In the summer before Harry's fifth year, Harry begins to have dreams about Voldemort. In Harry's dreams, it seems as if Voldemort no longer wishes for them to enemies. Having mixed emotions, Harry begins to see what one Albus Dumbledore is willing to do to keep his weapon. Then, Remus disappeares. Can Sirius find the wolf? Is he going to like what he finds? Can Harry actually trust Voldemort

A/N: In case people reading this remembers seeing this on my old account,Hatechild, this is my new account, so I'm not stealing anyone's ideas. I am working on all of my ideas that I have on my new account and my old ( about 13 stories all together { anime sweat drop}) This story was actually I dream I had a few years ago ( Yeah...I even dream about the Harry Potter would and the what if's...). It was actually just a scene, but that scene had created a whole plot and everything, so I have finally decided to work on it. ^_^

Warnings: Dumbledore bashing, slashly goodness, DarkRemus, Violence, Cursing, etc. This one is actually more of my milder stories that I'm working on, so I don't think there is much to warn about.

Warning2: While this will have events from the canon in here, this does not follow the canon precisely. Dates and events will be changed to fit my needs. Harry was also NOT attacked by dementors.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, if he did, Voldemort would still be alive and ruling the world...

Now enjoy ^_^

Chapter 1

Just Another Dream

I stared at the fireplace before me. I was in the dream again, his dream. I had fallen asleep in my small bedroom that I had 'graciously' been given by my Uncle. Almost every night, I would 'wake up' here. Here, in this room. The room looked like a den. The walls were covered in books and pictures. The wall in front of me had a brick fireplace. The flames inside the fireplace were green, always moving with excitement. To my left set a desk that had a bunch of papers on top of it, making it look messy. To my right, a couch and a set of black leather chairs with a small round table in between them. The floor was a dark brown carpet while the ceiling reminded me of the ceiling at Hogwarts. The ceiling was charmed to reflect a night's sky. The stars twinkled and the moon stood out, giving of the only light in the room. Behind me was a door, the way I come and go in this dream. I couldn't leave, though, until Voldemort was done with what ever he wanted from me.

" Harry, so nice of you join me." Voldemort appeared behind the desk in his snake like glory. He smirked, knowing I'd rather be anywhere but here.

" Like I had a choice." I spat out. Every time time I got caught in his dream, I would leave more confused then before. Voldemort made no attempts to kill me ( though I was unsure if he even could in a dream) and always told me to beware the bee every time I left.

Voldemort chuckled, sitting down on the brown leather couch. In his hand he held a glass of red wine. " Oh Harry, how you amuse me."

I stood there, glaring at the snake-man before me. He hadn't changed much since what happened at the end of my fourth year. He still had no nose, no hair; his eyes red as ever. On the other hand, his lips were filling out, his ears seemed to be growing, and his skin was starting to get some color.

" Severus' potion is working wonders, don't you think?" Voldemort asked, waving me to sit down.

" Hmph, your still an evil self righteous bastard!" I spoke out, sitting down in one of the chairs.

Before I knew it, Voldemort's long boney fingers found their way around my neck, forcing me back against my chair. I clawed at his hand when I felt that I couldn't breathe. Voldemort's red eyes stared straight into my green emerald eyes, almost as though he was piercing into my very soul while chocking me to death.

" Le..let me go." I barely got those three words out, still clawing helplessly against his arm. " Please." I finally begged, seeing that he wasn't letting go anytime soon. I really didn't want to die by choking. To struggle until your world went black and never wake up didn't seem pleasant.

Voldemort loosened his grip, allowing me to breathe. I choked as I quickly refilled my lungs with oxygen. He still didn't let me go, instead choosing to just stare at me. I squirmed under his gaze, not comfortable with the whole situation, much less with him staring at me.

" You never did like the attention from other people, did you Harry?" Voldemort asked, finally letting me go and sat back down on his couch.

I scoffed. " If you ask Snape, he would tell you that I just LOVED the attention I receive."

Voldemort smirked, the amusement actually reaching his eyes. " Yes, I'm sure he would say something like that, but I wasn't asking Severus, was I now? You hate it. You hate the feeling of their tiny little eyes watching you, following you. One mistake, and the next day everybody would read about it."

I slumped in my chair, nodding. " Yeah."

" Don't you wonder why that is, Harry?"

I glared at him, wondering what his point is.

" You're their savior, their knight in shining armor. You have to be pure, innocent, light. You can never do any wrong, or else your no longer their savior, but instead, a traitor."

