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Chapter 5

After Bonnie freaked the fuck out and used his head for batting practice while screeching incessantly about how wrong this was, and in how many ways it would come back to bite him in the ass... i.e. if he somehow managed to get out alive from her verbal and physical bashing.

After living with two women for almost a year Klaus had gotten quite used to being yelled at, mostly from Caroline though, rarely from the witch. He found himself reflecting on how easy it was to deter the blonde from her yelling's, a few nice words, promises to not do so again and his very useful method of putting his lips to work. But none of those worked with the Bennet... he didn't even dare to try any one of them, afraid that it would just piss her off more.

So he listened quietly, keeping his murderous thoughts to himself, while occasionally shooting dirty looks to a smiling Stefan, who looked like Christmas had come early. Stefan was quite enjoying watching someone other than him being scolded by Bonnie.

After what felt like the entire span of the dark ages, Bonnie finally stopped to take a breath; Klaus seized the opportunity instantly utilizing his vocal cords that had been dormant far too long for their liking.

He promised her as well as swearing on Caroline's life that he would not compel her until and unless they reached desperate situations. She assured him that she would be the decider of whether these desperate situations had been reached or not. He reluctantly agreed, recognizing that despite her investment in Caroline's happiness as well, Bonnie was definitely much more practical than any of the other two men. She also thought about Caroline's sanity which admittedly slipped Klaus's radar, he only thought of how to keep her safe... and how to keep her as his.

Bonnie on the other hand couldn't care less about him; all her interests were vested in Caroline. Klaus couldn't remember the last time he had held so much respect for someone who cared so less for him.

Being the voice of reason that she was, she somehow also managed to convince Klaus that the 'baby thing' wasn't the only option and that they still had time to make their plans. She strung her words so cleverly that they appealed to the side of him that wanted to start the 3rd world war at the mere thought of Caroline having Damon's baby. She expressly told him to hold his horses and to not jump the gun and not to go compel Caroline to go fuck Damon. He cringed slightly at her words and wondered when the hell she got so freaking wise.

He didn't know that she had always been wise, it was just that no one ever noticed.

After giving him a parting warning glance she locked herself in her room... her thinking place as she called it, whereas Stefan made to leave to hunt, before he noticed that Caroline wasn't home.

"Where's Caroline?" he asked his hand on the doorknob, just a second away from putting his foot out.

Klaus looked around the room as if searching for a note and then glanced at the calendar before he would jump the gun and start to panic.

"What day is it?" he asked Stefan slowly

"Wednesday" Stefan replied and looked confused when Klaus breathed a sigh of relief.

"She's gone to visit her mother's grave" Klaus said confidently plopping down on the couch with a sad smile on his face.

Stefan only smiled softly at how well Klaus knew Caroline before leaving the house.

Elena was pouring herself a cup of tea while watching Damon wearily when she heard the knock on the door. Knowing that in his sour mood he wasn't going to be opening the door she got off her stool and made her way to the door. She had expected the pizza she had ordered for, maybe even Matt coming to visit, even one of Klaus's hybrids here to kill them both... hell she expected Barrack Obama to show up for tea and cake before she expected the person standing outside the door to come visit her. Of course she knew that if he was here, it wasn't to see her.

"Stefan" she breathed in disbelief and Damon's head snapped up from its stationery position when he heard his brother's name.

"Hey Elena" Stefan said swaying on the balls of his feet, an awkward smile gracing his lips "How are you?" he added out of courtesy and she merely blinked at him.

"Stefan? What are you doing here?" Damon said getting up from the couch and moving to the door.

Stefan looked surprised to see Damon there, which surprised Damon even more and made Elena hope stupidly for a second.

"Oh... you know, I just... wanted to come see you" Stefan said rapidly looking at a perplexed Damon


"I can't visit my brother?" Stefan shot back simply making Elena snort

"You haven't cared about anyone of us for a year, why now?" she asked angrily and he stared at her doe eyes, trying very hard to feel some sort of remorse or shame, when he could come with nothing he merely shrugged at her, and she shook her head as the tears rolled down.

"Klaus sent you."

