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Chapter 1

Klaus stirred in his sleep as he heard the bed spread's crinkling sound by the merciless tossing and turning of their occupant and the bed creaked under the pressure of the incessant movement. He grumbled loudly pissed beyond reason

"Stop moving!" he commanded angrily "What are you a child?" he added furiously and was awarded with a slap on his bare chest that echoed through the otherwise silent room.

Klaus chuckled at his bed partners childish behavior and received a soft complaining moan in response

"Mmhmm... you woke me up..." she said frustrated pushing herself up on her elbows looking straight at him, no doubt attempting to burn a hole through his thick head by the spiteful glare in her eyes

"Excuse me..." he countered "You're the one who was thrashing around like a fish out of water darling, you woke me up"

"Now I can't sleep" she declared irately plopping down on her pillow dramatically and a few of her soft blonde tendrils brushed his shoulders. He merely shrugged in the darkness attempting to entice slumber to beckon him again, but failed miserably, he was too amused to sleep. And not to mention her leg that kept grazing against his own wasn't helping in his endeavor either.

"I'm bored" she stated in a... well, bored tone. His mind jumped to a time when his sister had said the same words in quite a similar tone. He shook his head to brush off the comparison, it's wrong to compare your sister to someone you fucked senseless a few hours ago no matter which species you belong to.

"Well what exactly do you suggest I do about that?" he asked dryly

"Entertain me" she chirped hoisting herself on one shoulder

"I think I've entertained you satisfactorily enough for tonight, ask the guards or the Salvatore if you don't remember" he answered wickedly and despite not being able to see her face he could feel her blushing.

"Maybe I want to try new tricks" she quipped trailing her hands up and down his chest. He smirked at her smugly, sure her hands were having the effect she desired but she was forgetting the fact that he was a 1000 years old... if you can't gain control of your own body in that much time then shame on you. He remained silent and she pushed her leg up in between his rubbing him against her thigh and he was very turned on, but refused to let his body show it.

He was Klaus... he got turned on when he wanted to get turned on.

And he did not want that at this moment, sure he might wake her up in the morning and entertain her out of her mind, but Klaus does not lose. She grumbled angrily realizing that all her seductive practices were to no avail and he let out a bark like laugh.

"Caroline" he said turning to his side to hold her face in his hands "Go to sleep... or go kill something, or just lie there but do not disturb me. I wish to sleep" he stated clearly and turned on the other side and she whimpered crossly

"I don't want to sleep"

"Shut up Caroline or I will bite you" he warned and she burst out laughing

"Yeah... sure you'll bite me and then give me your blood after a few minutes. We've done this before" she teased

"One day I might just not give you my blood" he seethed

"Yeah right..." she snorted "You do that master" she mocked and patted him on the bum lightly before turning around herself trying to sleep

He couldn't help but chuckle at his little blonde... she thought she was something alright; sure he hadn't help deflate her ego by not killing her for months and bearing every single annoying habit of hers, but he couldn't help it. From the day she sauntered into his house to the day she grabbed his face and kissed him mercilessly, he couldn't help but be enchanted by his devil.

Klaus calling a blonde baby vamp the devil... if that isn't ironic then what the hell is?

Klaus woke her up the way he had planned, lifting her off the bed from her shoulders onto her knees and entering her from behind, a breathy sigh left her mouth at the sudden sensation. He went slow, he wanted see how long it took before she woke up, not that long in fact; ten seconds and a moan rumbled from her throat as she trailed her hand up his sides to tangle in his hair, he hated it and loved it when she tugged on his hair. He moved his face from the back of her neck to her shoulder where he snipped and sucked before biting down hard just as he felt her about to come, she screamed at the double pleasure's riveting through her body and entwined her fingers with his, he would have to talk to her about that later... Klaus doesn't entwine hands. He pulled back as he admired the way his bite was corrupting her flesh and moved back slightly to whisper in her ear

"Didn't I tell you I would bite you?" he smirked

She nodded her head still too consumed with all of him inside her to even respond though a cheeky smile tugged on her face when his body clearly betraying his mind bought his left wrist in front of her mouth, she smirked satisfied in every way leaning back against his shoulders and whispering in his ear

"And didn't I say you'd give me your blood later?" she teased as she grabbed his wrist fiercely and bit down on it hard sucking on his and nowadays her elixir. He grumbled angrily at her words and threw her down onto the bed head first when she was done but not before he heard he heard the soft chuckle from her at his antics. This did nothing to help improve his mood, so deciding on being angry and grouchy for the foreseeable future he got off the bed putting his clothes on as she turned around to face him pulling the covers up to her chest attempting to feign shyness with a cocky grin on her face.

