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Caius was flying on his Bahamut over Valhalla when a voice rung his ears.

And it was that husky voice of her's that grunted and let out battle cries.

It was then that something else came to mind.

Lightning was sparring with someone...

And it was not him.

He continued to hear the clashing of swords, but he already didn't mind that as he followed his hearing to the source of his rival.

And as he suspected, she was there, back flipping into midair and shooting with her gunblade.

He widened his eyes- Who was she fighting with?

The powerful man jumped off of his Eidolon and quickly landed on his feet- defensively across of his rival with his large sword out.

It soon came clashing with the unusual silvery twin blades of Lightning's Eidolon,

Caius arched his purple eyebrows; "Odin?"

She was practicing.

Odin looked at the man in confusion and backed away- withdrawing his swords.

The tall man heard an irritated scoff come from behind him, and he turned around to look at a ticked-off Lightning.

"Moron! Today's Tuesday! We don't spar on Tuesdays." She explained- withdrawing her sword and crossing her arms and awaiting an explanation.

Caius blushed irritably, and he hid it away with his bangs; "Is that right...?"

He shrugged a muscular shoulder and turned away; "Apologies. I'll be on my way..."

As he began to walk away, Lightning weakly put a hand out; "Hey, hold on a sec, will you?"

"Hm?" He looked at her over his shoulder.

Her cheeks were at a rosy pink.

Her electrifyingly blue eyes avoided his amethyst ones.

"Stay..." She voiced lowly enough for his sensitive ears alone to hear.

He parted his lips; "Eh..."

Lightning bravely met his eyes and quietly walked towards him.

She dropped her head against his chest and delicately ran her fingers over his chest; "...please."

A soft smile crept its way across Caius' lips, and he nodded his head back.

He stared up at the sky which was at a graying blue and faded black; "Lightning..." He started.


"Does it ever rain...in Valhalla?" He asked.

She smiled weakly and nuzzled to his chest; "It doesn't have to."

He chuckled through his throat and wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards him tighter.

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