Damon didn't mean it as a question; he seemed to take that fact for granted which made Stefan very angry.

"I don't work for Klaus, Damon. I came here off my own accord" Stefan pressed

"Ok then what do you want?" Damon asked

"I want to come inside" Stefan said simply

Elena glanced at Damon wearily who nodded so slowly that you only caught it if you were looking for it.

"Come in Stefan" she whispered softly and promptly stomped her way to her room leaving the brothers alone.

"So I see she's still angry?" Stefan commented lamely as he stepped foot inside the lavish apartment and Damon just surveyed his brother with increasing suspicion.

"She's angry with everyone" Damon responded

"Then why is she still helping us?" Stefan asked curiously

Damon sighed deeply, making sure that she wasn't listening he said "She thinks once the dust settles; you'll be back to guy who loved her. You're the only reason she sticks around"

"That doesn't trouble you?" Stefan asked unaffected and Damon raised a brow at him

"You know I don't care about Elena that way anymore" he said in a hushed tone. Even though he knew it, and even Elena knew it he didn't want to rub it into her face anymore. He had hurt her enough.

"Why are you really here Stefan?" Damon asked suddenly

Stefan sighed instantly, his brows contracting as he contemplated the best possible way to go about his plan.

"I-I knew you wouldn't be doing so well... you know with the new baby information and everything. And you look like shit" Stefan began cautiously judging whether Damon believed him or not. He really did look like shit, like he hadn't shaved since that day and smelled like he just came back from Ireland.

"Something about the girl you're in love with having a baby with her murderous wrench of a boyfriend will do that you. A boyfriend who can't even tell her that he loves her. Why would you think I wouldn't be ok? I'm perfect" Damon exclaimed in mock cheerfulness, but the way he was eyeing Stefan made it clear that he still didn't believe that his motives weren't otherwise.

"It's just how it is Damon" Stefan said realizing just how lame that sounded and let out a small laugh.

Damon smirked at him and raised his full glass of Whiskey at him as if in agreement with his words.

"So that's the only reason you came here? To check up on me? Not to quote Elena here... but you haven't cared about your brother in months, why now?" Damon asked decisively making his way to the kitchen and grabbing the tea pot Elena had abandoned, pouring a cup for him and Stefan.

Stefan memorized every move of Damon's with increasing interest when he bent down and retrieved a small vial from the cabinet and tipped two drops of the clear liquid into each cup. He handed one cup to Stefan carefully, practically daring him to drink it with his cold hard stare.

"You think I'm compelled?" Stefan asked while shaking his head as he grabbed the cup and took a small sip, gulping slowly to further prove to the point to Damon "I really did just want to see how you were doing"

Stefan knew he should be feeling guilty, he even wanted to feel guilty... but he just didn't feel anything.

"And..." Stefan began unceremoniously and Damon cut him across

"Ah! There it is the hidden agenda. So what is it?" Damon said angrily using his mocking tone to hide his hurt.

"I know you Damon" Stefan said ignoring Damon's jibe "And I know what you do when you're in pain, when you're hurting"

"I haven't killed anyone" Damon said promptly and Stefan waved his hand dramatically

"That is the least of my concerns, you lash out, you say things you don't really mean, you do things that have terrible consequences... you do stupid things. One wrong move here Damon and everything can be lost" Stefan warned moving closer to Damon who gulped nervously.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Damon said turning away from Stefan and walking back to the couch.

"You know exactly what I mean Damon, don't don't do anything. Leave all the planning to Klaus and Bonnie, I think they've proved enough number of times that they're better at it than we are. You just keep yourself sane, that's all I ask"

"This is an originals war Stef" Damon said slowly "You, me, Caroline and Bonnie should not be involved in this"

"Yes, but we are. There's no way to undo that" Stefan said wearily

"Yes there is, leave Klaus, you won't be hunted by Elijah anymore" Damon offered

Stefan stared at him a full minute before choosing his words carefully.

"You know that won't happen, Caroline won't leave Klaus and Bonnie won't leave Caroline. Even though she won't admit it, Bonnie thinks of Klaus as a friend. You and Elena don't have to be involved..."

