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Driving along the road, looking out the window, all so familiar, stopping down the road, the car pulls over, feeling a hand on hers, squeezing it back, looking at her partner, TR base has been rebuilt, wondering who is still there and in charge, the urge to go in strong, watching a TR car come down the road pulling into base, not able to get a look whose in the car, but the times up so they continue on.

Turning up to court the following day, Stella, Shannon, Josh and Christian look around, locking up their guns in the back of TR", walking towards the courthouse, hearing footsteps they turn around, Stella smiling as her boyfriend walks up to them.

Watching Charlie walk up to them, Josh looks at him, glad that he is out of TR, not that Tactical Response would ever be the same again, as much as he hates to admit it he misses Lawson, and not knowing where he is or hearing from him, he would of thought he would of contacted him again but nothing from him in 18 months, part of the reason in staying in TR is doing it for Lawson and Kerry, and being Senior Sergeant now helped also "Took your time coming here Charlie" Giving a short laugh at Josh "Missing me still Josh?", getting a glare from him in reply.

Christian looks at Charlie "enjoying the special taskforce?", nodding at Christian "Its interesting"

Looking at her boyfriend "Yeah, you left before me, and I still got here before you"

Looking at both of them, Shannon shakes her head "I still can't get over the fact that you two are going out, much less getting married" as Stella flashes the small engagement ring at her friend .

Giving a short laugh, Charlie looks at Shannon "what can I say, Stella just has good taste", seeing Josh's glare still upon him, "I'd say Stella has no taste"

Looking around the outside of the courthouse, Shannon turns to Charlie and Josh "Are you sure the outside is secure?", seeing them nod "there should be police monitored everywhere, take Stella and Christian and look around", seeing the others nod as Stella looks down the street "lets hope he doesn't do a Andrew Kronin and blow up the van he arrives in" watching Stella go to walk away Josh calls out "always the optimist Stel"

Seeing the lawyer arrive, silence falls over the group as they walk into the courthouse, the last case of the whole situation and the most important one. Walking out of the office a short time later after going through the brief one last time they file into the courthouse, sitting down, as they see Col Rainey walk in, a sigh of relief going through them so far.

Listening as they go through it all, they watch as the prosecution bring the first witness in, seeing James walk into the court room, Stella turns to the team "Did anyone know that James was testifying?", seeing them shake their head as Josh whispers "It is what Kerry wanted all along, just hope they know what they are doing?", looking back Christian whispers "I'd do it if I was James and Kerry was my mother, have to do something for the guy/family responsible for killing her"


Pulling up at the court a few days later, Josh, Stella, Shannon and Christian walk into the courtroom. Sitting down it wasn't long for the judge to walk in, with the verdict hearing the words "Guilty" and the sentence handed down, relief through the team.

Arriving back at base, the new building only been operation for a few months, it isn't long before they are all changed and having a couple of drinks. Looking up Stella sees Charlie walk in, pulling up a chair "Great result today, looks like the Rainey's will be behind bars for a long time", seeing Stella nod "Still won't bring Kerry back though, never thought I'd say it, but Tactical Response isn't the same without her and Lawson", looking up Stella, Shannon responds "I know I thought she was a bitch", seeing Stella smile at her "I do agree with you, she could be a hard arse, but she was a pretty good boss, better than the previous one, does anyone know anything about the new guy we're getting?", seeing them shake their head, including Josh "It mightn't be a guy, we all thought Kerry would be a guy and she wasn't", "Nah she was some hot older chick, I would of done her" all of them laughing at Stella's comment, as she looks up at her boyfriend shaking his head at her as Josh looks at Charlie "Just as well Kerry is gone, otherwise Charlie you'd have some competition", trying to look serious "Nah, I'm way better looking than Kerry" as Stella shakes her head.

Having several drinks, Stella looks up hearing footsteps entering the base, blinking her eyes, she hadn't had that much to drink had she, looking around, she looks back at the entrance, turning to Shannon "pinch me?", looking at her friend in confusion "what", not looking at anyone but still straight ahead "I think I'm seeing things, after today" turning around to see what Stella is staring at her face open in shock and surprise "OMG" as the rest of the team turn around all of their faces showing shock and surprise.

