Chapter 14: Spicy/bitter conversations

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Jay felt butterflies in his stomach, so did Taide. They remained silent. No words were spoken. Jay slowly held Taide's hands and pushed closer so she was leaning on the wall and Jay pressing on her. Now or never. Simon said him he should do something. He did. And she wasn't fighting back. This wasn't the moment to stop, he leaned closer to her and kissed her again. The kisses were wilder and more emotional. Jay moved from her lips to her neck. Their breathing was increasing. She pulled him closer and continued kissing each other like crazy, enjoying every single one of them. Jay couldn't stand anymore so his hands slipped under her dress. His hands were moving up her soft skin and shapes of her body. Everything was ok until he tried to spread her legs and push his body even closer.

"Jay, stop!" Her firm voice made him to rapidly move a bit away. He felt like he made a big mistake. He hoped this won't be the end. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I lost control. I um…" he looked down and tried hard to control himself so the same shame wouldn't happen again.

"It's ok. I just… I don't want to rush with things."

That surprised him. She didn't refuse him. "You… you didn't mind? This?"

She smiled. "No, of course not! I just… really don't want to rush. If you don't mind."

"No. Not at all! I don't want to rush either."

"Your friend down there doesn't seem to agree."

He quickly moved away. "Oh shit! Fuck! Sorry."

"It happened once already. Don't worry. I'll get used to it."

Jay smiled even if he felt a bit uncomfortable. "You know, I wanted to do this for so long. I really like you. You're… different. And beautiful."

"Thanks." She brushed his cheek. "You're someone special. You have no idea how much you mean to me."

Jay slowly gave her another kiss. It was the sweetest thing.

Will and Simon were in the gym, more accrued on the trampoline lying and staring in the ceiling like something was there.

"Tonight," Will said. "I win. I was good, Charlotte probably wasn't a bet and the best of it; Donovan didn't kick me up."

"That last one you can only enjoy over the holiday," Simon said not really encouraging. "He'll kill you next term."
"Aha… did you really enjoy it tough?"

"Yeah. Why would you think I haven't?"

"You know… Because the plan went wrong with Carli."

"Well, I was standing there ready to say all this stuff to her. And it just wouldn't come out. And also Neil distracted me when he was about to fuck a teacher." He said when Neil joined them.

"Leave me alone…" he moaned.

"I don't know what your problem was but I bet it's hard to pronounce… what were you thinking?" Will asked.
"I don't know. I think it was the suit."

"To jazzy?"

"It was definitely too jazzy." Simon added.

"Oi, oi! Guess who just got a blowjob?" Jay walked in full of swag.

"Well not you, obviously." Will said.

"Guess again."

"Jay, you're my mate, but please for once don't lie. What happened?" Simon tried again.


"I said please don't lie."

"Alright, alright, she gave me a hand job."

They all pointed at him. "Knew it was bollocks… but still. Is it the truth?"

Jay bit his lips thinking hard how to convince them in another lie.

"Double bollocks!" Neil said. Jay rolled his eyes. "You're such a saddo."

"At least he tries." Simon said.

"Lies, actually." Will said. "Maybe he got a boner again and just spunked in his pants."

"Want to see it?" Jay asked and jumped on the trampoline and they started hitting, jumping and laughing. Taide came in with her shoes in her hands looking at them confused.

"You have no idea how straight that looks…" she grinned. They stopped for a moment and laughed at each other.

"Hey, should we get her?" Simon hinted on her. All four of them looked at her and grinned to themselves. Suddenly they rushed towards her and grabbed her again laughing, tickling and simply having good time.

"Stop! I'm gonna start crying!" she laughed. Eventually they brought her on the trampoline and tried to bounce her as high as they could, almost jumping on her. They all fell down exhausted from the jumping again staring at the ceiling.

"This is it. End of the term." Taide said. "What are your plans for the holidays and New Year?"

"We weren't really planning anything… you'd know, you're around all the time." Simon said.

"Make's sense… should we spend it together?"

"I was about to suggest that." Will said not knowing Jay and Taide are already together. Well, not quite but on a way to be a couple. He still hoped on something.

"We haven't told you yet but… your drumming is awesome." Simon said to Taide.

"Thanks. It'll probably be the last time I was drumming in Pigeon Assassins." She said a bit disappointed, still smiling a bit.

"Why?" Jay asked.

"I just had a huge fight with Seth. He said he doesn't want to see me again drumming in that band. It's funny… Brian invited me as the lead and I made up the name. It's much more original than the first one."

"What was the original?"

"Barm asthma cigarettes."


"For real! They had no idea what that meant. I was laughing so hard when they asked me to drum in the Wankers."

They all laughed.

Simon's car was parked in the same place as he left it. That shitty yellow car… they all hopped in and fastened their seatbelts.