I didn't reply back, not sure what to say about it.

" Have you seen the news yet?" Voldemort asked, handing me a Daily Prophet paper.

The boy-who-lived insane?

The boy-who-lived has declared that You-Know-Who has return, yet there is no evidence, just a dead body. Has our savior gone insane? Is there any truth to his story? Go to page 2 for the minister's statement on the situation.

I quickly flipped through the paper, seeing statements made by people I didn't even know, claiming I had gone insane or that I was seeking more attention. The last statement I read, though, made my blood run cold. Dumbledore stated that I was just shocked by everything that I had happened during my fourth year, and thought simply that the stress caused me to hallucinate.

" How dare he!" I threw the paper into the fire, watching it burn. My hands were in fists, my nails digging into my skin, but I paid it no mind. Dumbledore, my mentor, doesn't believe me. I felt ice grip me from the inside, anger and hurt mixing inside of me. For the first time in my life, I felt the distinct urge to kill, to kill someone or something.

I heard chuckling behind me. Turning around I found Voldemort standing behind me, something in his eyes burning with interest.

" Who knew," He whispered, coming closer. " Who knew the boy-who-lived would actually feel the urge to actually hurt someone."

I growled under my breathe, wishing I could take my anger out on him. " I'm human, Tom, unlike you. I feel everything. Love, hate, hurt, happiness, sadness. Everything."

Voldemort glared at me in return when I used his muggle name. Then he smiled, an actual smile! I stood there, shocked.

Voldemort moved right in front of me, leaving barely any space between us. " Oh Harry, I feel everything to. I feel it through you." He gently touched my scar.

I gasped in pain, trying to back away from him, but he wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me there.

" Stop." I growled out, struggling with all my might.

" Hush, child." Voldemort continued to trace my scar, whispering something under his breathe. I struggled even more, knowing what ever spell he was casting couldn't be good.

I felt a gentle brush of something across my scar, and when Voldemort touched it again, I felt nothing. He had made the pain go away.

" How?" I breathed out, whispering.

" I just took off the spell that Dumbledore had put on your scar. Now my touch won't pain you." Voldemort released me, going back behind his desk.

My eyes were wide, disbelief clearly written on my face. " Dumbledore would never do such a thing!"

" Harry, surely you don't believe the old fool is innocent? He is just as evil as I am. He has his own goals, his own plans for the Wizardry World."

I shook my head, not believing a word he was saying.

Voldemort sighed, " Think about this then. Why would he leave you in the hands of an abusive family? Why would he leave you there when you've asked to go anywhere but there? And why, my child, would he make such a statement about you?"

I didn't have time to process what he had said before he shoved me out of his dream.

I woke up, sweat causing my sheets to cling to my naked chest. It was still dark outside, meaning it wasn't morning yet. I shoved my sheets off and walked softly to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, I traced the bruises around me neck. It was the only proof that those dreams weren't simply dreams, that they were real. Shaking my head, I turned on the cold water and splashed my face, before returning to my room.

Laying down on my bed, I thought about what Voldemort said. " What do you think, girl?" I asked Hedwig, who just hooted in response.

I chuckled to my self. " Perhaps I am going insane." Talking to an owl and thinking I would get answer must mean I'm losing my mind.

But what Voldemort had said about Dumbledore was true. I had tried over and over to stay with the Weasley's, or stay at Hogwarts. I had even offered to help Snape over the summer holiday just so I could avoid returning here.

Dumbledore continued to ignore my pleads. He simply stated that I was safer here then anywhere else.

" Bastard, the both of you." I whispered, thinking about both Lords. One of light and one of dark, but who was the lesser evil. I fell asleep, thinking over the words that Voldemort said, doubt creeping in my mind.

August 1st

I stared the people standing out the end of the stairs. My relatives were out tonight, something about some special dinner invitation.

Remus was the closes to me, having been walking up the stairs when I walked out. He sniffed the air and frowned at me. I wondered briefly if he could smell the blood that I still hadn't had time to wash off from Vernon's last beating.

" Are you okay?" He whispered, searching my body for wounds most likely.

" Of course I am." I smiled, pretending that everything was normal. If Dumbledore wouldn't help me, why should I think anyone else would.

" If you're sure..." Remus didn't looked convinced, but he dropped it.

Behind him, stood a girl with brightly pink colored hair, and a tall black guy wearing a purple robe.

I soon learned who they were and learned that I would be going to the headquarters for the rest of the summer. I was happy with the thought of being able to spend the rest of the summer with my friends, before I remembered that none of them had written me except for Luna. Oh well, I could deal with that later.

