Sheriff Law Number 63 - The sheriff loves his children.

The sheriff and Melissa were never surprised to see a pack member on their porch or in their living room. Scott had gotten an apartment with Allison and Stiles had moved in with Derek, but the pack still showed up randomly at Scott's childhood home. Mostly it was just someone trying to find comfort in the familiarity of one of the houses they found a family in. Sometimes it was to check in on the sheriff and make sure Melissa was taking care of him. Sometimes it was for advice. Melissa never stayed preferring to let her husband deal with pack matters.

The sheriff was getting older, Stiles was 23 and not everyone form the pack lived in Beacon Hills because of college. Upon getting home from a dayshift Stan Stilinski was met in the living room by a slightly flustered Lydia. She was having a hard time looking at him and try as she might she couldn't get any words out. After a few minutes she just started crying and he pulled her into a hug.

"You can tell me anything."

He pulled her to the couch and sat down next to her while she tried to calm herself down. Half a dozen tissues and two false stops later she was able to take a deep breath and speak.

"I didn't invite my father to the wedding. I wanted to ask you to walk me down the isle. You've been a better dad to me then he ever was. If you don't want to walk me down the isle I understand but I really wanted you to do the daddy daughter dance with me."

He just pulled her closer and set his feet up on the coffee table. "Why would you ask me that?"

"I'm sorry it's okay if you don't want to-"

"Lydia. You are part of my family. I love you. You should know I would do anything for you." He kissed her forehead and held her as the tears started again.

A month later he stood outside the door to Lydia's dressing room. He was calm and collected as she opened the door but he thought for a second his heart might have stopped when he saw her. They stared at each other for a few seconds before he smiled.

"You look absolutely beautiful."

She really did. Her sleeveless floor length cream colored gown looked amazing. Her hair was pulled into an elegant bun and a veil connected to a tiara sat on top of her head. She looked like a princess. In his eyes she was.

Once the bridesmaids and groomsmen had walked into the church to stand beside Jackson he held out his arm for Lydia to take. He looked down at her on the first step.

"We love you. All of us love you."

"I love you too."

He looked back up as they walked through the door and started down the isle to the alter. Jackson looked dazed as he caught sight of his bride. Allison and Stiles were beaming at their pack mate. Even Derek had a happy smile on his face.

There was no way to describe the ceremony it was beyond perfect and words would never do it justice. He stood next to Melissa and Lydia's mother all three of them crying on some level. Their babies were growing up and moving on.

Everyone headed for the reception and he just laughed at the enthusiasm of the pack. When everyone found their seats he stood by the sidelines and watched as Jackson spun Lydia around the dance floor. He'd never seen them look so happy. When the first song faded off he stepped forward to take Lydia's hand. He waltzed across the floor with his surrogate daughter who was back in tears.

"I hope you are crying happy tears."

"I am. I promise. I've never been happier in my life."

He handed her back to Jackson and danced with Melissa while he watched the pack dance together. Scott and Allison were twined around each other swaying in place while Derek was whispering in Stiles' ear as they spun around. Danny was with his current boyfriend Alex dancing slowly to the music. He was so happy this was his family. In his mind he couldn't have done better. Some days he really missed Elizabeth but most of the time he was just happy to have found Melissa and gained a huge family.

Slowly everyone sat down at the tables and food was served. Even though Danny had been the best man it was Stiles who stood up to raise a toast. The Sheriff watched his son with damp eyes.

"I'd like to congratulate Jackson and Lydia. You've been two of my closest friends for almost a decade and I'm so happy that you've finally tied the knot. To Lydia my brilliant, beautiful, official unofficial sister. I wish you happiness and I hope you make Jackson your slave."

He paused to laugh and then continued on.

"To Jackson my meat headed, jock of a brother. I don't think there's anyone better for Lydia then you are. But just in case there is, you better treat her like a princess. Tell her you love her everyday, never make her cry, and most importantly. Always make it known that she is the most amazing woman you've ever met."

He paused to clear his throat and wipe his eyes. Derek set a hand on his back for comfort and he spoke again.

"None of us in our little mismatched family could be happier for you. We wish you all the happiness the world has to give and we want you to know that no matter how far away you end up you will always have a home with us as your friends and family. We love you."

Stiles raised his glass and drank with a number of misty eyed guests. After they ate and the cake was had, and smeared into faces, they danced again. This time Stiles got the first dance with Lydia and they held each other tight.

"I'm glad my makeup is water proof because your speech would have made me a hot mess otherwise."

"It's your wedding day. Everyone would understand."

"Just you wait. I'm going to make you cry on your wedding day as payback."

The sheriff laughed as he videotaped them bickering. He really did love all of his children. Even the crazy ones.

I was misty eyed the entire time I was typing this. Don't judge me I have daddy issues. Mainly the lack of one. I felt the need to update since there was a mix up a bit ago with the chapters. I thought I'd make it up to you with this. My goal for this chapter was to make you have a tingly nose. Maybe shed a tear. HAPPY TEARS DAMN YOU!