"Can I drive, Si?" Taide suddenly asked. They all looked at her surprised and then started laughing. "What?"

"You? Driving? You're kidding." Simon said.

"I'm not. Please? Don't be a killjoy!"

"When you grow a bit older."

"Fuck off…"

"Come on Si, you drive like a girl anyway. What's the difference?" Jay said.

"Are you sure about this?" Simon asked her.

"Of course I'm sure!" she said and switched seats. Simon was sitting in the front seat just in case. She turned on the engine and gawkily drove off. She needed some time to get used to it. Simon was nervously giving her instructions all the time.

"Shut up Si! I know what I'm doing." She said after some time trying to explain him politely she doesn't need his help.

"How fast do you dare to go?" Jay pushed her.

"It's fast enough." Simon said trying to prevent any further accidents.

"Let the girl talk for herself. Taide, how fast?"

Suddenly she pushed on the gas. Simon and Will yelled grabbing anything in the car for security.

"Taide that's enough! You can stop now." Will said.

"We're gonna die!" Simon yelled.

"This is awesome!" Jay said.

"Taide slow down!"

She slowly slowed down. Everyone relieved when the car stopped on the sidewalk. "That was awesome." She said and looked at the boys everyone scared for their life. "For a moment there you actually thought I'll kill you. Pussies…" she said and grinned.

"I think I'll drive from now on." Simon said.

As usually the holidays were boring when they actually began. As much as you want them to begin…when they eventually do you realize there's nothing to do. Well, Jay had a lot of things to do. As he couldn't wait to see Taide the next time and try to maybe even have some fun with her he used his old method to satisfy himself: lotion, locked doors and his lap top he wasn't using for anything else.

"This should be wicked." He said to himself. But before he could even start his father knocked on his door making him fall of the bed not expecting him to come around.

"Jay! Get your ass out. You're locked in your room for two days now." he yelled from the other side of the doors.

"Alright! Just leave me alone."
"Are you wanking again?"
"Bollocks. My son is such a saddo…"

Jay quietly cussed and put his pants back on opening the doors.

"There you are. Get your arse downstairs."


"Because you need a life!"

Jay rolled his eyes. It was always the same story; if he was out they were shitting him he's never home and when he was home they were telling him to go out. When he reached the bottom of the stairs the bell rang several times which was annoying. But he knew exactly who that was because that was the only person who rang the bell like this on his door. Before he could rush to the doors his dad already opened those.

"Hi, is Jay home?" it was Taide. Jay's dad seemed to be surprised.

"You're looking for Jay?"

"Um… yes."

"You're probably looking for another Jay. You see our Jay never talked to a girl before."

"Dad! Cut it off." Jay pushed him away. "Hi!"

"Coming out?"

"Are you sure this is the right house you're looking for?" Jay's dad asked again still not believing an actual girl is looking for his son he thought he was a pussy.

"Go away!" Jay said ashamed and angry on him and turned back to Taide. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry. So, coming out?"


He took his jacket and quickly put his trainers on. When he came out something large jumped towards him stopping inches from his face. "Fuck!" he yelled and jumped back. A large dog, probably sharplaninec, jumped towards him whimpering and waving his tail like it was happy to see him. The only thing keeping it from jumping on him was Taide pulling him back on the leash she was barely holding.

"What the fuck? I almost shat my pants. What is this beast?"

"Oh, this is Pebbles. I'm watching him. My aunt is over our place. She brought him with her. He can't be in the house so I have to walk around with him all the day. Pretty annoying if you don't really work out often. He's strong."

Jay looked at the slimy furry beast standing there with its tongue hanging out.

"Don't look at him like he'll eat you or something."
"He looks like he'll do so."
"Don't worry, he's friendly."

"Where are we going?"

"Park. I'll let him off the leash so he can run around with other dogs until he drops dead."

"That isn't such a good idea because then you'll have a huge beast to carry home."

They headed down the pavement while Taide was struggling to keep the leash in her hands as he was pulling her around like she was a feather. He tried to hold him as well but he was no match to the beast called Pebble. Jay rather nagged her with laughing at her than helping her. They haven't brought the subject about them during the walk. Jay had no guts to do so. They finally reached the park tired from the struggling with Pebbles. Taide let him off the leash and immediately he started running around. There were few other dogs in the park. Taide and Jay sat down on the grass. He was sitting really close to her. Slowly he placed his arm around her.

"So… I have some questions." He almost stuttered. "Are we… you and me… you know…"

"Jay, these things need time."

"But… you have feelings for me?"
"Of course! I wouldn't be here with you if I wouldn't feel anything against you."