Walking into the base, Kerry looks around, knowing Lawson is behind her, feeling weird being back to where it all happened, what was her job, her team, where Leon died. Seeing Stella turn around looking at her, the surprise on her face, before seeing the whole team with surprise and shock on their face, not knowing what kind of reaction they were going to get since everyone thought she had been dead.

Walking towards the table, she gives a small smile at the team, seeing Josh walk over to her, putting his arms around her. "Just had to make sure you were real", hearing Stella squeal knowing she had seen Lawson walking in with the pram, before looking at Kerry again, and down at her stomach.

Seeing Stella get off her seat, and run over to him, throwing her arms around his shoulder "No wonder you've been MIA"

Looking around at the team, Lawson is surprised to see Charlie still there, his look falling upon Shannon, her blue eyes looking up at him, trying not to show much emotion, hoping after all this time, they might be able to talk, "Any room for two more?"

Sitting down on the chair, the silence and part awkwardness in the air, before Stella looks at Kerry's hand on the table showing a ring on her left hand "Engaged and a baby I presume to Lawson, all I can say is wow, is this the same Kerry who used to be in TR, ", giving a smile and short laugh at Stella's question "He got me at a weak moment", Stella looks at Kerry with a cheeky grin "look like several weak moments" laughing as she sees Kerry's glare again, seeing Christian looking into the pram "what's her name and how old is she?", glancing quickly at Lawson "Leoney, she is just over a year old"

Looking at Kerry and Lawson, the maths going through her head, Stella gasps in surprise "You were pregnant before it all happened, no wonder Lawson left" not letting Kerry reply "What happened, yeah I guess witness protection, but we all saw what happened here"

Feeling Lawson's hand reach for hers, not wanting to talk much about what had happened "After the explosion, they found the perfect opportunity to fake my death, until it was all over, it was not safe, for anyone with me around, I didn't even realise until it was all done"

Curiosity getting the better of her, trying to make an effort, Shannon briefly looks at Kerry "Where have you both been?" Rolling her eyes as Lawson laughs "a property in the middle of nowhere, and sailing around, they wanted to make sure she would never be found", glancing at Lawson a smile on her face as she remembers the past 18 months, despite not being in the police or working much it was enjoyable "Lawson was a stockman, got to ride horses and motor bikes all day, and he thought working at Tactical Response was hard work" reaching out to tenderly touch his cheek.

Looking at Josh, Lawson tries to gage his reaction, wondering if the 18 months apart had healed any of the hurt for what he had done, wondering if he would tell Kerry what happened, wanting a clean slate and not to hurt her, he had never told her, not wanting to hurt her now, he hopes she will never find out, he doesn't want to lose her every.

Looking around the base, Kerry has a far away look, it had been long, and despite it all she had missed it here, "what's been happening here, how long has the base been operational for"

Looking at Lawson and Kerry, the surprise of seeing either of them again, Josh is silent, he had wanted to see his best mate for so long, but angry that Lawson never got in contact with him, partly explained now, looking at Kerry "It opened only a few months ago, Audrey is here full time as Intel officer, still coming out on the odd occasion on the field, we have a office assistant to help Audrey, Stella is close to becoming a Sergeant just needs to finish some exams, Christian is Senior Constable, he is back in Tactical Response, you know Elliot who worked here a couple of years ago", seeing Kerry nod at Elliot Josh continues "I'm now a Senior Sergeant" seeing Kerry and Lawson smile at him before Kerry adds "Wow, impressive, one stage I didn't even think you'd last in Tactical Response" nodding at Kerry not saying anything, he remembered that too, when she first started, to what they were before she left TR "I think you wanted me out a few times, Shannon leads TR2", Lawson looking at Shannon "so you finally got your own car", smiling slightly at Lawson, Stella interrupts "and she is bossier than every", hitting Stella, on the arm "I am not, your just annoying on shifts, don't do what your meant to, texting Charlie or answering his texts, Stella is like 50 times worse than what she was, she's better now than when she and Charlie first started going out", hearing Stella "Oi, I am not, you just went through all your no sex crap again, and I was having sex, but now your getting some, she is bearable again", laughing as Shannon glares at her her voice warning "Stel", as she looks up at Lawson's face, was there something there with the bit when Stella said she was having sex, looking at them both, she doubts it, Kerry looking like she was pregnant again, and engaged, no maybe it was wishful thinking.

