Johnny C meets Jem F.

Ok this was the first fanfiction I ever typed of JTHM, I just never got around to publishing it Yaknow? But now I am. And yeah I'm putting myself in this one…XD yay! ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

(Jem's point of view)

Jem Fukuyama, sat at her computer typing her issues down and slowly cause her ears to go bad by listening to "Ode to joy," until she heard the sound of breaking glass in the kitchen. She turned quickly toward the direction of the kitchen.

"Even with the headphones on, turned up high, my paranoia is still highly sensitive." She said, narrowing her eyes, she had just moved into this house last week and was still getting used to the place. So she grabbed her knife and walked to the kitchen to a see a tall, pale, and rather attractive looking boy, climbing through her window. Jem stared, as the man started moving his mouth. Realizing he was talking to her, she held up her finger.

"Wait…wait, I need to turn this thing off I can't hear you." she said, as she stared at the man through her rose colored glasses.* she picked her MP3 out of her pocket and switched it off, then put her head phones around her neck. "You were saying?" she asked looking him up and down.

"Do you know what happened to the little boy that used to live here?" The man asked staring at the short dyed blue haired girl. Jem shrugged.

"Moved out I guess. Any particular reason you broke into my house?" she asked not bothering to hide her knife that she was holding. The man grinned, staring at her knife.

"Nice knife, I have one too," He said then pulled out a large blade with a frown-y face on it. "Seee?" Jem took a step back, before raising her blade just a little. The man cocked his head in confusion.

"That doesn't necessarily answer my question, guy." Jem said calmly.

"Hmmm, that's true. I came to see my little friend, but seeing that he's not here, I suppose I'll go on to do my usual thing." The man said, crawling back out the window. He then turned back to Jem. "We should do this again sometime, since we're neighbors." Jem smirked, crossing her arms.

"You're paying for that window by-the-way." She said, the man stared, then looked around him at the broken window around him.

"I'll do that." He said, then disappeared. Jem sighed. "Fwu, that was enough creepy for one night." She said to herself then climbed into her bed, and went to sleep.

hm this first chapter kinda sucks, maybe the next one will be better. *the rose colored glasses didn't mean she was falling in love she (I) really has pink tinted glasses, with pink and white frames just to be more specific.