"We will be the ones to die Stefan. Not Klaus, not his siblings... they're strong; they do this every couple of centuries. We will be the ones to lose everything and you know it" Damon said forebodingly

"No I don't Damon. No one is losing anything... expect maybe their minds" Stefan added purposely "Listen to me ok, you were right"

"Right about what?"

"About what the seer said, that the baby would solve everything. Well it's kind of true... once that happens everything will work itself out"

"What did you find out?" Damon asked instantly, a pained expression taking hold of his face.

"All you need to know is that everything will be fine, Caroline isn't going to die" Stefan said vaguely and Damon guessed that Stefan was editing parts of the information only giving him the part he cared about.

At his point, Damon was glad for at least that. So he merely nodded his head a gesture of gratitude when Stefan made to leave.

"I didn't think you'd be here today" Stefan commented turning from the door to look at a suspicious Damon

"So you came to meet Elena?" Damon asked with a cocked brow

Stefan's silence told him more that he could handle.

"I know you go to Liz's grave every Wednesday, same time as Caroline" Stefan said instead of coming up with an excuse for his other question.

"How did you know?" Damon asked skeptically, he had told Caroline not to advertise this fact back at Casa de Klaus. This was the only time he got to spend with Caroline uninterrupted and he wanted it kept a secret. It wasn't like they were going at it behind the petunia bushes or something.

Stefan rolled his eyes at Damon's lack of covering up skills.

"I've known you for 145 years, I can recognize your scent... thankfully Klaus can't. I could smell it on Caroline every time she came back, though until today I didn't know she was going to her mother's grave"

"Yeah well..." Damon said awkwardly "Liz was a friend"

Stefan nodded his head; understand the words Damon wasn't saying.

"How come you didn't go today?" Stefan asked curiously.

Damon looked at him like he was crazy for a full minute before answering.

"Because now every time I see her, I'll only be thinking about Klaus's child inside her"

Klaus was in the parlor pouring his 5th drink of the evening, his ears still practically paining from Bonnie's bashing when he heard the door open. He laughed to himself when he caught the scent of new clothes before he caught her scent... only with Caroline. He had never before in his very long life come across anyone who could shop for as long as this woman could, not even his sister. He was almost certain that she had shopped more in her 20 years than he had in half a millennium.

It wasn't the fact that she had gone shopping that surprised him, it was the fact that she went today.

His curiosity prompted him to walk into the living room where she was carefully placing her army of bags, taking an appreciative look at all the bags lining every couch she collapsed on only remaining chair with an ecstatic expression on her face.

"Oh hey" she said happily when she was him looking at her funnily "I did some shopping" she added as if anyone could have any doubts about what she did.

He wanted to snort at the 'some'; he could fit all his life belongings in just half of these bags. She had very kindly informed him a few months back that she had a mild shopping problem.

It took him one shopping trip to realize that their definitions of mild were poles apart.

"I can see that" he waved at all the bags with a small smile on her face.

If she went shopping today, it could only mean one thing.

She was happy.

She never went shopping on Wednesday's. She was always a little gloomy and moody on Wednesdays... she always thought about her mother on Wednesdays.

"You usually don't do anything today" he pointed out as he rummaged within the bags, hunting for the little pink Victoria's Secret bag.

As long as she kept buying that, he didn't care how money she spent.

"I know" she nodded recognizing his train of thoughts completely understanding why he was surprised. She herself had been surprised, but before she knew what was happening she was already going from shop to shop to shop.

She was happy.

"You have got to see what all I bought" she said giddily getting up adding a little clap to emphasize her happiness.

Klaus merely groaned and shook the Victoria's Secret bag in his hand, hoping to indicate that this was all he was interested in seeing. She rolled her eyes and gave him a mock angry stare and pushed him further back into the room so he couldn't escape in the middle of her ramblings.

She found the set of bags she was looking for and Klaus wondered how his extra-sensitive ears couldn't hear her buzzing with excitement.

"What could be better than this?" he asked grumpily poking inside the bag, a wide grin forming on his face as he felt the soft fabric of some flimsy lingerie in his fingers. He definitely approved of her shopping now.

