"Ano, Shirosaki-kun?"
Called boy lifted his white haired head, to stare back at the owner of the high, female voice.
"Whadda ya want, girl?"
He asked the blushing and fidgeting, brunette in front of him.
"Um, well...I wanted to..."

How he hated it when they stood like that in front of him, idly staring onto their feet, hands behind their backs or rubbing them nervously before their chest and swaying like they had 3 bottles of rum in their system, to get boozed enough to find the guts to talk to him.

"Just spit it out already."
He snarled impatiently at her.
"Shirosaki-kun, I...I really like you. W-would you please go out with me?"
He sighed, leaning back.
"Ya sayin' ya love me? Sorry, I ain't got nothin' o' that."
Leaning in to her and showing pearly white teeth in a big smirk he said.
"But if ya wanna good fuck, I won' say no."
For that he got slapped, it was the fifth this month.
He didn't even look after the girl storming off to somewhere.
It was always the same.
The girls in school fell for him, creating pretty dreams in their little heads and getting their panties wet just when he crossed their paths.
Well, he couldn't deny that he had a handsome look, but it still annoyed him when they bothered him with their love declarations.

His name is Shirosaki Hichigo.
He was a near albino. Pale skin, white hair and, through some odd means, he had golden eyes with a black sclera. Well, fuck it.
5'11 tall, slender and muscular, just enough to make them viewable.

If he wanted he could have all the girls who were after him, but he didn't, because there was something he hated more than anything.
Those three words, everyone said so easily, so randomly.

I love you.



What is that anyway?

He didn't know.

Didn't learn the meaning of it or even how it felt like.

His family never showed him any of it.

Chapter 1

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