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Chapter One: Room Service

It all began on a sunny Saturday afternoon, as most other things do. Ayaka was walking to the grocery store to pick up a cheap lunch when she discovered a colorful coupon on the ground. She had to be honest; money had been pretty tight lately, so she wasn't above picking up a dirty piece of paper if it meant a few jenny off. She glanced from side to side before quickly scooping it up from the sidewalk. To her disappointment though, it wasn't a coupon for food or toiletries, or anything useful, really.

"Heavens Arena," she read out loud as she started walking again. "Hundreds of matches everyday. Buy one ticket and get the next half off. It will change your life!"

Ayaka stuck her tongue out.

"That's the worst way to advertise," she said, crumpling the piece of paper and sticking her hand into the big mouth of the public trashcan. She was about to let it go when she stopped herself for a moment, and it was this moment, really, that made all the difference. She retracted her hand and paused.

"It will change your life, huh," she said, un-crumpling the coupon and turning it over to the other side. "Oh, they're hiring. A thousand jenny per hour!"

A few people looked her way, but she was used to it. After all, she had the embarrassing habit of talking to herself in public. It's not that she didn't care. She did. Very much. She just had a little trouble controlling herself sometimes.

And right then, she decided that she would work at the Heavens Arena. Maybe because she was tired of eating cheap grocery food. Maybe because she was tired of babysitting kids that smelled funny. Maybe she just wanted to be reckless for once and maybe because she really did want to change her life. Or maybe because someone was waiting for her.

A little plaything

With lifeless eyes,

Loved by a child

With soulless cries

The monstrosity of a building tore through the feathery white clouds, madly towering over the rest of the polluted and dense city. Ayaka's blue eyes wandered upwards, and she wondered to herself if, on a clear day, she would be able to see the top all the way from below. She shrugged it off as she walked through the perpetually revolving doors and into the pleasantly air-conditioned lobby. The entire floor was crowded with people, mostly men, a handful of boys, and even fewer girls scattered here and there. Ayaka wasn't particularly short, but she was no basketball player either. She craned her neck to see through the sea of people, who were happily talking about this and that, for someone who worked there. It wasn't long until she found a girl who looked like she did.

"Hey!" Ayaka greeted happily. "Is that your uniform?"

"Yes, it is," she replied with extremely fake courtesy, which was probably part of company policy. "Can I help you?"

The girl she was talking to was wearing a matching pink hat and shirt, which was tight around the waist and was long like a dress. A white collar peeped from underneath. Both the hat and shirt had a cartoon fist seemingly popping outwards, surrounded by comical yellow jagged lines as if saying, "POW!" And finally, white leggings. How...attractive. Whatever the case, it was eye-catching, ugly, and as she learned later on, very mandatory. Beggars can't be choosers.

"I saw an ad that you guys are hiring," Ayaka explained, already using her strong business voice. "Do you know who I should talk to?"

Almost immediately, the girl appeared to be taken over with relief as she grabbed Ayaka's hands in excitement. Was there a hint of happy tears in her eyes? Maybe Ayaka was a bit too full of herself at the moment. After all, she just had a manicure the other day. She was sporting really seductive-looking red nails and, well, she thought they looked pretty sexy.

"Yes! Yes we're hiring!" the girl shouted, slightly dropping her politeness from earlier as she dragged Ayaka towards the back part of the lobby. "We're actually really low on staff this week! Were you sent from heaven? Haha, get it? Anyway, ever since Hisoka-san came back, a lot of people have been calling in sick!"

Ayaka laughed nervously. People calling in sick? And a lot of them? That wasn't a good sign. But hey, working at a place called "Heavens Arena" was probably hundreds of times better than wiping a child's butt for money. Two hundred jenny an hour worth of wiping, to be exact.

"I'm Honmei, by the way," she said, shaking her hand enthusiastically, as if they had already sealed the deal. "I'm the human resources manager. So when can you start?"

