Hello Ladies! (& gentlemen?)

Welcome to the next installment of my continuation of the Cullen Family Saga. If you have not read my first story, Cold Dusk by Sari Damien, I suggest you do so before continuing on with this one.

Because it is a continuation, a lot of the key elements of this story will be hard to understand without the background of my first book.

I'm going to keep the chapters a little shorter this time around so I can edit and post faster! I hope that quicker posts will make up for the lesser content, but don't worry. I'm not going to shorten the over all book, just put up more chapters.

I write out of my love for the Twilight saga and my new member of their family, Leila. I welcome constructive criticism and reviews, but as this is all a figment of my imagination, I apologize if you do not like my ideas or circumstances in the story.

I love the characters how they are, so everyone will always be Canon with no AU.

The title of this book, Vita Mirabilis, means A Wonderful Life. While there will be a little fluffy drama, this book is more about Leila's new life with the Cullen's. Without giving away too much, some things are changing, for the better, and the family will just have a peaceful time in their lives after all the drama with Renesmee and the bits I gave them in Cold Dusk.

But don't worry; Book 3 will hold plenty of danger and high stakes drama!

I hope you enjoy the journey with me! Happy reading!