Later that night, Headquarters.

" Harry!" Sirius ran at me, picking me up in a hug. I hugged him back, breathing in his shampoo he used for his hair. " I'm so glad you're here."

He was smiling broadly, his eyes no longer dulled by the pain of Azkaban. His hair was straight, his robes were new, and he seemed to have gained some of his weight back.

" I am too." I whispered, hugging him again.

" Come on, I'll show you you're room. Molly insisted making you share a room with Ronald, but Remus said that you might want you're own you room." Sirius looked at me questioningly.

" I would prefer my own room, if that's possible?" I looked at the ground nervously, not wanting to over-step my boundaries with Sirius. I didn't need him to think I was a spoiled brat, but I didn't feel like dealing with Ron.

" Hold it, who's all here?" I asked, meeting Sirius' black eyes.

He scratched his beard, " Some of the order members, me, Remus, Molly, Arthur, Ron, the twins, Ginny, and Hermione."

We walked up the stairs, until we reached the top floor.

Sirius turned back to me. " Me and Remus share a room down the hall, we're the only one's with rooms up here. You can have the room beside ours."

I thanked him, silently questioning why him and Remus were sharing a room, but I didn't dare asked out loud. Sirius showed my room and with a few spells he changed the décor to fit my tastes.

" Goodnight, Harry." Sirius gave me a hug and left me in my new bedroom, but not before unshrinking my trunk.

" Night, Siri." I said, watching him leave.

Looking around me room, I was still amazed about how big the room was. Apparently the top floor held all the master bedrooms for whatever reason, so my new bedroom was huge. The walls were done in a soft creamy brown. The carpet was black and very soft. Sirius had changed the color of my sheets to red and the rest of the décor was done in black.

Grabbing some clothes out of my trunk, I quickly went to the bathroom that was connected to my room. It was done in white and brown marble.

" Wow," I whispered.

Getting over my amazement, I took a shower, trying to ignore the stinging on the my back. Vernon had decided to beat me with his belt, breaking the skin in places. Looking at the drain, I saw the red tinted water vanish. I stayed in the shower until I saw that the water was no longer tainted red.

Slipping on my sleeping pants, I crawled under the covers, hoping to have a relaxing sleep.

Opening my eyes, I noticed I was back in his dream.

" Not again," I muttered. This was getting annoying, getting no sleep because Voldemort wanted to play games.

" You're hurt." Voldemort hissed, coming from behind his desk. I looked down, noticing that I was only wearing my sleeping pant. He could see the cuts that adjourned my skin.

He walked up to me, his fingers lightly tracing the cuts. I was about to pull back when I noticed that the cuts were healing.

" Anymore?" He asked, searching my arms and the rest of my chest. I turned around slowly, unsure how I felt about what was going on. This was the first time I had actually came to Voldemort hurt. All the other times, he had somehow managed to bring me into this dream a few days after Vernon's beatings.

I felt his fingers trace the rest of my cuts, causing goosebumps to raise on my arms.

" Harry, how similar we truly are." I felt the heat of his body on my back where he moved closer to me, his fingers now moving over my shoulders, holding me in a light embrace.

" Ho...how?" I asked, a little startled at Voldemort's behavior. While he had never been to rough with me in his dreams ( as long as I didn't piss him off) he had never been this gentle.

" I grew up in an orphanage, where I too was called a freak. Everybody hated me there. I had asked Dumbledore not to send me back, hating how they would beat me and make me feel helpless in their hands. Dumbledore said I had no other choice. This is why I hate muggles. You know how evil they can be."

I was shocked to learn that I had so much in common with Voldemort. Our pasts so similar.

Voldemort turned me around, studying me. I studied him back. His skin was gaining more color, his hair was almost fully grown, and he had a nose!

Before I could help myself, I raised my hand and let my fingers trace his face. He looked so human now. I had always seenVoldemort as a hideous monster but now, it was hard to picture him hideous. His eyes were still blood red, but his slit didn't look like a snakes.

" Like what you see, Harry." Voldemort smirked, looking down at me. I blinked, realizing what I was doing.

" Sorry." I mumbled, blushing. " It's just, you look so human."

" I am human, child. I may not be mortal, but I'm definitely human. Would you like to inspect my body some more?"

I blushed again, shaking me head. " No, I'm good."

" Come, sit." Voldemort chuckled, showing me to the couch.