Continuing on "we have one new TR member, who has gone home, he is young a bit like Michael was when he first started, we're getting a new Tactical Response leader"

Looking at Charlie, Kerry wonders why he is still here, or if he had left "Your still here in Tactical Response"

Giving a short laugh at Kerry, and smiling he shakes his head "I left about a year ago, heading up another taskforce" seeing Kerry looking at him confused, no doubt wondering why he is still there, he sees Stella trying to retain her smile before looking at Kerry as she asks "why are you here then, you miss TR that much?"

Reaching for Charlie's hand under the table, Stella sees none of the team answering her, before looking at Kerry "he's here because we're engaged", smiling at the surprise on Kerry's face and Lawson's before Lawson replies "Congratulations, I think"

Looking at the pram, before glancing at Lawson, they get out off the seat "Sorry guys, it was wonderful seeing you all again, look after yourselves, downside of being parents" needing to get out of there, the emotion coming back, the thought of Tactical Response without her, it all back and operational again.

Seeing Josh and Christian get off the chair, walking over to her, hugging her, looking out at what was her team, her responsibility the ones she made, feeling Lawson's hand on her back, grateful.

Looking around she sees Stella eyes upon her "You back for good, or do you have to leave again?", looking at Lawson before replying "We are no longer in witness protection, since the trial is over, and Col Rainey has been convicted and found guilty, we can live our lives as normal again, well as normal as you can with kids and get married amongst friends and family"

Seeing Stella looking at them before a huge grin across her face her voice higher than normal "Kids, I knew it, your pregnant aren't you,"

Seeing Lawson look at her as she rolls her eyes as he nods "Kerry is about 4 ½ months pregnant"

Christian looks at Kerry "Your turning into Annie, she loves having kids too", glaring at Christian "A fact Christian, I don't love having kids, neither of these were planned, kids are a good day bad day thing"

Facing Kerry as they walk out "I need to speak to Josh and Shannon first", nodding as Lawson walks back towards the table and Josh, tapping him on the shoulder, no words necessary, walking away from them Lawson looks at what used to be his best mate "Now I know why you didn't get in contact, what you did Lawson, is hard to get over", nodding at Josh, he knows he has a lot to work with "I know, I wish it had never happened, that none of this had happened, there were times, I wish I could just go and have a beer with you"

Looking at Lawson, the happiness on his face "I missed that too, but things will never be the way they were, that trust was broken and there is nothing that can be said or done that will fix that, it will be always there, that you screwed my girlfriend, I know you thought I was dead, but mates just don't do that?", nodding at his mate, at least he didn't say to fuck off, "I know, and if I could change it I would." before Josh continues "have you told Kerry?", shaking his head "I was going to, but didn't, we were starting a new life together, I couldn't do it to her, not since I was the only person she had other than James, there were so many times over the 18 months I wanted too, but it is something I will have to live with, a huge mistake I will pay for a long time in losing my best mate", seeing Josh in silence at first "I'm not going to tell her, I don't see what good it will do telling her now", smiling at Josh "The new leader of Tactical Response is me", seeing him look at him in surprise "you" nodding, "they didn't say anything in case today worked out differently, but I'm coming back to Tactical Response, I wanted you to be the second to know, hope your ok with that", smiling at his mate, despite everything it is great to see him again "Think I can manage that, you have to be better than the other dickheads we're had here, only just"

Walking back towards the team, Lawson looks at Josh and them "I'll see you all bright and early in 2 days time", seeing the confusion on some of their faces, Shannon looks at him "You're the new Tactical Response leader", nodding at them "I'm back in Tactical Response, as leader"