Jay smiled and kissed her hair. They smelled like lavender, probably it was her shampoo. They lay down on the grass and their fingers interweaved (*I know in winter there'd be snow but let's say global warming screwed everything up and grass is still there :P). They started at the cloudy sky. Jay turned his head to her and gave her another kiss on her cheek.

"Do Will, Neil and Si know?" she asked.

"No." he never told them. He tried to make them think he got a blowjob but he never told by who. He'll tell them when this will be surer. He hoped their make a strong bond. But his biggest wish was, of course, to hopefully get laid with her. The need was pretty big.

"I have to tell you something." He said ashamed and reached to his pocket. "I think this belongs to you." He quietly said and pushed something in her hand. She looked at the black piece of cloth with cotton and silk. It was really familiar to her.

"What the fuck?" she suddenly sat up.

"Please don't be angry on me. I mean… you have the full right to be. This wasn't right. And I know."

"You stole my underwear? For what?"

Jay couldn't answer but the answer was obvious. He covered his face with his hands and looked away. But she surprised him when she smiled a bit.

"You're not angry?"

"Well, yeah a bit. But when I think why you needed those I just can't help to smile a bit. It's not that I'm proud of what my underwear is used for but… no need to worry. It's ok. I guess I understand you."

Jay still felt a bit embarrassed but he still grinned with her. "You can keep them." She placed those back in his pocket. Suddenly her attention was on something else. "Pebbles! Don't eat that!" she yelled and rushed towards the giant ball of fur that was swallowing the blanket a couple was using to sit on it. She tried hard to make it let it go and then she was apologizing to them trying to pull Pebbles away for whom all this seemed like a game. Jay tried to hide his grin when she was pulling Pebbles away. She almost lost control over him again when he started running towards another dog. Eventually she dragged Pebbles to the place where she and Jay were sitting before slipping and almost felling few times.

"Thanks for help tough." She said sarcastically causing him to giggle. Pebbles finally settled down and placed his head in Taide's lap closing his eyes. She was ruffling his fur on his head. Jay had so many questions for her. Logically he had no guts to ask any of them. Well, at least until now.

"Taide?" he finally said. "Can I ask you something?"

"You just asked something."
"Yeah, another thing."

"Go ahead."

"Have you… when you were back in Liverpool… you got a boyfriend back there?"

The question didn't seem to shock her or anything but she surely wasn't comfortable talking about it. "Well… there was someone actually."

"How long have you dated?"

"It wasn't long. Maybe few weeks. But I knew him for years, since we were 10 or something. We were really good friends. I knew the dating thing wouldn't work out, but he insisted."

Jay couldn't recognize the feeling he felt. It was a mixture between disappointment and jealousy. "Did you loved him?"

"Ph! No Jay! Why would I?"

"I don't know."

"You can truly love only your closest family. Well… depends."

"What was his name?"

"Did you two… you know… had sex?"

Taide took a moment to think. "I won't either approve or deny."

"So you did."




He looked towards her.

"Once, almost." She repeated. He nodded waiting for her to ask him the same question.

"You won't ask anything?" he asked.

"About what? You having sex? Don't worry, I know everything."

"Come on Jay." She grinned. "Your stories are bollocks. You're the biggest virgin I ever met."

"It's not true!"
"There's no need to be ashamed of it. What's your problem with being a virgin? You boys are all so obsessed with getting laid it's almost… sick."

Jay felt his face blushed. He had no idea how to hide it.

"Jay," Taide said and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Don't be upset because of it. Come on! I'm not Simon or Neil or Will to judge you because of that or anything else."

Jay gave her a smile. "Thanks."

"Remember; you can be the biggest loser, you can cry your heart out in front of me, you can admit the most embarrassing thing about yourself but I'll never judge you because of anything. You'll always be the funny, cute and a bit clumsy good old Jay for me."

He gave her a kiss in acknowledgement. She made him feel like the best person on the world. Still he had no idea how she chose him over all the boys. He was the luckiest guy on the world. For now.

"I have to tell you something." She said.


"The reason why my aunt is here is because… we're going back to Liverpool."

The words literary hit him. He felt like the tower of cards he was trying hard to build just collapsed. It was a disaster. There was no sense anymore for him. "W-what? No!"

"Calm down."
"You can't leave! Not now!"

"Believe me Jay, I'd like to stay here too but… I can't do anything right now. Not until I depend on my mom."

"Taide please don't go now."

"Jay, calm down! Why all these emotions?"

"Why? You just came here! You just settled down! You can't go back already. I thought you're here for good."

"It's just for a week."

His eyes popped out. "A week?"

"Yeah, or something like that. Until the end of the holidays."

"So you won't be here on new year's eve?"

"Well… No."
"Oh come on!"

"I'm sorry…"

"Actually it's not your fault… its fine. We still have many new years to spend together. Right?"

She slightly smiled and nodded.