"This" she half screamed as she held up two of the tiniest clothing Klaus had seen in his life "Look... baby village people"

He looked alright and was debating whether to be shocked or laugh at the ridiculous costume. It indeed was baby village people. Apparently she hadn't stopped there; she had purchased all kinds of baby costumes. Baby sailors, baby soldiers, baby Batman and Robin, Baby rap artists (he just couldn't understand how normal people would want their babies to look like ). There was even a wolf costume, to which he rolled his eyes categorically and of course her signature style... baby Barbie costumes, equipped with pink handbags.

"I know I went a little overboard, but I was buying this red dress and saw an identical one in baby size and bought that, and them from there I kind of lost it. There are just so many cute baby clothes and so many costumes... so I bought almost all. Call me crazy but I just got so excited at all those tiny little clothes... and look at these shoes" she cooed happily practically shoving glittery purple shoes in his face, but continued her rant "And then this woman asked me if I was having twins and then I freaked out, twins run in my family and god knows about your family so I bought everything in two's. And then I freaked out coz I don't know anything about babies so this really sweet woman helped me buy everything. I bought like 15 books and was this close to asking the guide if they had any book on vampire children. And then..."

She paused to take an unnecessary breath and he sighed in relief, but before he could butt in she was at it again.

"And then I bought a few toys, couldn't get too many I didn't have any hands left to hold all that. Oh I even bought bottles, warmers, nipples" His eyebrows disappeared in his hair at that "And the stupid blonde that I am I even bought a breast pump..."

"A what now?" he cut in, his voice on the brink of fear.

To him she could have spoken the last part of her ramblings in an ancient language that even he didn't know and he would have understood it better that he did now.

She laughed a little at his appalled expression realizing that he probably had no clue what a breast pump was.

"A breast pump" she said controlling her laughter

"A breast pump" he repeated as if in a daze and she nodded slowly, biting her lip to stop her giggles.

"A... breast of what?" he asked incredulously and she burst into giggles at his expression.

After she was done laughing she said "A normal human breast" she aided her explanation by tapping her left breast and his eyes lowered to it, still in a dazed state.

"Why?" his face contorted in horror as he contemplated the device in her hand, his eyes flickering from it to her breast.

"It's its uhm..." she struggled to find the right words, finally going with the scientific words "It's to pump the milk out so you can use it la..."

"Ok ok ok I got it" he yelled covering his ears and she couldn't help but want to grab his face and kiss him, he looked too adorable at this moment. But he shoved her away eying the pump wearily as if it was going to explode.

"Don't worry I won't be able to use it" she added with a small sad smile and he sighed loudly in relief (the mental picture was driving him crazy) before he noticed the sudden sadness in her tone and voice.

"Why not?" he asked slightly confused, but still grateful.

"I'm dead Klaus. I can't produce milk" she sighed as she sat down on the couch playing with the sailor costumes in her hand.

"Oh" he said simply, not knowing how to respond opening another bag to find more baby clothes, but saner one's this time; like the ones a baby could wear and leave the house without being stared at like an alien.

"But" he said suddenly, his urge to comfort her at his own discomfort winning out "You couldn't have a baby either, but you will... so maybe you might have to use this... this assault device as well" he pointed at it with a sour expression and she turned to give him a warm smile.

"What brought all this on?" he asked holding the smallest hat ever and she just looked happier looking at it.

She shrugged at first, taking her time to judge his mood before answering.

"Ever since you told me about the baby thing, I can't stop thinking about it. Vampire's aren't meant to have children and if I will... then that's a blessing, it's a miracle. I can... I can have at least a little of that life I used to dream of" she said softly refusing to meet his eyes. "And I just got too excited thinking about it all, planning it all... started imagining our life. Stupid I know, but that's what prompted this shopping spree"

He pushed some of the bags on top of each other to make place for himself, as he settled next to her, wrapping one arm around her waist he pulled her into him, communicating that he had recovered from his mini- brain bleed from the breast pump incident. She turned to face him slowly and he recognized the look on her face in an instant.

The fear she had felt about the possibility of having a child had now changed to happiness.

She was happy at the thought of being a mother.

