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The only sound that came to Eragon's ears was the gentle sliding of the water across the Talita's bow. He leaned against the railing of the elven ship and gazed out beyond the boat's prow, into the great unknown lands that lay before them. There was no conversation, no singing from the elves near the rear of the boat, for there was really nothing to say. Even Saphira was silent within her own thoughts, but Eragon did not blame her. They had left Alagaesia behind, and along with it, everyone they ever knew...and loved. Eragon could feel the sadness in his chest as he relayed the final moments he spent with Arya over and over again in his head.

Yet, despite how much it hurt, he could not help but feel that Saphira was the more broken hearted of the two. He had spent months and months chasing after Arya, trying to tame his wild passion for the elven princess. Saphira had but scant days with another dragon that she had developed a relationship with, only to have to leave him behind as they sailed away. After all that time of hoping and wishing for the mate she never dreamed to have, only getting to spend mere days with him at last hurt her more than she was letting on. Eragon never asked her about Firnen, nor did he even try to comfort her on the matter. The heartbreak he felt from her was just too great, and he did not want to constantly remind her of her loss.

Eragon had spoken shortly with Blodhgarm briefly about his saddened dragoness, but the furry elf merely stated that perhaps when one of the many eggs they now carried hatched, Saphira may find love again. Eragon said nothing aloud, but inside, he knew it may very well be a great while before they finally found a safe place where they could begin to rebuild the dragon race. He wanted a place like Vroengard; somewhere isolated from the world, both physically and spatially. A place where they could allow the dragons to breed and grow in safety and seclusion, without any interference from the outside world. Yet, if such a place even existed where they were going, who knew how long it would take to find it?

Sighing to no one in particular, Eragon laid his head in his arms as he watched the water roll by the side of the ship. They had been sailing along this river for almost two full days now, and there was naught but vast, barren plains in all directions. The odd hill or bramble of bushes passed by, the occasional group of trees. Animals came to the river here and there to drink and gaze at the strange object that floated by, but that was about it. He wondered if this river truly lead somewhere, or if it merely wound on indefinitely through nothingness.

Turning his gaze to the mid-deck of the ship, the young Rider watched Saphira as she curled up in a sunny spot on the deck, dozing the day away. At times, she flew overhead as they sailed, or ventured off into the plains to hunt. The pair flew together once, but found they really had nothing to say. Other than the Eldunari and the eggs that they traveled with, hidden in their pockets of magic, there was not much to talk about. Even the elves where silent for most of the day. Yes, silence had become a constant companion on their journey.

But, unbeknownst to Eragon, not everyone was merely sitting in silent contemplation. Within their cocoon of magical concealment, the Eldunari were deep in discussion about a very important topic. Do you think he is ready? a disembodied voice of a female dragon asked.

I cannot say, Umaroth answered. But look at them. This voluntary exodus from their – our – home is painful for all. Not to mention what they left behind. What we offer could bring them the happiness they deserve.

And it could also make things harder for them in the future, Glaedr said carefully. There was a collective silence among the multitude of ancient dragons, as every single one of them pondered the decision they had made.

True, but the choice will ultimately be his, Umaroth said finally. We all decided this is what we want to give him, for all that he has done. He – they - deserve nothing less. Whether he accepts or not, is up to him.

One by one, each of the long dead dragons agreed. Now that they were unanimous in their plans, there was but one thing left to do. As the sapphire dragoness roused herself from the deck and took off in an afternoon hunt, they knew the time was now.

Eragon? Umaroth called. The young Rider looked up from his spot at the railing, and gazed towards the 'empty' patch of air where the gathered Eldunari resided. We wish to speak with you – in private.

A/N: Okay, short and not a lot happened here, I know. But this is just basically the intro setting for the story, a way to lay the foundation/atmosphere for what is to come. The next chapters will have more content, as I have planned out the first several chapters today instead of focusing on my job while I was at work...lol.