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Two days after Phineas and Isabella's wedding, Ferb was driving in his new convertible that he purchased this year and he even altered to his liking. So instead of it only going one hundred and sixty miles per hour, it could go over two hundred miles per hour. But there are the laws that had to be obeyed. So he drove about thirty miles per hour.

And where was he heading on such a nice day? To see the girl of his dreams... Vanessa. He remembers the day that she gave him hope. After all the refusals and pride she showed towards him, there was a small light at the end of the tunnel.

About two years ago, he saw her walking down the street and he found the strength, and his voice, to talk to her. That day he confessed once again, his true feelings he felt towards her and hoped that she felt the same. But as usual, she didn't. Her words were always the same,

"We can't be, I have a boyfriend." or "You're too young for me!" and even "I don't feel the same for you! Now leave me alone!"

Yep, Ferb has heard it all before from her… and he wasn't too keen on just giving up. That's where hope comes in. The last time he saw her, he tried the same words again and this time, she sighed,

"Look, Ferb… I'll admit there is something about you. But can you be my everything? Can you give me what I need and want?"

Ferb answered with a fast nod.

"Okay… tell you what, when you grow up, come and find me. Then we'll talk, I promise."

With that, she turned away from him and walked away. Words couldn't describe the feelings Ferb felt that day. When he went home and found himself alone in his room, he actually took a pillow and started yelling out for happiness. Yes, that's right… Ferb Fletcher yelled and no one heard.

So we come back to today. Ferb had graduated about a year ago, he's nineteen years old, he has a car and a good paying job. He's grown up and ready to be with her.

His first stop was at Vanessa's moms house. When Charlene answered the door, she knew right away who the boy was,

"Why if it isn't, Ferb Fletcher! I've been reading about your success in the papers. You're on the verge of making the eighth or ninth wonder of the world, aren't you?"

Ferb nodded.

"And I see that you're very quiet… just like on T.V."

Ferb cleared his voice, "Is, Vanessa here?"

"Oh no, she's not. Actually she moved out a couple of years ago. But I can give you her new address if you would like."

Ferb nodded.

Charlene grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled out some words on it, "She still lives in Danville, her apartment is right across town. You can't miss it."

After handing him the paper, Ferb saluted and walked back to his car. Charlene chuckled,

"He's always been a polite young man."

True to her words, it all but five minutes to reach Vanessa's apartment. After Ferb parked the car he jumped out and over the door and walked right up to the door. He straightened out his shirt and brushed his hair back with his hand before ringing the doorbell. After a minute or two, the door opened and there stood Vanessa looking rather tired.

She had a happy look, which soon turned disappointed when she saw Ferb, "Ferb is that you? What are you doing here? How did you find me?"

Ferb showed her the piece of paper and nodded.

"You went to see my mother? Ugh, Ferb why are you-"

"Hey, Van who's at the door?" a voice called to her from the inside,

"Johnny don't call me that! And it's just, Ferb. I'm getting rid of him now."

Ferb felt a bit hurt at her words. Why is she trying to get rid of him?

Vanessa stepped outside and closed the door, "Look just… say what you have to say and be gone."

Ferb's lip trembled as he mumbled, "You promised…"

"Speak up, Ferb I can't hear you."

Ferb pointed a finger at her, "Two years ago, Vanessa you promised that when I grew up and found you we would give us a try! I'm nineteen years old now, I have a job and my own place now."

Vanessa's eyes grew wide, "What? But I… you… oh no, Ferb!"

Ferb knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Look I know I said those things, but that was mostly because I didn't want you pestering me anymore. I thought that you would meet someone else in high school or something and forget about me. Why didn't you? It's the natural thing."

"Because I love you…"

"No, Ferb… no you don't. You don't know what love is, besides I'm engaged… to Johnny my true love."

Tears were starting to form in Ferb's eyes, "I waited for you, Vanessa… I waited for you because I had the patience and hope for us…"

Vanessa's look softened, but was quickly replaced by anger, "Well… it looks like you wasted your time! Goodbye, Ferb… have a good life."

With that she went back into the house and closed the door in Ferb's face. Ferb stood stunned by the door. After all the time he spent, waiting for her, practicing talking some more so he could tell her everything and for what? For her to tell him that she's going to marry 'Johnny' instead.

He sniffed and wiped away some tears from his eyes before walking back to his car. After jumping in and starting it up, he sped through town and pulled up to his apartment. After parking, he got out of his car, burst through the door and collapsed on the floor in tears. He just couldn't hold it in anymore. Let it be known, Ferb Fletcher… was crying.

He started choking on his own tears as he started thinking. All those years that he waited for her, kept true to her and found a great life for him and her and for what? For her to spit in his face and to go off and be with somebody else. Why didn't Ferb see this coming? Of course she would pick her punk boyfriend, he was always there in her life. When Ferb tried to place himself in Vanessa's life, she would only push him further away from her. And now it was over. She was marrying Johnny.

This Johnny better make sure he treats her right, the way she deserves to be treated. If he doesn't, Ferb will know and he will make him suffer. Who was he kidding; Johnny's probably this perfect goody two-shoes who has a million dollars in his pocket. Ferb can't compete with that… well, actually he could but Vanessa's heart is not something someone should compete for. If this is what she wanted, then, as hard as it was, that's what Ferb had to accept.

Ferb stood up and rubbed his swollen eyes. He looked up at himself in the mirror and saw a half grown boy looking back at him. He then walked upstairs to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

He needed to talk to someone, or at least hear them talk to him. But whom could he listen to? Phineas was on his honeymoon and Ferb was smart enough not to bother him until he returns. His parents would probably just try and tell him to move on, but how could he? He was crazy about this girl, and he'll always be crazy about her. There's no one else for Ferb Fletcher in this world, nor the next one.

She may have broken his heart in two multiple times, but he is still determined to get her to see who he really was. He wasn't the boy that she knew and looked at as a child anymore, he was a man now. A man who would do anything to try and win her back.

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