She wanted to be a mother.

As he smiled at her absent-mindedly he wondered when everything became so twisted.

"What brings you here Damon?" Elijah asked pointedly sparing a customary nod to Elena, even thought the sight of her face reminded him of the dying image of Katerina, he had more pressing matters to deal with.

Like a sullen Salvatore brother.

"I'm afraid I can't partake in your little plan anymore" Damon said categorically and Elijah raised a brow in response

"I'm not sure I understand" he said

"I will not help you anymore" Damon said enunciating every word

"Why not?"

"I just won't, so please consider me out of the plan and don't expect me to give you any information" Damon said finitely

Elijah merely stared at them, taking a few steps forward and picking up a fork from the dining table. Damon tensed instinctively remembering that the original liked to poke him around him pencils and forks.

"You are on Klaus's side?" Elijah asked smoothly and Damon practically gagged

"I am... I am on no one's side, I'm just not on your side" he replied tactfully

"I'm afraid there are only two sides Damon, mine or Klaus's. It seems you have chosen Klaus's" Elijah whispered, Elena moved another step behind Damon.

"I'm not taking Klaus's side" Damon said stubbornly


"No. I'm taking Caroline's side" Damon said simply and Elijah almost smiled

"Your love for a woman who doesn't even care for you won over your self-preservation" Elijah said it more like a fact or statement than a question.

"Happens to the best of us" Damon said impishly and this time Elijah truly did smile

"You do realize that this means you are no longer under my protection?" Elijah asked conversationally


"The both of you" Elijah pressed

Damon turned to look at Elena softly who nodded her head after a second.

"Yes, we understand" she said speaking for the first time.

"I thought you would definitely want Klaus dead" Elijah said almost to himself and before Damon could control himself he burst out in anger

"Of course I want Klaus dead; he's the reason for all the pain in my life. I want to see him freaking roast to death and then watch some crazy tribal people eat him... but I can't be a part of his death ok. Not anymore... I can't anymore"

Elena nudged him in the side to shut him up when she saw Elijah get suspicious.

Damon quickly shut his mouth as he noticed Elijah's curious stare.

"What changed?" Elijah practically demanded and Damon sighed.

What was he supposed to say? That Klaus was going to be a father soon... that to with Caroline and that he couldn't let him die after that. He had already done so much to hurt Caroline, he wasn't going to add baby-daddy killer to the list. So he took the option that would convince Elijah the most... and he ignored the fact that this excuse was dangerously close to the truth he couldn't bear to accept.

"I thought I had a chance, I thought Klaus was a phase, but she made it pretty clear. She loves Klaus and nothing I do is ever going to change that" Damon said darkly

"Hmmm. You've made your decision" Elijah breathed in finality, still surveying Damon suspiciously before holding his hand out towards the door, in his own very polite way asking them to get out.

They did as he silently requested and Elena practically dragged Damon to the car as fast as possible, she was nothing short of creeped out by the way Elijah looked at her ever since Katherine's death.

"Are you sure about this Damon?" she asked cautiously once they were in the car and on their way to the apartment.

"Yes" he replied curtly

"Don't you want Klaus dead? Everything would be okay once he's dead... Stefan wouldn't be under his control and Caroline you know..."

"That was before Elena" Damon said fighting to keep his voice under control, he didn't want to yell at her. She didn't deserve that on top of everything else "They're gonna have a child, if I take him away from Caroline now... she'll hate me forever. And she'll be devastated, losing Klaus is bad enough for her... but losing him after they make a family, that'll destroy her and I won't be a part of that"

"Don't you want her?" she asked softly a while later and watched as his knuckles turned white on the steering wheel.

"I want her to be happy" he said determinedly.

He looked away from her and out the window, but if he had continued looking at her he would see a small proud smile on her face.

It had been a quick and very painful phone call, which Klaus had taken outside in the garden because Stefan had requested that no one should overhear this, especially Caroline.

"I think Damon is going to do something?" Stefan began ominously and Klaus just groaned, things were just getting worse.

"What do you mean?"

