~Jay Cartwright's love story~

He's a compulsive liar when it comes to girls and sex. Those who would believe him could think he's a lady-killer. But it's only a bunch of lies everyone's sick of. Even if he's acting all hardcore Jay still has a soft heart seeking for some attention and love. And when he gets a crush on someone he's in love for real.

Chapter 1: Wanker!

"Look at her," Jay said looking at one of the girls who are a year older of them standing on the other side of the common room. "She's all wet for me! I can tell." he said and smiled to her making a move like he was saying hello to her.

"I think you can't really say the difference between someone being amused or disgusted over you." Will said knowing he's always right.

"And I'm pretty sure she's disgusted." Simon said and laughed with Will and Neal. Jay rolled his eyes.

"You're just jealous because a fit girl checked me out." He said. With lies like these he was comforting himself and appearing as better than others even if he wasn't.

"Nah, I doubt that." Neil said.

"Jay, admit yourself that no one would ever look at you. Even Neil here has better chances than you." Will said and pointed on confused Neil.

"Hey!" he guessed this was an offence.

"And why is that?" Jay asked a bit nervous and a bit angry.

"Because you're a wanker!" Simon and Will said in one voice. "You jack off three times per hour. It's even disgusting to me." Simon added.

"If I hang out with you wankers doesn't mean I am one myself! Besides, I don't need my hand."

"Oh really?" Simon asked and crossed his hands on his chest with a suspicious smile expecting the answer on his next question. "And why's that?"
"Because I get a lot of pussy! More than you, briefcase wanker and Neil will ever get, combined!"

"Oh come on Jay! We all know you never fucked anyone, only mindfuck someone from time to time."
"How do you know?"

"Let me guess. It was that girl from the caravan club. Oh wait! Maybe one of those three you were fingering and fucking at once? Or just a random chick?" Will asked sarcastic. Jay gave up, for few moments.

"You haven't seen them yet. That's why you don't believe me."

"You know what's funny?" Will started again. "How come he never gets any girls here but when he's anywhere else they're all crazy about him?"
Simon grinned. "Ph! Because is not true, that's why."

Jay rolled his eyes. "Are you going to sociology?" asked Will to break the silence.

"We still have five more minutes." Simon said.

"I'm going to the bathroom. Wait for me here." Jay said.

"Why? To wank?" Neil asked and laughed. Will and Simon just grinned. Jay rolled his eyes again and went towards the bathrooms passing by the lockers. He was thinking about a wank, but no, school bathroom wasn't the right place. It ruins all the delight. Deep in his perverted thoughts he wasn't really paying any attention around. He collided with someone really hard. He already wanted to yell on him to watch out and shit like that. But then he saw her face. Her body. Her hair. Her eyes. Everything. As soon as he saw her he knew she wasn't like other girls on school. And he also never saw her before. He was speechless.

"Sorry." She said with a bit bitter smile. She dropped most of her things she was carrying in her hands; brushes, colours and pencils.

"H-hi." Jay stuttered when she kneeled down to pick up her things. Automatically he looked in her chest. Good ol' Jay… She probably didn't know when she bended lower a small crack appeared in the cut out. Jay was able to see in. That turned him a bit on.

When he said 'hi' she looked up a bit confused but still smiled to him. "Hi." She said back. Jay quickly kneeled down and helped her. She didn't notice he was staring at her with his mouth a bit opened.

"I-I'm-I'm Jay." He stuttered. He stretched his hand to shake hers. She looked at him and slowly, carefully stretched hers. They shook hands.

"Taide." She introduced herself. Jay smiled. For the first time he didn't scared a girl away with his gestures and attitude. He had to keep on this way. She was fit! Extremely fit. She had a heart shaped face with nice shaped lips and blue eyes. The best thing was he was amused by her beauty despite the fact her face was natural without any makeup. Her black hair was cut layered, long enough to cover her long neck, with side bangs. Her ears were full of earrings and she was dressed in black with marten's airwair boots telling the surrounding she's a punk-rocker, but that didn't bother him. Jay just couldn't get his eyes off her until she started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I'm gonna… go." She said.

"Wait!" he stopped her. She seemed confused. "You're… umm… you're new here?"

"Yes, I juss moved e'yer." She said. Her strong Liverpuddlian accent almost scared him.


"That's right."

"My favourite football club is from there."

She smiled. "Laughing ter knu."

Jay blinked few times from confusion. "Excuse me?" she spoke really fast and he couldn't understand her accent.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot I'm not in der pewl (Liverpool) anymore. I said good to know."

Jay smiled and looked in the ground. She was so sweet. And she seemed kind. "Oh, umm… I'm looking for…" she started digging through her pocket in her jacket. "Mr. Gilbert. That's right. I need to find him."

Jay's smile vanished in a second when he heard the name that always gave him chills. "Mr. Gilbert?" he asked almost shocked. Taide looked him with a slightly puzzled face. "I mean… Mr. Gilbert. Sure. I'll take you there. Come along."

Taide tried to quickly put her things in her bag without any order. Jay stopped and waited for her. "Umm… uh… I umm… sorry for waiting." She said a bit nervous and uncomfortable rushing to put her things in so he wouldn't wait for her.