"Start? Wait, what? I'm hired?"

"Yes, you are!" she said, leading her through another set of hallways, and Ayaka realized that this girl liked to emphasize her yeses. "We'll do the paperwork later. Let's get your uniform! What's your size? You're probably a medium, right? We need someone in the room service department ASAP! Tie your hair up, will you? Company policy!"

Ayaka was dazed. This girl was talking about five hundred miles per hour, and somehow, she understood all of it, despite all the noise around them. Ever the obedient employee, Ayaka immediately tied her dirty blonde hair in a high ponytail. Good thing she didn't throw the rubber band from the newspaper today.

This time, I'll say no

This time, I'll be the one

To take the knife

And cut the flesh

Turns out, she'd find out who this "Hisoka-san" was earlier than she thought she would. Apparently, as the winner of some battle, he got his own floor in the Heavens Arena - the topmost penthouse suite, in fact - and his room service was free. What a lucky guy.

As Ayaka waited for the staff elevator to reach the 251st floor, she wondered what he looked like. Being the best fighter, he was probably big and burly, like a grizzly bear or a dinosaur, the big and scary kind. He probably smelled like day-old sweat and wore nothing but gym clothes. Nothing could have prepared her for the truth.

When the elevator beeped and the doors opened to reveal the suite, Ayaka swore that for the briefest moment, her lungs had collapsed and her heart had failed. She couldn't take a single breath of air, like she had been dumped into a vacuum-sealed box. It was a shocking feeling, like being pushed from behind while also being pushed from the front. Like she was caught in a stampede. She choked inaudibly and clung to the food cart she had brought with her in order to steady herself. And just as it started, it ended. Like waking up from a nightmare, it was so quick that she believed it to be her imagination. It wasn't real. Maybe she was just nervous. But she tasted the iron-rich blood in her mouth. She had accidentally bitten her tongue.

"Room service!" she said, ignoring herself. "Hisoka-san?"

She pushed the cart inwards slowly, looking around the seemingly empty but beautifully furnished floor. It really looked high class, like a five-star hotel, complete with a leather-themed living room, a full stainless steel kitchen, and two bedrooms, whose interiors she couldn't see. It smelled faintly of lemongrass, and it reminded her of her short stint as a fragrance tester. Ahh, the things she did for money.

"Hisoka-san?" she called out, pushing the cart further inside. She cursed under her breath. Honmei didn't tell her what to do if nobody was home. Was she supposed to leave the cart or come back later? Maybe he was asleep. Or in the bathroom. Should she just wait?

The bedroom door suddenly creaked open, and Hisoka walked out... with only a small towel around his narrow waist. She was right about his being in the bathroom… but boy, was she wrong about what she imagined he'd look like. He was a god among men.

"Is that for me?" he asked, his voice light and teasing. His lips were curled upwards in a grin.

"Y-yes!" she replied immediately, taking a short bow. "This is your dinner."

She glanced at his wet orange hair, which was still dripping wet from taking a shower. His skin was absolutely taut and flawless, freshly exfoliated with a soft loofah, courtesy of the management. Her eyes wandered off to his large biceps and six-pack abs, which were chiseled and shaped to perfection. How tall was he? His head was almost touching the doorway! His eyes were a blazing azure color, and they looked entertained.

"Ahh! I'm sorry!" she said, bowing again. Exactly how long did she stare at him for? She was going to get fired! "Enjoy your dinner! Please give us a call if you need anything!"

She ran to the elevator and quickly pressed the button three times until it responded. She forced herself to look at the ground; why was the elevator taking so long! Was he still looking at her? Did he notice that she had been staring at him? She knew that she should have kept her eyes down, but curiosity was a terrible thing. Right before the two doors kissed each other closed, she raised her gaze and their eyes met again. And it was at that moment, she realized later, that she had fallen in love with him. Yet he was laughing at her beet-red face.

End of Chapter 1!

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