I sat down, still shocked at my own behavior. Even if Voldemort looked human, he was still evil and needed to be stopped, but it was hard, looking at him and thinking about killing him.

" No need for such depressing thoughts, Harry. Now tell me what has got you so happy."

" Happy?"

Voldemort almost rolled his eyes. " Yes, happy. I could feel it through our link."

" Oh, its nothing. The order came and got me. Now I'm living with Sirius at the Order's Headquarters." I smiled, thinking about Sirius, before I realized what I had just said.

" Shit." I whispered, looking away, hoping against hope he didn't here the last part.

" Sirius is with Dumbledore now? How dreadful. Hmm, a headquarters you say?" Voldemort looked at me curiously.

" Oh please don't tell anyone about Sirius, please!" I begged. All he had to do was slip the information to Lucius and he would go to the ministry.

" Hush, don't fret." Voldemort ran his hands through my hair, as if he was trying to calm my racing thoughts.

I looked directly into his eyes, pleading. I couldn't lose Sirius, not when I just got him.

Voldemort looked back, unblinking. " Harry, I'm not going to tell. That would be cruel of me, to snatch away the only family you have left."

" You are cruel, you killed my parents!" I all but shouted. He took away my parents, ripped them out of my life for good.

Voldemort's hand went to my chin, holding it in a death grip. My heart was beating fast, afraid what he would do now.

" Listen carefully Harry. Yes, I killed your parents, thanks to your foolish Headmaster. He made sure one of my followers over head the half of a prophecy. He made sure I would go after your parents. I don't understand his reasons, other then that he has something planned for you. Something that your parents wouldn't allow if they were alive, so he got rid of them the easiest way possible. I raised my wand to them, killed them in cold-blood, but blame Dumbledore for their deaths." Voldemort hissed out, gripping my chin even tighter.

I winced, scared of the man in front of me, while his words dug into my brain, making my thoughts jumble.

Seeing me wince, Voldemort quickly, muttering an apology. I stared at him in shock. The Dark Lord just apologize to the boy-who-lived.

" Voldemort," I whispered. He glanced at me, his right eye-brow raised. " Can I wake up now?" I didn't think I could handle anymore of my world turning upside down.

He nodded. " Very well then."

Before I knew it, I was staring up at the ceiling before me, my head killing me.

Later in the morning:

I didn't go back to sleep after I woke up, instead I waited until the sun was barely showing. Finding my Invisibility Cloak in my trunk, I pulled it on after pulling on a shirt. It was early, so no one should actually be up, but I hadn't been staying here, so I had no clue what time everybody woke up. So, with that thought in mind, I wore my Invisibility Cloak, hoping no one would find me. I wanted the rest of the day to myself, I had so much to think about, so much to figure out, and I wasn't ready to deal with my friends that had ignored me this summer.

Sighing, I left the comfort of my bedroom and down the stairs, hoping no one would hear me. As I was nearing the second level of the house, I heard whispers. I made sure to be even more quieter and continued down the stairs where I saw Hermione and Ron talking.

" I can't believe it." Ron muttered.

" Oh Ron, stop being a jealous brat!" Hermione whispered harshly.

" But he gets to have his own bedroom. Is he too good to share a room with me?"

" Have you even thought about the fact that you and your family are receiving money from Harry's faults. It won't be too long from now and you'll be able to afford your own house!"

Ron blushed lightly, rubbing the back of his head. " Yeah, that's true, but Dumbledore is going to be mad. Mum told Sirius to put Harry in my room so we can spy on him better. Now Sirius has given Harry his own room, and we don't even know what room it is!"

" Oh Ron," Hermione sighed, shaking her head at Ron. " Dumbledore will be mad at Sirius, not us, so we don't have a thing to worry about."

I listened to their conversation, my chest tightening. I could hear the thud of my heart beating in my chest, each thud seeming more painful. This entire time, they were playing me, taking my money that I didn't even know about!

Hot tears rolled down my face as I made my way back upstairs. I couldn't face them, to tell them that I knew. I couldn't do nothing but stare at my blank walls, wishing I could go into a deep sleep and never wake up.

" Harry." I heard someone whisper behind me, walking into my room.

I shook my head, I didn't want to deal with anyone, not even Sirius.

" Cub." The voice tried again, and I turned around to find myself staring at worried amber eyes.

" Oh, cub, what's wrong?" Remus asked, pulling me into a hug. I didn't understand why he was calling me cub, I wasn't a werewolf. Then again, perhaps it's because he was friends with my parents.

" I..I need a favor. It's nothing too dangerous."

