The Life Of The Disguised Princess Ichigo


Name: Ichigo Amano ( Michi Anago)

Ichigo Amano is the Princess of Japan . No one in Japan saw her except for those in the castle , Mari and Henri but they know her name. She have a name she use when she was out of the castle. Her fake name is Michi Anago. Her family use the same " Anago" as their surname when they are out of the cousin is Mari. Ichigo is also know as a noble outside the castle. Her sweet spirit is Himeko a.k.a Vanilla. Ichigo has a good palate.

Name: Himeko(Vanilla)

Himeko is Ichigo's sweet spirit . She is the princess of the sweet spirits. But like Ichigo, everyone outside the castle know her as Vanilla, they do not know that she is a princess. She and Chocolat always fight.

Name: Kashino

A noble like the rest of the sweet princes. His specialty is chocolate.

Name: Chocolat

Kashino's sweet spirit.

Name: Hanabusa

He is a noble and his specialty is candy art.

Name: Café

Hanabusa's sweet spirit.

Name: Andou

A noble and his specialty is Japanese sweets

Name: Caramel

Andou's sweet spirit.

Name: Mari Tennouji

She is a noble and Ichigo's cousin. Everyone outside the castle thought that she is the princesses' and Michi's cousin. She treats Ichigo and Natsume as her own sisters. They are very close to each other. Ichigo often calls her Mari nee-san.

Name: Honey

Mari's sweet spirit .

Name: Henri Lucas

Ichigo's and Mari's cooking teacher. He is the best patisserie in the world.

Name: Natsume Amano

She is Ichigo's sister but no one outside the castle had seen her or know her name.


Ichigo is the princess of Japan but few has seen her. Now , she enter ST. Marie Academy with a different name.