"You gonna be grumpy the whole day... or just when I mock you?" she inquired and he visible scowled at her

"Don't push it my love" he warned doing his best to stop the smile that was threatening to creep up on him. She simply rolled her eyes seeing right through him and collapsed back onto the pillow thoroughly exhausted, even after sleeping for hours... but hey hybrid sex can and will do that to you. Sex was one thing she could not keep up with Klaus, he could go for hours and yet get out of bed and go about his business of torture and mayhem whereas she slept like the dead, he had chuckled and shook his head at her stupidity when she had used that analogy and bit back the retort 'You are dead' which would have surely earned him the sight of her pouting face for an entire night. Klaus hated her pout which is why she made it a point to pout as often as possible. She murmured sleepily as her eyes closed shut when she heard the door bang indicating Klaus's departure.

Klaus walked down the stairs of his... Well not his, his through compulsion... that's still his right? Palatial home nodding every so often at his men lining the hallways, until he reached the parlor to find the youngest Salvatore reading the newspaper while sucking on a blood bag. He smiled at his friend who smiled back on instinct though there was a small discomfort in his face which told Klaus he had indeed heard what had happened between him and his blonde friend, though with the way she screamed Klaus was certain even the houses miles from here would have heard her by now.

"Morning Stefan" he commented "Or well afternoon I should say" he corrected looking up at the watch clock

Stefan snorted involuntarily and asked "Every morning?"

Klaus only smiled at him smugly before retorting back "Jealous Stefan?"

"No... That would be the other brother" a dark skinned, green-eyed and cocky, a little too cocky for Klaus's liking, witch interrupted before Stefan could respond as she walked in carrying a plate of food and a juice carton. Bonnie smiled at the two men before she whipped the newspaper from Stefan's hand and settled down on the couch paying no attention to the hateful glare both men were giving her.

"Don't remind me about that depraved vampire" Klaus snapped wrinkling his nose as the witch snorted at him and nodded slightly... really now who didn't hate Damon?

"When are we leaving this place?" Stefan asked annoyed after his failed attempts at taking the paper back from Bonnie "I hate it here, I have never met dumber women in my life"

"Well maybe you attract the dumb flock Stefan coz I have met wonderful women here" Klaus piped

"Don't let Caroline hear you say that" Bonnie warned from behind the paper and Stefan smiled

"What's she gonna do?" Klaus challenged and Bonnie lowered the paper and raised a brow at him and he rolled his eyes dramatically mumbling to himself.

"Anyways..." Stefan interrupted before Bonnie retorted back, the verbal jostle between the witch and the hybrid though entertaining were awfully drawn out "When are we leaving?" he asked firmly looking at Klaus who huffed angrily while Bonnie smirked

"Ask your friend... she'll whine for all of eternity if she doesn't get what she wants. You want to leave talk to her" Klaus said fixedly avoiding Bonnie's glare.

"Caroline will never want to leave Florida... its Barbie paradise here" Stefan complained wincing when he used his brother's nickname for her, earning a hateful glare from Klaus. "I hate it here" Stefan added grumpily

"Oh my god... isn't ripper Stefan not supposed to whine as much as the old one, and now you're pouting too. Seriously you're giving me a headache with all the complaining" Bonnie said tiredly as she put the paper down and dove into her food. Klaus wrinkled his nose at the disgusting smelling things on her plate and wondered when it became okay for people to cook in his kitchen now, this is why he got those urges to kill the blonde from time to time, she had completely changed everything about him, he was awfully domesticated for a blood-thirsty evil hybrid.

Klaus turned his gaze to his ripper who was no doubt contemplating the murder of the witch, who had once upon a time been his friend but now she got on his nerves, Klaus couldn't really blame it though. It was as if she had decided to piss everyone off. But they both knew there was nothing they could do about it, though Klaus had to admit that the witch had been useful (not to her face though), Stefan though got the worst of her taunts, he knew she could give him an aneurism strong enough to flatten Manhattan if he tried to drain her dry, not that he would dare, Caroline would unleash her wrath on him, he wasn't afraid of her little Barbie fists but she would undoubtedly frustrate her hybrid to the point where he would rip Stefan into pieces just to shut her up.

Klaus couldn't help but smile every time he thought of how Stefan had come to become a part of their group, he had made the stupid mistake of taking his family which Klaus had recovered within a week... really people should stop underestimating him. He had let Stefan live solely on the fact that they had once been friends and one day could be again. He had walked back to him merely a month later with the pretext of wanting to make his life miserable because he had ruined his. Klaus had given him an amused smile and told him to give it his best shot. Months later, especially after the blonde and the witch had joined their group he had forgotten his plan to make him miserable and Klaus wondered why people found it so difficult to admit that they just liked him.