"Hey, no problem. I can wait." Waiting for her really didn't bother him. Actually he could enjoy watching her longer. "Why do you need all these things? We don't have an art class here."

"I know. I just received them. I forgot them in Liverpool so my nin sent them to me. I was too nervous to see if all my puncils and brushes are sound so I had to open the package. But still, I didn't have any time to take them round os."

"You live around here?"

She looked at him with a bit confused face like he shouldn't ask that. "Few blocks away."

"I live pretty close too. Maybe we're neighbours."

She finally closed her bag and followed Jay down the corridor.

"I doubt. I haven't seen you yet."

"I see you for the first time too."

She had no answer so she just quickly smiled. Jay pointed her to the stairs that leaded to Gilbert's office. "Ladies first." He smiled to her. He was right behind her. His eyes couldn't resist not looking in her bottom when they were walking up the stairs. 'She has a great ass…' he thought. He needed to start a conversation with her to bond with her.

"Before you get in," he said when they reached the top of the stairs. "Know that Mr. Gilbert is an embodied malice."


"Yeah. He makes troubles all the time. For nothing! To everyone."

"Oh great… whuz did I end up?"

"Don't worry, I can come in with you."

"If that's not a problem for you. The bell rang few minutes ago."

"No problem."

Jay knocked on Gilbert's door.

"Come in…" a bored muffled voice came from the other side of the doors. Jay opened the door. Mr. Gilbert seemed surprised when he saw him. "Cartwright, what brings you here voluntarily?"

"I just helped her to find your office sir." He said and respecting as he could. Taide entered.

"Hi, Mr. Gilbert?" she asked just to be sure even if his name was clearly written on the door. The next few minutes were everything Jay DIDN'T expected. He was so surprised by Gilbert's reaction his jaw dropped.

Mr. Gilbert smiled and stood up to shake hands with Taide. "That's right, it's me. How do you do?"

She shook his hand. "Taide Ronan. My mother called this morning and she was here few days ago." She said trying to cover up her Liverpuddlian accent.

"Yes, you're the new student. I heard you recently moved here. How do you like South-west London?"

"Umm… it's nice. I'm still getting used to it."
"Anyways, welcome to Rudge Park Comprehensive School. I hope and I'll make sure your staying and educating will be the best we can offer. The staff is very nice, the teachers are exhaustive and the surrounding it's nice. I hope you'll enjoy."

"Thank you! I will."

Jay was shocked. He stared at them with an almost horrified expression.

"Now, Mr. Cartwright here is not the best company so I don't really advice to hang out with him but there's plenty other students. Here you got your badge. It's a technique to initiate new students faster and it's also a tradition."

Jay stood there as a heap of misfortune when he said that about him.

"You'll copy your schedule from someone from your class. This is your class," Gilbert passed her a piece of paper. "Mr. Cartwright will be so kind to take you there. Will you make it?" he asked Jay like he was retarded or something.

"Sure thing Mr. Gilbert." He said quietly, holding his anger. He could rip his throat out how much he hated him.

"Good! I hope you'll get used to the school. If you have any questions or problems don't be afraid to ask me."
"Thank you Mr. Gilbert. Good bye." She said and headed to the doors.

"Good bye." He said and grinned to Jay. He left after Taide and closed the door behind.

"That wasn't so bad. You said he's some kind of a Rudge Park Gestapo or something." She said when they were further down the corridor. Jay was still confused because Gilbert's unusual behaviour. Was he high or something?

"Umm… he's usually worse. He had a good day or something, probably." He said a bit down because he couldn't believe what just happened. Jay quickly gazed the sticky not she held in her hand. She was a year younger than him. He quickly started thinking is he knows someone from second year. No one really. He never knew anyone but few older guys and those who were in his class and other classes from his year. Everyone would probably rather see they wouldn't know him.

'She's fit, she legal age and I'm the first person she spoke to on school. I have chances to bang her!' He thought to himself watching her with the corner of his eye. They walked to the biology class where she was supposed to be.

"It was nice meeting you, Taide." He said before she could enter the class or even thank him.

"Same. Thanks for everything. It's really hard when you change the surrounding."

"I know how you feel." He tried to sound like a psychiatrist but instead he sounded like he couldn't find words. But he actually felt a bit sorry for her. Compassion? That was something new for him. "Hey, we're hanging out at this pub Black Horse few blocks away from time to time. You can come with us if you want."

"Oh, umm… yes! That would be nice. I'll… umm… se you around?"

Jay smiled like never before. "Sure!"

"Thanks. See you later." She said and entered. He leaned on the wall and took a deep breath. His fist flew in the air but he held himself not to yell 'YES! I DID IT!' out loud. This was the longest conversation with a girl he ever had. He felt like he was on top of the world. But then he remembered he was late for class.

I know it's hard to understand Taide's speech so I give you…

~Taide's Liverpuddlian dictionary:

Der pewl – Liverpool

Nin – grandmother

Puncil – pencil

Round os – home

Whuz – where