Walking down the dark street, I sighed nervously. Once again, I was out walking the streets of South London, looking for my douche-bag older brother. He was out somewhere with his friends, most likely mugging an innocent woman. Sure I pestered him about it constantly, but his defence was 'It makes me look hard'. Personally, I thought it made him look like a dick-head. But then again he was my brother, and no matter what, I always forgave him. His friends weren't any better, but they sure were fit, and always knew how to get into my good books.

I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts as a masked figure jumped out from behind the bushes, grabbing me by the waist "Fuck off!" I screamed. The person laughed and I instantly recognized the voice.

"Mika you shit yourself" It was Pest...my brother's friend. And where Pest was, the rest were always somewhere close.

"Go on man" My brother himself laughed, walking out from behind the bush with the rest of the boys. I rolled my eyes and punched them all in the shoulder.

"What was that for?!" Pest exclaimed, rubbing his hopefully sore shoulder.

"For being a prick. All of you" I shrugged. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, and I found myself pulled back against a hard chest.

"Sorry babe" The mystery person whispered in my ear. It was Moses. We had some flirty thing going on but we never really admitted it, never really crossed the ling into the 'going out' stage. But that may have been because my brother was his best friend.

"Nice to see you too" I whispered, a tingling running down my spine.

"Aye, aye. What's goin' on 'ere then?" Pest asked amusedly.

"Nothing to do with you, love" I retorted. For some reason, Pest added the word 'love' to the end of his sentences, especially when chatting up girls. So whenever I could, I'd use it in my sentences to wind him up.

"Ha, ha" he replied sarcastically as the boys laughed.

"What you boys up to anyway?" I asked curiously.

"Waitin' for a someone to come by" Jerome answered.

"Guys" I groaned.

"Come on Claire, we won't hurt 'em I swear" Pest reassured.

"Alright but I will be watching" I warned, they all nodded.

"Thanks love" Pest sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist. Rolling my eyes, I hugged him back. But the flirt just had to slide his hands lower, and lift me further up against him.

"Oi, watch dose 'ands Pest dat's my sister" Dennis said, his tone both amused and threatening.

Pest released me, letting out a small whine as he did. I rolled my eyes in amusement, but something down the street caught my attention. Turning my head, I spotted a woman heading our way. As she noticed the boys, her eyes widened slightly. Did I blame her for looking at them that way? Not really. I'd be exactly the same in her position. After all, they were pretty intimidating when together...which was all the time.

"Mika, get behind dat bush. An' don' come out 'till I tell you to" Dennis instructed. I sighed but nodded, crouching down behind the large bush.

After about 10 minutes of being crouched behind a bush, a loud crashing noise filled my ears. It was followed by a bright light that just about blinded me. Gasping in surprise, I jumped to my feet and walked out from behind the bush. The woman the boys had been mugging was running away, but I didn't care about her in that moment. The boys were all on the floor, shards of glass covering them. My eyes widened at the sight in front of me; The closest car looked as though it had been petrol bombed "Fuck me" I whispered, slowly approaching the group.

"Somebody's bombin' us blood!"

"Nah man it's just a fireworks init" The boy's said, one after the other.

"Nice hit, could be bare valuables in there" Moses nodded. He pulled on the car door, but it wouldn't budge. So instead he settled on climbing through the smashed window. But after only a few seconds of searching, he jumped out with wide eyes "Shit! There's something..." he was cut off as a small animal jumped out of the car, successfully knocking him to the floor. I jumped back, narrowing my eyes in confusion. I'd never seen an animal like it, it looked like some small-white-orang-utan. As I pondered over just what it was, it had managed to scratched Moses' cheek. But he pulled out his flick-blade, shoving it into the animals side. It squealed in pain, jumping away from him and running up the hill towards the park.

"What the fuck was that?!" Pest exclaimed.

"Some orang-utan type fing. I ain't even lyin' brov" Jerome said.

"Moses got shagged by a doggy" Dennis said amusedly, the boy's chuckled and I turned to the now-stood Moses.

"I'm chasin' dat down. I'm killin' dat, watch" he said wiping the blood from his cheek and nodding.

We ran up the hill towards the park, the boys shouting random crap. They were obviously very excited about this, why they were so excited was beyond me. But they were a gang in South London, the idea of beating something up was like Christmas for them "Yo Pest, you got them bangers?" Moses asked angrily. Clearly his pride had been wounded by the white-ape attack. Pest lit up a banger, throwing it into the shed where we could hear the white-ape. Loud screeching reached my ears, along with the sound of the poppers. Moses ran into the shed, demanded that we stay back while he 'killed it' "Hey back me back me!" he shouted. The boys ran in and the only thing I could hear was screeching, shouting and banging. But suddenly, it all stopped. For a moment I was concerned, at least until Pests' complains rang out.

"Oh, nah man! Dat fing fell outta the sky, you tryna tell me it's rainin' monkeys?!" Pest exclaimed as they excited the shed. Moses held the strange, now-dead animal on a large stick.

"You know what that is? That's an alien brov believe it! Musta come from outer space to take over the earth init, when it landed in the wrong place though you get me? The wrong place" Pest said.

"Welcome to London mother fucker" Dennis spat...they were all laughing by this point.

"This is the block, and no one messes with the block" Pest added, they started to chant 'brap' and I rolled my eyes boredly.

"Do what you want but you bring that thing anywhere near me and I will kill you" I threatened, they all nodded and Moses handed Pest the alien.

"Com 'ere Mika" he said opening his arms, I shook my head.

"I'm okay" I shrugged turning away from him. But refusing to take 'no' as an answer, he tightened his arms around my waist so that I couldn't get out.

"Let me go" I groaned, it was probably hard to take me seriously when I was laughing.

"Nope I want a hug for savin' you" he shrugged.

"From what?" I asked, looking back at him.

"Dat ting" he replied, motioning to the white-ape-thing.

"Okay" I sighed. He loosened his hold, allowing me enough room to turn and face him. Once I did, I wrapped both arms around his waist "You satisfied?" I asked pulling back, he smirked.

"It'll do for now" he shrugged.

- A Short While Later -

I followed the boys down the street, Pest being the one to drag the alien home "Yah wanna know somethin' Mika?" Moses asked, slowing down to walk beside me.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"You're quite a fit girl" he said, taking a long look at my body. I raised my eyebrows.

"I don't know weather to be insulted or flattered" I admitted as we walked on.

"I'd take it as flattery love, I don't say it to everyone yah know" he said, I nodded. A sudden stinging sensation ran through my ass, and a loud slapping sound echoed through the street. Moses ran ahead, a cocky smirk on his face.

"Oi! Let me know next time, yeah?!" I shouted, they all laughed...including my brother. Rolling my eyes, I quickly ran forward, jumping onto his back. My hands gripped his shoulders, and my legs locked on his waist. Not even the least bit effected, he took hold of my thighs to keep me up.

"I ain't sorry" he shrugged, I chuckled and let him carry me to our destination.