Remus looked at me, studying me. " What do you need?"

I took a deep breath in and let it out. " I need to go see my vaults, I think someone is stealing my money."

Amber eyes went wide with shock. " Harry, are you sure?"

I nodded, a determination settled within me. I wasn't going to let the Weasleys and anyone else take anything more from me.

" I also need to make sure Dumbledore doesn't know." I looked at him, pleading. If Dumbledore knew, there was no telling what would happen.

Remus eyes darkened, a understanding settling in his face. " Alright, get your Invisibility Cloak and we'll leave. As long as you have that on, no one should know you're with me. I'm going to tell Sirius that I need to go pick up somethings and that you begged me to let you, so he doesn't worry about you."

" Thanks." I whispered, hugging the older man for a second.

" No problem cub, I know how the old fool likes to manipulate people." With that, Remus left to the room to go find Sirius, leaving me to think over his words.

Did Remus know something that I didn't? Did Dumbledore do something to Remus? Shaking my head, trying to get rid of my thoughts. I had more then enough stuff of my plate, I didn't really need to add anymore.

An Hour Later

I was sitting in a nice tidy office in Gringotts. The office was done in creamy whites and soft browns. Sitting before me was Gringott and Griphook. Remus was sitting beside me on the brown leather couch. Griphook looked nervous, while Gringott looked concerned.

This can't be good.

" Well, Mr. Potter, it does seem someone has been taking your money." Gringott said, his shoulders sagging.

" Please, call me Harry. And how do you know this and why haven't you caught it before."

Gringott handed me over some papers.

Harry James Potter

Heir of Potter and Black

Father: James Potter

Mother: Lily Evans ( Potter)

Godfather: Sirius Black

School Vault:

Start With: 49,652 Galleons; 7 Sickles; 10 Knuts

Currently : 496 Galleons; 8 Sickles; 26 Knuts

Potter's Vaults:

Start With: 100,968,220 Galleons; 6 Sickles; 20 Knuts

Currently: 960,200 Galleons; 2 Sickles; 8 Knuts


Britain: 3 houses

Italy: 1 summer house.

America: 1 house

Canada: 1 cottage

Black's Vaults:

Start with: 100,940,330 Galleons; 7 Sickles; 18 Knuts

Currently: 100,940,330 Galleons; 7 Sickles; 18 Knuts


Britain: 2 houses

Italy: 2 houses

France: 1 summer house

America: 1 cottage

When I finished reading I handed the papers to Remus.

Gringott spoke up when he noticed I was done reading.

" Your Black Vaults aren't touch cause even you can't touch them until you become of age."

I nodded, at least that made some sense. " Where is all my money going? I haven't requested any of my money. I didn't even know I had more then one vault."

Griphook looked outraged. " Albus Dumbledore should have informed you about your vaults, since he is your Magical Guardian."

" Magical Guardian?" I asked. I always thought my relatives were my only guardians.

" Since your parents are dead, and Sirius Black is a wanted man, Albus has appointed himself as your guardian." Gringott answered, glancing at some more papers in his hands.

" Oh."

" Yes," Gringott nodded. " Now as for where your money is going. It seems that the Weasley's are getting most of your missing money. Also, Hermione Granger has been granted the use of any books in your vaults. Albus has also been using some of the money for the Order of the Phoenix. He is, along with the Order, using one of properties as a headquarters. Some of Potter's artifacts have also been removed and put in various places."

Gringott looked outraged and also upset by this news. Its not everyday when someone steals from Gringotts.

" How did this happen?" I asked, taking in deep breathes. This was not the time to lose my cool.

Griphook answered this time. " With Albus being your guardian, we were under the impression you were allowing of this to happen."

" Do not worry, though." Gringott stated. " We are able to get all your money and artifacts back. Mrs. Granger will no longer have any access to any of your books and any books she has currently will be returned in a few short minutes. Griphook, get started on this immediately."

Griphook nodded and took off out of the room.

I looked up at Remus, wanting to see his reaction to all of this. Remus was pissed to say the least. His amber eyes flashed to yellow, his fists curled around the papers he still held.

I placed my hand on his shoulder. " It's okay, Remus. Gringott said I can get everything back."

Remus shook his head. " It's not okay, cub. Albus stole from you. Your friends stole from you. This was why you were upset this morning, wasn't it?"

I shrugged, there wasn't much I could say. What could I say?

" If you will, Harry. Just sign these papers and everything will be returned. Every galleon, sickle and knut will go back to your vaults, plus interest. No one steals from my bank." Gringott said, passing a paper to me to sign.

