerry's your joking, what does she want you for at this time of night, or shouldn't I even ask?"

Shaking his head annoyed "I don't know but she sounded weird and upset, are you coming or not?" Looking at the TV "not" then seeing Lawson quickly getting ready and concerned, she softens but also curious "give me a few minutes and I will come, are you sure Kerry won't mind?"

"I doubt she will even notice you have 2 minutes and I'll meet you in the car?" Walking out to the car, he wonders what has happened to Kerry, James as far as he is aware is getting treated, and Kerry's life seemed okay. Waiting impatiently for Shannon he is about to blow the horns when he sees her strolling out of the house, revving the engine, he doesn't even wait for her to do up the seatbelt before tearing out of the driveway.

Arriving at Kerry's Lawson parks down the road like she asked, getting out of the car, he waits for Shannon "Wonder what mess Kerry has made this time" she asks. Staring at Shannon "Shan, Kerry needs our help, she wouldn't have asked us to come her now if it wasn't urgent." looking around he can't see Josh's car though. Mumbling to herself "it's always urgent with her" before following him.

Knocking on the door, a voice yells out "who is it" "its Lawson" before the door is opened and they are quickly ushered in. Seeing Kerry pacing around her own living room he walks up to her, touching her on the arm "Kerry what is going on, what's the matter?" "Its James, someone tried to kill him last night" Rubbing her hands over her face "Oh Lawson, what have I done, I made him testify, to save him, and look what's happened." Seeing her so helpless he wants to wrap his arms around her, but seeing the scowl on Shannon's face and the others around he does nothing. "So what can we do to help?"

Pacing around, not even looking at Lawson, "Chris wanted TR here, but I don't know why Josh is out the back?"

Hearing someone walk up the path to the front door, Lawson moves over, Chris goes to open it before shutting it quickly. Kerry looks up when she hears a "Hi Mum?" before running over to give him a big hug

Hugging James glad to see him arrive, they walk over to the lounge "are you okay James?" Nodding his head "You said I would be safe Mum, you got me to testify against them, now look what's happening, they are trying to kill me again" James replies scared. "I know I know. im so sorry I didn't think this would happen" Kerry replies her arms wrapped around her. Looking up at Chris "so what now, what's going to happen, he won't be safe staying here."