Walking out towards Kerry, Lawson turns around as he hears his name called turning around "Shan", "welcome back Lawson", smiling at his ex "thank you". Seeing Shannon look at them, the hatred gone from her eyes and face "I'm over the hurt and anger Lawson, I've moved on, can't dwell on the past, what you two did, hurt me a lot and was wrong and while I mightn't ever forget what you've done, I have to move on. I loved you so much Lawson and I think if you had cheated with anyone else other than Kerry it might have been different but to find out its my boss, it was hard, and then to have it lead to us breaking us and you moving on with her, Lawson that hurt a lot and felt betrayed and to know it happened a few times", seeing Lawson's eyes open in surprise "I am sorry too Shan, I loved you too a lot, and never meant for any of it to happen, but it did and if I could of changed the way it all happened I would of", seeing her smile at him "I can see how happy you are Lawson and a father too", wrapping his arms around Shannon "Thanks Shan, that means a lot to me, just hope your happy", pulling away from Lawson she nods as she feels Josh walk up and wrap his arms around her, his eyes looking into Lawson's, before looking back at Shannon, "so you and Josh" as they both nod.

Looking at Kerry, on the phone, her face turning a ghost white, he quickly turns and walks over to her, her voice high and loud "No, you've got it wrong, he's safe now, he testified he is meant to be kept safe, your meant to keep him safe"

Seeing Kerry hang up the phone, her mouth open in shock, Lawson hurries over to her, putting his arms around her, feeling her legs collapsing, wondering what is wrong, the part he heard to do with James.

Sitting down on the chair Kerry looks up at Lawson her eyes filled with tears "that was David" trying to control her crying "I have to go", feeling Lawson's hand on her arm "Your in no state to go anywhere", then seeing her look into his eyes "James…" her voices coming out between sobs "they say James is dead, they've found his body,…..from a drug overdose"

Pulling Kerry towards him, wrapping his arms around her as her body is wracked with sobs, before feeling her pull away "I have to go, there made a mistake"

Seeing Shannon and Josh next to him her voice soft "I'll look after Leoney" nodding gratefully, he follows Kerry out to the car.

Arriving in the city a few minutes later, Kerry gets out of the car, seeing the blue police lights and the tape around, she walks through it, seeing a blanket over a body, she is glued to the spot, feeling Lawson's arms around hers "want me to kneel down and take off the blanket" nodding before shaking her head, does she want to see his body to know it is his, isn't it better not to know, looking at Lawson she nods, watching as he kneels down, folding back the blanket, the brown hair, before his face, closing his eyes, he quickly pulls the blanket back up before hurrying back to Kerry, wrapping his arms around her, as she cries.

Feeling Lawson's arms around her, pulling her towards him, she is numb, after everything they had been through, the months in witness protection, they should of known that the Rainey's would of gone after them, they should of looked after him better, she should of made sure of it, she promised him he would be fine once they were in jail, it was a broken promise, she didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to him, to do anything.

Feeling Lawson help her walk away from the crime scene, back to the hotel, each step automatically going in front of the other, she was a shit mum, one who couldn't even look after and save her son.


Watching Kerry sit on the couch her legs pulled up underneath her, staring into space, Lawson is worried, they had done an autopsy, and even though they suspected the Raineys, it had come back as drug overdose, given his history, there was no proof that it was anything else. Her response to being told it was a drug over dose, he had seen her angry before, but nothing like she was then or hearing the Raineys could not be charged for lack of proof, dragging her away from them before she got herself charged, telling them how incompetent they are, idiots/morons, didn't go down well,

Even with Tactical Reponse working on it, wondering how long before Kerry will do something, anything, get out of the grief she is living in the blame, the drinking of alcohol even with her unborn child, even with Leoney, knowing the one thing she wants to do is revenge and Lawson scared that one day she will do something to get it, and soon.

The End for the time being

P.s Kerry and Lawson do get married, as much as I wanted to write about a wedding, it would have to be another chapter, it was a quite small intimate wedding,

Charlie and Stella do get married too

Josh and Shannon continue to go out as a couple.