DreamCatcher~ Chapter One

Dreams are the keys to your unconscious mind.

I never had a past. Least of all, a past I remember. The only faint memory that binds me to the days before my present, the faintest whiff of wheat and honey. There is always a part of me that feels like its missing. Maybe one day, I will search for the threads of my past on my own.

The silence curled around me, a friendly companion I had already grown accustomed to. The night was cold, just like all wintry nights before the approach of spring. This one, however, had an edge of anticipation, the anticipation of danger. Even inside the shed, with my warm blankets and layers of coats, I did not feel safe. The house was dark, lights off. Perhaps, the family was already asleep.

I sat up on the haystack, gathering up my blankets into a corner. Slipping on my layers of coat, I sneaked out into the garden. The snow was bitterly cold beneath my bare feet but comfortably soft. I trudged through the snowy garden. The trees were bare, a desolate sight. The sickle moon hung in the sky, accompanied by the stars. My breathing was misty in the cold. I gazed up at the sky, wondering what was to come. Then, I heard a familiar purr. The cat pattered through the snow and rubbed herself all over me. I bent down and stroked her. "Hey Noire," I whispered into her ears affectionately.

Noire had been my only good companion for all I could remember. The family did not treat me as an existence at all. They bore my name with such secrecy, as if my existence alone was a disgrace to their family name. My name was rarely brought upon in conversations. I knew I was not part of their family. My tanned skin was not crystal white like their noble skin. I was definitely adopted but why? "Why?" was the big question.

Noire's fur shone under starlight. She looked like a legendary cat. I laughed silently to myself at the thought. Then, Noire pricked her ears. She turned and looked at the garden gate. There was a silhouette of someone, picking the lock. After a few minutes of failing to unlock it, the person kicked the gate in frustration.

"Do you ever use your head?" a male voice asked. Another silhouette appeared in my line of vision. He was holding an object in his hands. "Whoa, watch it. You might wake them up with that thing," the other person argued. It was too late. There was the sound of gunfire and the scent of gunpowder lingered in the air. "You fools! You could have easily climbed over that flimsy gate. I did not ask of you to make a glorious entry," another voice groaned from behind the bushes.

Noire narrowed her eyes. I grabbed her immediately, knowing what she was up to. She meowed in protest. I used my coat to muffle her meows and stroked her to soothe her. We hid behind a convenient sack of bricks.

"Say, was it worth it breaking into this place in the middle of the night? It just looks like a run-down garden."

"You idiot, can't you see what's in front of you? It's a MANSION. What else do mansions have besides valuables?"


"It was a rhetorical question. So shut up and help Chris with the weapons."

Weapons? That sounded dangerous. I needed to warn someone. Peering out of the corner, I saw two of the figures reloading several guns. I gulped in fear. Another figure was admiring the antique statues in the garden. They were covered in frost after another snowy morning, even after I had tried to scrape off the thin layer of ice. Then again, some things looked best in the winter.