I signed it quickly, smiling to myself. Wouldn't be nice to see Hermione's reaction when she couldn't read any of my books, and Ron's reaction to when he finds out that he really is broke.

Then something struck me. The headquarters that Dumbledore used had to be the one I was currently staying in.

" Gringott, the property that Dumbledore is currently using, I am currently residing in until school starts back. Is there anything I can do with the house without kicking Dumbledore out entirely."

Gringott had a thoughtful look on his face. " Yes there is some things you can do. You can order the house not to allow people into certain rooms, like the library and bedrooms. You can make the house elf not follow any orders. It's your house until Sirius Black is cleared off all charges."

Gringott gave me a knowing smile when he caught the surprise look on my face.

We spent only a few more minutes at Gringotts, finalizing everything. Remus Lupin would be my temporary guardian while Gringott searched for another more permanent one. I had wondered why Remus couldn't be permanent but apparently there were rules and limitations of being a werewolf. Dumbledore would no longer be allowed to be my guardian because of the misuse of my vaults.

By the time I made it back to the headquarters, I had a huge smile on my face. Things were looking better.

The Next Day

When I had got back to the headquarters, Sirius had asked how the trip went. Luckily enough, Remus remembered to actually pick up some stuff, so Sirius would buy our story. I had asked him about a house elf, and he told me about Kreacher. Kreacher was annoying in the beginning when I had summoned him, but when I told him that I wanted him to do, he was quite happy with his new master.

I managed to avoid everybody else, telling Sirius that I wanted the rest of the day to myself and no one else came looking for me.

I spent the rest of the night telling the house what I wanted it to do. The Order could use the kitchen, dining room, and some of the bedroom that they already sleep in. They could not use living room, the library, or any of the other bedrooms. Sirius and Remus where of course still full use of the house.

When I finally made it downstairs for a late breakfast the house was in chaos.

" It's not fair! I can't get into the library. It's locked me out somehow!" Hermione huffed, sitting down at a long wooden dining table. Ron was sitting beside her, trying ( and failing ) to calm her down. The twins sat in front of them, laughing at Hermione.

" Oh, hello dear!" Molly spotted me, motioning me to sit beside Hermione. I decided to sit beside Fred.

" Morning Mrs. Weasley." I said politely. I would play their games for a little while. I had my own games I wanted to play.

As Mrs. Weasley plated up my food, I focused my attention to Hermione.

" What was you saying about a library?" I played dumb.

Hermione huffed again. " There's a library in the house, and up until yesterday, I was able to go in there. This morning I couldn't get in. And some of the books I took from the library are missing."

I pretended to be sympathetic. " I'm sorry Hermione. I know how much you love books. Did you find any interesting ones?"

" Oh yes, yes I did. But now I can't read them!"

" Hermione dear," Mrs. Weasley scolded lightly, " you will be fine without those books. When you go get your school supplies you can buy you some more books."

" Yes ma'm." Hermione grumbled, still upset about the library.

On the inside I was smiling my head off.

" So, Harry, where have you been, mate." Ron put the focus on me.

" Upstairs in my bedroom. I wanted to rest."

" Of course Harry. I told you Ron, he wasn't avoiding us." Hermione punched Ron lightly in the arm.

" Well, mum said you would be sharing a room with me, since everybody else is bunking together. So why don't we move your stuff in our bedroom after breakfast."

I frowned a little, not expecting his straight forwardness.

" Sorry Ron, I think I would prefer my own bedroom. Since this is Sirius' house, he said I could have my own room. There's plenty of room for everybody to have their own space."

Ron almost chocked on his own food, most likely not expecting me to say no to him. Hermione frowned at me.

" Harry, don't you think it's rude that you get your own room while everybody else don't?"

I shook my head, putting some eggs into my mouth. "Sirius thought I should have my own room. He even helped me decorate it! I can have my own room and so can Ron.

Hermione opened up mouth to argue with me again but Ginny came running into the room.

" Mum! Someone stole my homework!" Ginny was pouting, glaring slighty at the twins.

" Hey!"

" Don't look."

" At Us!"

" We didn't."

" Do a thing."

The twins said, finishing each others sentences. I knew they didn't steal her homework. I had kreacher do it.

" Now now dear, I'm sure it's somewhere. Let's go look." Mrs. Weasley shooed her daughter out of the kitchen and back upstairs.

I stood up as soon as Mrs. Weasley left the room.