"Well for one he's drinking Vervain by the liter, and even tested to make sure that I wasn't under compulsion to not drink it, and the way he was talking... I know my brother, I'm worried"

"So what am I supposed to do? Can I kill him?" Klaus added hopefully

"No" Stefan said instantly and winced slightly before hastily adding "Caroline won't be happy"

Klaus just cursed every single thing he could get in his line of vision.

"I think he might go to Elijah" Stefan said finally voicing his doubts.

He had only one purpose of going to Damon's apartment when he thought he wouldn't be there... to swap out his vervain. He had always been worried that Damon might work with Elijah, and now with the new baby information he could just imagine that Damon would have had enough, and that he would just wanted Klaus dead. He hadn't voiced his worries to Klaus but now when he was almost sure Damon was up to something he had to let Klaus know.

"Does he know about the baby... that... that it has to be his?" Klaus stuttered


"Good, I don't care what else he know, he can never know this"


Klaus didn't say anything just snapped the phone shut when he saw Bonnie strutting purposely towards him.

She had found something.

"I think if we can get that charmed bracelet off the witch, I can summon enough power to kill her. If I could channel some power through someone strong, mostly an immortal, like maybe Stefan... sure it would hurt him a little bit... well actually a lot, but who cares? If we kill the witch, Elijah poses no threat to us, all his card are relying on that witch-bitch"

Klaus merely looked at the mumbling witch with a bored expression, as if she was reciting Bambi to him and not telling him that she came up with a way to stop this war.

"Of course it isn't foolproof, things could go wrong... you are going to have to separate all your siblings and Elijah needs to be well and completely distracted. But... but it could work... we could avoid everything, we can at least try" she added pleadingly

"That's fantastic, why don't you practice moving mountains by draining Stefan, I'll be with Caroline" Klaus said chastely getting up from the seat Bonnie had pushed him into and made to leave before she glared at him angrily.

"Klaus" she yelled "Take this seriously, this way no Elijah taking Caroline business... and no Damon being baby-daddy. This is what you want right?"

"Yes it is" he assured her "But I can't do this to her... she wants this"

"What?" Bonnie asked incredulously

"We won't do anything else; we just make sure that Caroline has the baby... it does solve everything indeed" Klaus said heavily

"Why?" Bonnie asked in a tired voice

"Because she wants to have a baby Bennet, you didn't see how happy she was just at all those clothes. She wants this, it makes her happy. I can't deny her this happiness just because I can't be the one to give it to her" he added sadly and averted his eyes; he didn't like to see the pity in Bonnie's eyes.

"But Klaus... I don't think you can still be with her if she has Damon's baby" Bonnie said

When he looked at her questioningly she added "She would want the child to have a complete family, know his/her father... the chance at the family she never got"

When Klaus still looked as unfazed as ever Bonnie shook her head sternly wondering if he had forgotten her lengthy speech just a few hours ago?

"Which is why she will never remember being with Damon, and neither will he. She will never remember that it isn't my baby. She'll have that family... but only with me" Klaus said forebodingly as the witch continued to glare daggers at him.

He was not going to let her go, not when she had crawled her way into his heart.

He was not a generous man, he did not share, and when it came to the few people he cared about he knew no limits.

He didn't care what he had to do to keep her as his.

Even if it meant manipulating her mind.

Or the Salvatore's

He had made his decision; no one, not even the witch could change it.

Bonnie knew this.

Bonnie always knew more that she let on; it was her way of surprising people.

Klaus seemed to trust her with this information and as much as she appreciated this, Caroline was her 1st priority; not the bruised and broken heart of a hybrid. So she didn't say a word as she nodded solemnly and made her way up the stairs to her bedroom, on her way she saw Caroline arranging the million or so baby clothes in one of the spare rooms.

She looked happy, humming to herself as she imagined the life she would have, the one she thought had escaped her the second Katherine brought down that pillow on her. Bonnie wanted Caroline to be happy, but she also wanted her to have free will.

Caroline should decide whom to be with, whom to share her family with.

She knew neither she nor Stefan could stop Klaus from using compulsion to construct his plans. There was only person who could guilt him into not resorting to such devastating methods.

Bonnie knew what she had to do now.

She had to tell Caroline everything.