Fairy Tale

Gather 'round and listen closely children, and I'll tell you a story…

Once upon a time, in a land of magic and mystery, as ageless and timeless as fairytales themselves, there lived an evil fairy.

Now this was a particularly evil fairy. He had spent the last several decades spreading a black plague across several European countries, incited numerous witch hunts that led to many innocent people being tortured and burned alive, and invented a spell that would destroy attention spans in young children.

Oh yes, this fairy made evil even eviler than usual, and his name was Muraki.

Well, as you can imagine, after centuries of this malevolence, Muraki finally began to feel that he had seen it all, done it all, and been bored by it all.

So he decided that it was time to take a small nap; possibly a century or two… As long as he got up every ten years or so to use the potty it would be fine. And he would wake up in a whole new future with new ways to inflict horror upon the human race.

So the evil fairy Muraki travelled to a castle in the heart of a deep, dark forest to sleep.

The castle had been left to him by his father; also called Muraki (Muraki the Unremarkable), who had inherited it in turn from his father, also called Muraki (Muraki the Bloody Fruitcake), who had been a mad scientist of the first water.

It was this first Muraki of course; who, in the course of his slightly less than moral experiments, ended up infecting his own bloodline with fairy DNA. Thus paving the way for the birth of the evil, psychotic, sociopathic, nasty, evil fairy Muraki.

With wings, of course.

Enter the star-crossed lovers.

These two, both having been banished from the society of 'normal people', suffering hurt and hardship, found each other through events that would make a marvellous and compelling story, but are of little consequence here.

In each other, these two found acceptance, friendship, and eventually, love. They travelled together, keeping themselves isolated for the sake of peace, happy with their own company.

So it is no surprise, being as far off the beaten path as they were, that one day, they came across this castle.

At this point it should be pointed out that while these two had been unfairly banished from 'normal' society, they were in fact, not normal. The older of the two, Asato Tsuzuki, was of uncertain linage. Who or what his parents were were unknown; but Tsuzuki had inherited the most unusual eye colour, remarkable spiritual powers, and an even deeper and darker power that frightened even him when he touched it.

The younger, Hisoka Kurosaki, was an empath, able to feel the emotions of others and project his own. It was this second ability that was the cause of the their tragedy.

Hisoka had never experienced anything in his life like Tsuzuki, and for the first time in his life he was happy and in love. As this was a new experience for the youth, he did not realize he was projecting these emotions quite strongly; and as Tsuzuki felt the same, he failed to notice the projection as well.

But the evil fairy Muraki noticed. He noticed the moment the foreign emotions woke him up, approximately two moments after the star-crossed lovers entered the castle. All that love and happiness gave the evil fairy a massive headache, not to mention he had been woken up at least 97 years too early, Muraki was understandably peeved.

So rather than asking the couple to leave, or dropping them off the nearest cliff (which he considered) he decided to destroy the emotions at their source. The evil fairy Muraki confronted the couple and cast a spell that would destroy Hisoka's love for Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki cried out that the evil fairy couldn't do such a malicious thing; and as it turned out, Muraki couldn't abolish Hisoka's love completely. But the fairy's spell was strong enough to block and contain Hisoka's true feelings; so it was that Hisoka still loved Tsuzuki, but he only knew it and felt it for ten minutes after midnight each day.

The evil fairy found Tsuzuki's misery and despair, and Hisoka's anger and desperation so amusing that he trapped them there with him inside the castle.

Inside the castle was a world unto itself. The rules governing life changed in subtle ways, and no one aged. Their torment could last as long as the evil fairy wished.

Tsuzuki lived every day for those ten minutes when Hisoka loved him, and every day he died a little as he watched that love fade away as his time ran out.

Hisoka's anger grew in proportion to Tsuzuki's misery. For 23 hours and 50 minutes he was aware that something was missing, something important was gone from him and was just out of his reach. It was frustrating and enraging, and the man with the purple eyes always looked at him so sadly…

And this is where our story begins…