" Where you going mate?" Ron asked, his mouth full of food.

" Sirius said something about us hanging out today." I stated, not exactly lying. I did planned on hanging out with Sirius today, he just didn't know it.

" Oh okay, want us to join?" Hermione asked, a little put off.

" Nah, I kind of just want it to be me and my godfather. I'm hoping he could tell me some more about my parents." I left the room, not noticing Hermione's scowl.

Walking back upstairs, I noticed my bedroom door was slightly opened. Cautiously, I walked into my bedroom, only to find that Remus was sitting on my bed with a very happy looking Sirius.

" Hey." I stood in the doorway, not sure of what's going on.

" Hey cub, me and Sirius that you might want to hang out with us." Remus gave me a knowing wink.

I smiled, glad that me and him were on the same wave link. " Yeah, sure. That would actually be pretty great."

As soon as those words left my mouth, I had Sirius dragging me out of my bedroom into his own. Remus followed us in, chuckling.

" So, what do you want to do?" I asked, looking at two men. Sirius frowned for a second, obviously he hadn't thought that far ahead.

" How about we play some games until lunch then maybe we could talk about your parents. I'm sure you have many answers." Remus supplied for Sirius.

We both nodded at his suggestion. We played exploding snap for a little while before moving onto gobstones. By the time lunch came around me and Remus was playing chess. After lunch was interesting. Sirius had been uncomfortable speaking about my parents. Their deaths were probably still fresh in his mind. Remus took over, telling me everything he could. He told me about how mum was friends with Snape and grew up with him. That surprised me.

Remus had chuckled at my shock.

" Yes, I imagine it's hard to see Snape being friends with anyone, especially your mum. Lily and Snape were close, until the night of her death. Snape even called her mudblood once out of anger, but your mum didn't hold a grudge. They were like brother and sister. Her death effected Snape very much. I don't think he ever got over it."

I put that knowledge away until later. I wanted to do something special for Snape. Even if he treated me like crap, he didn't try to manipulate me, or steal my things. Plus, he was friends with my mum. Surely that meant that there was some good in the Snarky Potion Master.

After that Sirius and Remus joked about the pranks that played on people during their time at Hogwarts. Remus even went as far as to tell me how horrible my father treated Snape.

" James would play all types of tricks on Snape. It's amazing Lily even married your father. Your godfather there, wasn't much better. Sirius almost got Snape bitten by me during the full moon. If it wasn't for James, Snape may be a werewolf and I would probably be in Azkaban or dead."

Sirius looked ashamed when Remus brought it up, quickly apologizing. We spent the rest of the evening talking about my parents and their times at Hogwarts. It was almost bitter sweet, learning all of these things about my parents. I was glad to know more about them, but that also made them more real for me. More meaningful. It struck something in me, knowing these were the people who could have raised me. My father would probably teach me how to pull off pranks, while mum scolded him for it.

By the end of the day, Remus noticed my sadness.

" Oh, cub, we didn't mean for this upset you." He pulled me into a hug.

" Its okay, really. It just makes my parents all that more real. I'm fine."

Remus nodded, unsure.

" Well, how about we ask Kreacher for some dinner?" Sirius offered.

" Kreacher!" I called out. Kreacher came immediately asking what he could do.

" Just bring us some dinner, please."

A few minutes later we had a mini feast in front of us and pleased looking house elf.

" Thank you Kreacher."

Kreacher nodded, his ears flopping.

" You know, you're too nice to him." Sirius stated, watching as Kreacher left.

I shrugged. " After freeing Dobby from Malfoy, I have a new respect for house elves."

Sirius shrugged his shoulders and Remus smiled at me.

After dinner I went back to my room and took a quick shower. It had been a long day and I was ready to get some sleep.

I was back in his dream, staring at the green fire. I sighed, guessing that tonight was not my night to get any sleep.

" Are you okay." Voldemort's voice traveled over to me from his desk. Turning around, I lost my breathe.

Standing in front of me was a twenty something man. Voldemort looked more like Tom. His dark hair curly and full. No bold spots at all. His skin was a healthy sun kissed color. His ears and nose fully formed. His eyes took on a dark blue color with specks of red. He had a nice thin toned body instead of an unhealthy skin and bone body. He walked over to me, with such grace that I was sure even the Malfoy's would be jealous.

" Tom." I whispered. There was no Voldemort in front of me. No sign of the snake-like monster. The man that stood in front of me was completely human.

" I still go by Voldemort, Harry." To-Voldemort said, with a pearly white smile.