He turned his gaze to the witch chomping on her food in a very un-ladylike manner, polar opposite of his blonde. She may have been helpful but he would rather not have her with them, she was too judgmental for his taste and moreover she was not afraid of him. He already had to deal with one woman who refused to take his threats seriously he didn't need another one. But he had no choice but to let her be with them, she had stormed into their house a month after Caroline had come to him demanding him to let her go. When the blonde refused much to Klaus's relief he had become quite attached to her not that he would admit it, the witch had declared that if the blonde stayed here she would too... for her protection, she didn't trust that Klaus wouldn't just kill her or sacrifice her or something like that. He had feigned a mock hurt at her words, though it hadn't all been mock hurt, he was transparent if nothing more. If he wanted Caroline dead he would never have made any effort to hide his intentions. From that day on the witch had become a permanent fixture, and as the days went on her confidence and pure cockiness increased much to the two men's dis-approval. Every time he felt like killing her he reminded himself that Caroline would not be pleased, and she was a pain in the ass when she wasn't pleased. He settled on the fact that she had been useful, her knowledge on magic for someone so young was vast, Stefan attributed this to the fact that she never got laid in her life to do anything else other than study, and she gave him an aneurism that had him screaming like a little girl for that. This reminded him of the task she had been given the night before and came out of his reverie to ask her about it

"How did it go last night?" he asked her and she put her plate down and looked at him the seriousness returning to her voice and face

"I killed them all except one, he seemed like he might talk... he was shit scared and practically pissed himself" she started and Klaus slowly nodded "I think maybe you and Stefan should speak to him, though he has been compelled by Elijah so you'll have to find a way around that." She added raising a finger

"What about the others?" Stefan asked

"They were all pure muscle, didn't know anything as far as I could tell, just trying to get on the good side of an original. They weren't compelled but were useless so I killed them. One of your vampires died by the way, I told you I need more help..." Bonnie warned turning to look at Klaus who shook his head

"Stefan was doing something else, next time he'll come with you" he replied

"Caroline can come too..." Bonnie suggested "She's strong now after having your blood and she could be..."

"No" Klaus said firmly cutting her across "You offered to do this, if you don't want to then stop but she will never be hunting." He added decisively and Bonnie sighed

"I won't let her get hurt you know" Bonnie said softly, she spoke softly to Klaus only when it was about Caroline, how much ever she may hate him she couldn't deny his feelings for her friend.

"Nonetheless" Klaus said finitely making it clear that this was not open to any more discussion

"Fine... I guess I'll just have to wait for our ripper extraordinaire to become free" Bonnie snapped and Klaus merely shrugged his shoulders where as Stefan looked affronted

"Our? I'm not anyone's ripper" he said defensively and Bonnie snorted impulsively

"Whatever you say Stefan" she said and Klaus threw her a cheeky smile and before Stefan could open his mouth to whine again one of Klaus's minions walked into the living room making an announcement and Bonnie was reminded of a royal family needing people announced into their homes

"Damon Salvatore here to see you Sir" Astor the minion said and Klaus wrinkled his nose in disgust and Bonnie almost followed suit but couldn't control her smile at Klaus's funny face, he looked as if someone had shoved manure below his nose.

"Tell him I'm not here to be seen, nor do I want to be seen" Klaus replied haughtily and the minion looked out the door uncomfortably and turned back almost wincing in anticipation as the next words left his mouth

"Ah... he says he will sing outside all night if you do not allow him to come inside"

"Then kill him" Klaus said simply looking positively delighted with that thought

"He might have an update" Bonnie said wisely realizing it before Klaus made a rash decision... but really what was Klaus if not rash?

"Uh... whatever let him in" Klaus surrendered pinching is nose and glaring angrily at the witch for being so damn thoughtful all the time

"I want to see Caroline" Damon demanded as soon as he walked into the living room glaring crossly at all its occupants.

"She's asleep" Stefan replied simply

"It's noon" Damon said baffled and Bonnie smiled knowing full well what was going to happen next

"Well I did just fuck her brains out... the girl needs her rest" Klaus said proudly and everyone noticed the low growl that left Damon's chest, and his face looked as if he was suffering from the worst indigestion ever known to the living and/or dead.

"And a new brain" Stefan piped up smirking and threw his hands up in defeat when all three of his surrounding companions glared at him fiercely "Jeez... learn to take a joke"

"You know that witch you send me to talk to?" Damon said looking at Bonnie trying to keep the huskiness out of his voice, and Bonnie truly felt pity for him; he looked like he either wanted to do a Justin Timberlake and cry a river or rip Klaus limb to limb... he would have better luck the Timberlake way.

"You mean the one you and Elena went to speak to?" Bonnie said and Damon instinctively turned his gaze to Stefan to see if the mention of his ex-girlfriend invoked any buried feelings from his brother, but Stefan's expression to 'Elena' was equivalent to his reaction to the word 'Nachos'... couldn't care less.

"Well yeah..." Damon began and fiddled with the zipper of his leather jacket and continued "She... she said something weird, I can't figure it out"

"Weird... like what weird?" Bonnie asked stepping forward, her interests peeking... the information from this witch was important for their fight against Elijah. Klaus and Stefan listened intently too

"Well she didn't say anything about Elijah, or Dastan or Cassandra or whatever... she said something about Caroline"

"What about her?" Klaus said almost threateningly and Bonnie and Stefan were surprised that Damon didn't step back in fear from the stare Klaus was giving him.

Damon sighed deeply visibly confused how to continue but decided this was like ripping a bandage... faster the better so he ploughed through his confusion and blurted

"He said Caroline is going to have a child"