Chapter 10

Last chapter then I will eventually type up the next story, I will have to since you wont like the ending to this one. You will find out why! Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

(fast forward a week or two)

"Oh dear. Look Eff he's going to kill himself, oh the raging horror of it all." Psycho D-boy said as he looked at a robotic arm that was attached to a gun. Mr. Eff was standing next to Nny who was sitting in a chair a few feet in front of it. This was the tenth suicide attempt since he and Jem stopped speaking.

"Yep." Eff said putting his hands on his hips, and smiling.

"Holes in you all. You ozone-unfriendly fucks, I'm tired. I know about what you two are doing, sort of, I'm leaving. But I'm not doing this to satisfy you Psycho-Doughboy, nor to spite you Mr. Eff, I do it simply to rest." Nny said in a dark tone, putting his hands to his chin, Psycho doughboy frowned.

"You notice, perhaps, that I am not smiling. See you never really mean to kill yourself, you pathetic tick." He growled pointing to his face to note he wasn't smiling. "Oops, I'm being unfriendly aren't I? Weeellll, I've grown so sick of seeing you make a mockery of self-annihilation." Nny closed his eyes.

"Yes well this should do the trick. I want out of this. Jem stopped talking to me, I know why. And I am through with being used like this." He said tears threatening his eyes.

"That's right Nny, you little shit! Love, control, and all that rot! C'mon how do you even know she really loved you? Just end it all! Hm…what exactly do you have set up here for today's show?" Mr. Eff asked looking up at the strange device.

"Simple Mr. Fuck. I've set the arm up with a motion tracker. It's also connected to the telephone. Lifting the phone activates the tracker." Nny explained, staying seated. "It'll follow me but won't fire the gun until I speak into the phone or try to turn off the arm."

"Neat" Mr. Eff said staring at the contraption.

"Oh, Pleeeeeaze, spare me! Here is yet another of his false attempts! The little shit lies!" D-boy said, rolling his eye (do the doughboys actually have eyes? O.o?) "Tell me Johnny C. Who is going to call you? Nobody calls you, Jem never even called you. Not even wrong numbers and you know it! When was the last time that phone even rang? Especially at two in the morning? You chased them all away." He rambled on continuing to egg Johnny on pushing him to the edge of what little sanity he had left. Nny leaned down at eye level with Psycho doughboy.

"You want, so much for me to die, why haven't you just killed me yourself!" Nny screamed, D-boy lowered his head, angrily ashamed,

"I can't. But trust me, I would love to-to serve my master. I am, however, not strong enough." He grumbled. Mr. Eff stepped in, smiling.

"Not yet anyhow. But get this Nny he doesn't even care about being strong enough! He actually does want to serve his master." Eff explained, gleefully, "Me? I need you alive a little longer, so just ride it out!" there was an eerie silence between the doughboys and Johnny for a while. As if contemplating what to say next.

"Yaknow, I can't even remember her face, or the sound of her voice. I wonder if I couldn't even if I tried to remember." Nny said, his face gone dark, as he talked to himself. The doughboys remained silent for a minute.

"It's all very distressing is it not? So what's the point of remaining? Be serious on this Johnny." D-boy said, putting his arms out apologetically. "I apologize for what I said earlier. I'm your friend. Kill yourself, do it for your friend." He said, man this guy just didn't quit. Johnny stood and grabbed psycho doughboy lifting him up. "Hey!" D-boy exclaimed, before being impaled by a knife in the face.

"NO! I won't do it! I won't do it!" Johnny shrieked, Mr. Eff laughed and cheered.

"hurrah! Yippee! Fook-Fook! Nicely done, dear boy! Now quick, Go kill something! The barrier grows thin! Don't let it escape! Let's go mutilate a neighbor or something!" He cheered on, excited at what Johnny had done to his Conrad.

"FFFUCK YOU, EFF! I'm not feeding the wall! And I'm not killing myself, after all!" Johnny yelled, walking over to the machine, "I'm turning the arm off!" he switched it off, "And I'm…" Wait, he switched it off, wasn't it supposed to go off?

"Hey, it didn't fire the gun! I am so lucky." He said, stepping back. Psycho doughboy wriggled on the wall he was now pined to.

"It wasn't on to begin with, you idiot!" he yelled, Mr. Eff laughed at him for he couldn't move from the wall. Then the phone rang. Wait what? The phone rang, everyone went silent, even D-boy.

"Who the hell…somebody's calling me? Somebody's calling me!" Johnny exclaimed racing toward the phone happily. "I beat you guys! Things will be different now! I feel it!" He picked up the phone.

"Hello? Nny? Are you there?" a familiar voice asked. Nny paused.

(Jem's point of view)

"Nny, are you there? Hello?" Jem said, she heard the phone pick up but couldn't hear any voices on the other side.

"Jem?" Nny said, Jem sighed in relief until she heard the sound of a gun go off, a scream, and then silence.

"Nny? Johnny!" she shouted, when no one answered back, she immediately hung up the phone and rushed to his house.


Not even bothering to knock she burst through the door, she saw Johnny on the floor, a hole through his head.

"Oh my God! What happened?" she screamed.

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