I shook my head, unsure what to say.

" Are you going to answer my question?" Voldemort asked, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

" Uh?"

Voldemort faked a sigh. " I asked if you were okay?"

" Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I questioned, slightly confused.

" You were sad earlier." Voldemort simply stated, sitting down on his couch.

Realization hit me. Voldemort could feel all of my emotions through our link.

I sat down beside. " Oh, sorry. Remus and Sirius was telling me about my parents."

Voldemort looked over at me curiously. " And that made you sad."

" Yeah." I nodded. " It made them more real. They were human, alive. I really had parents until you took them away."

I whispered out the last part. I should be hating him, planning his death, but I couldn't. Remus told me my mum forgave Snape for everything. She even found out about him being a Death Eater.

" Your mom could not hold a ounce of hate. When she saw the Dark Mark on his arm, she simply held him. Snape was so shocked, I thought the poor man was going to have a heart attack. Afterwards, Lily told Snape that she could forgive him for all of his crimes, as long as he knew what he was doing. That was last time Snape saw your mum alive."

It was strange thinking that my mum could forgive him for being a Death Eater. But could I hate my own brother or sister for being Death Eater if I had one.

I felt a finger left my head. " Harry, why such conflicting thoughts. They're screaming out." Voldemort was now very curious.

He reminded me of a child trying to comprehend something that made no sense to him.

" Sorry. Remus told me something interesting to me today."

" Hmm, he did now? What did he tell you?"

I scold lightly at him, but told him anyways. " He told me that mum knew that Snape was a Death Eater and forgave him."

Voldemort nodded. " Yes, your mum was a kind soul. She was an innocent victim that got caught between mine and Dumbledore's war. I am sorry for her death."

My world tilted as I heard his last sentence. He was sorry? Sorry?

" Are you really Voldemort?" I had to question the man in front of me. Voldemort would no never apologized for killing one of his victims.

Voldemort chuckled, running his hand through my hair. I wanted to glare at him for both actions but I couldn't. The feeling of his fingers running over my scalp felt great. Before I could catch myself, I moved myself closer to his hand.

" Yes, I'm sure I'm Voldemort." He whispered, leaning closer to me.

I blushed lightly at my own actions and his.

" I sense the old man near you. I think it's time to wake up."

I almost pouted but I caught myself. Surely I didn't want to spend anymore time with my parent's killer, did I?

Almost as though he was reading my thoughts, Voldemort chuckled.

" Good night, Harry." And with that, I was shoved out of his dream and back into my bedroom.

Waking up, I almost groaned. Voldemort was right, Dumbledore was near me. Standing beside my bed, stood a smiling headmaster.

" Hello Harry. How have you been my boy?" The bastard's eyes sparkled.

Merlin, give me strength! I mentally groaned.

It'll be okay, Harry. I almost jumped out of my skin.

Voldemort? I questioned, hoping I wasn't losing my mind.

Yes? I mentally sighed a relief. I wasn't going crazy. I just have a Dark Lord speaking to me through my head. Yep, everything was perfectly fine. ( Please note the sarcasm.)

Nothing. I replied back focusing my attention on the old man in front of me.

" Oh, I'm fine, Headmaster. I little surprised to see you here this late at night."

Dumbledore chuckled, rubbing his white beard. " Yes, it is quite late. I couldn't help but come see you. Mr. Weasley told me he was a little upset about you and him not sharing a room."

I shrugged. " Well sir, I told him that I wanted my own room. Sirius is not at all upset at me having my own room. Ron shouldn't be either. He has a whole room to himself too."

Dumbledore nodded, looking slightly disappointed. " Well I was hoping I could change your mind, my boy. Wouldn't you rather share a room with your friend?"

" I'm sorry sir, but I'd perfer to have my own room. Me and Ron will share a room soon enough when we get back to Hogwarts. Until then, I'm sure he will be fine."

" Well, if you're sure, my boy?" Dumbledore tried to seem grandfatherly, but I could see straight through him. He wasn't happy that I wouldn't play things his way.

" I'm sure. Not to be rude but I would like to go back to bed."

" Of course, of course. Goodnight Harry." Dumbledore opened the door.

" Goodnight, sir." Dumbledore nodded at me, his blue eyes twinkling, then he left.


Well here I thought you loved the old man. I heard Voldemort chuckle.

Isn't bad enough I have to deal with you while I sleep?

All I got back was another chuckle.

It's going to be a long year. Closing my eyes, I started to fall back to sleep.

You have no idea, Harry.

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