Brewis was scanning Sam with the U.V light "You look clean" he said "You look good" Pest added, I rolled my eyes "I'm betting my life we're right about this" she said nervously, she walked over to Moses who had taken his jacket off "1st floor down 191" he said, she repeated it to herself and he handed her a phone "You phone me when you get there" he said "Yo Pest give me that ring" Moses said holding out his hand "What ring man?" Pest asked looking annoyed, Moses stared at him knowingly

"Oh man that's ours, it's worth bare p man" Pest said pulling it out of his pocket "Give it" Moses demanded, Pest reluctantly handed Moses the ring and Moses gave it to Sam "Thanks. But even if you outrun them, even if you make it how are you gonna get out?" Sam asked "Don't worry about me man" he said "You don't have to do this Moses" she said "Yeah I do" he replied, she sighed and left the room

"I don't mean to sound pervy Claire but the jumper has to go" Brewis said, I glared at him "I for one chose death" I said "Yes you might but we don't" he said "You got any spare clothes?" I asked, he pulled out a jacket and handed it to me "It'll do" I sighed, I pulled off my jumper "Oi stop eyeballin my girl" Moses said to them, I chuckled and pulled on the jacket, I didn't zip it all the way up, just halfway "You owe me a new jumper Brewis" I said pointing a finger at him, he nodded and Mose's phone started to ring

"Yeah. Just my uncle...come's and go's, go's mostly...nope...15...thanks" he said, what were they talking about exactly? I helped Pest pull out his fireworks while Moses instructed Sam on what to do, he soon hung up "Moses vs the monsters, kill em kill all them things" Pest said, Moses nodded and looked at me "I'll be waiting for you" I said, he smiled a little "And I'll be there" he said, I held open the door and Pet set off rockets down the hall before Moses ran out with the white alien strapped to his back, I mentally prayed that he would be okay.

A Few Seconds Later...

I walked down the hall with Pest, Brewis and Ron with a bat in my hands, it was foggy and I could see something moving "Is it one of the monsters?" Brewis asked "Sort of" Pest replied sighing in annoyence, a bunch of guys in black suits suddenly appeared with guns "Get down on the ground!" They shouted, my eyes widened and we all hit the deck without any objections.

We were all put in cuffs and dragged out "You can stop pulling me I can walk" I snapped annoyed, they let me go and I just walked out, I saw Moses being dragged out in front of us and I sighed in relief, we were all thrown in the same van, I soon heard something and I realized everybody outside were chanting Moses's name

"Moses brov, can you hear that?" Pest asked, Moses looked up and at the door "That's for you" I said from next to Pest, Moses looked at us and we both smiled at him, he smiled back and I moved over to his side, he looked down at me "Told you I'd keep my promise" he said "I know" I replied, I kissed him and rested my head against his shoulder.