Letters Chapter 20

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Warnings: Angst, drama. TezukaxFuji

(6-10-12 )

Tezuka walked onto Seigaku High School tennis courts with ease and a strong sense of familiarity despite the fact he had never used these particular facilities before. Doubtless it was the people gathered upon the green clay surface that brought about the feeling.

All of the former regulars except Echizen, who had opted to continue his education abroad until next year, had assembled. Momoshiro and Kaidoh had both moved up into the high school division during April as new high school students and were already the talk of the tennis courts.

Easily Tezuka spotted Oishi and Eiji having a practice match left most court. Along the sidelines Kawamura and Inui watched, accompanied by a few other tennis players that Tezuka didn't quite recognize. The former captain was on his way back from talking with the coach about joining the team the following Monday, after he officially enrolled back into Seigaku.

It was a bit unusual to transfer midterm like this; his year in Germany had ended at an odd time for the Japanese school system, but there was no way he could wait out the two months before the next term started. He had only just gotten back into the country yesterday and hadn't had a chance to meet up with everyone yet. He was, however, sure to inform them ahead of time that he would be attending their Sunday afternoon practice in order to speak with the coach and visit.

Tezuka had transverse about half the distance to his friends when a breath taking sight stopped him in his tracks. Soft flawless features: the curve of a smile the flash of glistening blue. Fuji.

The tensai's honey colored hair had grown back in the past few months and was now only a few inches shorter than it had been in middle school. His skin was no longer a sickly pale, bones no longer painfully visible. Tezuka watched, transfixed, as Fuji rose to his feet from the crouched position where he had been taking pictures of the match a moment earlier. Unlike the rest of the students on the field dressed in their track suits Fuji was still wearing the main school uniform, the difference only making him all the more noticeable.

Fuji turned and spotted Tezuka before he was able to snap out of his daze and the tensai waved merrily in his direction. The action stimulated several pairs of eyes in his direction.

"Buchou!" came several rowdy cheers; no doubt to the confusion of the other players and current captain of the team. While it hadn't been his intention to do so, his presence successfully disrupted the entire practice session. In a matter of seconds the former Seigaku dream team had gathered around him in a flurry of greetings and laughter. Oishi and Eiji finished their match just in time to join the others as they moved away from the courts to chat.

Regardless of manners Tezuka allowed his thoughts and attention to remain focused on Fuji nearly the entire time as the others greeted him. Not that he wasn't happy to see the rest happy and health, but simply unable to pull his gaze away. The boy was standing back a bit waiting patiently for his turn to come; that closed eyed smile gracing his lips, genuine and content. Somehow it was as though he had never been sick in the first place. When Fuji finally stepped forward those dazzling blue eyes revealed themselves and the tensai handed Tezuka a racket.

"You haven't played anyone yet have you?" Fuji questioned, adjusting his grip on the racket in his own hand. Such a familiar, nostalgic, missed gesture.

"Of course not," Tezuka replied, promptly taking Fuji's free hand in his own, a true smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

"I'm still out of shape go easy on me, ne?" Fuji chuckled freely, his smile radiant. Tezuka had never seen the prodigy so clearly, raw emotions on full display.

When the former captain nodded seriously at Fuji's request the said boy simply laughed lightly and tightening his grip on Tezuka's hand with a grateful nod of his own. Then together, hand in hand, the two headed in the direction of the nearest court.

The End

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