A year later

Ichigo entered his and Shiros apartment and shut the door behind him.
He stepped out of his shoes and called.
"I'm home!"
He heard Shiros muffled voice from the bathroom, answering him and when he came into the living room, the albino emerged from the bath, clad in nothing more than a towel covering his neither regions and another towel in his hands to dry his dripping hair.

They exchanged a short welcome kiss, before Shiro turned and headed to their bedroom to get dressed.
The albino heard Ichigo emit a short gasp.
"Shiro! When did you get these?"
"On the day you headed out with your family to the week long trip."
He answered calmly, turned around to take a quick look at Ichigo and smirked at mentioned, before he continued to walk to the bedroom.

Shiro had some new tattoos on his back.
On his right shoulder was a mirrored version of the rose he had on his left, together with the Kanji for life.
Between the two roses on his shoulder-blades a phrase ran down, along his spine, written in Japanese characters.
It meant:
Know thyself

"So that's why you couldn't come with us? The important errand?"
Shiro shrugged and said.
"That was one of it. The other was that Starrk was short on people and I had to work double shifts."
Ichigo huffed a breath.
Really, sometimes he still didn't understand the albino.

"It looks good, but why did you get them?"
Ichigo asked, following right behind his lover.
Shiro dressed in boxers and jeans, leaving his upper body bare and than he answered the orangette.
"Well, it's best if I give you the proper answer to this question, you are waiting for since a year already."
Ichigo raised an eyebrow in confusion, not really remembering that he had asked this once before.
"You asked about the one on my left, so I'll start there, with answering."
Shiro turned around to show the images on his back and pointed at one after another, while explaining.

"So, this if for everything I didn't have and those I lost in my life."
He said as he pointed at his left shoulder, than he pointed at his right, telling Ichigo.
"This is for everything that I have and what I gained in my life."

Than he made a pause, in which he turned around and took Ichigo in a loose hug.
He ran his pale fingers down on Ichigos spine, right where his own back was covered in Japanese writings, causing the orangette to shiver at the touch.
The albino leaned in to Ichigos ear and whispered into it.

"What's written here, is the spell you used to break the curse on me."
Ichigo felt a bit lightheaded at the sensual touch of Shiro, barely he registered the others words or the meaning behind them.
He asked, when his brain started to take up the work again.
"The never ending curse of self-denial ."
Shiro told, looking into the chocolate eyes of his love, than he kissed same one's soft lips passionately, putting all of his emotions in it.

Even if they were in a relationship since a year now, not once had the albino been able to speak out the three words of affection.
So, neither did Ichigo, because he didn't want to pressure him in any way with it.
But both knew, even without saying it out loud, that it was true and showed it to each other in moments like this.

They parted and took deep breaths of precious air.
Ichigo snuggled against Shiros chest and listened to his hearts beating.
He felt great.
He was so happy that everything worked out this way.

"I'd go from heaven to hell and back for you, Ichi."
Shiro told and the vibrations in his chest send little shivers through Ichigo.
The words he whispered next, brought the orangettes world finally to completion.

"I love you."

The soft rumbling that went through the albinos upper body at these words, raked deep into Ichigos bones and etched the words deep into his core.
He smiled softly and looked up into swirling pools of gold in a sea of black.

"I love you too."

What is Love?

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