What the fuck is going on right now? Is this a joke? You put your head in your hands and try to take deep calming breaths.

You are not easily caught off guard, but right now you have no idea what to say.

Your day had started off completely normal. You had slept in, gotten your morning coffee fix at the café down the street, and worked out. You were about to go have lunch with Kurt and Rachel but you needed to stop home first. When you got to the apartment, you saw an officer standing outside the door.

"Can I help you, sir?" You're in a hurry, but you find it necessary to be polite.

"I'm looking for a Santana Lopez?"

"That's me," you tell him. You're calm on the outside, but on the inside you're freaking out. What the fuck did you do, Lopez? You try to remember if you had done anything illegal lately, but nothing comes to mind.

"Can I talk to you inside for a moment?" The officer gives you a small smile and you understand that you can't really say no. You let him into the apartment and text Kurt and Rachel telling them that you won't make lunch.

"Can I get you something to drink?" You're still trying to be polite just in case you really did fuck up. You think you're fine, though, since he probably would've arrested you already if you did something illegal.

"No thank you." You tell him to sit at the small kitchen table and you sit across from him. "How old are you Ms. Lopez?"


"And what do you do for a living?" He looks you in the eye and you feel nervous, even though your job truthfully isn't too awful.

"I work at a bar called Puckerman's. I bartend and waitress mostly." He nods and you're dying for a cigarette because you're still kind of freaking out.

"Do you know a Mr. Roberto Velasquez?"

You nod. "He was my brother-in-law. My sister died five years ago, though, so I'm not sure that still applies."

"I'm sorry to hear that," the officer offers you a sympathetic smile. You shrug. You were never really that close to your sister, as she was out of the house by the time you were five. Your mother had her when she was sixteen and had you when she was thirty. Your sister hadn't been there for any important parts of your life. Your dad had left when you were six and your mom kicked you out when you were seventeen and you told her you were gay. You had lived with Rachel for your last year of high school and then you moved to New York and went to NYU on scholarship and student loans that you were still attempting to pay off. You haven't been involved with your family in years. You didn't even go to your sister's wedding or funeral, knowing you weren't welcome. You had Rachel and Kurt and usually Puck and they were close friends at best. You were used to not having family.

"What is this about, Officer?" You are confused and your fingers are shaking, desperate to feel a cig between them.

"Mr. Velasquez was arrested two weeks ago. He has had four DUIs in the past three months and two weeks ago he received his fifth ticket and was taken into custody. When tested he was also found to be under the influence of cocaine." You stare at the officer still not understanding. Obviously this wasn't good, but you didn't know what it had to do with you. "We originally contacted your mother," the officer continued, "but she was not willing to help. Your sister is Maria Lopez, correct?" You nod again. "Your sister and Mr. Velasquez have a daughter. Are you aware of this?"

"No," you tell him. You are dumbfounded. You and your sister were not close, but surely she would have notified you of this.

"She is underage and in need of a home. Like I said before, your mother was not willing to take her."

What the fuck is going on right now? Is this a joke? You put your head in your hands and try to take deep calming breaths.

You are not easily caught off guard, but right now you have no idea what to say. "It is understandable if you do not want to take responsibility for her. However, if this is the case, she will be put in a home until she is old enough to be on her own." The officer gives her a meaningful look.

"How old is she?"

"She is a junior in high school, almost seventeen."

You nod. That's not too bad. At least you wouldn't have to change diapers or do any baby shit like that. Except if she is anything like you were at seventeen, she will not be easy to handle.

"Okay," you tell him. You have a guest room, so it's not like you don't have room for the girl. "I've heard the system sucks from a buddy of mine. And once she is eighteen she can leave, right?"

The officer nods. "This is a big responsibility Ms. Lopez. Are you sure? Cassandra is very… difficult to adjust to, from what I've heard."

You roll your eyes. "Look do you want me to take the girl or not?"

The officer nods. "Of course."

"Okay then. So how's this going to work?"

The officer leans forward. "Well, we can have you pick her up at the station on Friday. She's still in Ohio, but we will fly her out tomorrow, and you can just pick her up after that." You nod. At least you get two days to get ready. "You will also need to enroll her in the local public school."


The officer stands. "Thank you Ms. Lopez. We will notify you with more information in the upcoming days." You shake his hand and walk him out. Then you walk outside on the balcony and light up. You take a long drag on the cigarette and try to relax. How could Maria not tell you that she had a goddamn kid? Why did your mom not want to take her and why didn't you just say no like she did? What have you gotten yourself into?